Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1206, Encountering the Flowing Flame Flying Fire Again

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


As the saying went, opportunity and danger coexisted with one another, and Yang Kai was deeply aware of this truth at this moment.


He hadn’t expected that in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, there would be such a strange spatial phenomenon that would allow him to comprehend the mysteries of the Dao of Space.


Having discovered this place now, Yang Kai didn’t plan on leaving immediately and instead stood still while continually pushing his Space force to resonate with his surroundings, allowing his understanding of it to thoroughly care itself into his soul.


The Dao of Space was extremely difficult to cultivate and because few people ever did, there was no clearly defined method to cultivate it and no one to pass on their attainments in it.


When Yang Kai first started cultivating Space Force, he had relied on tearing space to enter The Void in order to immerse himself in the turbulent space and deepen his comprehension of the Dao of Space, but cultivating like that had only been useful in the beginning. With Yang Kai’s current understanding of the Dao of Space, he could walk freely through The Void as if he were treading on solid ground, so naturally, he couldn’t comprehend anything more by doing so.


Afterwards, he had learned he could absorb Space Force from Space Spirit Crystals to enhance his comprehension, and Yang Kai had actually engaged in such family ruining practice before.


Fortunately, the Space Spirit Crystal lode discovered by the Stone Puppet was incredibly rich and had produced enough Space Spirit Crystals for Yang Kai to consume for a long time, but once those Space Spirit Crystals ran out, finding another source would be all but impossible.


Those who didn’t plan for the future would soon come to suffer. Space Spirit Crystals were a scarce resource anywhere. Because, they were used to create Space Rings, a necessary storage artefact for every cultivator.


Now that he had discovered a place very suitable to comprehend the Dao of Space, Yang Kai naturally wanted to take advantage of it.


On top of that, cultivating here seemed to be more efficient and rewarding than simply absorbing Space Force from Space Spirit Crystals!


After realizing this, Yang Kai immediately made up his mind to remain here for a while. The Flowing Flame Sand Field wouldn’t close for about four months. Such a long time was enough for him to find a suitable place to refine the Profound Yin Sunflower Water so there was no need to worry about it immediately.


It took a long time for Yang Kai to slowly sit down in this strange space. Even though Yang Kai was well versed in the Dao of Space, he still moved as slow as a turtle here. If someone were to see this scene, they would certainly feel it was very odd, wondering what kind of game Yang Kai was playing. Additionally, because of the strange warping of space here, it was undetectable to Divine Sense, only after one entered this solidified space would they be able to notice anything unusual.


After sitting down, Yang Kai calmed the beating of his heart and as a light flashed across his eyes, he extended his hand forward and waved it gently.


This simple motion consumed a tremendous amount of Yang Kai’s strength as well as a lot of time, but by waving his hand, a dark, hair-like crack suddenly appeared for an instant before disappearing without a trace.


Seeing this, Yang Kai wasn’t surprised and instead grinned with happiness.


Since he decided to use this rare environment to cultivate the Dao of Space, he naturally planed on practising his Space Blade.


Inside his stone room in Dragon Cave Mountain, Yang Kai had developed this Space Force method of attack, Space Blade, but no matter how he cultivated at that time, the power of his Space Blade wasn’t able to reach the point where it could be used to really confront an enemy. Yang Kai did need to use Space Force against weak enemies, but using it against powerful foes also wasn’t practical.


As such, he wanted to create his own Divine Ability, a technique which only belonged to him, but he was suffering from the lack of suitable conditions and environments.


This place, however, was the best place to cultivate such an ability. Yang Kai could foresee that once he was able to completely condense his Space Blade in this kind of place, after leaving, his Space Blade’s might would increase manifold.


After the attempt just now, Yang Kai quickly confirmed his hypothesis. This solidified space was extremely difficult to tear, so by cultivating his Space Blade here, not only could he strengthen his understanding of the Dao of Space and his mastery over Space Force, but he could also rapidly perfect this new attack method.


Dispelling any anxiety or impatience, Yang Kai began tearing space over and over again, displaying his Space Blade repeatedly.


Every time, a void crack as thin as a hair appeared at the tip of Yang Kai’s hand before disappearing without a trace under the huge pressure here.


Yang Kai worked hard for an entire day, consuming a massive amount of his Spiritual Energy, but made almost no progress.


However, he didn’t panic at all, because he could feel that his use of Space Force was becoming smoother and more fluid than before, even the act of tearing space itself had become more natural. Yang Kai believed that as long as he continued to cultivate here, he would definitely make a breakthrough.


With his Spiritual Energy exhausted though, Yang Kai could no longer continue to practice, so he quickly took some pills to supplement his losses and began to meditate to restore himself.


Although Soul Warming Lotus was still in the process of evolving, its restorative and nourishing abilities had not been weakened at all; in fact, they were even stronger than before.


It only took Yang Kai two hours to restore his dried up Knowledge Sea to its peak state again.


After slowly opening his eyes, Yang Kai was about to slash his Space Blade again when suddenly a brilliant red stream of light flew towards him from the horizon. This red stream of light followed the narrow canyon and was approaching Yang Kai like a bolt of lightning.


“Flowing Flame Flying Fire!” Yang Kai exclaimed.


He had previously seen a Flowing Flame Flying Fire in the first layer Flame Area and now he had encountered one again, so naturally, he was able to recognize it at a glance. Last time, when Yang Kai saw the Flowing Flame Flying Fire, it had quickly left the range of his Divine Sense and even after chasing after it at full speed, he was unable to catch up to it.


This Flowing Flame Flying Fire looked seemed to look exactly the same as the last one he saw, and its speed was also just as ridiculous. Faster than he was able to spread his Divine Sense. Immediately after Yang Kai discovered this Flowing Flame Flying Fire, it had crossed the length of the canyon and appeared right in front of him.


Yang Kai instinctively wanted to avoid it as he had no hope of harvesting this Flowing Flame Flying Fire because he simply couldn’t catch up to it with his speed.


However, when he tried to dodge, Yang Kai suddenly remembered he was submerged in the strange solidified space right now and was unable to move about freely.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he focused all of his attention on the Flowing Flame Flying Fire which was rapidly approaching while secretly anticipating.




With a scraping sound, the red stream of light entered the several dozen metres long solidified space, and as Yang Kai expected, its speed suddenly became countless times slower!


Yang Kai was overjoyed. Just now he had been guessing whether this region of solidified space would be capable of blocking the Flowing Flame Flying Fire, and now, he was able to verify its effect with his own eyes and confirm his previous conjecture correct. Although this solidified space was unable to stop Fire Spirit Beasts from moving about, it was actually able to impede the Flowing Flame Flying Fire’s ridiculous speed.


At the very least, Yang Kai was now able to clearly see what this Flowing Flame Flying Fire looked like.


It had the appearance of a tiny pure red burning charcoal, one that gave of an astonishing red glow, and despite being very small, it clearly contained an amazing amount of energy inside its body.


After plunging into this strange space, the Flowing Flame Flying Fire had not come to halt but was now slowly proceeding forward at a pace equal to that of a normal human’s walking speed.


Yang Kai made a quick estimate and soon determined that if he remained where he was, he would definitely miss this rare opportunity to seize a Flowing Flame Flying Fire because, from what he could infer from its flight trajectory, Yang Kai was certain it would pass by half a metre outside his reach.


How could Yang Kai tolerate this? Hurriedly pushing his Space Force, Yang Kai slowly and arduously began moving towards the path the Flowing Flame Flying Fire would fly through.


Creeping forward, Yang Kai felt like he was moving like an old dying man. Every centimetre he moved consumed a massive amount of Yang Kai’s physical strength and Spiritual Energy and his body was trembling violently from painfully overexerting himself.


On the other hand, the Flowing Flame Flying Fire continued forward at an unhurried pace.


Soon after, it flew past Yang Kai’s side.


Yang Kai let out a shout and stretched his hand tremblingly towards the Flowing Flame Flying Fire, hoping to grab it, but in the end, his fingertips were still a few centimetres away as the red stream flew by.


Yang Kai’s snorted angrily.


He felt that if this Flowing Flame Flying Fire had a consciousness, it must have been mocking his overconfidence just now.


Turning his head arduously, Yang Kai watched as this rare treasure passed him by, filling his face with annoyance.


He had still failed! Now that it had flown past, Yang Kai knew it would be impossible for him to grab it, and sure enough, a moment later, the Flowing Flame Flying Fire broke past the strange space and resumed its previous absurd speed, vanishing in the blink of an eye.


Just a bit more and Yang Kai would have been able to obtain this strange treasure capable of producing a Mutated Knowledge Sea!


It would be a lie to say he didn’t regret it, but Yang Kai quickly adjusted his mentality and stopped thinking about the Flowing Flame Flying Fire, instead focusing on practicing his Space Blade.


Even if he wasn’t able to catch this Flowing Flame Flying Fire, the most important thing right now for Yang Kai was to comprehend the Dao of Space.


Sending out Space Blades again, Yang Kai was surprised to find that its power had seemingly increased. Although the crack he formed was still as thin as a hair and although it disappeared almost immediately after it was formed, it still lasted significantly longer than yesterday.


Yang Kai was so excited that he quickly forgot about the Flowing Flame Flying Fire and began immersing himself in the mysteries of the Dao of Space.


Three days later, Yang Kai watched as a thumbnail width Space Blade flew out half a metre before disappearing, filling his face with excitement and satisfaction.


This strange space was indeed the best environment to comprehend the Dao of Space. After only three days of cultivating here, Yang Kai felt that his understanding of the Dao of Space had sublimated significantly, and as a result, the Space Blade he created had power far great than the one he could produce three days ago.


Whether it was the size of his current Space Blade, the time it could exist inside this solidified space, or the distance it could travel, everything had been greatly improved.


If he could continued advancing at this pace, as long as he had another month, Yang Kai was confident he could use his Space Blade in actual combat, and even if he was facing the Shi of an Origin Returning Realm master, he wouldn’t be helpless anymore.


Although Shi was a power unique to Origin Returning Realm masters, Yang Kai’s Space Blade was virtually impossible to defend against, a killing blow that no one else could use besides him.


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