Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1703, Body Tempering Pill and Ocean Lotus

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


Upon the slender man’s orders, his subordinates immediately rushed forward to tie up the remaining cultivators from the Human Race and Sea Clan. Anyone who resisted was punched black and blue.


These people, regardless of their cultivation level, had much stronger physiques compared to the newcomers without exception, so any resistance from the Sea Temple and Sea God Palace masters was quickly suppressed.


The lanky man smiled and said with a malicious grin said, “Be obedient and there will be benefits for you, but dare to resist… heh heh, Shadowed Soul Island also has many who die every year, you should understand.”


Both Pang Zhen and Qian Mo’s faces sank as they both had bad premonitions in their hearts.




A hundred kilometres away, Yang Kai frowned as he looked down at the two fresh corpses on the ground and sighed slightly.


Having just arrived here, he did not want to kill recklessly.


But these two who had chased after him were relentless in their pursuit, so Yang Kai had no choice but to act ruthlessly.


Without Saint Qi, the number of people in the entire Star Field who could compete with Yang Kai purely through physical strength could probably be counted on one hand, so how could these two lackeys possibly be Yang Kai’s opponents?


After only two or three exchanges, they lay dead at his feet!


Yang Kai quickly took their Space Rings before picking a direction and fleeing.


Half an hour later, another cultivator arrived, and after seeing the two corpses on the ground, his face changed, and he quickly returned to Shadowed Soul Island to report the situation.


By now, Yang Kai was already hundreds of kilometres away.


Inside a natural cave on the coast, Yang Kai sat down cross-legged. This cave was quite damp and unsuitable for living in, but Yang Kai could not be bothered about this right now.


Sitting on the ground, he tried again to circulate the Saint Qi in his body while also attempting to communicate with Shadowed Star; however, both endeavours failed.


This strange place was able to cut off the connection between him and Shadowed Star, eliminating his biggest advantage.


Yang Kai’s face turned a little ugly.


Fortunately, even though Divine Sense was greatly suppressed here, it was still usable, or he would not have even been able to take things out of his Space Ring, let alone use the artifacts stored in his body.


Whether it was using a Space Ring or an artifact, both required a certain amount of Spiritual Energy. Once one could not use their Spiritual Energy at all, these convenient boosts would become inaccessible.


This allowed Yang Kai to relax slightly.


After thinking about it, he took out the Space Rings of the two people he had killed just now and began to investigate their belongings.


With Yang Kai’s current wealth, he wouldn’t put the meagre treasures of these two ordinary cultivators in his eyes. However, he could still use the items they kept as a way to determine the situation here on Shadowed Soul Island, which was why he had bothered taking them.


The original cultivation of these two should not have been high, so it was no trouble for Yang Kai to break the seals on their Space Rings.


Looking carefully, Yang Kai found that these two guys were relatively poor, and besides some food, there were only a few Saint Crystals, some low-grade artifacts, a few Secret Art and Martial Skill manuals, and a few jade bottles.


Saint Crystals were completely useless here. Saint Qi could not be used, so what role could Saint Crystals play here?


Yang Kai also did not spare a glance at the artifacts or manuals.


Picking up the jade bottles, Yang Kai opened their caps and poured out some grey pills from inside.


With just a glance, Yang Kai snorted disdainfully.


With his current identity as an Origin King Grade Alchemist, he could naturally see at a glance that this pill was not even refined completely. Although it could not be considered a complete failure, it did not bring out the full effects of the raw materials used to refine it. On top of that, the refinement method was too rough, with the medicinal efficacies of the raw materials clearly not condensed properly.


This pill was little more than a ball of randomly mixed together ingredients, pressed together at will!


However, thinking that Saint Qi could not be used in this damned place, Yang Kai relaxed slightly.


Without Saint Qi, Alchemist would have no way to condense medicinal liquid and fully utilize herbs. It was probably for this reason that these pills seemed to be half-finished products.


Although Yang Kai did not put this kind of pill into his eyes due to his vision and skill, he was still quite curious about what their intended effects were.


None of the pills he had mastered so far matched the ones in front of him, which came as a bit of a surprise.


After observing for a while, he sniffed the pill again, and after confirming it was not a poison pill, he simply popped one into his mouth.


A moment later, Yang Kai raised his brow and showed a look of astonishment, muttering under his breath, “So that’s how it is. No wonder everyone here has such great physical strength, it’s because of these pills!”


After tasting it, he immediately understood the purpose of this pill.


It was a pill meant for body tempering!


After taking that pill, Yang Kai clearly felt heat flow from his lower abdomen to his limbs, tempering his five viscera, six organs, muscles, and tendons, developing his body in a positive direction.


Of course, this pill had an almost negligible effect on Yang Kai given his already incredible physical strength.


However, for those cultivators who had not specially tempered their bodies, it would no doubt provide great assistance. If one could take such pills for many years, their physiques would definitely grow stronger.


This was probably the fundamental reason why the cultivators living on Shadowed Soul Island were so much stronger than the average human or Sea Clan!


They should all have taken a number of these pills!


Saint Qi could not be used on Shadowed Soul Island, and Divine Sense was heavily suppressed, so the cultivators living here had found another way to strengthen themselves. Everything depended on one’s own efforts, so it was not an unreasonable course of action.


Yang Kai was also quite interested in this pill.


However, he did not know the pill recipe or the raw materials, so he could only set this matter aside for now.


Outside the cave, Yang Kai looked into the distance. He could vaguely see a city at the centre of Shadowed Soul Island, where the residents of Shadowed Soul Island should live. At the centre of the city was a very tall building that stretched up into the clouds, its top hidden from sight.


Yang Kai retracted his gaze and turned it towards the undulating sea. Without hesitation, he leapt into the water and began swimming forward.


Without his Saint Qi, he could only rely on this most primitive way of swimming.


He could now judge that Shadowed Soul Island was definitely an independent and enclosed space. Just like the floating continent he had been trapped on when he first entered the Star Field, this place had its own World Principles, which were separate from Shadowed Star’s.


Since it was a sealed world though, it should have a border, so Yang Kai wanted to see if he could find this edge and break through it to escape.


Even if he couldn’t, he could always just double back and come up with a new plan, such as entering the city and finding the so-called Island Master of Shadowed Soul Island to ask about the situation. Presumably, he would know a lot more than Yang Kai did.


The sea was cold, but Yang Kai’s speed was extremely fast.


Along the way, he encountered many brutal sea beasts, but all of them were killed when they tried to attack Yang Kai.


After several days, Yang Kai found that these sea beasts were different from the ones outside. The physiques of these sea beasts were quite a bit stronger than members of their species in the outside world. It took Yang Kai quite some effort to kill a number of these beasts in the water.


Yang Kai also occasionally noticed some ships travelling across the water, wandering around certain regions of the sea.


These boats were crewed by the residents of Shadowed Soul Island, and from the actions they took, it appeared they were searching for something.


Yang Kai did not want to expose himself just yet, so he avoided them as much as possible.


These ships only sailed around the coastal waters, not daring to travel too far from land; after all, the further out to sea they went, the greater the danger they would encounter. Even though these sea beasts were no match for Yang Kai, that did not mean they were weak.


Several more days passed, but Yang Kai had found nothing of note, and gradually he no longer even saw the figures of other cultivators, but he did not give up and continued his exploration.


One day, atop the vast ocean, Yang Kai suddenly discovered something out of the corner of his eye.


Up ahead, Yang Kai saw a few flickers of colour amidst the thin ocean mist.


Yang Kai immediately became energetic and hurried over to investigate.


For several days, all he had seen was endless ocean waves, which was quite grating on his mind, so Yang Kai welcomed any kind of distraction.


No matter what these colourful lights were, it had to be more interesting than the unchanging sea.


A moment later, Yang Kai arrived.


However, the sight that greeted him surprised Yang Kai.


Atop the sea, there was a floating lotus!


There were several dozen lotus flowers grouped up together, some pink, some cyan, some silver, and some gold, each one of them exuding a potent aura.


“Ocean Lotus?” Yang Kai frowned.


Obviously, these weren’t ordinary Ocean Lotuses, however, but precious Alchemy herbs.


Yang Kai’s eyes lit up as he swam up to one of the cyan Ocean Lotus. Plucking a petal, he put it in his mouth to chew.


Soon, Yang Kai’s eyes brightened, and he couldn’t help letting out a hearty laugh, “Turns out this thing is the main ingredient of that pill!”


He was very interested in that special body tempering pill from before, but unfortunately, he didn’t know what materials were used to refine it. He never thought that this trip out to sea would allow him to discover their main ingredient so easily.


Obviously, the ships he encountered along the way had come out to sea to find these Ocean Lotus.


Unfortunately for those people, they could only move around near Shadowed Soul Island, causing them to miss out on the true riches further out.


Yang Kai happily began picking these Ocean Lotus, preserving them properly, then placing them into his Space Ring.


After some investigation, he found that these Ocean Lotuses had different medicinal efficacies depending on their colour. Pink ones had the lowest potency, followed by cyan, silver, then gold.


The stronger the medicinal efficacy of an Ocean Lotus, the fewer of them there were. There was only one golden Ocean Lotus that floated at the centre of this cluster.


There were not many silver ones either, only six in total, making each one quite precious.


These materials could play a huge role in Yang Kai’s hands. With his current Alchemy skill, he would not have any difficulty deducing the pill recipe for those Body Tempering Pills by himself, after which, he could begin refining his own pills.


As such, he did not intend to let off a single one of these Ocean Lotus.


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