Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1270, Coloured Glass Mountain

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


It was a two-hundred-metre-tall hill that was completely grey and barren, with not a single blade of grass or tree on it, as if it was completely composed of dull rocks.


This hill was in a mountain valley, surrounded by several other taller peaks. At first glance, there was nothing noteworthy about it, but when Yang Kai swept it with his Divine Sense, he was shocked to discover that it was like peering into a bottomless sea. The hill which was clearly in front of him seemingly did not exist and could not be probed or detected at all with Divine Sense.


Not only that though, but there was also a strange power that pulsed from this hill that seemed to pull on one’s Soul, giving a frightening feeling that it was being drawn out and swallowed.


As such, after only slightly using his Divine Sense, Yang Kai immediately withdrew it.


Right now, the trio was standing nearly ten kilometres away from this hill, gazing at this most precious treasured mountain of Coloured Glass Sect.


“Is that your noble Sect’s famed Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain?” Yang Kai asked with a slightly puzzled look upon his face.


“En, this is Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain. Hehe, I have shown Brother Yang something embarrassing. Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass Mountain is indeed famous across all Shadowed Star, but most of the time it has this appearance and looks completely unremarkable, totally different from in the rumours. As such, whenever someone from outside the Sect sees it, they find themselves disappointed,” Dai Yuan smiled and explained softly.


“It appears like this ‘most of the time’?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes.


“Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass has many unpredictable and mysterious abilities, so what we see right now is probably just one of the forms of this Coloured Glass Mountain,” Yang Yan, who had almost not spoken since the trio left Dragon Cave Mount, suddenly spoke up here.


Dai Yuan gave her a surprised look and nodded, “It seems that Sister Yang Yan knows a lot about our Coloured Glass Mountain. En, this humble state is just one of its forms. There are times when it will spontaneously emit thousands of dazzling rays of light, making it seem like an exceptionally beautiful object not from this world. Other times, it can change its own size. It’s all very strange.”


“Such things actually happen!?” Yang Kai suddenly became interested.


Yang Yan’s lips curled slightly and didn’t explain further, instead asking casually, “The Spirit Array arranged here is quite amazing. Does it have some kind of suppressive effect?”


Dai Yuan heard this and gently nodded, “Yeah, one of the effects of the Spirit Array here is to suppress Coloured Glass Mountain. While it truly is our Sect’s greatest treasure, we actually cannot completely control it, so our only option is to suppress it here, otherwise, if it underwent some strange change it might just disappear, resulting in us losing it forever.”


Explaining until here, Dai Yuan smiled and said, “En, we can’t stay here any longer. The several Seniors who are responsible for guarding Coloured Glass Mountain have already noticed us, if continue to linger, they may come to question us. It’s best we leave now.”


Yang Kai had also felt that since the three of them stopped here, several Divine Senses belonging to Origin Returning Realm masters had been sweeping them from various directions. However, these Divine Senses were only monitoring them and did not show any signs of acting.


As such, he was not surprised by Dai Yuan’s suggestion.


Dai Yuan turned around and flew off in a different direction than they had come. Yang Kai and Yang Yan followed her, the two of them exchanging a glance with Yang Yan nodding lightly.


It seems she had determined that the Spirit Arrays here would not pose a problem to the Stone Puppet. All they needed to do now was go to Thousand Illusion Peak with Dai Yuan, then find an opportunity to release the Stone Puppet and wait to collect their harvest.


Although Yang Kai didn’t know what Yang Yan wanted to refine with this Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass, or what was so great about this Thousand Illusion Coloured Glass in the first place, seeing Coloured Glass Sect treat that strange hill so seriously, how could he not at least understand that it was incredibly valuable?


Along the way, the trio met a lot of Coloured Glass Sect disciples, but Yang Kai soon noticed something strange. Whenever these Coloured Glass Sect disciples saw Dai Yuan, they would show a myriad of complicated expressions.


Some people showed looks of dread, while others showed looks of panic, still others showed looks of sympathy, and so on…


On top of that, almost every one of these Coloured Glass Sect disciples recognized Dai Yuan.


This point was one that Yang Kai cared about in particular. After all, according to Dai Yuan’s character, she should rarely interact with others, yet her name seemed to resound quite loudly though Coloured Glass Sect and it was obvious that she was well known by these people. From all of this, Yang Kai secretly felt that Dai Yuan’s position in Coloured Glass Sect was much more complicated than he first imagined.


Following Dai Yuan, the trio flew over the Grand Crystal Mountain Range for about half an hour before arriving at a relatively remote peak.


Seeing this three-hundred-metre-tall mountain from afar, Dai Yuan’s tense expression finally relaxed, as if she had returned home after a difficult journey. Pointing to the peak, she enthusiastically introduced it to Yang Kai and Yang Yan, “This is Thousand Illusion Peak, where I live. It’s a bit crude, but I hope Junior Brother Yang and Sister Yang Yan won’t mind.”


“Sister Dai Yuan is too polite,” Yang Kai laughed heartily before following her towards the mountain.


Before arriving at this peak, Yang Kai used his Divine Sense to scan it and quickly discovered that there was no one else present. It seemed that only Dai Yuan lived on this Thousand Illusion Peak, without even any maidservants to help her.


Not long after, the trio landed on a kind of boardwalk that was built on the mountainside of Thousand Illusion Peak. This boardwalk was extremely narrow, allowing only one person to pass through at a time and seemed quite unsteady, the planks it was made from wobbling as if it might collapse at any point.


Yang Kai and Yang Yan obviously would not care about such minor details though and simply enjoyed the scenery as they walked this path.


While this Thousand Illusion Peak was indeed somewhat remote, the scenery here was eye-catching. Beautiful and refreshing like a spring day with lush verdant greenery and moderate temperatures. The World Energy aura was also not thin, even better than Dragon Cave Mountain.


Such a place was only considered a high-grade Spirit Peak in Coloured Glass Sect, so what would the best quality peaks be like?


Yang Kai suddenly couldn’t help remembering the ruins of the ancient sect in the fourth layer of the Flowing Flame Sand Field. Shouldn’t the World Energy aura there be even denser?


The boardwalk was not very long and after a few twists and turns, the trio came to its end and found themselves facing a stone wall. This stone wall was perfectly smooth, as if someone had used a sharp weapon to cleanly slice it.


Arriving here, Dai Yuan suddenly came to a halt.


Yang Kai looked around suspiciously.


Yang Yan, however, was actually able to see something more and whispered, “There’s a Spirit Array here. You can enter this stone wall by opening the Spirit Array. The layout is quite exquisite so it must have been arranged by a true Array Master.”


Yang Yan didn’t try to conceal her voice so after Dai Yuan heard her, she turned back and smiled, “Sister Yang Yan seems to be very proficient in Spirit Arrays, if you want to, you can study this Spirit Array at will. In any case, my Thousand Illusion Peak doesn’t usually have any visitors, so you need not worry about being disturbed.”


Throughout their journey together, Yang Yan had only taken the initiative to speak twice, and both times it had been related to Spirit Arrays. Naturally, Dai Yuan could tell that Yang Yan was quite interested in this profession, so she allowed Yang Yan to freely study the Spirit Arrays here, which was akin to selling Yang Kai a favour.


Yang Yan did not show anything on her face or make a reply, but Dai Yuan was not bothered by this. Summoning a jade token into her hand in the next moment, Dai Yuan poured her Saint Qi into it before tossing it forward.


A strange scene took place next as the jade token turned into a green light, shot into the smooth stone wall, and disappeared. Immediately, a slight buzzing sound rang out and a platform extended from the smooth stone wall. Beyond this platform a tunnel had appeared leading into the interior of the mountain. This tunnel was lined with glowing stones, so it didn’t appear even the slightest bit dim.


“Junior Brother Yang, Sister Yang Yan, please come inside,” Dai Yuan smiled slightly before flying up and landing on the stone platform.


Seeing this, Yang Kai jumped up as well and peered into the tunnel before him, wondering to himself if he should get Yang Yan to arrange such a Spirit Array for his own cave mansion, but thinking about it a bit, he felt doing so was a bit superfluous and shook his head.


Just as Dai Yuan was about to lead Yang Kai and Yang Yan into the belly of the mountain, she suddenly stopped and looked off into the distance, her expression growing cold, gloomy, and displeased in the next instant.


Seeing this, Yang Kai also looked over to where she was staring and saw an azure streak of light rapidly approaching. Clearly someone was flying over on a Star Shuttle.


Yang Kai’s Divine Sense was incredibly powerful so after a slight investigation, he was able to learn who the owner of this Star Shuttle was, but this only caused a strange expression to appear on his face.


“Junior Brother Yang, Sister Yang Yan, please wait a moment, it seems someone has come looking for me,” Dai Yuan smiled reluctantly while standing in place and quietly waited.


A moment later, the azure streak arrived directly to the front of the stone platform and the person standing atop this Star Shuttle let out a silver bell-like laughter. The one who appeared was an incredibly beautiful young woman with a graceful figure and a pair of beautiful eyes that seemed capable of drawing out the souls of any who gazed into them. She exuded a kind of infinite charm that coupled with her pleasant laughter made it impossible for others not to admire her.


Yin Su Die! The one who had suddenly rushed over had turned out to be the most famous disciple of Coloured Glass Sect, Yin Su Die.


Yang Kai had met this woman a few times, so naturally, he was able to recognize her. Also, inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field, he had noticed that there was unpleasantness between her and Dai Yuan. What she had suddenly come here to do though was a complete mystery to him.


Moreover, her timing was too perfect to be a coincidence. Dai Yuan had only just returned to Thousand Illusion Peak when Yin Su Die rushed over.


Yin Su Die’s beautiful eyes glanced around lightly and seemed to contain a kind of innate attraction, causing men to be instinctually drawn to her. After sweeping Yang Kai and Yang Yan for a moment, she turned her attention to Dai Yuan, “Senior Sister, you’ve returned?”


Dai Yuan did not give her any face and bluntly asked, “What are you doing here?”


“Can I not come here?” Yin Su Die covered his mouth and smiled tenderly, “Although this Thousand Illusion Peak is Senior Sister’s residence, it is also part of the Sect’s territory. I am the first Core Disciple of the Sect’s younger generation, so besides a few Restricted Areas, I can naturally go wherever I please. Moreover, Little Sister heard that Senior Sister had just come back so I immediately rushed over to welcome you home. I did not want to delay as that might upset Senior Sister. Could it be Senior Sister does not welcome Little Sister?”


As she spoke like this, a forlorn look appeared on her face, one that could elicit great pity from any who saw it. It was to the point where even if she had committed some great wrong, others would find it impossible to blame her.


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