Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1506, Annihilation Thunder Bead

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Half a month later, three rays of light shot out from the cave and soared towards the horizon, soon disappearing.


After such a long period of recuperation, Qian Tong and Yang Kai had basically recovered but Fei Zhi Tu had not.


Although Yang Kai had managed to save him from the gates of death and essentially negate the backlash from the Yuan Burst Pill, Fei Zhi Tu was still unable to return to his peak. His face was ruddy and his hair, while still white, had a healthy sheen to it, no longer making him appear sickly.


However, his cultivation could only be restored to the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm.


It seemed it would be impossible for Fei Zhi Tu to return to his peak in short order, and he estimated that it would be ten or twenty years before he would see hope of breaking through to the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm again. While this result was no doubt frustrating, it was still within the realm of acceptable.


Moreover, this kind of increase in cultivation was just restoration, not a real breakthrough, so Fei Zhi Tu would not encounter any kind of bottleneck, all it would take is time.


In time, he will surely be able to fully restore himself.


With all three of their conditions being fine, they travelled together towards the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect had used their full strength to deal with Yang Kai this time and Yang Kai had not concealed anything from Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu. After learning that the entire incident was arranged by Star Emperor Mountain, whether it was Qian Tong or Fei Zhi Tu, they were deeply disturbed.


Neither of them dared return to Shadow Moon Hall, for fear of being found there and captured to threaten Yang Kai again.


Fortunately, only the two of them had some friendship with Yang Kai in Shadow Moon Hall, so as long as they weren’t there, Star Emperor Mountain would obviously not attack Shadow Moon Hall.


Going to the impenetrable Flowing Flame Sand Field was their best choice. Even if Star Emperor Mountain set out in full force, there was no way they could reach them there.


When Yang Kai came here originally, he had flown the entire way, entering one city after another to purchase cultivation materials in bulk, but now he chose not to waste so much time on the road.


Taking advantage of several Space Arrays, it only took Yang Kai’s group ten or so days to reach the periphery of the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


Over the past ten days, the three of them had also inquired about the news, but unfortunately, they were not able to learn anything of importance.


What had transpired in Fallen Emperor Mountain that day was completely concealed from the rest of Shadowed Star.


On the contrary, news of Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect suddenly increasing the defences around their headquarters to their highest level spread out like wildfire.


No one knew why these two giants suddenly reacted like this, no one other than Yang Kai and the other two beside him that is. Obviously, these two great forces were worried that Yang Kai would seek revenge and were already making preparations.


[But could they do anything to stop me?] Yang Kai thought to himself and sneered.


He didn’t want to stir up unnecessary trouble, and there really hadn’t been much hatred between him and Thunder Typhoon Sect and Heaven Battling Union, but since they took the initiative to attack him this time, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t just let it go.


Before leaving Shadowed Star for a long voyage, he would need to settle this problem first, otherwise he would not be able to be at ease. After all, this voyage could not be completed in a short time and once he left, only the Heavens knew how long it would be before he returned.


Outside the Flowing Flame Sand Field, in front of the palace where the Space Array that connected the inside and outside was located, Yang Kai wore a gloomy expression.


This could not be helped, as the palace where the Space Array was arranged had been destroyed and was now completely unusable. There was also a lot of dried up blood staining the surrounding area which clearly indicated there had been a battle here.


The High Heaven Sect disciples who generally guarded this place had low strength, so Yang Kai could not say for sure whether they were dead or alive.


Unable to directly use the Space Array to enter High Heaven Sect, Yang Kai could only take out his communication artifact and send a message inside.


Although he could also use one of his Star Emperor Tokens to enter and exit safely, the protection granted by a Star Emperor Token was limited to a single person, which meant he couldn’t bring Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu through the Flame Area with him safely.


After waiting for less than an hour, a small yet exquisitely designed Starship flew out from the Flame Area and stopped in front of Yang Kai’s trio.


It was the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle previously refined by Yang Yan.


When the hatch opened, Wu Yi’s figure appeared.


“Yang Kai, you finally came back,” Wu Yi’s expression was a little anxious, but after seeing Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu, she quickly offered her greetings.


“We’ll talk inside,” Yang Kai gently nodded before ushering Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu into the Flying Shark Battle Shuttle. The shuttle hatch closed a moment later and with a slight shake, returned the way it came at an incredible speed.


“Who destroyed the Space Array? Did the disciples guarding it suffer any casualties?” Yang Kai asked after entering it.


“We’re not clear who it was that attacked, but the disciples who were on guard duty during that time were only slightly injured, so there’s no major problem. A dozen or so days ago, a group of uninvited guests suddenly appeared outside the Flowing Flame Sand Field and attempted to capture the Space Array. Fortunately, the disciples reacted quickly and triggered the self-destructing Spirit Array arranged by Yang Yan before evacuating to the Sect.”


“En, that’s good,” Yang Kai gently nodded, High Heaven Sect had very few disciples, essentially all of them cultivators who had followed Wu Yi to leave the Hai Ke Family. They had supported each other from that day until today, so if there had been casualties among them because of this attack, they would certainly feel forlorn.


“Yang Kai, do you know who tried to attack our High Heaven Sect?” Wu Yi asked angrily.


“Probably Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect,” Yang Kai said lightly.


“Them?” Wu Yi’s pretty face changed slightly, “Why would they suddenly try to attack us? Did we offend them somehow?”


“Little girl, an ordinary man is innocent, but treasures can make him guilty, you should understand such a truth. You really have not offended those two forces, but since they covet your possessions, they would naturally take action. This time, while Yang Kai was out, he was also ambushed by them,” Qian Tong sighed.


“Their courage isn’t small!” Wu Yi shouted, her pretty face turning stern, “My High Heaven Sect simply wishes to reign over our little domain and has no interest in stirring up conflicts with the world, but do they really think we’re so easily bullied? It seems that if we don’t make them suffer, they won’t know what’s good for them.”


Yang Kai and the others all looked at her in amazement.


Fei Zhi Tu even began clapping as he smiled, “You may be young, but your spirit certainly isn’t small, little Girl! Worthy of someone who follows Yang Kai, your courage is commendable!”


Wu Yi’s pretty face blushed slightly upon receiving such praise as she quietly replied, “Junior was just speaking casually, how we act will all depend on Sect Master’s intentions. The two Seniors must not laugh.”


“Naturally, we must teach them a lesson,” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “Every grudge must have its revenge, it’s as simple as that.”


Wu Yi’s expression instantly brightened.


After an hour, the battle shuttle arrived atop High Heaven Sect’s Main Square and the group inside exited. Yang Kai asked Wu Yi to arrange a place for Qian Tong and Fei Zhi Tu to rest while he walked to Hundred Flowers Peak alone.


He wanted to find Ye Xi Yun and ask for advice.


Atop Hundred Flowers Peak, Ye Xi Yun was tending to the various flowers calmly. Her cultivation had reached the apex of this world, so she no longer bothered cultivating. With the suppression of Shadowed Star’s World Principles preventing her from breaking through to the Origin King Realm, no matter how she tried to cultivate, it would not help her in any way.


So usually, she would tend to trivial matters while disciplining her heart and mind, hoping that one day she would obtain a chance to break through to the Origin King Realm.


As a result, her temper has always remained indifferent.


“Sect Master has returned?” Ye Xi Yun called out lightly before Yang Kai even walked over; obviously, she had noticed his presence.


“En.” Yang Kai gently nodded, walking straight over to her as he observed her pruning a certain plant.


“Did your trip go smoothly?”


“Not at all.”


“Oh?” Ye Xi Yun finally turned to face him, “What happened?”


“I was ambushed!” Yang Kai brow twitched slightly as he briefly recounted what happened in Fallen Emperor Mountain.


“You mean Star Emperor Mountain was stirring up things from behind the scenes?” Ye Xi Yun’s elegant face went slightly cold.


“Yeah, but that doesn’t matter. No matter who the enemy is, if they dare to provoke me, I’ll make them regret it.”


“Sect Master naturally understands how to separate gratitude and grievances.”


“I came here this time to ask you if Star Emperor Mountain possesses some kind of bead-like artifact that can split into innumerable copies of itself and release powerful bolts of lightning.”


“Does Sect Master mean the Annihilation Thunder Bead?” Ye Xi Yun frowned slightly, “Were you attacked by this artifact?”


“En, I almost died!” Yang Kai still felt some lingering fear from that incident. When he remembered the power of that artifact, he could not help his heart from pounding. He had never encountered such a powerful artifact before. “Is that so-called Annihilation Thunder Bead an Origin King Grade artifact?”


“It’s not Origin King Grade,” To Yang Kai’s surprise, Ye Xi Yun slowly shook her head before putting down the pruning shears in her hand, straightening herself up, and sinking into contemplation, seemingly digging through her memories. It was a while before she began moving again, walking over towards the nearby stone pavilion while beckoning, “Let’s talk over here, Sect Master.”


Yang Kai followed closely.


Inside the stone pavilion, the two took seats across from one another. Ye Xi Yun personally poured a cup of tea before pushing it gently over to Yang Kai. Brushing her hair back lightly, she finally continued, “Sect Master being able to withdraw even after taking a strike from the Annihilation Thunder Bead is no small accomplishment, this Queen seems to have underestimated you yet again.”


“I was just lucky. That Annihilation Thunder Bead has such great power, how could it not be an Origin King Grade artifact?” Yang Kai took a sip of the tea as he glanced at Ye Xi Yun suspiciously.


“It is one of Star Emperor Mountain’s most precious treasures and has surpassed the Origin King Grade. It is an Emperor Artifact!”


“An Emperor Artifact?” Yang Kai raised his brow, “An artifact used by the Great Emperor?”


“Precisely,” Ye Xi Yun gently nodded.


“How could that be?” Yang Kai was dumbstruck. He had seen an Emperor Artifact before, namely the Three Blazing Flame Rings! Unfortunately, Yang Yan was only capable of collecting a single one of these three flame rings while the remaining two still lay on Shadowed Star, forming the Flowing Flame Sand Field, the strongest shield which protected High Heaven Sect.


“The Annihilation Thunder Bead is indeed an Emperor Artifact, but with the strength of the people from Star Emperor Mountain, they can barely use it at all. Even if I use it personally, I am still unable to draw out even ten percent of its power!”


“Is it really that terrifying?” Yang Kai paled in amazement.


“En, the power of an Emperor Artifact is not something you or I can fathom. Moreover, forcefully activating an Emperor Artifact with such a low cultivation is extremely taxing. Wasn’t the aura of the person who attacked you with the Annihilation Thunder Bead weak and chaotic after the fact?”




“En, if he was capable of drawing out the full power of the Annihilation Thunder Bead, let alone Sect Master, even an Origin King could easily be killed.”


Yang Kai was now thoroughly shocked.


If it were not for Fei Zhi Tu sacrificing his Blue Jade Bowl at the critical moment to block those lightning bolts, Yang Kai would have been severely injured. This time, he had managed to escape by luck, but what about the next time?


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