Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1710, Royal Princess

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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Qian Mo ignored his indignation and simply smiled back coldly, “With my status, cultivation, and beauty, if I offer myself to that Island Master Ming Yue, what are the chances he would accept? Once that happens, I’ll be able to use all the Shadowed Heaven Pills I want and you will have to listen to my orders. How do you think I’ll torture you then?”


The buck-toothed man instantly turned pale and began sweating profusely.


He could easily imagine such a scene, and he could also imagine that his end would be worse than death.


Qian Mo was dispatched to collect Shadowed Heaven Lotus because she refused to submit to Shadowed Soul Island’s control, but she was right. With her identity and beauty, if she offered herself, no man would refuse, not even Island Master Ming Yue.


At that time, Qian Mo’s status here would leap from labourer to Lady Island Master in a single bound!


That was a scenario the buck-toothed man could never allow. After offending the future Lady Island Master, how miserable would his fate be?


The buck-toothed man’s expression darkened as a flash of coldness and cruelty lit up his eyes, gritting his teeth as he cursed, “Cheap Slut, you’ve forced my hand.”


Saying so, he walked towards Qian Mo’s, a vicious expression filling his face.


He was obviously not willing to let such a situation occur, and the only way to ensure that it did not, was to have Qian Mo fall here! As long as Qian Mo died, he wouldn’t have to worry about anything anymore, so even though he felt it was a pity to lose such a woman, compared with his own life, what did she matter?


Qian Mo seemed to have expected this result from the beginning and did not appear the slightest bit flustered, instead just sneering, “There’s no need for you to act!”


As soon as she said so, Qian Mo jumped off the boat, preparing to share life and death with Pang Zhen and the others.


She would rather die than submit, and the only reason she said she would offer herself up to Ming Yue was in the hopes it would deter the buck-toothed man, but since her plan failed, she could only take the initiative to jump into the sea.


Falling into the cold water, Qian Mo and Pang Zhen looked at each other, nodded lightly, then prepared to flee in separate directions.


There was nothing else to do in this situation, only by escaping was there a chance to survive. Even if the chances of them being able to flee from the buck-toothed man and the otter-type sea beast were slim, they had to try.


Moving through the sea, the Sea Clan undoubtedly occupied a massive advantage, after all, they were a race born in the water.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


A muffled noise suddenly spread from afar, almost as if someone was slamming the water’s surface vigorously, causing a set of rhythmic explosions that echoed from a great distance.


At the same time, a series of regular ripples propagated across the water’s surface.


The booming sound was clearly getting closer as well, and the ripples also became more noticeable, almost covering the natural ocean waves.


Everyone was stunned for a moment and turned their heads in the direction of the sound, not knowing what had happened. Even the vicious otter beast seemed to perceive danger, stopped its charge, and waited with most of its body submerged beneath the sea.


A row of water columns soared up into the sky at an extremely fast speed, and in front of the water columns, there was a figure, with his hands crossed behind his back, stepping across the sea.


The booming sounds were a result of this figure’s feet impacting the sea.


Every time his feet fell, an incredible power was transmitted to the ocean’s surface, causing a great column of water to rise up into the sky like a dragon moments after he moved on.


This man was not young, appearing at least fifty or sixty years old, but his true age was definitely higher than that.


Both the buck-toothed man and the Shadowed Soul Island cultivators were dumbfounded as their hearts clenched in shock.


They knew just how difficult it was to walk across the sea’s surface like this with only pure physical strength. Although all of them could accomplish this, they would not be able to display such power or keep it up for long.


This old man, however, looked like he was out for a leisurely stroll through his courtyard, and apart from the noise he was making, it did not seem like he was the slightest bit fatigued or exhausted.


It seemed that as long as he wanted to, he could go on like this forever.


Just how powerful would one’s body need to be to move like this indefinitely?


Even taking all of Shadowed Soul Island into consideration, the number of people who could accomplish this could be counted on one hand.


Beside this old man, there was a young man. This young man was sitting cross-legged above the sea, seemingly even more relaxed than the old man. He didn’t seem to be doing anything yet was able to follow beside the old man without falling behind.


When this pair got closer, however, the buck-toothed man discovered that there was a sea beast carrying this young man.


“This…” The buck-toothed man was stunned. The cultivators of Shadowed Soul Island had tried to tame the sea beasts in this place before, but even after the Island Master acted personally, there had never been a successful precedent. The sea beasts living in the waters near Shadowed Soul Island, regardless of their strength, seemed to rather fight to the death than submit, causing Shadowed Soul Island to eventually give up on this idea.


Now, there was actually someone sitting on the back of a sea beast, which shocked the buck-toothed man even more than the old man walking across the sea.


The noise made by the old and the young pair naturally alarmed Pang Zhen, Qian Mo, and the others in the water as well.


“Ah, he is…” Pang Zhen carefully stared for a while before his eyes lit up upon recognizing Yang Kai’s figure.


On the other hand, Qian Mo was staring fixedly just below Yang Kai, a look of disbelief flashing across her beautiful eyes, but soon, she showed an ecstatic look, leapt up from the sea, and hurriedly ran across its surface towards him.


She was unable to leisurely stroll across the water like the old man and could not keep this kind of movement up for very long, so Qian Mo was only able to proceed a few steps before her strength was exhausted and she fell back into the water.


However, that did not stop her from excitedly approaching Yang Kai, her pretty face filled with a brilliant smile at this long-awaited reunion.


“Old Sha, do you know this woman?” Yang Kai, who was sitting on the little dolphin’s back, turned to look at Sha Hu and asked in confusion.


Sha Hu just laughed, “This old master hasn’t met with anyone for over a hundred years, how could he possibly know her? Isn’t this woman coming over for you?”


“For me?” Yang Kai smiled, “Of course not, she is a General of Sea God Palace. I’ve never even spoken with her before… oh, it really looks like she’s coming for me?”


As the distance narrowed, Yang Kai also found that something was wrong.


This woman named Qian Mo was really rushed towards him, constantly waving her hands, acting as if they were very familiar.


Yang Kai scratched his head in confusion and could not figure out how to respond, simply deciding to see how things played out.


The little dolphin he was riding on, however, suddenly uttered a happy and aggrieved cry then rapidly accelerated over to greet Qian Mo.


A moment later, Qian Mo arrived in front of Yang Kai, completely ignored him, and instead called out to the little dolphin in a trembling but relieved voice, “Princess!”


“Princess?” Yang Kai was stunned as he stared at this scene.


The little dolphin kept crying out excitedly while circling Qian Mo before soon diving into her arms, like a lost child who had finally found its mother.


Yang Kai had a full view of Qian Mo’s plump chest deforming beneath the little dolphin’s head, revealing a deep gully along with plenty of pure white skin.


Sha Hu stood quietly to the side, his hands folded behind his back as he looked back and forth between Qian Mo and the Little Dolphin before soon nodding, “So that’s how it is, she’s from the Dolphin Flood Dragon Clan, no wonder this old master felt like something was different about her.”


Yang Kai also suddenly came to an understanding.


Qian Mo had called the little dolphin Princess, and Sha Hu said the little dolphin belonged to the Dolphin Flood Dragon Clan, so Yang Kai immediately realized that this little dolphin he had accidentally encountered actually had a huge background. She was obviously a member of the Sea Clan’s royal family, the princess that Qian Mo and Shang Ao had been looking for and the reason two Sea God Palace Generals had stirred up such a fuss on Sunrise Island.


It seemed that Qian Mo and Shang Ao had not lied. The Sea Clan’s princess really did disappear near Sunrise Island, but she had not been taken captive by the people of Sea Temple. Rather, she had been drawn into Shadowed Soul Island.


Afterwards, Yang Kai accidentally found her…


Qian Mo was finally able to relax after finding her princess, no longer even caring about her own safety, allowing the little dolphin to play with her for quite some time before she finally raised her head and glared viciously at Yang Kai, “Despicable Human, what have you done to my race’s princess? How dare you ride on top of her! You deserve ten thousand deaths for this offence!”


Yang Kai looked down at her and chuckled softly, “What have I done to her?”


He did not get angry because of Qian Mo’s attitude. The little dolphin’s status is the Sea Clan was supreme, so it was only natural that Qian Mo would be so angry.


“Why haven’t you gotten down yet!?” Qian Mo scolded again.


Yang Kai curled his lips, “If she doesn’t want to carry me, I’ll get off. Well, what do you say, do you want me to come down?”


Yang Kai clearly spoke his last words to the little dolphin, and under Qian Mo’s man-eating glare he reached down and patted the little dolphin’s head.


Qian Mo’s eyes spat fire and she felt like her blood was boiling. Although the princess was still young and could not even assume human form yet, she was still a sacred and inviolable existence in the Sea Clan. Any Sea Clan who saw her would need to treat her with the utmost respect, but now a despicable human was actually riding atop her and even shamelessly patting her head!


What irritated Qian Mo the most, however, was how her princess had a look of extreme enjoyment when her head was patted, spitting out a few bubbles from her mouth and even flipping her tail happily.


“See…” Yang Kai spread his hands, “I haven’t forced her to do anything!”


Qian Mo took a deep breath, her plump chest heaving up and down as she felt the urge to punch Yang Kai to death.


The little dolphin suddenly cried out in a strange tone at that moment, causing Qian Mo to listen intently. After a long time, Qian Mo’s complexion improved slightly, though she still glared at Yang Kai with enmity and hatred as she declared, “I don’t know what kind of tricks or schemes you’ve used to make the princess so dependent on you, but mark my words: This isn’t over, I’ll remember this!”


Yang Kai just shrugged, ignoring her vicious words.


Pang Zhen also swam over to Yang Kai at this time, cupped his fists and greeted, “Sect Master Yang!”


“Island Master Pang, the world is really too small, we keep running into each other like this!” Yang Kai responded with a smile.


Pang Zhen lowered his head awkwardly.


Fortunately, Yang Kai quickly changed the subject and asked, “So why are you all in such a distressed state? Are the people on that boat not from your Sea Temple or Sea God Palace?”


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