Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1534, Blue Wave City

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


“Heaven Battling City now belongs to High Heaven Sect,” Liu Fei’er suddenly interjected from behind Yang Kai.


She seemed to want to attract Yang Kai’s attention.


Which young girl didn’t have romantic fantasies? Yang Kai had just swooped in and saved her life, and she was at the age where she was most sensitive to stories of heroes saving beauties.


What’s more, when she examined him, Liu Fei’er saw that Yang Kai’s face was handsome, his build was strong, his age wasn’t old, and the aura around him was calm and comfortable, so she wanted to try to highlight her existence to him.


“High Heaven Sect…” Yang Kai smiled as he glanced back at her.


The girl’s face was reddened, but she still happily explained, “En, you must have heard about it, it’s a Sect that has only risen in recent years. I heard that their headquarters is actually inside the Flowing Flame Sand Field and even Star Emperor Mountain, Heaven Battling Union, and Thunder Typhoon Sect were destroyed by them. Now, High Heaven Sect is the most powerful Sect on Shadowed Star.”


She talked on and on, seemingly having endless words to speak, giving her a lively feel and appearance.


“Fei’er,” The old man glared at her, secretly blaming this little girl for being ignorant and rude.


“It’s alright, I’ve heard of High Heaven Sect,” Yang Kai chuckled, “But I didn’t expect it to be so famous. En, you all can carry on, I won’t disturb you any further.”


He had approached them to find out where the nearest city was, so now that he had the information he needed, Yang Kai naturally didn’t plan on remaining.


However, before he could leave, Liu Fei’er suddenly called out, “Wait.”


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai gave her a surprised look.


“Second Uncle, we’ve already been out for quite some time, shouldn’t we head back now? If we stay any longer, father and the others will begin to worry, not to mention Third-Brother and the others have all suffered some injuries, so it’s not safe to remain here anymore,” Liu Fei’er turned to the old man and asked.


“En, what you say makes sense. It’s indeed time we head back,” The old man gently nodded.


“Then let’s all go together. That way, we can watch out for each other on the way,” Liu Fei’er suggested.


“Well…” The old man looked at Yang Kai in embarrassment. To be honest, he was hoping to travel together with Yang Kai as well; after all, this young man had just shown he had high strength, and although there shouldn’t be any major danger on the journey back, it was still better to have an extra layer of protection when out in the wild. If Yang Kai could escort them, the return journey would be much safer.


The old man very much agreed with Liu Fei’er’s proposal, but he was uncertain what Yang Kai’s opinion would be.


“Alright, I also don’t know the specific location of Blue Wave City, so I’ll trouble you to lead the way,” Yang Kai smiled slightly and nodded in agreement.


In any case, he wasn’t in a hurry.


“Then this old man will have to thank Little Brother for his care,” The old man was overjoyed.


“I’ll go and collect the materials,” Liu Fei’er cheered before running over to the dead Cracked Copper Head Tiger nearby.


The old man smiled bitterly and shook his head, saying with an apologetic look, “Little Brother, don’t blame Fei’er, it’s in her nature to act this way. Little Brother can rest assured, we will provide the materials to you later.”


“No need, you keep them, they’re of no use to me,” Yang Kai waved his hand.


The materials from an Eighth-Order Monster Beast were truly useless to him.


The wealth that Yang Kai possessed was hard for ordinary people to imagine.


When the old man heard this, his eyes lit up, and after reconfirming that Yang Kai did not need the materials, he repeatedly expressed his gratitude.


The Monster Core and skull of the tiger would yield a good profit for them.


Soon, Liu Fei’er processed the Monster Beast’s body with the assistance of her clansmen. It was clear that these juniors were well versed in this kind of processing as they moved quickly and efficiently.


After taking a moment to clean up, Yang Kai and the group of five departed towards Blue Wave City.


Liu Fei’er’s character was lively, and her curiosity was extremely strong. It was like she never ran out of things to talk about or ask, causing her to chatter on endlessly.


She asked for Yang Kai’s name, his origins, what he was doing out here, and so on. Many questions others would consider taboo to ask, she did so without any hesitation.


Since they were simply travelling at what he considered a leisurely pace, Yang Kai chatted back with her to pass the time.


In the end, however, rather than learning much about Yang Kai, she spent most of the time telling her own story in a thorough and complete manner.


The old man felt extremely awkward listening to this conversation; fortunately, he realized that Yang Kai was not an ill-intentioned person, so he simply let it slide this time. Of course, he secretly decided that when they returned to the family, he would teach this little girl a lesson about how sinister the world was so she would not mindlessly tell strangers all her secrets again in the future.


Occasionally, the group would encounter Monster Beasts blocking the way, but the old man and his juniors didn’t need to worry about them in the slightest as they were all easily dispatched by Yang Kai.


As a result, their group made massive gains.


The several juniors all admired Yang Kai to the extreme after witnessing his performance. All of them seemed to be roughly the same age, but Yang Kai’s strength surpassed theirs by a wide margin.


Worship and respect for true masters was an innate mentality for cultivators, and Yang Kai’s display of skill had completely conquered these youngsters.


If Yang Kai had been travelling alone, the distance of fifty thousand kilometres would only take him an hour or two to cross, but with the old man and his juniors in tow, it took a full day instead.


One day later, a city standing at the edge of an open plain came into view. Everyone walked to the gate, turned over some Saint Crystals, and then entered the city smoothly.


“Many thanks for guiding me this far, it seems we must take our separate paths. Take care!” Yang Kai cupped his fists before his figure flickered and he disappeared into the crowd.


Liu Fei’er called out a few times, but Yang Kai didn’t turn his head back, so she could only purse her lips unhappily.


“Let’s go, we need to sell our harvest first. I don’t know what kind of price we can obtain,” The old man sighed before leading the group away.


Yang Kai walked along the spacious streets of Blue Wave City, observing his surroundings with great interest.


He wasn’t in a hurry to find the Space Array in Blue Wave City.


Since this city was attached to Heaven Battling City, which itself was attached to High Heaven Sect, as the Sect Master, Yang Kai knew there wouldn’t be any problem using the local Space Array, he believed that the City Lord of Blue Wave City wouldn’t even bat an eye to his request.


However, he had been in secluded retreat inside the Small Sealed World for several years now, so Yang Kai wanted to take his time and relax, rather than continue to hurry along.


Along the road, Yang Kai appreciated the local customs of this place while wandering through the shops at will. Yang Kai felt both physically and mentally relaxed, and his mood unconsciously became calm.


Inside the Small Sealed World, his cultivation had broken through to the Second-Order Origin Returning Realm, so it was important for him to consolidate both his cultivation and state of mind now.


Half a day later, he entered a restaurant.


On the third floor, he ordered the shop-hand to bring him some good wine and food. Yang Kai sat by the window and looked out at the scenery below.


Not long after, the table was filled with delicacies that Yang Kai tasted at leisure.


Leisurely, he turned his head and glanced lightly at two cultivators sitting at a nearby table, showing an expression of interest.


The third floor of this restaurant did not have many guests, but what these two were talking about just now had piqued Yang Kai’s interest because he heard them mention High Heaven Sect.


The rise of High Heaven Sect was extremely rapid, and although they had some cursory knowledge of High Heaven Sect’s current situation, knowing it was becoming more and more famous with each passing day, how could they possibly know more about it than Yang Kai himself? At that time, listening to someone talking about his Sect, Yang Kai wanted to hear more.


But to his disappointment, these two didn’t seem to have any intention of continuing this topic and instead began chatting about other random news.


Yang Kai secretly shook his head and no longer paid any attention to them.


After a while, the two of them finished eating and the one with fierce facial features shouted, “Shopkeeper!”


This loud voice caused everyone to turn and look at him, but after seeing this person’s face clearly, everyone turned their gazes aside, as if they were afraid to provoke him.


*Deng deng deng…*


Footsteps sounded as an elderly man quickly ran down from upstairs, rushed over to the table the two men were sitting at, smiled, and bowed, “Two Sirs, were you satisfied with the food?”


“It was just so-so,” The fierce-looking man answered casually while picking his teeth.


“Two Sirs, please forgive me,” The shopkeeper said frantically, “Next time, this old man will serve you more delicious food, you will surely be satisfied.”


“Sure, seeing how you’re not completely blind, I’ll let it slide for today, but… what about ‘that’ matter?” The big man squinted at the shopkeeper.


“This old man has brought it, do two Sirs wish to count it?” The shopkeeper said as he placed a package he was carrying onto the table.


The fierce-looking man didn’t hesitate to open this package directly.


A large number of High-Rank Saint Crystals immediately appeared before everyone’s eyes. The Divine Sense of the fierce-looking man scanned the package and he immediately knew the number of Saint Crystals inside, his expression sank in the next moment as he shouted, “Why are there so few? Old Dog, are you looking down on this King? Is this really all you’re going to pay for this month?”


The shopkeeper immediately panicked and frantically wiped the cold sweat from his forehead as he cried out pleadingly, “Sir, please understand, this old man’s restaurant has recently not had much business, so the number here is a little lacking. This old man is begging for just a few days of mercy, he will surely collect the rest by then.”


“A few days of mercy?” The fierce man coldly snorted, “If this King forgives you, who will forgive this King? If this King cannot complete his job, it will be me who is punished!”


Saying so, he slammed his fist against the table, immediately shattering it into pieces.


The shopkeeper’s face turned pale with fright and he instantly knelt and shouted, “Sir, please calm yourself. It will only take a few days for this old man to collect the rest, just a few days, please have mercy.”


“Hmph, don’t say that this King bullies the weak; I will give you three days, after which, if you still don’t have the required amount, this King will tear down your restaurant and twist off your head!”


“Yes, yes, this old man will not let Sir down!” The shopkeeper said repeatedly.


“Let’s go!” The fierce-looking man said impatiently, stood up, stuffed the parcel of Saint Crystals into his Space Ring, and walked off.


It wasn’t until after they left that the shopkeeper finally dared to exhale, a sorrowful expression still filling his face as he started to clean up the mess that was left behind.


A shop hand also came over to help.


After finishing with this, the shopkeeper made a round of the guests to apologize for the disturbance before sighing again, looking even older and more haggard than before.


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