Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1769, Shocking Void Beast

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Unfortunately, now was not the best time for this. At this moment, Yang Kai felt as if he had the keys to a rich treasure trove, and that treasure trove was actually his body.


But he did not have time to check and handle his treasures!


Focusing himself, Yang Kai swept his surroundings looking for Xue Yue.


He had not forgotten that there was another person who was worried about him in this place, constantly calling his name and relying on him.


However, when he looked around, Yang Kai could not help frowning because there were no signs of Xue Yue anywhere.


Even spreading out his Divine Sense, Yang Kai was unable to locate Xue Yue.


[Where did she go?] Yang Kai frowned. He did not think Xue Yue had abandoned him when he fell into danger. Although he had not had much contact with Xue Yue, and didn’t know much about her, from the brief period he had spent with her, he could tell she wasn’t such a person.


On top of that, she would be like a headless fly in this Void Crack without any understanding of Space Force. Even if she spent thousands of years wandering about, there was no guarantee she would be able to escape.


Therefore, it was impossible that she had simply left on her own.


[Did she encounter some kind of danger?] Yang Kai’s heart clenched as he thought up a possibility; but in this Void Crack, what dangers could there be? Although this was a literal chaotic emptiness outside the Severed World, the two of them had not encountered any dangers during their entire time here.


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai began taking action. No matter what, finding Xue Yue was the priority.


Taking a single step forward, Yang Kai travelled a hundred kilometres, his expression calm and composed, each step he took resonating with the surrounding space.


Previously, Yang Kai would need to tear space to travel a hundred kilometres in an instant, and although he recently learned to cross short distances in the blink of any eye with the increase in his comprehension of the Dao of Space, he could only leap across ten kilometres or so at a time, a truly insignificant distance.


Yet now, he was easily able to flicker across a hundred kilometres in one step, and this was far from his current limit.


While he was moving, Yang Kai began digesting the power and understanding he had obtained after swallowing the power of the helix, dramatically improving his comprehension and application of his Space Force.


If he was right, even if Xue Yue had left, she couldn’t have run far; after all, even if she wanted to run away, she wouldn’t be able to in this damned place.


Therefore, Yang Kai focused on searching the surrounding region.


Sure enough, half a stick of incense worth of time later, Yang Kai found Xue Yue’s figure!


However, at this moment, she was in quite a distressed state as she ran through the empty void, her long hair dishevelled and blood leaking from the corners of her mouth.


Behind her was a thirty-metre-long Monster Beast that somewhat resembled a seal. This Monster Beast’s body was fat and swollen, with a wide tail it flapped lightly as it followed after Xue Yue in an unhurried manner, letting out loud, piercing cries from time to time.


When he saw this Monster Beast, Yang Kai’s eyes shrank, and a look of astonishment appeared on his face.


Because he clearly felt Space Force fluctuations coming from it!


Every movement this Monster Beast made resonated with the surrounding space, as if the space around it was what was moving it forward. Despite it seeming to flounder about awkwardly, it was easily able to follow Xue Yue, who was fleeing desperately.


In other words, it did not want to kill Xue Yue immediately, but was instead teasing her like a cat would a mouse, taking pleasure in chasing her.


Just as Yang Kai saw Xue Yue, this Monster Beast opened its stubby mouth and spurt out a burst of energy that was visible to the naked eye.


This mass of energy rapidly condensed into a sharp blade that easily cut across space and directly struck towards Xue Yue.


Perceiving the terrifying danger approaching from behind her, Xue Yue’s beautiful face changed colour and she quickly bit her tongue and spat out a mouthful of Blood Essence to forcefully summon her Xie Zhi Symbiotic Monster Spirit above her head. The Xie Zhi’s illusionary body was covered in dense black fur and a single long horn jutted out from its forehead, giving it an imposing image. As soon as it appeared, it roared and rushed towards the rear.


Her Xie Zhi Symbiotic Monster Spirit was comparable to Xue Yue in terms of combat power, so an average Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator would certainly not be its opponent.


But this phantom Xie Zhi was easily bisected by the Space Force blade.


With a miserable howl, the illusionary Xie Zhi vanished.


As for its host, Xue Yue was also severely injured. Opening her mouth, she coughed up another mouthful of blood as her tender body faltered and her escaping speed slowed dramatically.


Xue Yue did not dare to look back as her beautiful eyes grew dim.


At that moment, a figure fell from the sky and took her into his arms.


Struggling, Xue Yue managed to lift her head and immediately saw Yang Kai’s face before her. Even in the darkness, she felt that this face exuded endless light, as if it was a bright star guiding her on the dim road ahead. 


“You finally came!” Xue Yue squeezed out a smile as she breathlessly said.


“En, it was an accident of sorts,” Yang Kai nodded and while talking used his Saint Qi to scan Xue Yue’s body, frowning slightly at what he found. Xue Yue’s situation was quite dire. Yang Kai could not tell how long she had been entangled with this Monster Beast, but her Saint Qi was essentially depleted and there was damage to both her body and meridians. If he had arrived an hour later, Xue Yue might have died from exhaustion, even if the Monster Beast did not kill her.


“How did you provoke it?” Yang Kai asked while glancing back at the Monster Beast suspended in the void.


“It appeared on its own,” Xue Yue leaned into Yang Kai’s arms and replied softly. “After waiting for you for a few days, without any response, this Monster Beast suddenly appeared. Perhaps it was nearby and sensed your presence. As soon as it appeared, it rushed towards you. I was afraid that you would be disturbed, so I…”


“So, you lead it away?” Yang Kai looked down at her.


Xue Yue hesitated for a moment, then nodded.


Yang Kai sighed softly as his heart warmed.


“Your body… what happened?” Xue Yue suddenly cried out again as she finally noticed Yang Kai’s unusual state. The black lines which seemed to erase his physique as they flowed across his figure caused Xue Yue to think that something terrible had happened to Yang Kai, immediately putting her on edge.


“It’s just some of my powers running out of control, it’s not a big problem. As long as I completely refine and absorb it, the effects should pass.” Yang Kai explained, patting Xue Yue’s back as he said, “Don’t worry about it, what needs to be dealt with right now is this fellow.”


Saying so, he turned his attention to the strange Monster Beast in front of him with a solemn expression.


Xue Yue’s face changed slightly as she whispered, “Be careful, it’s very powerful, definitely not inferior to an Origin King. What’s more, it’s proficient in Space Force. If I am not mistaken, it should be…”


“A Shocking Void Beast!” Yang Kai grinned, “I know.”


Him following Luo Lan into the Severed World this time was primarily to hunt a Shocking Void Beast.


But Yang Kai had never expected to encounter such a Shocking Void Beast in this situation.


Able to wander The Void freely, proficient in the Dao of Space, what else could it be other than a Shocking Void Beast? So even if Yang Kai had never encountered this kind of Monster Beast before, he was instantly able to identify it.


“As long as you know,” Xue Yue put her heart at ease, adjusted herself into a comfortable position in Yang Kai’s arms, then whispered softly. “I’ll leave the rest up to you, my life is in your hands.”


Saying so, she activated some kind of Secret Technique without hesitation and fell unconscious.


She was already a dry oil lamp, so she needed to heal her injuries immediately; the Secret Technique she used allowed her to enter a state of deep sleep where all her energy could be devoted to healing.


“You trust me that much?” Yang Kai smiled slightly, feeling a heavy sense of responsibility and muttering to himself, “Then, I certainly can’t let you down.”


Saying so, he flipped Xue Yue onto his back and then condensed his Saint Qi to secure her to him, allowing him to freely move his hands and feet. After making sure Xue Yue wouldn’t be thrown off no matter how he moved, Yang Kai turned his attention to the Shocking Void Beast in a leisurely manner.


Since Yang Kai appeared, the Shocking Void Beast has fallen silent.


On its fat head, its two small eyes stared fixedly at Yang Kai, as if he was a delicious meal stimulating its appetite.


The Shocking Void Beast was innately proficient in the Dao of Space, and Yang Kai has just absorbed the entire spatial helix, greatly increasing his understanding of the Dao of Space. Moreover, the raw Space Force Yang Kai had just absorbed was leaking out from his body uncontrollably, drawing the Shocking Void Beast’s full attention.


Staring at each other, Yang Kai’s eyes filled with the same aggression as the Shocking Void Beast’s, neither of them flinching.


In this boundless void crack, one person and one beast felt their opponent’s fighting intent.


“Come!” After a long time, Yang Kai beckoned to the Shocking Void Beast, “I want your Monster Core, you want my body. Let’s see who obtains what they want and who becomes the other’s meal!”


Whether the Shocking Void Beast understood Yang Kai’s words or not was debatable, but it certainly realized it was being provoked, so it released a loud roar in the next moment and shot a barrage of pitch-black energy balls at Yang Kai.


The speed of these dark spheres was incredible; after all, they had been released by the Shocking Void Beast using its comprehension of the Dao of Space. The attacks instantly crossed the distance between them and bombarded Yang Kai.


The power of these attacks was enough to threaten an Origin King!


Yang Kai eyes flashed. Instead of retreating in the face of such an attack, his fighting spirit intent only soared higher as he swung his arms out freely.


Secret Technique, Space Blade!


*Xiu xiu xiu…*


A series of crescent-shaped Space Blades shot out, precisely and perfectly meeting the Shocking Void Beast’s attacks.


Space Blade was the Space Force offensive Secret Technique that Yang Kai possessed and had always been one of his trump cards.


However, after swallowing and fusing with the spatial helix, the power of this Secret Technique had increased several times!


Although the size of the Space Blades Yang Kai released had not changed, his control over them, and the stability of their form had dramatically improved, together with their lethality.


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