Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1715, Fifth Star Emperor Token

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


World Principles were extremely profound, and even as the Star Master of Shadowed Star, Yang Kai, was unable to break the barrier its World Principles had created, so how could a mere Ming Yue accomplish such a feat?


Therefore, Yang Kai concluded that Ming Yue was definitely using some special methods to access his Saint Qi.


Yang Kai was quite curious about this method.


Ming Yue’s face twitched slightly, but he did not panic and soon frowned, “You are not the Island Master here, so how are you so certain this Island Master cannot overcome the World Principles here?”


“I just know,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, a look of complete confidence filling his face.


Ming Yue’s expression became gloomy after knowing of Yang Kai’s attitude. No longer taking an easy-going manner, Ming Yue coldly snorted and declared, “Whether this Island Master can overcome this place’s World Principles or not, this Island Master being able to use Saint Qi is a fact. Boy, today you die!”


“Only those without skill boast of their abilities,” Yang Kai snickered before shouting, “Come out!”


As soon as these words fell, a clear, crisp bird cry resounded across the sky and a massive bird composed entirely of beautiful red flames shot out from Yang Kai’s body.


As soon as this firebird spread its wings, it seemed like half of the sky was covered and an intense heat filled the atmosphere.


Everyone stared up at the huge Firebird in shock as they felt the rich burning aura coming from it. Ming Yue’s complexion instantly turned pale as his expression became dignified; he was shocked to discover that this firebird had no form and was instead composed of pure Fire Attribute energy mixed with a violent Thunder Attribute power.


Across its fiery red body, there were dazzling purple streaks of lightning that danced back and forth like snakes.


[Both thunder and flame comprising a living entity?] Ming Yue considered himself experienced and knowledgeable, but even he could not identify the origins of this firebird.


Things hadn’t ended yet though. After Liu Yan appeared, Yang Kai also summoned a small, simple-looking stone man in front of him. This stone man had a naïve look on its face and carried a long pitch-black stick on its shoulder.


This overly long stick appeared in stark contrast with the stone man’s small body, making it appear rather funny.


However, the moment after this small stone man appeared, it let out a low roar and its figure began to rapidly enlarge, going from less than a metre in height to several dozen metres tall in the blink, becoming a true stone giant!


Even the pitch-black stick that rested on its shoulder became thicker and longer proportionally.


Everyone looked up at this newly appeared pair with fear as they felt an indescribable sense of oppression coming from them, making it hard to even breath.


Ming Yue’s face filled with horror as he stared towards Yang Kai in shock.


“Kill him!” Yang Kai gave a light command.


Another piercing cry sounded across all of Shadowed Soul Island as Liu Yan flapped her wings and swooped down towards Ming Yue’s head, opening her mouth and spitting out a fireball covered in purple lightning.


Ming Yue cried out in shock and didn’t dare take this thunder fire meteor head-on, immediately using his Movement Skill to dodge.


With a bang, dust was thrown up into the air as a giant crater appeared where Ming Yue was originally standing.


Before Ming Yue could compose himself though, a rush of heavy footsteps approached.


*Dong dong dong…*


Xiao Xiao strode forward, his two big feet sounding like heavy war-drums, violently pounding the ground. Still twenty metres away from Ming Yue, Xiao Xiao swung the Heaven Shaking Pillar forward violently.


The incredibly heavy Heaven Shaking Pillar was like a toy in Xiao Xiao’s hands, but the violent wind which rolled off of it nearly lifted up and swept Ming Yue away.


Ming Yue’s face turned pale as he hurriedly stretched out his hand and in a brilliant flash summoned a black hexagonal shield in front of him. This hexagonal shield spun rapidly and exuded an Origin Grade Mid-Rank aura. At a glance it was obvious it was a powerful defensive artifact that an ordinary Origin Realm master would have trouble breaking through.


However, Ming Yue did not relax at all and his expression only grew more solemn, kicking off the ground with both feet to retreat backwards.




The Heaven Shaking Pillar smashed onto the hexagonal shield, which failed to block its momentum in the slightest and directly exploded into countless fragments before the Heaven Shaking Pillar continued to smash towards Ming Yue with irresistible power.


Fortunately for Ming Yue, he had anticipated this outcome somewhat and was able to avoid a direct hit. However, merely being brushed with the shockwave from the Heaven Shaking Pillar was enough to leave Ming Yue in an extremely embarrassing state, his clothes ripped apart as the strong winds cut open his flesh, drawing blood from all over his body.


A terrible cry rang out above Ming Yue’s head at that moment, causing all his blood to run cold!


Swivelling his head up, he found Liu Yan floating above his head once again, sending down a rain of fire and lightning that covered a hundred-metre-wide radius with him at its centre.


There was no way to avoid this blow!


Lightning flashed and flames blazed, instantly transforming the region around Ming Yue into a burning purgatory and shaking all of Shadowed Soul Island with its might.


All of Ming Yue’s subordinates had long ago lost their ability to think as they watched Ming Yue’s figure being swallowed by the intense fire and lightning, all of them shivering as if they had been thrown into the middle of an icy blizzard.


Even Sha Hu, who prided himself on his physical strength, couldn’t help trembling in shock.


He didn’t realize that Yang Kai had not exerted his full strength when they fought back then. If at that time, Yang Kai had summoned this strange firebird and stone giant, how could he still have his life?


Whether it was the stone giant or the firebird, either was enough to absolutely crush him. The powerful physique he had cultivated over several hundred years wasn’t worth a fart in front of these two strange creatures.


Fortunately, the relationship between them was not horrendous to the degree they were irreconcilable, allowing them to go from enemies to friends.


When thinking back on those initial days, Sha Hu could not help feeling some fear as well as gratitude that he had made such a wise decision.


However… what exactly were Yang Kai’s origins? With such strength, couldn’t he dominate over all of Shadowed Star? It seemed that Sha Hu would have to ask Pang Zhen about Yang Kai’s background after this incident was over.


Sha Hu secretly made up his mind before focusing his attention back on the battlefield.


With just a glance though, he couldn’t help feeling stunned.


He found that Ming Yue, who was at the centre of the hellish flames, had actually not been killed immediately, instead, his vitality was simply severely weakened. Sha Hu didn’t know how Ming Yue managed to pull this off; after all, if they traded places, that single blow would have been enough to kill him ten times over.


Yang Kai obviously discovered this too, but instead of being surprised, he instead wore a look of interest.


A moment later, the raging flames and thunder dissipated and the sea of destruction ebbed. At the centre of the scorched earth stood Ming Yue, panting heavily and looking very embarrassed.


There were no longer any signs of his previously elegant demeanour, with his clothes completely ruined, his hair in a mess, and his skin filled with burns as his vitality fluctuated weakly.


If it weren’t for his intrepid physique, he would likely have already been killed.


Ming Yue being able to stand was thanks in large part to all the Shadowed Heaven Pills he had taken to temper his body over the years, highly enriching his vitality.


But standing was all Ming Yue could do at this point, he looked at Yang Kai blankly, his face filled with unwillingness as he clenched something in his hand.


Yang Kai’s gaze shifted and quickly discerned what Ming Yue was grasping.


It was actually a token, and one that Yang Kai was quite familiar with. From this token, there was a faint, but obviously Emperor Pressure.


[A Star Emperor Token!] Yang Kai frowned.


He had never expected that Ming Yue would possess a Star Emperor Token!


From what Yang Kai could sense, it was this Star Emperor Token that allowed Ming Yue to communicate with the World Principles of Shadowed Soul Island and allowed him to use his Saint Qi and Shi. It was also thanks to this that he was able to survive Liu Yan’s fierce attack just now.


[Could this damned place actually be related to Yang Yan?] This idea flashed through Yang Kai’s mind quickly.


Not delaying any longer, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and he arrived in front of Ming Yue, sending out a palm strike towards his chest.


Ming Yue was already an arrow at the end of its flight and couldn’t resist at all. This palm was the last straw, and even though Ming Yue saw it coming, he had no strength to resist.


With a muffled thud, Ming Yue fell onto his back while Yang Kai quickly snatched the Star Emperor Token and Space Ring from his hand.


With his back to Sha Hu and the others, Yang Kai carefully handled the token and quickly confirmed it to be a genuine Star Emperor Token because it was identical to the ones he already possessed!


Sending his Divine Sense into the Star Emperor Token, Yang Kai noticed that it seemed to have a subtle connection to a certain location on Shadowed Soul Island.


Yang Kai raised his head and looked in that direction.


“Old Sha, I’ll let you handle things from here, I’m going to investigate something,” Yang Kai said before immediately disappearing.


Sha Hu was taken aback, but didn’t pay the matter too much mind, instead turning towards Ming Yue’s subordinates and flashing a ferocious grin.


Those people only came back to their senses at this moment and began calling out in panic, “Island Master Sha, mercy! What happened a hundred years ago was all because Ming Yue forced me to act, not because I was willing!”


“Heh heh, whether it was voluntary or involuntary doesn’t matter to this old master. Misdeeds have costs. A hundred years ago, all of you joined forces with Ming Yue in his plot against this old master, and if it weren’t for this old master’s good fortune, he would never have been able to have his revenge today. Talk is useless, surrender your lives!”


Sha Hu released a brilliant red light from his body and rushed towards the shaking cultivators like a tiger entering a flock of sheep. After ten breaths, all of Ming Yue’s subordinates had been killed.


Having obtained his revenge, Sha Hu stood on the spot, looked up at the sky, and released a thunderous roar.


The thousands of cultivators on Shadowed Soul Island all looked towards the source of this howl with a myriad of different expressions.


They knew that a great change had come to Shadowed Soul Island.


In the meantime, Yang Kai arrived at the central point of Shadowed Soul Island.


After arriving here, the Star Emperor Token that belonged to Ming Yue in his hand began to vibrate, as if it was trying to escape Yang Kai’s grasp.


This place was quite picturesque, with several small huts being built here that seemed to have been abandoned long ago.


Yang Kai swept his eyes around with a suspicious expression on his face.


Although he felt that this place was somewhat strange, he was unable to determine what made it so through observation alone.


After thinking about it for a moment, Yang Kai let go of the Star Emperor Token.


The Star Emperor Token flew out immediately, drawing a beautiful arc in the air, before quickly arriving at a certain spot and hovering there, a series of black spots appearing around it in the next moment.


A chaotic nothingness pulsed from these holes, along with a powerful Space Force fluctuation.


Seeing this, Yang Kai’s expression suddenly became solemn.


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