Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1414, I’ll Consider It

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Although the reputation and strength of the woman surnamed Ye were daunting, she was still just one person, so with so many masters present, how could she possibly stop them all?


Only Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu stood in place. Due to their relationship with Dragon Cave Mountain, they naturally would not try to find trouble with this woman and were currently more worried about Yang Kai’s situation.


In addition to them, there were two other forces that had yet to move: Clear Sky Sect’s group led by Great Elder Mo Yu and the group of women from Coloured Glass Sect led by Elder Gong Ao Fu.


It was impossible to tell what the former was thinking about as he smiled lightly while looking towards the inside of Dragon Cave Mountain with amusement, as if he was content to be a spectator and admire the show.


As for the latter, while she too wanted to break into Dragon Cave Mountain, Gong Ao Fu had only recently broken through to the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm and her strength was significantly lower than the other top masters present. Seeing the woman surnamed Ye display such overwhelming might, Gong Ao Fu could only stand back helplessly.


Besides these few, almost everyone else had desperately rushed into Dragon Cave Mountain regardless of their cultivation. Most people didn’t want to offend the woman surnamed Ye, but they were simply too curious about what that beam of light had deposited here. Taking advantage of the many Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters holding down the woman surnamed Ye, everyone else used various methods to bypass their battle and rush into the mountain.


Seeing that the situation was spiralling out of control, Ge Qi, Chang Qi, Hao An, and Ning Xiang Chen immediately took action, summoning their respective artifacts and joining the fray. 


Various colours of Saint Qi burst forth and outside Dragon Cave Mountain’s Mountain Defending Array, an intense battle began.


The battle began and ended quickly; after all, there were simply too many enemies, so the woman surnamed Ye and the other four Origin Returning Realm cultivators supporting Dragon Cave Mountain had no way to stop all the invaders. While the woman surnamed Ye was being suppressed, Mo Xiao Sheng once again used his Space Force and broke past her blockade.


This time, the woman surnamed Ye couldn’t stop him and was only able to watch as he disappeared into Dragon Cave Mountain.


“Hateful!” The woman surnamed Ye clenched her teeth as she cursed. In that moment of distress, more Origin Returning Realm masters slipped past her and rushed up the mountain.


The woman surnamed Ye felt a deep sense of powerlessness in her heart. If she was a true Origin King, it wouldn’t have taken her much effort to stop this group of people in their tracks, but she was just a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, in the end, so even though she was only half a step away from the Origin King Realm, she was unable to break through that last layer of constraints while suppressed by Shadowed Star’s World Principles.


When continuing to try to defend this position no longer holding any significance, the woman surnamed Ye grabbed hold of her Bone Incinerating Flame Lamp before wrapping Yang Yan up in her Saint Qi and chasing after the others who had entered the mountain.


With her gone, the others naturally no longer stayed put and hurriedly kept up.


Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu glanced at each other, both frowning with their faces filled with worry, but sighed helplessly. They, too, followed along.


On Clear Sky Sect’s side, Mo Yu contemplated for a moment before saying, “You wait here, this old master will go in and take a look.”


Looking at this situation, there would likely be a great battle in the near future, so Mo Yu wasn’t about to let his disciples follow him into this dangerous situation.


“Honoured Master!” Chen Shi Tao shouted suddenly.


Mo Yu glanced over at her and smiled benignly, “Do you wish to say something?”


Chen Shi Tao bit her red lips lightly but still forced herself to speak, “I and Junior Sister Lu Yin owe Junior Brother Yang a life-saving grace. If possible, I hope that Honoured Master… can assist him. Even if it is only slightly!”


It had taken all her courage to say this; after all, Mo Yu was her Master and she did not have the qualifications to make such a request to him, not to mention that this matter was far too complex and choosing to side with Yang Kai would likely draw fire to Clear Sky Sect. When she made this request, Chen Shi Tao was already psychologically prepared to be scolded by her Honoured Master.


But to her great surprise, Mo Yu only thought about it for a moment before nodding lightly, “No problem, this old master will do his best but don’t have too many expectations. After all, this time… heh heh!”


Mo Yu didn’t finish his words because everyone here knew what he meant. All of them clearly felt that this time Dragon Cave Mountain’s situation was beyond redemption.


However, Chen Shi Tao and Lu Ying were both overjoyed and offered their profound thanks, elegantly bowing their heads. By the time they straightened themselves back up though, Mo Yu had already disappeared. The two young women looked at each other and exhaled softly, never having expected their Honoured Master to agree so readily.


Regardless of the final result, both of them had worked up the courage to ask Mo Yu to help Yang Kai, so they had already done all they could.


On the other side, Gong Ao Fu also instructed Yin Su Die and Dai Yuan to remain outside and wait before entering Dragon Cave Mountain alone.


Along the way, she met no resistance, but Gong Ao Fu could still perceive the many barriers and Spirit Arrays all over this mountain, but all of these Spirit Arrays had already been destroyed.


With so many masters having rushed in ahead of her, no matter how many Spirit Arrays were arranged here, they could not have stopped their pace. What’s more, there was currently no one in Dragon Cave Mountain operating these Spirit Arrays, so they simply couldn’t display too much power.


Gong Ao Fu secretly felt startled at this sight, but a short time later, she arrived at a spot inside Dragon Cave Mountain where a large number of Origin Returning Realm masters had gathered, including over twenty who had reached the Third-Order. These masters had formed a large semicircle around the spot where the beam of light from the Emperor Garden had descended.


At this moment, a young man was standing proudly at the centre of this encirclement with an indifferent look upon his face. Naturally it was the owner of Dragon Cave Mountain, the cultivator called Yang Kai, a Third-Order Saint King!


Gong Ao Fu only spared him a fleeting glance before her attention was instantly attracted to something in his hand. It looked like some kind of Jade Token approximately half the size of a palm. Pure and flawless, this Jade Token had some kind of red light swimming about inside of it, like a small fish in a pond of water, giving it a profound and mysterious appearance.


Even with Gong Ao Fu’s vision, she was unable to see what material this Jade Token was made from and could only tell that an inexplicable force was emanating from it.


Countless curious, greedy eyes stared at this Jade Token!


[Was this what had fallen from the Emperor Garden?] Gong Ao Fu inevitably thought to herself.


A beam of light had been emitted from the Emperor Garden just now, and after it disappeared, it was clear that something had been left in this place. Yang Kai had arrived here first, so if there was anything to be found, it would definitely be this Jade Token; why else would everyone be coveting it?


Gong Ao Fu’s guess was right. With the help of the woman surnamed Ye, when Yang Kai rushed here, he really only found this Jade Token, but before he had a chance to study it, Mo Xiao Sheng had slipped through and rushed over.


It wasn’t that the woman surnamed Ye was incompetent, it was simply that two fists couldn’t block four strikes. It wouldn’t be difficult for her to defeat Mo Xiao Sheng in a one on one battle, but stopping him from leaving was different; after all, the other party cultivated Space Force so his mobility was essentially unmatched.


Although the situation had become treacherous, Yang Kai didn’t display any fear.


This was only natural since, if he was compelled to, he could simply tear space and escape. Although there were many enemies surrounding him, he had at least fifty percent confidence he could withdraw safely.


With this confidence, of course he would not be afraid, not to mention, with that Ye woman helping him, it wasn’t like he was powerless to resist.


“Little brother…” The silence was broken by Mo Xiao Sheng suddenly. Staring at the Jade Token in Yang Kai’s hands, he asked in as calm a tone as he could manage, “Could you let this old master take a look at that Jade Token?”


Regardless of what this Jade Token was, since it came from the Emperor Garden, it was certainly connected to the Starry Sky Great Emperor. How could anything related to the Great Emperor not be valuable?


It wasn’t just Mo Xiao Sheng who wanted to take a closer look, everyone present did, Mo Xiao Sheng just happened to be the first to ask.


“Let you see it?” Yang Kai sneered, “What difference is that from beating a dog with a meat bun?”


Yang Kai already had a very poor impression of Heaven Battling Union, so he didn’t even bother being polite.


Mo Xiao Sheng’s complexion instantly became gloomy as he coldly snapped, “Boy, mind your words. This old master simply wants to take a look at that thing. Do you think that with this old master’s status he would covet the possessions of a junior?”


“Don’t you?” Yang Kai spat disdainfully, “If you didn’t, why come here in the first place?”


Saying so, Yang Kai directly stuffed that Jade Token into his Space Ring.


Seeing this, many masters’ faces suddenly became ugly. As the saying goes, treasures belong to those who can keep them. Although this strange token had landed on Dragon Cave Mountain after falling from the Emperor Garden, and Yang Kai was the first to snatch it, as a trivial Third-Order Saint King, what qualifications did he have to possess it?


Yet, in the front of everyone’s eyes, he actually put this Jade Token into his Space Ring, displaying naked contempt for all the masters present, annoying them greatly.


If it was any other occasion, these people wouldn’t mind killing Yang Kai and snatching this treasure; after all, it was not the first time these people had performed such an act, but currently they were on Dragon Cave Mountain and they had to concern themselves with the woman surnamed Ye’s presence.


This was especially true after seeing the power of this woman’s Bone Incinerating Flame Lamp.


“Little brother, if you can give this Jade Token to this old master, I can compensate you 100 million Saint Crystals! What do you think?” Compared with the hypocrisy of Mo Xiao Sheng, Cheng Peng Xuan of Thunder Typhoon Sect actually acted upfront. Knowing that it was impossible to take this thing for free, he immediately attempted to acquire it at a high price.


To him, 100 million Saint Crystals was an astronomical figure for this tiny Dragon Cave Mountain, an amount of wealth this young man likely had never even dreamed of before, so as long as this boy wasn’t stupid and understood that holding onto this Jade Token would only bring him trouble, he wouldn’t reject this proposal.


“100 million…” Yang Kai raised his brow, seemingly taking interest in this proposal before replying, “Well, I’ll consider it.”


Cheng Peng Xuan smiled happily and asked, “And how long does little brother need to consider this old master’s offer?”


A long delay would lead to many problems, so he wanted to conclude this transaction as quickly as possible.


“Perhaps ten to fifteen days, maybe three to five years, who can say for certain? After all, this matter is of great importance so Junior should consider it carefully. How about Senior Cheng returns to Thunder Typhoon Sect first and await news from this Junior?” Yang Kai wore a sincere look and proposed.


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