Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1536, Don’t Worry

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Since this old man has run into two Sirs here, he will pay the required taxes directly, please do not refuse these Saint Crystals!” The old man said while signalling to Liu Fei’er.


Liu Fei’er was covering her Space Ring and shaking her head repeatedly, apparently reluctant to hand over the gains from their recent adventure just like that; after all, it was the harvest they worked hard to obtain.


“Bring it out!” The old man ordered.


Under his firm gaze, Liu Fei’er unwillingly took out a package from her Space Ring and handed it to the old man.


The old man squeezed out a smile and said humbly, “These are all the Saint Crystals we gained, please accept them, two Sirs!”


Saying so, he tossed the package over.


The big man on the opposite side stretched out his hand to catch the package, weighing it slightly as his eyes lit up, “A good haul, Old Dog.”


“Haha, our luck was simply good this time,” The old man said bitterly.


In the past, they hadn’t gained much from their hunting trips, but this time, because they followed after Yang Kai, they had a good harvest.


“Two Sirs, we will take our leave first!” The old man cupped his fists slightly, not planning to stay here any longer.


“Wait, before I say you’re free to go, you actually dared to leave?” The big man threw the package to his companion and gave a low shout.


“Do the two Sirs have any further advice?” The old man asked in a panic.


“This time you secretly traded and got caught by Father here! So what happened before? When Father wasn’t around to see, how many Saint Crystals did you steal?” The big man asked with a dark expression.


“Sir must be joking, this old man paid his taxes every time he made a transaction, never once missing a single Saint Crystal, please believe me!” The old man was shocked.


“Heh heh, believe you? I’ll pass my own judgment. Today, either you hand over all the Saint Crystals from your previous illegal trades and I spare your life, or you refuse and this place becomes your grave!” The big man coldly snorted.


“This is a misunderstanding, Sir,” The old man said anxiously, “We have never done such a thing before, how could we possibly have extra Saint Crystals?”


“That’s right, almost all our Saint Crystals have been taken away by you, where are we supposed to find any extra to hand over?” Liu Fei’er also shouted.


“This little girl’s courage isn’t small,” The big man glanced at her, his eyes suddenly lighting up. The more he examined her tender, shapely body, the more obscene his face and laughter grew.


The old man did not miss this, and knowing the situation was deteriorating, he hurriedly stretched out his hand to pull Liu Fei’er behind him before cupping his fists and bowing again, “Sir, please show mercy and spare us.”


“Spare you…” The big man touched his chin, pretending to ponder for a moment before nodding, “Fine, this King is not an unreasonable person. In fact, he’s quite magnanimous, so he won’t pursue this matter any further.”


The old man was overjoyed and quickly bowed, “Many thanks, Sir.”


“Hold on, this King hasn’t finished speaking yet,” The big man chuckled lowly as he pointed his finger at Liu Fei’er behind the old man, “If you don’t have the Saint Crystals, it’s fine if you hand over some other kind of compensation. Leave that little girl behind and the rest of you can scram!”


As soon as these words came out, Liu Fei’er’s pretty face immediately turned white and the old man also began panicking, “Sir, Fei’er is still small…”


“Small? This King doesn’t think she’s small at all!” The big man gave a lewd smile, his meaning obvious. In the next moment, his expression turned fierce and he growled, “I’ll give you one last chance: Leave the girl and scram. If you dare try to argue, I’ll kill you all.”


The old man and the others fell silent; they were completely angered but didn’t dare to express their rage and could only cast their eyes around, praying that someone around them would speak to uphold justice.


But facing these gazes, everyone in the crowd turned their eyes aside.


The old man’s heart filled with despair, never having expected that things would develop to this point.


Liu Fei’er was also desperate.


“Things seem quite lively here, let me have a look!”


An abrupt voice suddenly called out from behind the crowd.


Everyone turned their heads towards the source of this voice only to see a young man in casual robes walking over with confident strides, his figure stalwart, a wine bottle in his hand, and a weird smile on his face.


His expression was arrogant and unruly, seemingly not putting anyone in his eyes. He strode forward while drinking from the bottle and smiling freely, “Did I hear that someone was going to kill?”


“Big Brother Yang!” Liu Fei’er cried out like a drowning girl who was grasping for a life-saving straw, the light of hope flashing across her beautiful eyes.


The old man and the others also wore complicated looks.


The crowd separated voluntarily and Yang Kai walked straight up to the old man and the others, his Divine Sense sweeping them briefly before he gently nodded.


Obviously the other party hadn’t wanted the old man’s life, as the latter’s injuries weren’t too serious, otherwise, the old man would likely already be dead with just a Second-Order Saint King cultivation.


After all, this big man was a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator.


“Little Brother…” The old man opened his mouth and looked at Yang Kai with some gratitude, but still said, “Why did you interfere in this turbid water?”


He sighed and spoke in guilt.


He knew that Yang Kai must have been walking nearby and saw what happened, then out of consideration for their brief association he had decided to show up to help them. He also knew that Yang Kai possessed profound strength.


But this was Blue Wave City, and Yang Kai was just one person, two fists can’t block four strikes, if Yang Kai really intervened here, he would likely not even be able to protect himself.


“Old Sir doesn’t need to worry about me,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


Hearing this, the old man couldn’t help smiling bitterly but couldn’t say anything more.


“Boy, who do you think you are?” The big man’s face sank as he glared coldly towards Yang Kai.


“Just someone who wants to watch the fun,” Yang Kai grinned at him.


“Boy, you court death!” The big man shouted angrily. Ever since Blue Wave City became known as an attached city of High Heaven Sect, no one dared to act presumptuously here anymore. As a member of the City Lord’s Mansion, this man had become used to going wherever he pleased and doing whatever he wished, yet today, a little brat had appeared from nowhere and insulted him, so he became furious.


With a shout, the big man charged towards Yang Kai and summoned a hammer-like artifact into his hand which he proceeded to slam down viciously.


Exclamations rang out from the onlookers and even the old man and Liu Fei’er became frightened.


It seemed like this artifact would smash Yang Kai’s head in the next moment.


In response though, Yang Kai simply threw a punch to meet the hammer.




A loud noise rang out, but Yang Kai remained unharmed while on the other hand the hammer artifact was struck by a strong force and sent flying.


Yang Kai swiftly raised the wine bottle in his hand and swung it down fiercely at the big man’s head.


With a crisp sound, the wine bottle shattered and the strong drink inside drenched the big man’s face. Before he could recover from this shock though, a big foot flew towards him and struck his face.


With a pitiful scream, the big man flew out like a paper kite, his face covered with blood, giving him a terrifying look. Yang Kai’s kick had broken the man’s nose and knocked out at least half of his teeth.


The audience was shocked!


Everyone stared at Yang Kai with a weird look, as if looking at some strange monster.


What shocked everyone was not Yang Kai’s strength, but that he dared to attack the people of the City Lord’s Mansion in Blue Wave City!


Feeling severe pain, the big man howled, “How dare you hit me!”


“So what if I hit you? Who made an idiot like you unable to appreciate kindness? I didn’t want your life and acted mercifully, yet now you actually dare accuse me of striking you instead of thanking me? Do you think I won’t kill you here?!” Yang Kai looked at and said in a mocking tone.


These words sounded familiar to everyone as they were the same ones this big man had used to ridicule Liu Fei’er just now…


The big man’s expression went dull.


His companion’s expression also changed as he stared at Yang Kai in horror.


If this young man could bring down his partner in a flash, then it was obvious his opponent’s strength was too high for him to contend with. Even if he wanted to recover his partner’s face, he couldn’t do anything. As soon this thought crossed his mind, his figure flickered and he tried to escape, only wanting to report this matter to the City Lord’s Mansion and call for help as quickly as possible.


“Before I say you can go, to think you dare to leave.” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes and waved his hand, sending a Golden Blood Thread over towards the fleeing man.


A flash of golden light appeared for a fleeting moment before the escaping man let out a scream and fell to the ground.


There were no visible scars, but his vitality was rapidly disappearing.




Eyes bulged everywhere. Yang Kai daring to attack the people of the City Lord’s Mansion just now was enough to shock the onlookers, but this scene completely exceeded their ability to comprehend!


This youth had killed someone from the City Lord’s Mansion!


Was this really happening?


Over the past few years, no one had dared to oppose the City Lord’s Mansion, and anyone who even had thoughts of rebelling was mercilessly killed, but today, a young man had actually killed a cultivator from the City Lord’s Mansion in full view of the public.


It was clear just what kind of violent retribution the City Lord’s Mansion would exact now.


Even if this young man had outstanding abilities, he wouldn’t be able to escape from Blue Wave City.


He was going to die!


Gasps sounded from the crowd as the looks everyone were giving Yang Kai changed again, becoming frightened and amazed. Many began to unconsciously distance themselves from this boy so as not to be misunderstood as being related to him, lest they become implicated.


“Little Brother, you…” The old man also looked incredulous.


Liu Fei’er and the other juniors stared towards Yang Kai with worshipping eyes, however, as if already regarding him as their idol.


Young people were always passionate and hot-blooded.


“I only took care of some trash, Old Sir doesn’t need to be so nervous,” Yang Kai smiled, his expression indifferent.


“Little brother, you must go quickly, you cannot remain here! Before the news spreads, there’s still a chance you can escape here with your life, but if you linger, I’m afraid it will be too late!” The old man hurriedly shouted at Yang Kai.


“Go? Why must I go?” Yang Kai shook his head.


The old man stared at Yang Kai dully, “You’re not leaving? Do you still want to stay?”




The old man looked as anxious as an ant on a hot wok, “Do you know who you killed just now? Do you know what kind of disaster you brought upon yourself? You still want to stay here? Do you not know how to write the word ‘death’?”


“Haha,” Yang Kai laughed lightly, “Don’t worry Old Sir, since I’ve chosen to stay, I’m definitely not afraid of them. If they want to kill me, they’re welcome to try.”


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  1. Why does it seem everyone is this story is blind and deaf? ‘Yang Kai’, that name should be resounding throughout the land and while details might be exaggerated or unknown the reputation should be quite profound. No one matches his name as being the sect master of HH? To be fair the I don’t think he’s mentioned his name to anyone.
    The last few chapters have flew by with little advancement it seems. This agonizing wait of 24 hours until the story continues is only mitigated by my undying thanks to the void that I wasn’t around for the 8 or less chapters a week time period. Thanks be also given to the crew of DDL for their efforts to share this story with us.

    1. I think Liu Fei’er also asked for YKs name. I think one of two things happened, one, majority of people only know the name of high heaven sect, after all I’m not sure he really announced himself during blowing up the city.
      Two, didn’t YK used to use San Mu as an alias? I like to think he still uses it sometimes…

  2. Too all those saying why isn’t Yang Kai’s name known…
    Do you know the owner of Coca Cola? Pepsi? Ferrari? Samsung?

    Yes, some companies are known by most, like Microsoft and Apple..but HH is new!
    You’ve gotta be another company owner (sect master) with some status to likely pay attention to aspects like this. We, as readers, get a bloated perspective sometime since we see his name everywhere 🙂

    THANK YOU DDL! You guys are amazing. This is my favorite story to read. Love you guys for keeping it alive.
    I don’t suppose we may be getting a huge batch release for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

    A fella can dream… lol

  3. Thanks for the chapter Silavin, PewPewLaserGun, Leo of Zion Mountain, and Dhael Ligerkeys! The City Lord is going to poop bricks if they show up and see that High Heaven Sect’s sect master himself is here to audit their job and the first thing that happens is a random lackey tried to assault him.

  4. Yang Kai – who cares if you are the city lords people you are nothing but trash
    trash-i am gonna call the city lord *sends Divine sense message*now you die AHAHAHAHA
    Yang kai – alright time to kick another high ranking politicians ass
    *city lord arrives*
    City Lord – sir sect master yang? what are you doing hear?
    yang kai -i am lost and i am about to kick your ass
    city lord – *runs*
    yang kai -*void mode* *punch to the face*
    yang kai- Mission passed +respect

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