Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1692, Corpse Spirit Religion’s Religion Master

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


The figure sitting on the chair was wearing ordinary clothes, but his entire image was being distorted by a strange energy barrier. Even when Yang Kai used his Divine Sense, he was unable to see this individual’s true face.


However, Yang Kai felt that the other party was somehow familiar, as if he had met him somewhere before.


This discovery made Yang Kai frown.


If his guess was right, this person should be the mysterious Religion Master of Corpse Spirit Religion.


But Yang Kai was unable to feel the slightest bit of Corpse Qi from him! In other words, he was not a member of the Corpse Spirit Race at all.


It might indeed be as Yang Yan had told him; this guy was the one she had fought against all those millennia ago and was skilled in the methods of creating Corpse Spirits as well as controlling them, allowing him to occupy such a position of power.


While Yang Kai was pondering these issues, the seated man suddenly laughed and spoke in an approving tone, “To think you really found this place, your courage isn’t small!”


Hearing the voice of this person, Yang Kai furrowed his brow as he stared straight at the blurred figure, as if trying to see through this haze and to his true face.


The other party did not even try to remain hidden though, slowly retracting the field around him and revealing a handsome face.


“Lu Ye?” Yang Kai called out in surprise.


It turned out to be Flowing Cloud Valley’s Young Master Lu Ye, the one who had tried to kill him multiple times before!


The first time Yang Kai confronted him was during the opening of the Flowing Flame Sand Field. When Yang Kai tried to obtain the Red Candle Stalk, Lu Ye had suddenly appeared and attempted to kill him. Yang Kai fought back and even managed to cut off one of his arms, but Lu Ye had still managed to escape.


Later, Lu Ye had used the Xie Family to attack him once more during the battle of Dragon Cave Mountain, instigating and controlling Xie Li and others to attack Dragon Cave Mountain.


Yang Kai didn’t even know why Lu Ye had such strong animosity towards him.


In the past, Yang Kai had thought Lu Ye merely held some kind of unreasonable grudge against him, but now… many thoughts connected suddenly, and Yang Kai arrived at a bold conjecture.


“Perhaps I shouldn’t call you Lu Ye, after all, you only seized that body for yourself!” Yang Kai’s lips curled upwards into a confident grin.


Lu Ye was stunned for a moment, apparently not expecting his secret to be revealed here. Staring at Yang Kai with some surprise, he nodded, “You are correct, this King has apparently looked down on you!”


“Is figuring that out really that difficult?” Yang Kai chuckled lightly, “The first time I met you was inside that pool of Soul Cleaning Divine Water in the Flowing Flame Sand Field. I obtained an Origin Essence Crystal from that pond if I recall, and after that, you never stopped targeting me. I assume that Origin Essence Crystal was yours, yes?”


Lu Ye’s originally handsome and serene expression suddenly twisted into a hideous one, with blue veins popping up all over his forehead as he shouted, “That’s right, that Origin Essence Crystal was this King’s! Where did you put it! Why can’t this King sense its aura?”


That incident was a nightmare that continued to haunt Lu Ye. If it weren’t for Yang Kai taking away his Origin Essence Crystal, he would only have needed to integrate his own Origin Essence Crystal after he seized this body and at least half of his original strength would have instantly been restored. Even if he was still suppressed by Shadowed Star’s World Principles and unable to break through to the Origin King Realm on the spot, becoming the strongest Origin Realm master on Shadowed Star would have been a given.


After that, he would only need to find a place to retreat for a few dozen years and restoring his original cultivation would not have been a dream. By then, the entire Star Field would bend to his will.


But everything had been ruined by Yang Kai!


He could not sense the existence of his own Origin Essence Crystal, let alone retrieve it, the crystallization and essence of his previous cultivation. Without that, wanting to restore his previous strength with the innate aptitude of Lu Ye’s body was more difficult than trying to ascend to the Heavens.


After so many years, he had only barely been able to reach the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm, an unbearable reality for him!


“Sorry, I already absorbed that thing!” Yang Kai smiled and pointed his finger at his head.


“Impossible!” Lu Ye denied vehemently, looking at Yang Kai as contemptuously as if he were an ant and sneering, “With your strength, there is no way you could have refined this King’s Origin Essence Crystal!”


The Soul which had seized Lu Ye’s body was on the same level as the Starry Sky Great Emperor before his death, so the Origin Essence Crystal he left behind was naturally of extremely high grade. Even if an Origin King masters absorbed it, the slightest rashness would have led to their Soul being extinguished.


Yang Kai only had a Saint King cultivation at that time, so how could he have possibly absorbed it?


Lu Ye obviously would not believe such nonsense. He only thought that Yang Kai was lying and had hidden his Origin Essence Crystal by some special means, making it impossible for him to sense it.


“Believe what you want!” Yang Kai shrugged nonchalantly, certainly not willing to give a full explanation to Lu Ye. In the end, it was the Soul Warming Lotus which had refined the Origin Essence Crystal, having next to nothing to do with Yang Kai. In fact, it was not until recently that Yang Kai even realized that crystal back then was an Origin Essence Crystal.


“Enough nonsense, you’ve barged into my home uninvited today, so don’t think you can just walk away. As long as this King seizes you, he will naturally be able to retrieve his Origin Essence Crystal!” Lu Ye coldly snorted as the aura around his body filled with malevolence.


Yang Kai just laughed loudly, “You are at death’s door, yet you’re still shamelessly boasting!”


Hearing this, and seeing Yang Kai’s expression, Lu Ye could not help frowning slightly.


The next moment, the entire Corpse Cave suddenly shook violently, and an extremely powerful aura descended through it. This aura immediately surrounded Lu Ye, immobilizing him with an ugly expression on his face.


*Hong long long…*


The ground split apart suddenly and a hole opened up in the palace above where Yang Kai and Lu Ye were located, a figure leaping down and sending a palm towards Lu Ye in the next instant.


Lu Ye’s complexion changed drastically as he madly pushed his Shi to try to free himself.


But in front of this palm, everything he tried was futile.


His Shi easily shattered by this palm, Lu Ye only had enough time to let out one last roar before his body was ground into a pool of blood and flesh.


Qian Tong landed in the next instant, a slightly suspicious look on his face as he glanced over at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai also wore a stunned expression.


The two of them obviously hadn’t expected that Lu Ye would be patted to death like this!


“That was Corpse Spirit Religion’s Religion Master?” Qian Tong asked in astonishment.


Yang Kai nodded, “En, it was him!”


“This old master overestimated him,” Qian Tong snorted coldly. Although he hadn’t put this Religion Master in his eyes from the beginning, he also hadn’t thought the other party would be killed so easily, making Qian Tong feel like he had just punched cotton when he was expecting steel.


Yang Kai did not make a sound, however, as he still felt something was off. He felt that Lu Ye couldn’t die so easily; after all, this was a master that had even escaped from Yang Yan without her knowledge.


Even if Qian Tong was now an Origin King, how could he compare to Lu Ye in terms of methods and cunning?


Thinking so, Yang Kai quickly released his Divine Sense and began scanning the surrounding area.


Under his Divine Sense perception, the situation of the entire Grand Burial Valley could be understood in an instant.


Suddenly, he noticed that a vague aura fleeing outwards at an incredible speed. This aura was extremely well concealed, and if he had not been suspicious and deliberately searching for something similar, Yang Kai wouldn’t have been able to find it.


What’s more, this escaping aura had traces of Space Force fluctuations emanating from it.


“Elder Qian!” Yang Kai shouted before suddenly waving his hand through the air and tearing open a Void Crack.


Qian Tong frowned slightly, but although he did not understand why Yang Kai had done this, he chose to believe in him and without even asking anything follow Yang Kai into the Void Crack.


Outside Grand Burial Valley, a Corpse General wearing black robes sat in a meditative position, adjusting his breathing. He seemed to have been sitting here for a long time without moving.


Suddenly, the black-robed Corpse General trembled and his aura rapidly rose to the peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm, not much worse than Ye Xi Yun.


Slowly opening his eyes, a look of shock and hatred flashed across his pupils as he gritted his teeth and cursed, “An Origin King?! how could there be an Origin King here? Old dog, this King will remember you! This King will make you pay ten times over for this!”


“You won’t have that chance!” A familiar voice suddenly called out from behind.


The Black-Robed Corpse General was shocked and hurriedly turned around just in time to see a Void Crack open and Yang Kai and Qian Tong step out.


The Corpse General was shocked but roared and tried to escape without even pausing to think.


“Where do you think you’re going?” Qian Tong shouted angrily, expanding his Domain rapidly to engulf the black-robed Corpse General.


Yang Kai did not act, instead choosing to carefully observe the Corpse General while pushing his Divine Sense to its limit.


The Black-Robed Corpse General was a familiar figure to Yang Kai, one he had seen before together with the White-Robed Corpse General Kang Fei Rao, most likely his fellow Sect brother. However, at this moment, he had clearly been possessed by Lu Ye’s Soul, becoming a completely different person.


Although this Corpse General had a peak Origin Returning Realm cultivation, he was still nothing in front of Qian Tong.


The moment the Black-Robed Corpse General’s body was ground to dust and his Soul extinguished, Yang Kai noticed a hidden aura leap across space and travel several hundred kilometres away!


This was obviously the aura of Corpse Spirit Religion’s Religion Master. If it were not for Yang Kai being proficient in the Dao of Space, it would have been impossible for him to notice this flickering aura.


After Qian Tong killed the Black-Robed Corpse General, he turned his head and looked at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai did not say a word and simply tore space again, the next moment the pair appeared a few hundred kilometres away.


Just after emerging from the Void Crack, Yang Kai and Qian Tong saw a Corpse General wearing azure robes fleeing with all haste.


Without waiting for Qian Tong to do anything, Yang Kai summoned more than a dozen Golden Blood Threads, condensed them to form a golden arrow, and shot it out at astonishing speed, penetrating a hole in the belly of this Corpse General and shattering his Corpse Core.


The Golden Blood Threads turned around and flew back in the next instant, but Yang Kai didn’t show the slightest trace of joy on his face after killing this powerful foe. Instead, a gloomy frown filled his brow as he tore space for a third time.


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