Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1195, Black Pot

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


The thick and opaque golden light in the pool water had now grown incredibly dim. Everyone rushed to try and absorb this power but discovered that the potency of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water contained in the pool had also become weak.


Everyone became shocked and angered.


“It’s him!” Qu Chang Feng ground his teeth and glared at the stern-faced man, unable to stop himself from muttering.


Suddenly, several dozen pairs of eyes landed on the stern-faced man, all of them flashing a deep sense of dissatisfaction. Yang Kai also began gritting his teeth, as if his benefits were being snatched away, all while suppressing the attraction of the Soul Warming Lotus again.


In this short period of time, almost ninety percent of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water’s efficacies had been drawn into his Knowledge Sea and subsequently absorbed by the Six Coloured Soul Warming Lotus. Half of the remaining ten percent was absorbed by everyone before then while five percent now was left in the pool.


It wasn’t that Yang Kai didn’t want to continue absorbing this last bit of efficacy, but the cultivators around him had now become extremely disgruntled and vigilant. If he continued to do as he had just now, there was a chance someone would notice and at that time, he wouldn’t be able to avoid becoming a target of criticism.


Instead, Yang Kai allowed the stern-faced man to carry this black pot for him. In any case, not only was this man’s personal strength tyrannical, but the power behind him was also extraordinary, so even if everyone here was angry, none would dare try to make trouble for him.


Sure enough, although the more than thirty cultivators looked like they were anxious to kill this man, no one took any aggressive action, not even Qu Chang Feng.


After a moment, everyone closed their eyes again and raced against each other to absorb the remaining efficacies of in the pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water.


Now that there was only a tiny bit left, if they didn’t compete for it, it would only end up in other’s grasp.


As for the stern-faced man, he seemed to have reached a critical point in his epiphany and was completely unaware of what was happening around him, not even realizing he was being made to carry this huge black pot for Yang Kai. Immersed in his comprehension of the Origin King Realm master’s Soul Skill, the last remnants of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water’s efficacies continued flowing towards him madly.


About a day later, the thirty or so cultivators sitting cross-legged in the pool all began opening their eyes and, while a look of pleasant surprise flashed across many of their faces, there was far more regret and indignation than happiness.


Everyone who had been soaking here had their Soul cultivation greatly improved. In one day, the growth of their Spiritual Energy was equivalent to several years of painstaking cultivation.


On top of that, after being baptized by the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, some cultivators, who had received wounds on their Souls many years ago had the lingering effects washed away. Now, everyone found it easier to manipulate and condense their Spiritual Energy than ever before.


Having obtained some fundamental benefits, everyone was quite happy. A comprehensive enhancement of their Soul also meant that it would be easier for them to cultivate their Spiritual Energy in the future.


All these changes occurred after just one day, so what would have happened if they had been able to soak in this pool for longer?


If not for someone occupying the vast majority of the benefits here, all of them would have been able to soak in this pool for at least ten days here. How much would their Soul cultivation improve after ten days? No one dared to imagine it.


Everyone’s eyes landed on the stern-faced man again, and there was clear hostility in their gazes.


At this moment, the stern-faced man had finished comprehending the Soul Skill which belonged to the fallen Origin King Realm master and his expression for once showed a hint of satisfaction, but when he discovered that everyone was glaring towards him angrily, he suddenly found himself at a loss, wondering what he had done to incite everyone’s wrath.


But soon, he determined that this hostility was simply the result of jealousy. Although the effects of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water had disappeared, causing him some shock, when he remembered the rapid growth of his Soul, he somewhat understood what had happened.


Did he absorb a greater part of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water’s effects, causing everyone to become angry with him?


The stern-faced man wasn’t certain about the situation, but in the end, he also didn’t care, so he just coldly snorted, stood up, leapt out of the pool, dried himself with his Saint Qi, then walked off without so much as a single glance back.


The greatest benefits of this place were gone, so naturally, he didn’t want to remain here under the hostile glares of the crowd.


The remaining thirty people exchanged looks of blank dismay, seemingly not having expected this person to act so aloof.


“I’ll let him get away with it this time!” Qu Chang Feng ground his teeth resentfully before slamming his fist on the edge of the pool with an ominous expression.


No one else dared to be wordy, and after a short while, they too stood up from the pool dispiritedly and left.


After leaving the water, some turned back and stared greedily at this spirit liquid.


If it had been under any other circumstances, everyone would have been ecstatic to have encountered such a large pool of rich spirit liquid; after all, this liquid was also a rare treasure. It had taken many years to form and contained an even higher concentration of Saint Qi than High-Rank Saint Crystals, so whether it was used for cultivation or restoration, it was an ideal resource.


However, after experiencing the magical effects of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, this spirit liquid suddenly seemed a bit mediocre. It was just the leftovers with no special Soul purifying benefits.


Even so, not gathering this treasure before their eyes would be ridiculous, causing the mood in the cavern to become a bit tense.


“Young Master Qu, how should we distribute this spirit liquid?” The beautiful young woman looked at Qu Chang Feng carefully and asked for his opinion, a hint of sorrow colouring her charming face as she said, “Our small forces don’t have great industries, so while others may not put this pool of spirit liquid in their eyes, to us it is still a good treasure.”


“Yes, Young Master Qu, all of us will listen to your instructions, anyone who dares disagree we will all kill together,” Immediately, a cultivator belonging to a force that had good relationships with Heaven Battling followed up. Earlier, when he was deciding the distribution of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water, Qu Chang Feng had taken care of him somewhat, so although that distribution plan had ultimately become a joke, now was still an excellent opportunity to curry favour.


Listening to these people though, Qu Chang Feng just angrily declared, “Since that’s the case, my Heaven Battling Union will take half of this spirit liquid!”


His anger had not been soothed because of the flattery coming from the crowd. Just remembering how the greatest benefits of the Soul Cleansing Divine Water had been snatched by that stern-faced man was enough to enrage Qu Chang Feng.


When everyone heard this, their faces changed slightly, with some people murmuring quietly, “Wasn’t it a quarter before?”


“What, do you have any objections?” Qu Chang Feng glared coldly at the man who spoke, clearly murderous intent flashing in his eyes.


“Young Master Qu misunderstands, this one’s Junior Brother did not mean what he said, how could we dare have any objections? Young Master Qu does not need to lower himself to deal with him.” Immediately, a man dressed in scholarly robes came forward and addressed Qu Chang Feng cautiously before turning to yell at the speaker again, “Even if you keep your mouth shut no one will mistake you for a mute! Hurry up, why haven’t you apologized to Young Master Qu yet?!”


Everyone knew that Qu Chang Feng could not be provoked at this time. He was clearly angry and was looking for an excuse to vent; only a fool would run up and give one to him.


If this scholarly man did not reprimand his Junior Brother strongly now and get him to apologize, Qu Chang Feng would begin slaughtering them. Whether Qu Chang Feng would be willing to let this matter drop with just an apology, the scholarly man didn’t know, but he had to make an effort to try to save his Junior Brother’s life.


The one who spoke just now also came to his senses at that moment, realizing he had said something he shouldn’t have and quickly stepped forward to apologize respectfully.


Qu Chang Feng coldly snorted, “I’ll let this pass only this time, the next time you dare utter such nonsense I’ll immediately take your life! So what if I want half of this spirit liquid? Even if this Young Master claims all of it do you dare to complain?”


“We wouldn’t dare!” The crowd nodded, looking incredibly awkward.


The biggest benefits had already been taken away by the stern-faced man, so if Qu Chang Feng really claimed all of this spirit liquid, they would all have nothing to gain.


“Take it!” Qu Chang Feng ordered one of the other disciples from his Sect, prompting that man to step forward and collect the liquid.


Everyone stood and waited quietly, hoping Qu Chang Feng meant what he said and would really only take half.


Qu Chang Feng’s suddenly turned his gaze towards Yang Kai, his eyes flashing a cold light.


The moment their eyes met; Yang Kai knew what Qu Chang Feng wanted to do.


This guy was still looking for somewhere to vent his anger. Everyone else was in a group of three to five, and the forces behind them weren’t weak, so slaughtering them wasn’t ideal. Instead, Qu Chang Feng had decided to target Yang Kai, someone who didn’t seem to have any background.


Grinning back at him stupidly, Yang Kai leapt backwards and rushed out of the stone cavern.


Yang Kai didn’t want to start anything with Qu Chang Feng. Although Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of him, if he were to kill Qu Chang Feng by accident, he would only provoke Heaven Battling Union. There were too many people here and unless Yang Kai killed all of them, the news would leak out.


Yang Kai didn’t want to face a behemoth like Heaven Battling Union yet.


On top of that, Qu Chang Feng’s strength was good, and Yang Kai estimated he wouldn’t be able to kill him quickly, not to mention the Origin Grade High-Rank artefact he used before was extraordinary.


Yang Kai didn’t need this spirit liquid either. It may be better than High-Rank Saint Crystals, but it wasn’t anything too precious; therefore, Yang Kai left without any hesitation.


“You’re lucky you ran quickly!” Qu Chang Feng stared for a moment, seemingly not having thought Yang Kai would act so decisively, but eventually decided not to chase after him.


This pool of spirit liquid looked quite plentiful but being divided up between eight different forces, it soon emptied.


Even the little bit of milky white crystal that had condensed at the bottom of the pool was swept away by the crowd; then, after searching the cavern and determining there were no others benefits around, everyone left, albeit somewhat reluctantly.


Outside, the crowd bid farewell to Qu Chang Feng before splitting up in different directions.


After about an incense stick worth of time, a group of three people stopped in a mountainous area ten kilometres away from the stalactite cave. These three people were from the smallest and weakest force to be represented back in the stone cavern.


Two of these three were Third-Order Saint Kings while the last was just a Second-Order Saint King.


At this moment, the Second-Order Saint King was cursing out Qu Chang Feng’s arrogance and domineering behaviour. When the Soul Cleansing Divine Water was previously being divided up, they had been assigned the smallest portion and afterwards, they had received the smallest amount of spirit liquid. The reason was simple, they had the fewest members and lowest strength.


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