Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1452, Distribution 

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The young woman from Ice Heart Valley didn’t intend on discussing this matter any further; after all, even if Yang Kai was an Alchemist, since he wasn’t from Scarlet Wave Star, his status had nothing to do with her. Instead, her attention was drawn back to the Grand Yuan Fusing Pill as she spoke, “If what Little Brother says is true, then this pill is an Origin King Mid-Rank pill that can improve efficiency in cultivation by double when taken?”


“Three times. Don’t forget this is a pill which has formed Pill Veins, so its effects are far better than an ordinary Grand Yuan Fusing Pill!”


The young woman’s eyes lit up with happiness! This type of pill, which could increase one’s cultivation efficiency, was extremely rare. The reputation of the Grand Yuan Fusing Pill had widely circulated throughout the Star Field, but few people ever managed to obtain one. After taking such a pill, for at least half a year, one would be able to obtain twice the results from secluded cultivation that they normally would. This kind of pill was incredibly tempting to this young woman, but unfortunately, only one of the seven pills from this particular bottle was still usable while the others had all lost all efficacy.


As she was lost in thought, Yang Kai put aside this Grand Yuan Fusing Pill.


“Let’s take a look at the rest.” With such a good start, the young woman’s mood immediately became better as she reached out and picked up another jade bottle before pouring out its content.


The hundred or so bottles of pills didn’t take much time to inspect, and half an hour or so later, Yang Kai and the young woman had managed to sort the useful pills from the degraded ones.


Grand Yuan Fusing Pill, Ascending Dragon Pill, Bamboo Nature Pill, Soul Enhancing Pill, Congealing Jade Pill…


The grades and uses of these pills varied greatly. There were healing pills, cultivation pills, pills useful for breaking through bottlenecks, ones for increasing strength, and so on and so forth; also, each and every one of the useful pills had formed Pill Veins!


Just from examining these pills, it was clear that the owner of this place had been an Origin King Grade Alchemist while they were alive; what’s more, they were obviously an Origin King Grade High-Rank Alchemist!


Alchemists of this grade, even considering the entire current Star Field, were a rare existence. Yang Kai couldn’t even be certain there was an Alchemist that had reached such a height in this era.


On top of that, the Alchemist who lived here definitely possessed astonishing skill because almost every jade bottle contained a pill that had formed Pill Veins, some bottles even had two, with the most in a single bottle being three!


Unfortunately, there was no pill which had formed Pill Clouds, a fact that made Yang Kai sigh slightly. Pill Veins were extremely rare, but Pill Clouds were an even higher level, Heaven-defying existence compared to Pill Veins. Even with the skills and accomplishments of this ancient Alchemist, it was likely he or she was unable to produce Pill Clouds with any kind of consistency.


“Sister, there are a total of a hundred and thirty-five pills here, each of them with differing values. If you are willing to trust me, I can distribute them,” Yang Kai turned to the young woman from Ice Heart Valley and proposed.


“Little Brother is too polite, since you are an Alchemist, it is only natural for you to distribute these pills. This Mistress has no objections!” The young woman spoke generously, but this was no surprise as, every time they found a usable pill, Yang Kai had told her what it was and what use it had. As such, although there were many pills in front of them right now, the young woman already had a rough estimate of each one’s value, so she wasn’t worried Yang Kai would try to cheat her.


Seeing her agree, Yang Kai gently nodded and began to distribute the pills.


A hundred and thirty-five was not an even number, but if it was only based on value, it wasn’t hard to divide these pills equally.


However, when Yang Kai finished dividing the pills into two parts, the young woman couldn’t help giving him a suspicious look and asking, “Little brother, did you make a mistake? The number of pills on my side is obviously greater, and their value is also higher. You…”


Yang Kai grinned, “There’s no mistake. Did sister forget that there is something else of value here other than these pills?”


“Something else?” The young woman glanced around the room for a moment before her eyes landed on something and she understood what Yang Kai was referring to.


The Origin King Grade Alchemy furnace!


When Yang Kai was dividing these pills, he obviously included this Origin King Grade Alchemy furnace as well, which was why the distribution of pills looked a little unequal.


“So, Sister may choose first,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “If sister wants more pills, then this Alchemy furnace will belong to me, otherwise, the Alchemy furnace will belong to you!”


The young woman couldn’t help showing a hesitant look.


Her vision was obviously not bad, so she naturally recognized the grade of this Alchemy furnace, but the way Yang Kai divided things up just now was quite fair. Everything depended upon her choice; if she wanted more pills, she needed to give up on that Alchemy furnace, but if she wanted the furnace, she would have to take fewer pills.


Presented with these two choices, the young woman felt somewhat conflicted.


But soon, she made up her mind, smiled, and said, “Then this Mistress will take the larger number of pills! Since little brother is an Alchemist, this Alchemy furnace will certainly be more useful to you. This Mistress taking it would be somewhat of a waste.”


Saying so, she swept the larger pile of jade bottles into her Space Ring.


Yang Kai didn’t raise any objections and also collected his spoils. In fact, for him, it didn’t really matter what choice this young woman made; although the Origin King Grade Alchemy furnace was useful to him, it wasn’t necessary by any means.


However, to this young woman, obtaining more pills was definitely a better choice. While she could take this Alchemy furnace back to her Sect and obtain some merits for it, or give it to an Alchemist in exchange for some favours, both were far less practical than obtaining immediate benefits in the form of pills.


Her making this choice was quite practical.


Just as the two finished dividing up the pills, the other two Ice Heart Valley women walked in. When the lead woman told her companions about the harvest she obtained here, they were naturally quite excited.


The spirit grasses from the Medicine Garden outside had all now been picked as well so they were the next thing to be divided up.


A few thousand herbs each with medicinal ages exceeding ten thousand years had been collected by the group of four so it took them about half a day to distribute them.


In the end, regardless of who it was, they were extremely satisfied, even Yang Kai. With so many herbs, he wouldn’t need to worry about having enough practice materials for Alchemy in the near future. Becoming an Origin King Grade Alchemist was only a matter of time.


After concluding their business here, everyone prepared to depart.


“Little brother, there should be nothing else here, would you like to accompany this Mistress out?” The young woman turned to Yang Kai and asked.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before slowly shaking his head, “Several sisters should go on ahead, I still have something to do here.”


“Oh?” The young woman was surprised to hear this and immediately wondered why Yang Kai wanted to remain. Feeling slightly suspicious, she swept the entire area with her Divine Sense again, not even letting off the sitting skeleton nearby.


She thought that Yang Kai had discovered some other benefits here and was waiting for them to leave so he could take them all for himself, but her Divine Sense was unable to discover anything else of value here.


Naturally, Yang Kai understood what she was thinking and calmly explained, “I just want to bury these remains.”


“Uh…” The young woman’s face went blank.


“I’m an Alchemist, and he or she was also an Alchemist, that makes him or her my Senior. Since I’ve obtained this Alchemy furnace, I should naturally perform some final rites.”


“So that’s how it is, hehe, in that case, we will take our leave,” The young woman said with great embarrassment, feeling like she had just been being overly suspicious just now. Laughing awkwardly before bidding Yang Kai farewell, she led her two companions out.


Of course, Yang Kai didn’t try to stop them. He had cooperated with the three of them out of convenience just now, but in the end, they were neither friends nor close acquaintances; moreover, this woman was quite scheming and had clearly had ill intentions towards him before.


Cooperating once was enough, Yang Kai had no interest in becoming close to such people.


A few moments later, outside the mountain valley, the three young women from Ice Heart Valley swiftly flew forward. Two of them felt quite happy while their leader wore a look of struggle and annoyance on her face, releasing a long sigh after a while.


“Senior Sister, what’s wrong?” The First-Order Origin Returning Realm woman asked curiously.


“It’s nothing, I was just thinking that that young man is a little strange,” the young woman shook her head slowly.


Just now, in that stone room, with its narrow walls and limited room to manoeuvre, and with two other people on her side, it was undoubtedly the best place to launch a sneak attack. The young woman indeed had such thoughts and had intended to join forces with her two Junior Sisters and subdue Yang Kai there.


After all, there were so many pills that had formed Pill Veins and so many herbs with medicinal ages over ten thousand years, naturally, she did not want to split such treasures with anyone else.


But the moment such a thought crossed her mind, a feeling of alarm gripped her heart as her instincts screamed out to her that if she and her Junior Sisters were to attack, the ones who would suffer a loss would be them.


It was this instinctual fear that caused the young woman to ultimately back down.


After the fact though, she couldn’t tell if her decision had been right or wrong.


No matter what, being forced to give half of the benefits from that secluded home to a mere First-Order Origin Returning Realm boy made her very uncomfortable.


It was too late to regret now though, and the young woman could only do her best to suppress the faint unwillingness she felt while trying not to think about it any further.


At the same time, inside the hidden cave mansion, Yang Kai let out a light sigh.


He had not been lying to the women from Ice Heart Valley, he really stayed behind to look for a burial place for this late Alchemy Grandmaster. These were the remains of a top-level Origin King Grade High-Rank Alchemist, one who had died still pursuing the Alchemic Way, so as an Alchemist, Yang Kai truly respected him.


After taking away the Origin King Grade Alchemy furnace, Yang Kai released his Saint Qi and carefully wrapped up the skeletal remains before walking outside.


Yang Kai planned on burying this Alchemist in the mountain valley’s Medicine Garden.


Such a burial place should be what this Senior would have wanted.


A moment later, Yang Kai arrived atop the Medicine Garden, waved his hand to release his Saint Qi, and opened up a deep pit in the ground before carefully laying the late Alchemist’s bones inside.


There was no carelessness in this process, with Yang Kai leaving the skeleton perfectly intact, just the way he found it.


However, when Yang Kai withdrew his Saint Qi from the skeleton, without this layer of protection, the robes on this skeleton disintegrated into dust and were blown away by the wind.


Silavin: How the tide of time never ceases to corrode. Will our ends be just the same? 


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