Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1515, Interrupting

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


Qu Zheng’s heart felt like it had been run through with a sword! Heaven Battling Union’s inheritance, built through thousands of years, was going to be destroyed under his watch.


At this moment, he somewhat regretted provoking Yang Kai; even if he had violated Star Emperor Mountain’s instructions, perhaps the result wouldn’t have been this bad.


Defeat was now inevitable!


Qu Zheng knew better than anyone that the moment the Myriad Ice Spirit Sealing Grand Array was destroyed, the battle was already over.


The Grand Array that he was most proud of and relied upon was destroyed by the enemy in no time at all.


Even if he somehow managed to kill Yang Kai now, the losses Heaven Battling Union suffered could simply not be made up.


On top of that, was Yang Kai someone easy to kill? Qu Zheng wasn’t confident he could kill a cultivator proficient in the Dao of Space, who could even tear space and flee!


“Union Master…” Mo Xiao Sheng called out gloomily from the side, his already old face seeming even more withered than before and his expression extremely grave, “We need to go.”


“Go?” Qu Zheng turned his head to look at him and shook his head slowly, “This Qu is Heaven Battling Union’s Union Master, I have pledged to live and die together with the Union. This Qu will not go!”


“Union Master, in the green hills, one need not worry about having firewood. We underestimated the strength of High Heaven Sect and our losses are incalculable, but there is a chance we can avenge our dead companions as long as Union Master survives. If you die here, there will be no one left to seek vengeance!” Mo Xiao Sheng tried his best to persuade him.


Qu Zheng glanced over at him and said sternly, “Even if that is so, in this world, where can we go? This Qu can still fight, and even if this old master dies here, he will drag that little bastard down with him.”


“Union Master, have you forgotten who caused this incident in the first place? We can go there, presumably, they won’t just sit back and watch,” Mo Xiao Sheng quickly said.


Qu Zheng frowned and began pondering carefully.


Liang Yong, who had been standing to the side, hurriedly added, “Yes, Union Master, momentum is on High Heaven Sect’s side now, so we really must consider withdrawing for the time being. We don’t have a way to deal with that Starship, but Star Emperor Mountain may.”


In the hall, seeing the Great Elder and Third Elder trying their best to persuade Qu Zheng, others quickly followed suit.


After all, if there was a way to live, who would choose to die? The other party’s Starship was simply too terrifying, not an existence ordinary cultivators could compete with.


Everyone was afraid that Qu Zheng would order them to go out and meet the enemy, so they wanted to hurry and leave this place.


For a time, everyone talked over each other, creating a chaotic atmosphere.


Qu Zheng seemed to recover his composure after hearing all these voices and swept his gaze across the hall before gently nodding and saying, “Fine, then we will temporarily withdraw to Star Emperor Mountain!”


“Union Master is wise!” The hearts of everyone present immediately relaxed as many breathed sighs of relief.




In the Inner City, the screams had not stopped since they began. One after another, the cultivators who were affected by the Coloured Glass Divine Light then dragged into an illusion by the Illusion Stone died at the hands of High Heaven Sect’s forces.


Out of the thousands of cultivators, ninety percent had already fallen.


As time passed, the influence of the Illusion Stone gradually weakened.


After the hallucinations in front of them disappeared and they saw that the battle was lost, the Heaven Battling Union cultivators still alive were all horrified and did not dare to remain and fight. Using their movement skills and summoning their defensive artifacts, these survivors all fled.


It was an overwhelming defeat!


The entire Inner City seemed to be stained red with blood and the ground was now littered with broken limbs and pieces of meat. A rich bloody atmosphere permeated the huge city, making any who smelt it feel nauseous.


Golden light filled the sky as dozens of Golden Blood Threads cut through any enemies in Yang Kai’s path as his expression remained as tranquil as an ancient well.


Although he had run rampant among the enemy cultivators and beheaded so many of them, his clothes were still clean, not stained by a single drop of blood.


Suddenly, Yang Kai raised his head and looked in a certain direction, frowning slightly.


A familiar power fluctuation came from the direction he was looking, Space Force!


In an instant, he understood what this fluctuation meant and a cold smile appeared on his lips. Reaching out, Yang Kai swiped his hand through the air.


A pitch-black Void Crack appeared strangely and Yang Kai plunged inside, his body disappearing in the next instant.


In the Inner City of Heaven Battling Union, in a chamber deep underground, more than a dozen Elders of Heaven Battling Union and Protectors had assembled.


At this moment, each of these Elders and Protectors was staring at a massive Space Array in front of them with both hope and anxiety.


Heaven Battling Union was one of the two giants of Shadowed Star and had prospered for thousands of years, so it had arranged several emergency escape routes for itself. This large underground Space Array was one such route.


This Space Array had never been used in the several-thousand-year history of Heaven Battling Union because none could force them to use it.


But today, this dust-laden Restricted Area had finally been opened.


Qu Zheng planned to use this Space Array to escape a million kilometres away from Heaven Battling City.


Although it had never been used, this Space Array was still intact, so it only needed to be re-activated and charged with enough Saint Crystals before it could be used.


“This King and Great Elder will go on ahead, Third Elder, you stay behind to bring up the rear,” Qu Zheng casually ordered before stepping onto the Space Array with Mo Xiao Sheng.


Liang Yong opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but he quickly choked these words back down before cupping his fists and nodding, “Yes!”


He was truly afraid of Yang Kai. Last time, in Fallen Emperor Mountain, he had barely managed to escape from Yang Kai’s grasp. Although Yang Kai had kept his word and not killed him, Yang Kai had simply become a nightmare to him.


Naturally, he wanted to leave this place as soon as possible.


However, since the Union Master had given orders, Liang Yong had no choice but to obey.


This Space Array could only teleport five people at once, so this withdrawal had to be done in batches.


After Qu Zheng and another four people stood atop it, a burst of light burst out from the Space Array and soon enveloped them.


The figures of these five began to fade, and they were about to leave, but at the last moment, a sudden mutation occurred.


A short distance away from the array, a strange energy fluctuation appeared and space began to warp. A moment later, a long pitch-black tear unexpectedly emerged.


“This is…” Everyone was dazed, some not even understanding what this anomaly was.


“Void Crack!” Qu Zheng shouted. In Fallen Emperor Mountain on that day, he had seen a similar scene, so now that he was seeing it again he was naturally able to identify it.


As soon as his voice fell, a figure shot out from the Void Crack and without pausing for an instance reached out its hand and grasped towards the already activated Space Array.


An obscure and secretive force swept out.


The Space Array, which had originally been shining brightly, suddenly flickered and the dazzling light coming from it dimmed at an extremely fast speed.


“Not good!” Mo Xiao Sheng shouted before grabbing Qu Zheng’s arm instinctually and leaping out like a frightened rabbit.


In a flicker, the two figures disappeared and then reappeared several dozen metres away.


“Yang Kai!” Standing firm, Qu Zheng glared fiercely at the figure that emerged from the Void Crack, a vicious expression filling his face, as if he couldn’t wait to drink this boy’s blood


“Union Master Qu, where do you think you’re going?” Yang Kai gave him a sneer.


Before Qu Zheng could answer this question though, he suddenly heard someone next to him call out in alarm, “Elder Zhou, Protector Qi…”


This voice was filled with panic and seemed to be greatly frightened.


Qu Zheng frowned and glanced over with a sullen expression, but what he saw caused him to shiver from head to toe.


Atop the Space Array, three incomplete corpses were left behind!


Judging from the remnant clothes on these three corpses, it was clear they belonged to Qu Zheng’s subordinates who had been standing beside him just a moment ago, preparing to teleport away. Now, however, their upper bodies had strangely disappeared, leaving behind just their smoothly severed lower halves.


“Great Elder!” The person who spoke just now screamed again as he turned his attention to Mo Xiao Sheng, his eyes trembling violently.


A dripping sound filled the hall.


Qu Zheng turned his head as well and couldn’t help his eyes from shrinking.


Great Elder Mo Xiao Shen, who had helped him escape the Space Array just now, was missing an arm. The wound he suffered was extremely smooth, just like the others.


“You can even interrupt the Space Array’s transmission!” Mo Xiao Sheng’s face went pale, as if he was holding back severe pain. Staring at Yang Kai in disbelief, he grits his teeth and shouted, “You actually managed to comprehend the Dao of Space to such an extent?”


“A minor matter!” Yang Kai looked at him indifferently, not denying the charge.


Qu Zheng’s expression fluctuated. With his experience and eyesight, he could tell how his three subordinates died and how his Great Elder had lost an arm.


It was because the transmission was interrupted!


The Dao of Space was mysterious and difficult to understand, but its power was extremely terrifying. How could one’s end be good if their teleportation was disturbed mid-transmission?


No wonder Great Elder had so hastily taken him out of the Space Array, it turns out he had noticed something wrong ahead of time.


If Mo Xiao Sheng had not acted as swiftly as he did, it was likely Qu Zheng would only have half his body remaining atop the Space Array.


Understanding this, Qu Zheng couldn’t help leaking cold sweat.


Yang Kai, on the other hand, felt a little annoyed. He had noticed the energy fluctuations of the Space Array before, so he had hurriedly rushed to this place. His timing was spot on, but unfortunately, Qu Zheng still managed to escape.


[Dang… this Mo Xiao Sheng has some commendable attainments. If he had not noticed the disturbance, Qu Zheng would definitely have died!]


But it didn’t matter in the end. Since Yang Kai had already arrived here, no one could escape.


Beating the snake to death to avoid future calamity was a truth Yang Kai knew better than anyone!


Yang Kai was alone, but he was not afraid as he swept his eyes over the room.


With a wave of his hand, Xiao Xiao suddenly appeared in front of him, the huge Heaven Shaking Pillar resisting on his shoulders, his eyes glancing around with clear ill intent.


The huge Heaven Shaking Pillar, when contrasted with his small body, looked quite funny.


But no one dared to underestimate Xiao Xiao. Even Qu Zheng frowned as he felt an unimaginable pressure from Xiao Xiao, even greater than the one he felt when facing Yang Kai.


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