Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1713, Ming Yue

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


“Old fool, you dare offend the majesty of Sir Island Master? Surrender your life!” From a distance, an angry shout rang out and a figure radiating a threatening aura rushed out from the end of the street, obviously looking to take credit for dealing with this matter.


The management of Shadowed Soul Island was extremely strict, and there was seldom any kind of trouble, so the cultivators who followed Ming Yue rarely had an opportunity to express their loyalty. Today was undoubtedly a good opportunity for these people to earn some favour by putting Sha Hu down.


If they could please Ming Yue, a bottle of good Shadowed Heaven Pills was not impossible to obtain.


So, after hearing Sha Hu’s roar, this man rushed over immediately.


As this man raced up the street, a large sabre artifact appeared in his hand and accompanied by his fierce aura and burly body, he gave off the appearance of a man who would kill without mercy.


Sha Hu simply stood quietly on the spot, looking towards the tallest building in the centre of the island.


There seemed to be a shadowy gaze coming from that direction, paying attention from a distance, meeting Sha Hu’s glare head-on, causing invisible sparks to fly and making the nearby crowd shiver slightly, as if the temperature on Shadowed Soul Island had suddenly dropped.


The burly man with his sabre did not seem to realize the change in atmosphere though and rushed over to a spot just ten metres from Sha Hu before jumping high and slashing out with his artifact, a sneer forming on his lips as he shouted, “Old Dog, I’ll be accepting your head!”


Sha Hu turned his head slowly as he finally glanced at the man who was approaching.


Facing this gaze, the brawny man could not help sucking in a cold breath as a look of incomparable horror appeared on his face. His fierce aura melted away like snowflakes under the scorching sun and the words he was about to shout caught in his throat.


Freezing in place, the brawny man forced himself back down to the ground as he stared at Sha Hu with a pair of disbelieving eyes, his voice trembling as he hesitantly asked, “Sha… Island Master Sha?”


This brawny man obviously recognized Sha Hu.


Sha Hu sneered coldly, “Zhou An! I’ve not seen you in a hundred years, but it seems you haven’t made much progress.”


The brawny man named Zhou An glared at Sha Hu and immediately retorted, “Whether this Zhou has made progress or not is none of your business. How come you are still alive, former Island Master Sha?”


“Did Ming Yue tell you I died?” Sha Hu sneered slightly as he stared at Zhou An as if he were an idiot, “You believed that nonsense? Not only is this old master not dead, but he’s also been living quite well. Today I’ve come to take Ming Yue’s head to relieve the hatred in my heart!”


Zhou An’s expression fluctuated, and although he was clearly frightened, he still stood his ground, “Sha Hu, you’d best stop dreaming. Island Master Ming Yue’s strength has grown greatly over the past hundred years. You were not his opponent back then, so you certainly aren’t his opponent today! Obediently surrender without a fight and follow this Zhou to see the Island Master and perhaps you can survive a catastrophe, otherwise…”




“Since Island Master could defeat you a hundred years ago, he can do so again today!” Zhou An declared loudly.


Sha Hu burst into laughter, “Idiot. Didn’t Ming Yue tell you that the reason he was able to defeat this old master back then was because he used poison? Since this old master has returned today, that traitor will definitely not have another chance to pull such a wicked stunt.”


Sha Hu no longer paid any attention to Zhou An and instead turned his eyes back to the tall central building and shouted, “Ming Yue, if you don’t have the guts to come down and fight this old master, then this old master will come to you!”


Saying so, Sha Hu bent his knees and then launched himself several hundred metres up into the air, soaring towards the centre of the island like a great Peng spreading its wings.


“Wishful thinking!” Loud shouts rang out from all around as at least a dozen cultivators releasing blood-red auras sprang from the crowd to intercept Sha Hu.


The bright red light pulsing from their bodies were signs of their astonishing vitality. The stronger the light, the stronger their bodies.


The Shadowed Soul Island cultivators that Yang Kai had encountered before were too weak to release such light so he had never seen such a display before; however, after learning the true identity of Sha Hu, a dozen or so Shadowed Soul Island masters could no longer hide and shot out with their full strength.


Sha Hu, however, ignored these approaching cultivators and continued to stare coldly towards the front, without sorrow or joy, without fear or panic, simply releasing a thick, undisguised killing intent.


The dozen or so people looked overjoyed as all of them desperately pushed the power in their bodies to use their best moves to attack.


But before any of them could execute their strikes, a young man appeared strangely behind Sha Hu, floating quietly in the air as if he was flying.


Facing the fierce attack of a dozen people, the young man still smiled calmly and relaxedly, only casually sending out his fists the instant before the incoming attacks reached him.


Fist shadows poured out like raindrops in a great storm, blasting out in all directions.


All of the figures suddenly had the red light pulsing from their bodies explode and were sent flying as they cried out in pain. Several of them even exploded mid-air into clouds of blood fog.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


The survivors all smashed into the nearby buildings, leaving giant impact craters that their blood flooded out into. Their bodies mangled, each of these attacks now had faint auras which seemed to teeter on the brink of being extinguished.


The thousands of onlookers all went into an uproar as they stared at the young man who was still suspended in mid-air in horror, their eyes flashing with shock and terror.


The dozen or so people who attacked Sha Hu just now were all masters with famous names on Shadowed Soul Island. No one knew how strong these people were in the outside world, but on Shadowed Soul Island, every one of them would rank amongst the top one hundred masters!


These people were all loyal subordinates of Ming Yue!


However, after just one round of attacks by this young man, these dozen or so people were either dead or disabled, none of them able to get up. It was nothing less than an utter route!


Who was this young man? Why had they never seen or heard of him before?


Compared with this young man, Sha Hu’s name was already known to many people. On Shadowed Soul Island, it was not just Zhou An who recognized Sha Hu. Among the onlookers, many recalled Island Master Sha from a hundred years ago.


One told ten, ten told a hundred, and soon, every cultivator on Shadowed Soul Island knew what this situation was all about. It turned out that the former Island Master had come to seek revenge against the current Island Master! This was a once-in-a-lifetime drama that no one wanted to miss.


However, after the young man in front of them displayed his overwhelming might, none dared to chase after Sha Hu to spectate the excitement. Those cultivators who took orders from Ming Yue did not dare to move in the slightest. Still hearing the miserable cries from their comrades, as long as these people didn’t have a death wish, they knew better than to annoy Yang Kai.


Yang Kai glanced around and said with a smile, “Old Sha is going to challenge Ming Yue now. You may all spectate from a distance, but if anyone dares try to interfere, don’t blame this Yang for being merciless.”


In normal times, an unknown young man speaking such words would be ignored by all, but after seeing him repel the combined force of a dozen masters so easily, Yang Kai’s words held absolute authority.


No one dared to challenge him, and all the cultivators who had come to watch the show contented themselves to watching from afar, all of them wondering who was stronger, the former Island Master or the current Island Master.


At the centre of the island, a great battle had clearly erupted, and Sha Hu’s ferocity was clearly being transmitted to everyone present. Even a dozen kilometres apart, the force behind each collision could be felt as thunderous booms echoed across the sky, thrilling, and terrifying the crowd.


Yang Kai stood in place for a moment, then suddenly drew a line in the dirt, clearly marking the point which no one was to pass, then turned around and walked towards the battlefield without looking back.


Even after he left no one dared to cross this mark and could only spectate this earth-shattering battle from a distance. Although all of them were feeling quite anxious, they could only endure patiently.


Yang Kai crossed a dozen kilometres in just a few breaths to arrive at the battlefield.


At the base of the tallest building in the centre of the island, a few bloody corpses were strewn about, apparently killed by Sha Hu.


Some cultivators stood not far away, glancing back and forth between the battlefield and Yang Kai.


None of them dared to intervene at will. When Sha Hu first arrived here, he instantly killed a few people to set up his prestige. After witnessing such a display, these people did not dare challenge Sha Hu.


Today, only Ming Yue could fight Sha Hu.


Yang Kai did not pay attention to the masters who were spectating the battle and instead cast his eyes towards Ming Yue.


What Yang Kai saw was a neatly dressed middle-aged man with a scholarly aura, similar to Great Elder Mo Yu of Clear Sky Sect.


However, his physical strength was countless times stronger than Mo Yu.


The red light pulsing from Ming Yue’s body was extremely thick, showing how tyrannical his body was. Every time he threw a punch or sent out a kick, the wind would roar as if the world was being split apart.


Sha Hu’s strength was not inferior though, and by the time Yang Kai arrived, the two men had already exchanged hundreds of blows, leaving behind huge pits in the ground and smashing many of the surrounding buildings. Even the majestic central tower had a wall missing and was currently leaning unstably.


Yang Kai observed for a moment and could not help raising his brow.


Sha Hu regarded Ming Yue as his greatest enemy, and every time he mentioned Ming Yue in the past, his hatred and rage were clear, which was not unreasonable.


Yang Kai was also certain that three months ago, Sha Hu was definitely not Ming Yue’s opponent. Judging from the strength Sha Hu displayed when he first met him at the time, he could not have lasted more than a hundred breaths against the current Ming Yue.


However, Sha Hu had taken a lot of the Shadowed Heaven Pills that Yang Kai had refined over the past three months and achieved great progress in his physical strength, allowing him to now compete with Ming Yue on even terms.


The fight between these two was savage, almost to the point of trading wounds with each other.


This style of fighting was most suitable for cultivators with strong physiques, because with their rich vitality, injuries suffered in this kind of battle would be easy to restore.


Yang Kai had used this style of combat to kill powerful enemies more than once.


However, when the physical strength of two enemies was equal, this brutal style of fighting instead became a contest of endurance.


Only the one who could last longer and inflict greater damage would win out in the end!


At this point, Sha Hu seemed to occupy the advantage.


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