Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1379, Another Star Emperor Token

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


As the last few items were being auctioned, Yang Kai was naturally sitting on the sidelines. All of the Saint Crystals he had taken from Wu Yi had already been used to buy the Profound Gold, so he no longer had the capital to fight for other things.


Having said that, although the last few auction items were all quite good, Yang Kai was not interested in any of them.


After an incense stick worth of time, Qing’er returned along with a jade box. Handing this box to Yang Kai respectfully, she congratulated him, “Congratulations Senior for obtaining the item you desired, please accept this.”


Yang Kai naturally accepted it with a smile and opened the jade box to take a look. Inside he found the piece of Profound Gold he had bid on. It was the size of a goose egg and its entire body radiated a pure golden radiance. This piece of Profound Gold was sealed by powerful masters with a strong barrier, but it still could not stop the strong metal aura from overflowing from it. The sharpness of this aura was not to be underestimated.


The best way to describe this Profound Gold was as an invisible sharp blade.


Yang Kai happily played with it for a while before storing it away into his Black Book Space.


The reason he acquired this Profound Gold was naturally in preparation to cultivate the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art. If one wanted to cultivate this Body Tempering Secret Art, they first needed to find five extremely precious treasures from the five elements!


Of these five treasures, Yang Kai already possessed the Thunder Wood, Profound Yin Sunflower Water, and Sun’s True Essence. Now that he had acquired this Profound Gold, the only precious treasure he still needed was one of the Earth Attribute. Once he found such a treasure, he would be able to start cultivating the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art.


Yang Kai actually thought about asking Treasure Trove Pavilion to help him with this matter; after all, this great force was dedicated to searching the world for precious treasures. As such, after this auction ended, Yang Kai felt that he should pay a visit to Yan Pei.


He did not believe the other party would refuse as long as he offered a sufficient price.


In a good mood, Yang Kai naturally wasn’t going to be stingy with his reward, so he quickly waved his hand and gave Qing’er several bottles of pills, a good artifact and many Saint Crystals.


The pills were all refined by him personally, so their quality was naturally superb, while the artifact was one Yang Yan had refined and was also equally excellent. These things were all quite suitable for this little girl to use right now, and although there weren’t so many Saint Crystals, only a couple tens of thousands, for a cultivator a Qing’er’s level, it would be enough to support her cultivation for quite some time.


Naturally, this made Qing’er extremely happy.


Just then, Ren Tian Rui’s slightly excited voice came from below, “Friends, this auction has been very fulfilling and will end here. Many thanks to all of you for travelling from afar to participate. En, though the auction has ended, please remain for a moment. My Treasure Trove Pavilion has been entrusted by a powerful secluded master with a certain request.”


“Ren boy, what is this all about?” Immediately, a master from one of the great forces asked.


Ren Tian Rui just smiled lightly however, and gestured towards the rear while bowing slightly. The crowd all followed this gesture with their eyes but soon could not help recoiling slightly, because the one who emerged from the shadows was none other than Old Black Face Yan Pei.


“Hehe, friends, there’s no need to act so nervous. Since the auction is over, there will be no more items sold. This Yan was only entrusted by an old friend to discuss a certain matter with all of you,” Yan Pei said unhurriedly.


“What is this matter for discussion? If you want to fart, put it out quickly, we don’t have time to waste here with any nonsense.” Obviously not everyone believed Yan Pei and many remained on high alert.


“My old friend simply wanted to propose an exchange of goods!” Yan Pei did not keep everyone guessing and after lightly explaining, he took an item from his Space Ring and held it up high in front of the crowd.


The masters in the hall all released their Divine Senses to carefully scrutinize this object.


A moment later, a burst of exclamations sounded.


“This is…”


“No, could it possibly be?”


“There’s a lingering Emperor Pressure about it, so there’s no chance we’re mistaken. I never dreamed that legend was actually true!”


Inside private room B-13, Yang Kai also stared at the object in Yan Pei’s hand with a stunned expression on his face. As he was lost in thought though, he suddenly realized something was off and turned to look at Yang Yan who he saw was wearing a look of excitement and hesitation, her two pink fists clenched tightly with her nails unconsciously almost piercing into her flesh.


“Star Emperor Token!” Mo Xiao Sheng’s exclamation sounded, “Brother Yan, forgive this old master’s limited vision, but is the object in your hand truly a legendary Star Emperor Token?”


Yan Pei smiled lightly, “Since Brother Mo already knows, why ask this Yan? Presumably, most of you present have reached this conclusion, yes?”


“It’s really a Star Emperor Token? Not a fake?”


“If it was a fake, how could this Yan take it out?” Yan Pei snorted, “This Yan and several others from Treasure Trove Pavilion have personally appraised this and determined it to be a genuine Star Emperor Token; after all, the faint remnant Emperor Pressure around it is something no one can imitate!”


“Rumor has it that the Starry Sky Great Emperor refined ten of these Star Emperor Tokens, each of which sealed one of his Divine Abilities. Each of these Divine Abilities can only be described as Heaven Destroying and Earth Shattering, moving mountains and filling seas. Could it be that it is so for this one too?” Cheng Peng Xuan’s voice was filled with excitement.


If this was truly one of the ten Star Emperor Tokens refined by the Starry Sky Great Emperor, as long as one could possess it, they would essentially be invincible.


The Starry Sky Great Emperor was an existence above the Origin King Realm! On top of that, there were no Origin Kings on Shadowed Star, so who could possibly compete with the Divine Ability sealed inside a Star Emperor Token?


All the masters from each of the great forces had this thought and, in an instant, they fixed hot eyes on this Star Emperor Token, causing the atmosphere inside Treasure Trove Pavilion’s auction hall to become incredibly tense.


Yan Pei was carefully observing everyone’s mood and understood that countless people now felt intense greed in their hearts towards this token, but he still didn’t rush and simply explained slowly, “This is indeed one of the ten Star Emperor Tokens, but the Divine Ability that was sealed inside of it has already been used, so do not even consider it.”


There was a slight implied warning in his words.


Hearing this, many of the masters felt like they had cold water splashed onto them. This only made sense though, if this Star Emperor Token was completely intact, no fool would ever take it out to trade, nor would Yan Pei make its existence public.


“Its Divine Ability has already been used. A pity, a pity,” Mo Xiao Sheng’s tone was extremely deflated as he let out a long sigh.


“Hmph, Old Ghost Mo, do you not want to obtain this Star Emperor Token even though its Divine Ability has already been used up?” Cheng Peng Xuan sneered.


“Does Brother Cheng not have the same idea?” Mo Xiao Sheng did not mind the sarcasm in Cheng Peng Xuan’s voice and readily admitted his intentions.


“Brother Yan, what use does this Star Emperor Token have now that its Divine Ability has been used up?” Someone asked.


Yan Pei calmly answered, “Although the Divine Ability in this Star Emperor Token has already been expended, the token itself is by no means useless; after all, it is a treasure personally refined by the Starry Sky Great Emperor. Without even mentioning the remaining Emperor Pressure inside that one can meditate on and gain inspiration from, just the material this token is refined from is beyond the understanding of my Treasure Trove Pavilion. Perhaps others know of even more uses for this Star Emperor Token.”


“That being said, the value of this Star Emperor Token is still not too high. What, may I ask, does Brother Yan want in exchange for it?” Mo Xiao Sheng asked after he pondered over the matter for a moment. Even if the Divine Ability of this Star Emperor Token had already been used, the token still retained tremendous research value, so Mo Xiao Sheng was certainly not willing to miss an opportunity to acquire it.


Many other masters had similar thoughts to him, some of them echoing Mo Xiao Sheng’s sentiments, “Yes, Brother Yan, with all of Shadowed Star’s great Sects here, there’s a good chance one of us has what you want. Please tell us what your friend is seeking, perhaps one of our Sects will have it in our treasuries!”


Yang Pei shook his head lightly, “What my old friend wants in exchange for this is not something easily found!”


This made sense. If whatever this person wanted was easy to find, with the strength and connections of Treasure Trove Pavilion, this Star Emperor Token would have long ago landed in their pockets. So, although there were many people gathered here, Yan Pei did not have much confidence he could help his old friend acquire what they wanted.


“Well, what is it then? Out with it!” Cheng Peng Xuan said impatiently.


“A Flowing Flame Flying Fire!” Yan Pei revealed the answer.


“Your friend actually wants a Flowing Flame Flying Fire?”


“Where are we supposed to find such a thing?”


“The previous Flowing Flame Sand Field opening was over four hundred years ago, and although it opened again just a few years ago, I haven’t heard of any Sect whose disciple managed to obtain one by luck.”




The auction hall instantly became noisy.


Some masters inquired if this Star Emperor Token could be exchanged for other valuable materials. Some others even proposed purchasing it with Saint Crystals. However, Old Black Face Yan just swung his head like a rattle and repeatedly said, “Forgive me, but this Star Emperor Token is not my Treasure Trove Pavilion’s thing, it was only entrusted to this Yan to exchange specifically for a Flowing Flame Flying Fire. Of course, if there is anyone who can inform this Yan about the location of a pool of Soul Cleansing Divine Water, that will also be acceptable!”


“Soul Cleansing Divine Water, Brother Yan must be joking. If any of us knew where such a treasure was, we would already have enjoyed it for ourselves. How could we possibly exchange it for a useless Star Emperor Token?”


Many of the masters present felt deeply annoyed, thinking that the owner of this Star Emperor Token was being too unreasonable. If they possessed a Flowing Flame Flying Fire, exchanging it for this Star Emperor Token wouldn’t count as a loss, but Soul Cleansing Divine Water was known as one of the Star Field’s Three Great Divine Waters and its value was immeasurable. No fool would exchange it for a used Star Emperor Token.


Inside private room B-13 on the other hand, Yang Kai and Yang Yan looked at each other with strange expressions.


While no one else might have a Flowing Flame Flying Fire, Yang Kai did!


Last time, in the Flowing Flame Sand Field, Yang Kai obtained a total of nine Flowing Flame Flying Fires, and besides the few he used and the two he gave Yang Yan, he still had three left. Yang Kai was thinking about finding time to refine them to enhance the power of his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, but having been busy with so many other things, he simply had not gotten around to it.


Never had he expected that these Flowing Flame Flying Fires would suddenly come in handy like this.


Yang Kai was no stranger to Star Emperor Tokens as he already possessed two of them. One of these two was given to him by the Origin King Realm master Gui Zu while the other he had found deep inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field. However, the one given to him by Gui Zu actually still possessed its stored Divine Ability while the one from the Flowing Flame Sand Field was the same as the one Yan Pei now held, devoid of the Starry Sky Great Emperor’s power.


“Should I trade for it?” Yang Kai muttered to himself, his expression a little hesitant. Regarding this exchange, he was qualified to make it, but he felt that trading a Flowing Flame Flying Fire for a useless Star Emperor Token wasn’t quite worth it.


“You should!” Yang Yan firmly declared.


“Oh? Why?” Yang Kai looked at her curiously.


“I don’t know, but I have a vague feeling that these Star Emperor Tokens are useful for more than just the Divine Ability sealed inside of them. It must have other valuable secrets.”


This token possessing other secrets was a distinct possibility; however, to exchange for it, there probably wasn’t a need to use a Flowing Flame Flying Fire. Yang Kai had some guesses about what the other party really wanted in exchange for this Star Emperor Token, but he could not be sure yet. Regardless, each Flowing Flame Flying Fire was of great use to him for enhancing his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea, so if there was a chance to save it, Yang Kai was willing to try.


Considering all this, Yang Kai nodded gently and prepared to make an exchange.


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