Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1546, Green Water City

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


He wanted to see if he could find Su Yan there!


Thinking this way in his heart, Yang Kai’s took back his consciousness from his Knowledge Sea before pouring his Divine Sense into the control panel in front of them, setting the Starship’s course.


For a long time to come, he wouldn’t need to worry about this anymore, as the Starship would follow the route he drew all the way to its destination, of course, provided that there were no dangers along the way.


Time flew by.


The Starship had been sailing forward steadily and safely following the route drawn by Yang Kai without any mishaps.


Occasionally, a few odd-shaped Star Beasts would spring out from nearby Dead Stars, but they were all killed by the disciples controlling the Starship’s Crystal Cannons.


Inside his private room, Yang Kai was sitting cross-legged, the Purple Origin Furnace he obtained from the Emperor Garden in front of him, and various boxes and bottles lying around him.


Yang Kai skillfully placed herb after herb into the Purple Origin Furnace then poured his Conflagrated Spiritual Energy into it to extract the medicinal essences from the herbs, portray Spirit Arrays, then merge these essences so they fused together.


Precisely controlling the heat and the timing of each step.


Yang Kai was meticulous about every detail, but still enjoyed the process greatly.


At a certain point, however, he frowned and quickly increased his input of Conflagrated Spiritual Energy.


The next moment, a popping sound came from the Purple Origin Furnace, followed by an unpleasant burnt smell.


Yang Kai gawked for a moment before his brow furrowed.


He had failed again!


His expression was dull as he lifted the lid of the Purple Origin Furnace and poured out a mass of blackened ash from inside it.


There was already a large pile of such ashes lying nearby, the result of Yang Kai’s previous failed attempts!


Instead of continuing, Yang Kai sank into contemplation.


It had been two years since the Starship left Shadowed Star, and during these two years, Yang Kai had not slacked one bit, cultivating his various Divine Abilities, comprehending various Secret Techniques, and improving his Alchemy skills, leading an extremely fulfilling life.


Since he first embarked on the Alchemic Way, Yang Kai had failed very few times when refining pills. His success rate was far higher than the average for most Alchemists and the quality of the products he refined was also very high as he was proficient in condensing and utilizing the medicinal efficacies of the herbs he used to the greatest extent.


These achievements could be attributed to his excellent talent in Alchemy, but also his Conflagrated Knowledge Sea which was far superior to Saint Qi in pill refining.


However, during the past two years, he had experienced failure again and again.


He could refine Origin Grade High-Rank pills at will, so what Yang Kai was attempting to refine now was an Origin King Grade Spirit Pill!


But so far, many Origin King Grade herbs had been consumed, but Yang Kai had yet to produce a single Origin King Grade pill from his furnace, everything winding up as burnt waste.


This result made him a little frustrated.


For any profession, it is extremely difficult to reach the peak, and in the Star Field, Origin King Grade was the peak.


There weren’t many Origin King Realm masters out there, but there were countless Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivators who had been stuck at this bottleneck and unable to move forward a single step until they died of old age.


In the same way, Origin King Grade Alchemists and Artifact Refiners were also rare, their number actually far less than the number of Origin Kings.


Yang Kai’s Alchemy skills were now stuck at this bottleneck and he was unable to advance any further.


He had gained immense knowledge from the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture he found in the Emperor Garden, but he was still unable to obtain the answer he sought now.


He felt that his techniques and his control were sufficient, but for some reason, he just couldn’t refine an Origin King Grade pill.


‘Only when a pill obtains a spirit can it be called a Spirit Pill!’ There was such a line in the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture, which was of great concern to Yang Kai.


[But how am I supposed to give a pill a spirit? To enable it to come to life? I just do not understand…]


Although he had collected a lot of Origin King Grade herbs, it still pained him to consume them like this. Yang Kai thought for a while before gathering up and storing away the remaining herbs. Before he could truly understand those words, he felt that no matter how hard he worked, it would all be in vain.


He needed to spend some time pondering this issue.


Taking out the Sun’s True Essence and his other five elements supreme treasures, Yang Kai began cultivating the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art while trying to comprehend the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture’s words.


After another half a year, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes.


He felt that the Starship had come to a stop.


There was a sound of quick footsteps outside his door, as if something had happened.


Yang Kai got up, stretched out his hand, and opened the door, the next moment seeing Qian Yue’s figure appear in front of him.


“We’re here!” Qian Yue shouted with excitement!


“We’ve arrived?” Yang Kai raised his brow and his figure flickered to appear beside Qian Yue.


Reaching out to hold her waist, his figure flickered again as obvious Space Force fluctuations emerged. Qian Yue only saw a flash before her eyes before she found herself and Yang Kai already outside the Starship.


Surrounded by the icy and vast Star Field, an array of large and small Dead Stars came into view.


This scene was extremely familiar to Qian Yue.


She had recalled this place in her mind every time she thought about how she had been separated from Ice Sect’s Sect Master Qing Ya and her fellow Elders, so she could not have mistaken this place.


“It’s here!” Qian Yue muttered again, “It’s here. There was a Void Corridor nearby, and we were separated after entering it!”


For some unknown reason, the Void Corridor had sent Qian Yue to Shadowed Star after she entered it, but sent Qing Ya and Su Yan somewhere else instead.


If it weren’t for Yang Kai chancing upon her, Qian Yue didn’t dare imagine what her fate would be like now.


After entering the Star Field, she deeply realized how small and weak she was.


“A Void Corridor…” Yang Kai murmured, closing his eyes and releasing his Divine Sense outwards to carefully investigate the surrounding area.


A short time later, he opened his eyes and quickly flew out together with Qian Yue in a certain direction.


The High Heaven Sect disciples, who received his orders, hurriedly piloted the Starship after them.


After a moment, Yang Kai came to a stop and stared straight ahead.


In front of him, there was a very obvious Space Force anomaly which swallowed any kind of Divine Sense that touched it in an instant.


This Void Corridor had completely collapsed, however, and could not be used again. In fact, it would likely disappear entirely soon. If Yang Kai hadn’t cultivated the Dao of Space, he would not have been able to so easily find it.


Yang Kai investigated this anomaly carefully while Qian Yue waited nervously nearby, not daring to interrupt.


A while later, Yang Kai let out a sigh.


“How is it?” Qian Yue asked hurriedly.


Yang Kai shook his head, “With this Void Corridor alone, I can’t locate where Su Yan and the others went.”


Qian Yue’s beautiful eyes, which were full of expectation, dimmed instantly.


“However… this Void Corridor isn’t too powerful, so wherever it connects to shouldn’t be too far away. For you to be able to make it all the way to Shadowed Star was probably an accident. As for Su Yan and the others… they should be nearby. Wait a moment, I’ll see which Cultivation Star is closest to this location and then we’ll set out for it.”


Saying so, Yang Kai closed his eyes and immersed his consciousness into his Knowledge Sea to check with his Star Chart.


Yang Kai opened his eyes a short time later and returned to the Starship with Qian Yue. Ordering the disciples to adjust the Starship’s heading, they set off in the direction of a certain Cultivation Star.


A few days later, a light blue star appeared in everyone’s view. Looking at it from afar, this star seemed to be much smaller than Shadowed Star, possibly only a quarter the size.


However, it was very beautiful and possessed an extremely rich World Energy aura.


There was no doubt that this was a bountiful Cultivation Star.


Stopping here, Yang Kai took the Starship into the Sealed World Bead before setting off.


Although Yang Kai didn’t know much about the situation in the Star Field, he at least knew that Origin King Grade Starships were far too conspicuous.


Even extremely rich and powerful forces like Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce would likely only have a few such Starships.


If they really rode the Starship to this star, it would definitely arouse ill intentions from others.


Yang Kai had only come here to search for someone, so he didn’t want to cause any trouble.


The lower strength disciples also entered the Sealed World Bead. With such an Emperor Artifact, Yang Kai found it much more convenient to act.


All of the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters and Qian Yue remained outside, using their Star Shuttles together with Yang Kai to approach the star.


Half a day later, a group of seven people set foot on this beautiful star.


The World Energy density here was similar to that on Shadowed Star, with neither having any significant advantage over the other, but Qian Tong and the others couldn’t help breathing the air here exaggeratedly as they stood in place with constantly changing expressions, seeming silently perceiving something.


Suddenly, Qian Tong let out a loud laugh and smiled extremely brightly.


“There’s no suppression here! I feel as if the shackles that had been binding me have suddenly disappeared!” Mo Yu also had an exhilarated expression and a spirited look.


Yang Xiu Zhu and the other High Heaven Sect elders were the same, all of them looking around, seeing the joy in each other’s eyes.


“Congratulations,” Yang Kai naturally knew what they were talking about, grinned, and congratulated.


This Cultivation Star did not have the same World Principle suppression of Shadowed Star, which meant that the powerful invisible shackles which had prevented them from gaining a deeper understanding of the Heavenly Way and Martial Dao had disappeared.


This meant there was now hope for them to break through to the Origin King Realm!


The excitement of these five was difficult to describe.


“Yang Kai, this old master will never forget this benevolence!” Qian Tong looked at Yang Kai and declared seriously.


Mo Yu also quickly thanked him.


If not for Yang Kai taking them away from Shadowed Star, they would be like all of their ancestors, dying of old age without ever having an opportunity to reach the Origin King Realm.


This opportunity was given to them by Yang Kai.


“Elder Qian is too polite. It’s alright, let’s find a place to stay first, perhaps we will be here for a while,” Yang Kai turned his gaze towards a city in the distance and said.


“En, although there is no World Principle suppression here, whether it is suitable to break through here or not, we’ll need to investigate first,” Qian Tong nodded in agreement.


Everyone reached a consensus and immediately set off for the distant city.


Inside one of Green Water City’s teahouses, Yang Kai and his group sat around a large table.


The young shop-hand offered a pot of spirit tea and was about to withdraw, but was stopped by Qian Tong.


“What are Senior’s orders?” The shop-hand bowed to Qian Tong, with a smile on his face.


With so many people coming and going from this shop, this shop-hand had long developed a pair of sharp eyes, so although he couldn’t feel what kind of cultivation Qian Tong possessed, he knew that this group was filled with masters, so naturally he dared not show any neglect.


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