Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1708, You Withstood That?

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


“So many? Are these all for me?” Sha Hu stared at the jade bottles in front of him and asked in surprise.


“En,” Yang Kai smiled and nodded.


“Didn’t we agree to split them fifty-fifty? This…”


“This is fifty-fifty!”


Sha Hu was thoroughly astonished.


He had provided Yang Kai with a hundred silver lotus, which was almost all he had stored up.


He thought it would be great if he were able to get two hundred Shadowed Heaven Pills, but the jade bottles in front of him now told a far different story.


There were sixty-five jade bottles here, each one filled with ten pills, meaning Yang Kai had given him six hundred and fifty Shadowed Heaven Pills!


How had he managed to refine so many Shadowed Heaven Pills though? As the previous Island Master of Shadowed Soul Island, Sha Hu had often witnessed those inferior Alchemists refining Shadowed Heaven Pills, but a single Shadowed Heaven Lotus could at most produce one or two pills in the hands of those Alchemists, so how had Yang Kai managed to produce this many?


The only explanation was that Yang Kai’s Alchemy skills were countless times better than those Alchemists!


“Yang Boy, this old master can make a pledge to you!” Sha Hu turned to Yang Kai and said seriously, “If we can leave this place one day, this old master promises that the doors of Sea Temple will always be open to you.”


Sha Hu was moved by Yang Kai’s honesty in upholding their agreement, and he was extremely impressed with Yang Kai’s strength; such a person was worthy of making friends with.


Yang Kai chuckled, and said, “Since Old Man Sha has said so, it would be impolite for me to refuse.”


Being able to win over such an ally on Shadowed Soul Island was naturally something Yang Kai wanted to see. In any case, it was much better than wandering around alone; not to mention, Sha Hu was the previous Island Master of Shadowed Soul Island, so he would know much more useful information. Being allies had only benefits. No detriments.


Sha Hu laughed loudly, “Unfortunately, there is no good wine here, otherwise, this old master would share a drink with you! Forget it, this old master should first see if these Shadowed Heaven Pills are useful!”


He had not taken a Shadowed Heaven Pill for nearly a hundred years, causing his strength to stagnate for that long, a very distressing situation. Now that he had so many Shadowed Heaven Pills available, he could not wait to see what kind of effects they would bring him.


Picking up a jade bottle, Sha Hu poured out a pill and without hesitation shoved it into his mouth.


The next moment, however, Sha Hu shook visible as a look of utter amazement filled his face, “An Origin Grade pill? Yang Kai, you’re actually an Origin Grade Alchemist?”


This time he was thoroughly shocked.


When Yang Kai told him he was an Alchemist earlier, and would be able to refine Shadowed Heaven Pill, Sha Hu hadn’t had very high expectations, thinking Yang Kai only had some small accomplishments in the Alchemic Dao, but as soon as he swallowed this Shadowed Heaven Pill, Sha Hu realized he was greatly mistaken.


This Shadowed Heaven Pill refined by Yang Kai was completely different from the ones he had taken before, with the biggest difference being the grade of the pill!


Sha Hu was instantly able to judge that this Shadowed Heaven Pill was Origin Grade, and at least Origin Grade Mid-Rank at that, quite possibly High-Rank!


This proved that Yang Kai was at least an Origin Grade High-Rank Alchemist!


He did not dare to imagine that Yang Kai was an Origin King Grade Alchemist because that was just a legend on Shadowed Star.


The pill melted in his mouth and turned into a stream of heat that rapidly flowed towards Sha Hu’s lower abdomen, then spread out from his dantian towards his extremities.


Sha Hu’s old face instantly turned red; an obvious sign his vitality was being enhanced. His muscles bulged and the veins under his skin pulsed.


He had no time to talk to Yang Kai anymore and hastily sat down to absorb the efficacies of the pill.


Yang Kai smiled slightly and did not bother him anymore, instead just leaving the wooden house, finding a quiet place on the island, and taking Shadowed Heaven Pills as well.


The Shadowed Heaven Pills refined by Yang Kai were completely different from the ones he had looted from the two dead men earlier.


The Shadowed Heaven Pills Yang Kai obtained before were not refined properly, so the medicinal efficacies weren’t able to display their full effects, making it a defective product. However, on Shadowed Soul Island, such a situation was unavoidable. The level of the Alchemists here was low, and without being able to use their Saint Qi, they had to use low-quality Earth Fire. This resulted in the Alchemists of Shadowed Soul Island only being able to refine shoddy Shadowed Heaven Pills, wasting most of the Shadowed Heaven Lotus’ medicinal efficacies.


Yang Kai had fixed all the issues with the pill recipe and had no trouble refining them, so it would be stranger if the pills he refined were not far superior.


After these days of experimentation, he also concluded that the Shadowed Heaven Pills refined from silver lotus would be of Origin Grade, while the azure lotus could be used to refine Saint King Grade pills. As for the pink lotus, they could at most be used to refine Saint Grade pills.


Yang Kai had not used a golden lotus yet because the number he possessed was too small, only about ten in total.


However, he was fairly certain that refining a golden lotus would result in an Origin King Grade Shadowed Heaven Pill.


The medicinal properties surged through Yang Kai’s meridians and physique, transforming his body, enhancing his physical strength slowly but steadily.


The benefits he received were simply unimaginable.


Additionally, because Yang Kai had taken a lot of Life Revitalizing Jade Cream before, his body was already highly refined, allowing him to absorb the efficacies of the Shadowed Heaven Pills faster and more efficiently.


After just half an hour, the medicinal efficacies of an Origin Grade Shadowed Heaven Pill were completely absorbed by Yang Kai.


Without delay, he took out another pill, threw it into his mouth, and continued to absorb its effects!


Because they were unable to cultivate Saint Qi or Spiritual Energy here, taking Shadowed Heaven Pills to cultivate their bodies was the only method for Shadowed Soul Island cultivators to enhance their strength.


Three days later, a burst of laughter suddenly came from the direction of the wooden house. The little dolphin, which had been swimming in an inland lake, raised its head and glanced over before lazily swimming behind a lotus leaf and no longer paying any attention to the situation.


A figure soared into the sky from the direction of the wooden house and quickly ran over towards Yang Kai’s direction.


Soon, Sha Hu stood in front of Yang Kai, his eyes flashing with powerful light as his aura pulsed vigorously.


Yang Kai opened his eyes, took a look at Sha Hu, smiled and said, “Old Man Sha seems to have had a breakthrough.”


Sha Hu looked at Yang Kai gratefully and nodded, “En, after a hundred years of stagnation, this old master had finally advanced a level, and he feels there is still room for improvement! Yang Boy, this old master won’t forget this kindness.”


“Old Man Sha is too polite,” Yang Kai smiled slightly.


“Yang Kai, how about exchanging fists with this old master?” Sha Hu asked with a smile. He did not have anyone to compare notes with in this damned place, so he could only ask Yang Kai.


“Sure,” To his surprise, Yang Kai readily agreed.


Sha Hu did not hesitate, letting out a loud cry, kicking off the ground with both feet, and shooting out like an arrow as he threw his clenched fist forward.


Yang Kai remained sitting cross-legged in place, however, completely motionless, simply staring back at Sha Hu with a light smile, seemingly completely ignorant of the approaching earth-shattering blow.


Sha Hu was stunned and shouted angrily, “Yang Boy, are you underestimating this old master?”


“Old Man Sha doesn’t need to mind, just put your best into it!” Yang Kai responded lightly.


Sha Hu’s old face turned a bit unsightly. Although he was very grateful to Yang Kai, being looked down upon so blatantly was obviously uncomfortable. Hearing what Yang Kai said though, Sha Hu set grit his teeth and used his full strength.


The sound of air blasting out echoed as Sha Hu’s fist fell like a meteor, carrying with it, Heaven destroying might.


With this punch, even a thousand-metre high mountain would be smashed to dust.


But Yang Kai just stretched out his palm to block this punch, his face calm and serene.


In the next moment, one fist met one palm.


Yang Kai’s body shook slightly, but he remained seated in place, not moving back at all.


Sha Hu on the other hand was sent flying by the massive rebound and a red flush filled his face before slowly returning to normal.


Sha Hu’s expression changed dramatically, and the look of resentment completely disappeared from his face. Instead, he now stared at Yang Kai as if he was some kind of freak, falling silent for a very long time.


When he fought Yang Kai the other day, although he had been at a slight disadvantage, even after his strength had grown significantly, his full-powered blow was only able to shake Yang Kai’s body slightly.


The only explanation was that while his strength had grown, Yang Kai’s had as well, and at a much faster pace than his own! Otherwise, there was no way such a situation would have happened.


“How many Shadowed Heaven Pills did you take?” Sha Hu composed himself and asked hesitantly.


“A hundred or so,” Yang Kai thought for a while before casually replying.


Sha Hu sucked in a sharp breath as his eyes bulged, asking in amazement, “Your body withstood all of that?”


Over the past three days, Sha Hu had only consumed ten Shadowed Heaven Pills. The Shadowed Heaven Pills refined by Yang Kai were incomparable to those produced on Shadowed Soul Island, genuine Origin Grade Pills. Swallowing too many of these pills would put too much strain on one’s body, and the excess medicinal energies would damage the physique and meridians rather than strengthen them. In the most serious of cases, one’s body might even explode.


Ten pills in three days was already Sha Hu’s limit, but Yang Kai was able to take ten times that much!


“Why would I not be able to?” Yang Kai asked strangely.


Yang Kai did not even mention that many of the Shadowed Heaven Pills he took had formed Pill Veins, making them twice as potent as ordinary pills.


Sha Hu just stood up on the spot, shaking his head constantly as he muttered under his breath, “Monster, you are an absolute monster!”


He was certain he was no longer Yang Kai’s opponent now, and while he had confidence that he could escape from Yang Kai a few days ago, he wasn’t so assured anymore.


It was completely conceivable that the gap in strength between him and Yang Kai would only grow wider and wider as time passed.


[A good Body Tempering Secret Art is really enviable!] Sha Hu sighed to himself.


He did not know that the main reason Yang Kai was able to absorb the power of one hundred Shadowed Heaven Pills in such a short period of time was because of the solid foundation Yang Kai had formed by taking so much Life Revitalizing Jade Cream.


This was a feat Sha Hu could never replicate.


An Origin Grade Alchemist, a monstrous genius, and a great benefactor, if Sha Hu did not try to make friends with such a person, he would really be too stupid.


Sha Hu secretly made up his mind that regardless of whether he could escape from Shadowed Soul Island in the future or not, he would be Yang Kai’s most loyal ally!


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