Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 119, Returning to the Main Gate

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“They were from the Blood Battle Gang and Storm House.” His expression serious, Yang Kai narrated that night’s events, more or less accurately.  As for the information regarding his victory over the nine people, he would naturally avoid the important factors and dwell on the trivial aspects to gloss over what occurred. This feat was far too incredulous, and if he said it out loud, Old Man Meng might not even believe him; might was well not say it at all.

Listening to Yang Kai, Meng Wu Ya became furious.

It took a while for Yang Kai finish narrating the events that had occurred.

Nodding his head, Meng Wu Ya asked, “In other words, the main offender was you. But the schemer was that Long Hui fellow right?”

“En. It really was me who involved little Senior Sister.” Nodding his head, Yang Kai admitted.

“Although you were the main culprit, you are not at fault. Furthermore, Xia Ning Chang is unhurt, so you need not guilty.” First consoling him before erupting in a burst of cold chuckles, “Blood Battle Gang, Long Zai Tian! This old man has a grudge to settle with you!”

When he saw the dangerous glimmer within Meng Wu Ya’s eyes, Yang Kai knew that an extremely troublesome matter was waiting for Long Zai Tian.

As for matters pertaining to Old Man Meng’s background and cultivation, Yang Kai couldn’t see through him or understand them in the slightest. But, he knew that he was not of ordinary descent. Though, if he really went to stir trouble with Long Zai Tian, Yang Kai would be truly be delighted to see it, but not excessively so.

Yang Kai had always believed that one must personally obtain their revenge. If Long Zai Tian fell under Meng Wu Ya’s hand, then he would be unable to obtain his revenge.

But if that really happened, Yang Kai wouldn’t chase after it. He could feel that Meng Wu Ya had been thoroughly angered this time round. The fire within his heart, without fanning, it wouldn’t burn.

Staying in the tavern for another two days, Xia Ning Chang eventually came out of closed door cultivation. As anticipated, her cultivation had already reached the True Element Boundary. Asking her in a roundabout manner, Yang Kai found out that you didn’t need to fully refine the Nine Yin Dew Crystal in order for it to display the desired results.

In theory, one drop of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal was enough to assist three people to breakthrough. In all, it was only a catalyst to help with the transformation of Yuan Qi into True Qi.

But there was a peculiar thing. After obtaining it, you must refine it within two hours, or it would disappear. So if anyone were to obtain it, it would usually be used by one person only.

Learning of this point, Yang Kai couldn’t help but put down the rock in his heart. Looks like the energy he had taken from the Nine Yin Dew Crystal wasn’t going to hinder Xia Ning Chang’s breakthrough.

Not to mention, that half portion of the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, hidden within his Golden Skeleton had yet to disappear like she had said it would.

With Yang Kai’s wounds healed, Xia Ning Chang promoted in strength, the three people no longer needed to stay at the tavern. So they packed their belongings and quickly returned to High Heaven Pavilion.

Treasurer Meng carried Yang Kai, as they flew back.

Returning to High Heaven Pavilion, Yang Kai said his goodbyes to the pair of Master and Disciple before returning to his own wooden hut.

Despite leaving for around twenty days or so, his wooden hut was still clean and tidy as always. It looked like Li Yun Tian and the others had continued to keep things tidy.

In the following few days, life for Yang Kai continued in its peaceful normality. Cultivating every day, he focused on stabilizing his cultivation.

It was just from time to time, the adorable figure of that Little Senior Sister could be seen, as she dashed past. After all, she was the first girl that Yang Kai had ever kissed. That sweet and soft feeling could still be clearly recalled.

But ever since they returned, Xia Ning Chang had yet to make an appearance.

It was like she had forgotten the things that had happened between the two of them.

That night in the mountain valley, before Yang Kai left her to recover, he had made her promise him that if he returned alive, she would grant one wish of his.

At the time, Yang Kai was only finding a source of motivation for himself, there wasn’t anything deep about it.

Although he felt a bit disappointed, Yang Kai wasn’t too hung up over the matter.

[I stealthily float by, waving my clothes doesn’t mean a cloud passed by—-a kiss strayed by.] But because he subdued and caught the Nine Yin Dew Crystal, even if both of them were a bit excited at the time, one couldn’t clearly say anything about the matter. Both of them were young people, their energy at its peaks, naturally it would be unavoidable.

Yang Kai wasn’t the type of person to feel inferior due to the gap in their cultivation. Cultivation, cultivation was a thing that as long as you put in effort, you would naturally become strong. He believed that one day, one day he would surpass this Little Senior Sister of his, surpass every one of the same generation.

Because of the unyielding Golden Skeleton, his possibilities were limitless.

Feelings were something that Yang Kai didn’t need to think about. What will be his would naturally be his. What wouldn’t be his, no matter how much he forced it, it wouldn’t become his. Let things take their natural cause.

(Erza: Some wise words buddy.)


If Xia Ning Chang had feelings towards him, even if his cultivation base was weak, what would it matter? If she really drifted away from him because his cultivation was low, Yang Kai would have nothing else to say. When someone wouldn’t feel attracted him, he couldn’t possibly blame them that their standards were too high could he?

But, with her lovably simple minded personality, she shouldn’t be that snobbish.

Yang Kai was correct on this point. When Xia Ning Chang had returned to High Heaven Pavilion, she was too embarrassed to go and meet with Yang Kai. Whenever she recalled that night’s passionate kiss, she couldn’t help but become embarrassed and was unable to show her face. The veil was constantly worn, but no matter what, she couldn’t summon the courage to appear in front of Yang Kai.

Furthermore, when they had returned, Meng Wu Ya had instructed her to go into closed door cultivation. This was to stabilize her new breakthrough and cultivation level. In actuality, he was afraid that Xia Ning Chang and Yang Kai would continue to see each other, and enforce their relationship; though his actions simply made them longed for each other.

Otherwise, with her personality, she would definitely have come over to ask how Yang Kai’s health was faring.

After cultivating for two days, Yang Kai couldn’t help but feel unsatisfied with his results.

Absorbing Yang Qi next to Coiling Dragon Stream, the formation speed of the Yang Liquid was far too slow. It really paled to when he directly absorbed spirits fruits and the Bright Yang Stones.

The Yang Drops within his Dantian were extremely sparse, so he needed to quickly replenish his stocks. Otherwise, if he were to meet another great battle like that one that had occurred in the valley that night, then he would experience the same embarrassment as a clever wife that forgets the rice.

Thinking over it, Yang Kai decided to pay Black Wind Market another visit. The first reason was to buy some Yang attributed things to absorb. While the second reason was to buy some Three Leaved Chaos Spirit Flower and Dead Jedi Tree Grass; it had been some time since he last used the incense burner.

As for money, Yang Kai had quite a large amount. He was no longer the poor beggar he was before.

The money had all been collected from the bodies of the dead Blood Battle Gang Disciples. At the time it was too dark, so Yang Kai didn’t bother to count how much he had taken. When he had checked the amount after he returned, he had found out that, that bunch of people were truly rich.

He had only plundered a couple of people but actually raked in around twenty-two thousand dollars.

With this much money, he would be able to buy forty Bright Yang Stones. It was enough for him to make up for that night’s losses, and also increase the amount of Yang Qi drops by several folds.

It the period when Yang Kai was setting out to Black Wind Trade Market, Meng Wu Ya appeared with a murderous look.

His target, the Blood Battle Gang!

Though the Blood Battle Gang was one the three big powers in the area, how could Meng Wu Ya be afraid of them? His own Disciple had narrowly escaped becoming a dead person, narrowly avoided losing her purity. This tab had to be calculated.

Long Hui dead? It didn’t matter! Didn’t he still have a grandfather? If the upper beam is crooked, the lower beams would be too. If it were not for having a powerful backing, how could a small figure such as Long Hui possibly act that domineering and rampant?

So in Meng Wu Ya’s eyes, Long Zai Tian was even more hateful! Even more deserving of death!

The distance between High Heaven Pavilion and the Blood Battle Gang wasn’t that far. Furthermore, with Meng Wu Ya’s speed, he had arrived in the time it takes to drink a cup tea.

At that very moment, the higher ups of the Blood Battle Gang were discussing some affairs.

This meeting was being held in the Grand Hall. The Group Head, Hu Man was currently sitting straight with his tough and stocky build. His face full of harsh features; with a single glance one could tell he wasn’t some benevolent person.

The subordinates under Hu Man, the fellow Lords of the Blood Battle Gang, were all sitting straight, respectfully. These people were currently reporting the small and big matters of the group that had occurred in the past month; the profits, the expenditures, etc.

Listening to this made Hu Man extremely impatient. Waving his arms he spoke. “Don’t speak about these trivial matters. How are the results for breaking that mining area’s seals going?”

A young person of around twenty seven-eight years of age stood up at that moment. Respectfully he replied to Hu Man, “Reporting to the Group Head, grandfather already has some rough sketches. It’s just the number of experts within the group are far too little. Although the seals are old, they aren’t easily dispelled. The other day, grandfather had asked Long Jun to pass on the message that he is already making the utmost effort and will try to break the seals in the shortest possible time.”

The young person, was Long Zai Tian’s eldest grandchild, Long Hui’s elder brother Long Jun. He was already at the True Element Second Boundary, although he couldn’t be compared to those geniuses beloved by the heavens, his aptitude wasn’t too bad.

Due to the fact that the Long Family’s position within the group wasn’t low, even though Long Jun was only at the True Element Second Boundary, he was still given important tasks and held the position of Lord.

Hu Man merely nodded his head. “En. This is good. Long Jun, if you have the time, please go to the mining site to bring your grandfather my thanks for his troubles!”


“It’s unknown what profound mysteries are hidden within those seals, to be actually hidden tens of feet underground.” A random Lord spoke out.

“But this is all thanks to our Lady Mei Er and her clear sight. If it wasn’t for her saying that something unusual was hidden beneath the mine, then we would have never known about the matter.”

“That’s right, that’s right. Even though Lady Mei Er’s age is young, her eyes truly are special. It is really unknown as to how she saw this.”

Hearing the people in the room praising Hu Mei Er, although their words contained traces of flattery, it still made Hu Man comfortable listening to it. But when he thought of Hu Mei Er’s female body, he would still have to marry her out. At this point, Hu Man couldn’t help but sigh.

[From your grandmother, I, your father am wise and strong. Within the family are various concubines, working away every night diligently, yet how do I only have two daughters?] This was one of Hu Man’s sore points. As the family’s sole male, how would he continue the family?

That group of people were still praising Hu Mei Er’s peculiar eyes, and also roped in Hu Jiao Er to the skies.

Hu Man was only depressed.

When speaking of this point, it was quite odd. The mining site had already been discovered for quite a few years already, while the group had been mining the Bright Yang Stones and the Bright Yin Stones during these years; earning quite a large sum. In these years it had expanded quite rapidly, while a large portion came from that mining site.

Yet no one knew that a few more meters down, there was such a mysterious thing hidden.

Yet two months earlier, the Hu Man’s daughter had come one day to tell him this news. At the time he had only laughed at the news.

It was only under the constant nagging of Hu Mei Er that Hu Man had very begrudgingly sent people to investigate that area.

Hu Mei Er had clearly stated that this affair couldn’t be leaked to the Long Family. But Hu Man didn’t really care about the news; he felt that it was his daughter’s mischievousness to attract his care for her. Coupled with the fact that the mine site was under the management of Long Zai Tian, he naturally couldn’t hide it from him.

The evacuation site that Hu Mei Er said wasn’t that far from the mine. Ten or so Blood Battle Gang Disciples painstakingly spent several days before discovering that something was truly unordinary in the place they were digging.

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