Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 126, The Beginning of the Adventure

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Translator – Silavin

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When Yang Kai shifted his gaze from the sky to the environment around him, he saw that he was surrounded by numerous stone pillars of various heights] and dimensions. Some were 4 meters high while others could even be a simple sand pile.

When Yang Kai felt the environment around him, he could easily tell that the world energy here was much denser than the outside world. If he were to sit in meditation and cultivate, he could estimate that his efficiency would increase 3-4 times that of when he cultivated outside. Sadly, he had no time to cultivate. He and his competitors were all here for the inheritance. Taking time to purely cultivate was akin to giving up the search for the inheritance.

When he looked around for people around him, he discovered that he was separated from Su Mu even though they both entered at the same time.

Suddenly, Yang Kai could see a shadow on the floor. The shadow grew bigger as a figure quickly dropped down from the portal. This person was surprisingly Lan Chudie!

The girl quickly got up and stood firm. She looked around her and quickly noticed Yang Kai.

To think of all the disciples he could get the chance to pair up with, it had to be her! Yang Kai quickly exclaimed, “It’s you!”

Lan Chudie seemed happy to meet the boy and walked towards him. “Well, aren’t you skillful?!”

“Did you just reach here?” Lan Chudie asked.

“Yeah, that’s right.” Yang Kai nodded in response.

“There are many people that entered this cave together. Since we do not know where each person will be placed, should we wait for a moment, to see if anyone managed to also get placed here?” Lan Chudie proposed.

“Sure, why not.” Yang Kai did not have any objections. After all, this place was unpredictable and dangerous. It would be wise to move together in a group. In case they met with any difficulty, the group could work together to fight it off. Of course, that would mean the treasure would be split. However, considering the risk of losing one’s life, being in a group was a much safer method to get treasures. Naturally, once he got to know the place a little better, he could assess the situation and see if it was safe for him to leave the group to self-explore.

Thus, the pair stood there waiting.

After a while, three more people fell nearby.

Out of these three people, one was a High Heaven Pavilion Disciple, and the remaining two were from the Bloody Battle Gang and Storm House; respectively.

As the five people gathered, in this special place, they did not care much about their background. Surprisingly, they were all harmonious.

After waiting again, no one appeared. Thus, Lan Chudie spoke. “Since no one else is appearing, shall we head off?”

With her beauty and self-confidence, her manner and speech, she immediately became the center of attention within the group.

Everyone nodded in agreement.

“Before we start, we should be familiar with each other first. It’s good to know each person’s cultivation level, so as to know who can deal with the more dangerous tasks. I shall start first. My name is Lan Chudie and I am from High Heaven Pavilion. Qi Transformation Stage, level 7. How about you?” the girl asked and looked to another High Heaven Pavilion disciple.

The disciple quickly flatters the girl. “Senior Apprentice Sister, I have heard of your famous name! To think I would be in such luck to meet someone as beautiful as you today.”

The disciple’s flattery was beyond obvious, causing Yang Kai and the other two to despise this boy.

Lan Chudie was an exceptionally attractive person. Her whole figure was not only enchanting; her pair of magnificent mountains was enough to make anyone’s eyes glued. If a man could have her, to only be able to hold those pair of magnificent mountains, he living in heaven!

(Silavin: BTW, she is a grade below Su Yan in terms of beauty. People just don’t dare to approach that ice queen due to her cold personality. However, the disciples certainly admire Su Yan a lot more.)

Lan Chudie gave a smile, “and you are?” she asked, showing little care for the boy’s words.

The boy proudly puffed out his chest and received his abdomen, lowered his voice and said. “I am Fellow Apprentice Nie Yong. I am a Lower Base Disciple at Qi Transformation Stage Level 4!” The boy smiled mischievously, “Senior Sister, you can feel relieved. If there is any danger, I will be there to help you!”

Lan Chudie’s eyes scanned the boy as she showed a faint and sweet smile. “Junior Apprentice Brother, I will keep your words in mind.”

She then turned her vision to another person. This man was tall and bulky. He had a broad and sturdy build, taller than Yang Kai by an entire head. Although he looked rough, he also seemed to be simple and honorable. “I am called Zuo An. A Bloody Battle Gang Disciple at Qi Transformation Stage level 5.” After he spoke, he stood there silent. It seems that this Disciple does not enjoy talking very much.

Afterwards, Lan Chudie bowed and her vision turned to another person. This time, the disciple was a female. Her stature was quite slender. She was not tall but looked delicate. Moreover, ever since she first arrived, she had a shivering smile on her face. It was obvious that this girl was extremely shy as she avoided eye contact.

“I’m called Du Yishuang. I am from Storm House. Please call me Little Sister Du. I am a Qi Transformation Stage level 6. Nice to meet you.”  Du Yishuang lowered her head respectfully.

Everyone’s eyes were immediately glued to this girl. No one had ever imagined that this girl, who looked to be 14 to 15 years old, to be at Qi Transformation Stage level 6! This delicate girl was the second strongest person within the group!

Lan Chudie smiled. “Well, this is certainly interesting.” She looked up the portal and asked. “Maybe the portal sorted us according to strength?”

The group of people looked at each other and seemed to agree with Lan Chudie’s inference. So far, all of them were in Qi Transformation Stage and were all in ascending order, from level 4 to 7.

“Oh that right! What are you? What Qi Transformation Stage level are you currently in?” Lan Chudie looked towards Yang Kai and asked.

Due to the pattern, Lan Chudie naturally thought of Yang Kai as a person in the Qi Transformation Stage. Although he was not at that stage, if he were to use his full strength, it would certainly be comparable to someone in those stages.

Yang Kai embarrassingly starched his cheek and said. “I’m only in the Initial Elementary Stage, level 7. I’m from the High Heaven Pavilion, called Yang Kai…”

Zuo An’s gaze immediately turned to that of despising as he mutters out “Unlucky!”

“You are the infamous Yang Kai?” Lan Chudie’s facial expression turned to that of surprise as she continued to inspect him. With Yang Kai’s reputation, Nie Yong was also doing the same and Lan Chudie.

“En.” Yang Kai nodded. He knew that his name was infamous throughout the whole entire school. This reaction was almost bound to happen after people knew of his current cultivation level now.

Quickly, Yang Kai realized that Nie Yong’s gaze turned hostile as Lan Chudie was one that was still full of interest.

It was not surprising that Nie Yong would be hostile to Yang Kai. After all, Nie Yong was a Lower Based Disciple and should be friends if not in a click with Wei Zhuang and Xie Hongchen. The previous time, he had humiliated both Wei Zhuang and Xie Hongchen. It was no surprise that a grudge would be borne by Nie Yong as well.

However, since this was the Heaven’s Cave Inheritance, Yang Kai knew that Nie Yong would not do anything rash. Thus, it was safe to assume that he would not dare attack Yang Kai.

Lan Chudie withdrew her gaze and looked towards all 4 people. “Alright. Since everyone knows each other, and none of us knows the location of any treasure, if we were to discover any, we will collect and respectively assign each one their piece fairly. If there are insufficient treasures collected to be equally distributed, we will settle this with money. How does that sound?”

Nie Yong hastily nodded. “Senior Apprentice Sister Lan is right. I hope that you will maintain fairness for all of us.”

The rest did not object to Lan Chudie’s proposal and just like that, Lan Chudie had already established her position as leader of this group.

When Yang Kai traded with her, he noticed that she was not a person that was willing to be taken advantage of. Likewise, Lan Chudie was certainly a person of ambition, and will never agree to be oppressed by another person.

“Since this matter has already been decided, let’s go. I will lead the way first. After 2 hours, the person leading the way will be changed.” Lan Chudie stopped talking and quickly walked. Those that were behind quickly caught up as they obediently followed her. Nie Yong, quickly ran to Lan Chudie’s side and walked shoulder to shoulder with her. The boy continued to flatter the beauty. However, none of his words were taken seriously by Lan Chudie.

Lan Chudie’s face would often appear to be smiling, as she continued to chat with the boy, further encouraging him to compliment her.

(Silavin: Seriously… This boy…)

Zuo An, the robust man, who was directly behind the two was listening to their conversation and showed little care for what they said.

Yang Kai, who was behind them heard Little Sister Du quickly walk up to him. This shy girl quickly walked to his side and whispered to him in a soft voice. “Don’t worry. You can certainly reach Qi Transformation Stage in the future.”

Yang Kai turned to look at the girl and smile. “Don’t worry, I don’t really care all that much.”

“…” Du Yishuang’s whole face turned red after Yang Kai turned his head. She thought that the boy did not dare speak due to Zuo An’s remarks earlier and merely wanted to comfort him.

“Ha Ha” Watching her reaction was quite cute as Yang Kai chuckled. “Little Sister Du, you seem to be younger than me but how is it that your cultivation level is so high?”

Since this girl took the effort to comfort him, she had left Yang Kai with a good impression of her.  The boy wished to further get to know this girl. After all, it was better to have friends than enemies.

“I am 19 years old. How am I younger than you?” Du Yishuang explained in a soft voice.

(Silavin: Oh shiiiiiiiit!)

“Oh…” Yang Kai exclaimed in awkwardness.

As they walked, the two pair of people continued to talk. All except Zuo An, who was a loner.

Suddenly, after walking, Yang Kai could feel the Yang Origin Seal in his chest act up. It was pointing him in front.

Yang Kai could feel it. About 300 meters in front, there is definitely some kind of Yang Attribute material. As the five advanced, they finally saw the thing Yang Kai felt.

Lan Chudie suddenly shouted in surprise and Nie Yong hastily looked in front. “Yang Stones and Yin Stones?”

What they saw was a huge pile of crushed stones. Moreover, these stones were not ordinary Yin Stones and Yang Stones. These stones were the equivalent quality of those found in the Black Wind Trade City, sold by Bloody Battle Gang! At least medium or even high quality stones!

Each stone was worth $520 and this pile here definitely contains more than 1000 stones. In other words, if they were to collect and sell all of the stones, it would be worth at least $502,000!

(Silavin: Of course, this does not bloody count the saturation of the market rate and blah blah blah.)

Since all five disciples were ordinary members within their respective schools, they were not that wealthy.  Never had they seen so much wealth before!


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