Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1831, Doesn’t Know The Immensity Of Heaven And Earth

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Gui Zu’s words were both upright and profound, so he was shocked and somewhat embarrassed that no one responded to him after he finished. The nearly ten thousand disciples in the square seemed to have been struck by lightning and were unable to move.


Quietly turning his head to look at Yang Kai, Gui Zu discovered that this little brat had already wrapped his arms around Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang and was whispering something to them quietly, totally ignoring his plight.


[Little bastard! Abandoning me when I need you most!] Gui Zu cursed in his heart.


But in the next moment, a loud shout suddenly sounded.


“What Supreme Elder said is right! I won’t disappoint Supreme Elder and Sect Master’s expectations!”


“Advance and retreat together with Supreme Elder, live and die together with the Sect!”


“Supreme Elder and Sect Master can rest assured, I will definitely work hard to cultivate so the Sect will soon stand equal then dominate above the three great forces of Star Field!.”


“Supreme Elder is mighty! I will obey all of Supreme Elder’s orders!”


Gui Zu’s recruitment seemed to have injected a dose of hot blood into the High Heaven Sect, causing everyone to be excited.


Gui Zu secretly breathed a sigh of relief as he experienced an inexplicable feeling. If he were to put it into words, it would be like the ugly daughter-in-law who came to see her in-laws and finally managed to obtain their approval…


[This is quite stressful. Aren’t I a Second-Order Origin King? Didn’t I come here to accept worship and blessings? Why did it all become so complicated?]


Gui Zu really could not understand his own feelings.


Quickly adjusting himself, he tried to put on the appearance of a powerful master and smiled lightly, “Today is the first time this old master has stood before you but… En, this old master has not prepared anything as a gift on first greetings, so instead, this old master will speak about his comprehensions of the Martial Dao for the next three days. During this time, if any of you have any questions about your cultivation, you may ask them, and this old master will answer them if he can.”


As soon as this statement came out, the nearly ten thousand disciples became even more excited. Although they were excited, all of them tried to restrain themselves and immediately sat down cross-legged, giving their full attention to Gui Zu.


There were not many opportunities to listen to the teachings of a Second-Order Origin King, and every cultivator, throughout the course of their cultivation, would encounter difficulties and questions. These problems may appear when one tried to cultivate Secret Arts or Martial Skills, when refining artifacts, or even when trying to comprehend the Martial Dao and Heavenly Way. If at that time, there was someone to guide and teach them, they could save much time and difficulty.


Now, there was a Second-Order Origin King who would speak of his own experiences and answer their questions. This was a once-in-a-lifetime chance, so how could the disciples not get excited?


Seeing all the disciples give him so much face comforted Gui Zu’s heart, and after clearing his throat, he began to speak, his words reverberating across the square. Within a short time, all the disciples showed mesmerized expressions, completely immersed in his explanations of the Martial Dao and Heavenly Way.


“Two Senior Sisters, I haven’t seen you for many days. Junior Brother has missed you very much. Come come, let’s find a quiet place to talk in private,” Yang Kai saw that Gui Zu was at ease, so he didn’t pay him anymore mind, tightening his hold on Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang as he walked out with them shamelessly.


“Junior Brother!” Su Yan’s pretty face flushed red as she gave him a disapproving glance, “We have lots of time. Today, Supreme Elder is discussing his life experiences, so it is a rare opportunity. I want to stay…”


“I want to stay too…” Xia Ning Chang looked at Yang Kai eagerly.


“There will be plenty of opportunities for that. If you want to, I can have him speak to you personally another day,” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully.


Hearing this, Gui Zu, who was full of vigour on the stage, almost tripped and fell to the ground. Shooting a glare towards Yang Kai viciously, he felt that this boy was just using him to please his women. Absolutely shameless!


“How could we do that? Supreme Elder is the Supreme Elder after all…” Xia Ning Chang was a little worried.


“You don’t need to worry about that,” Yang Kai ignored Gui Zu’s glare and just chuckled lightly, “Supreme Elder wants to ask you for Alchemy, so he can teach a little to you when the time comes.”


“Supreme Elder want to request Alchemy from me?” Xia Ning Chang glanced over at Gui Zu.


Gui Zu’s heart was shaking as he wondered if this woman was the Origin King Grade Alchemist mentioned by Yang Kai. Indeed, Yang Kai had said that his Senior Sister was an Origin King Grade Alchemist back then, and this innocent looking woman did have a strong pill fragrance about her, one that could only be obtained by constantly refining pills.


[So, it really is her!]


Thinking so, Gui Zu hurriedly squeezed out a smile and nodded to Xia Ning Chang, not daring to be careless while he continued to speak without stopping.


“Look, Supreme Elder has agreed,” Yang Kai struck while the iron was hot and quickly ran off with Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, not giving them a chance to hesitate. The two women flushed with shame and lowered their heads, unable to argue any further.


Halfway back though, Xia Ning Chang suddenly remembered something and said, “By the way, Junior Brother, Sister Yang Yan…”


“I know!” Yang Kai interrupted her.


When he returned to High Heaven Sect just now, Yang Kai had already noticed Yang Yan’s Divine Sense sweeping him briefly before disappearing in a flash, so he was almost certain she had awakened!


The legendary Starry Sky Great Emperor had returned!


However, he did not have time to deal with Yang Yan’s affairs right now as he first needed to attend to Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang.




Five days later, Hundred Flowers Peak.


Yang Kai walked up the long mountain road, but as soon as he reached the peak, a young girl suddenly flew towards him. Mid-air, her slender calf swept out. There was no energy fluctuation coming from her body, so it seemed she was only using her physical strength.


Yang Kai’s face turned extremely solemn, however, and with a low shout, he stabilized his stance and raised his right arm to block.




As if two giant mountains collided with one another at high speed, a violent blasting sound filled the air and the ground under Yang Kai’s feet suddenly turned into dust. The young girl who suddenly attacked Yang Kai also cried out as she flew backwards.


Turning mid-air, the young girl dexterously adjusted her position before landing gracefully. The next moment though she bent down and began rubbing her leg while glaring at Yang Kai, “Uncle Sect Master, is your body made of steel? That hurt so much!”


While complaining, a few tears squeezed out from her eyes.


“Silly little girl,” Yang Kai looked at her with a smile. “Every time I see you, you try to attack me. Why, are you that confident in your physical strength?”


“Hmph,” The little girl snorted slightly as she pointed her nose towards the sky, “Great Elder said that I have the Tyrant Strength Body that grants immense strength, and Martial Aunt Yang Yan also said that I have great talent, but they must be lying to me. I can’t even tidy up Uncle Sect Master after eating so many Shadowed Heaven Pills.”


“Haha, they’re not lying to you, it’s just that you’re too young. When you’re my age…”


“Then I can tidy you up?” The little girl asked excitedly.


“Nope! You’re still growing, but so am I, so you’re not the only one who will be getting stronger and stronger, but… why are you so keen to tidy me up?” Yang Kai stared at the little girl in amazement.


The little girl was of course Lin Yun’er, the orphan adopted by Huang Juan.


As time passed, Lin Yun’er’s physical prowess was becoming more and more terrifying. The power hidden in her tiny body was almost on par with that of an average Origin Realm master, and if she used her Saint Qi as well, she would be able to fight against Origin Returning Realm cultivators with ease.


[How old is this little girl? This year, she should not be more than sixteen. Nevertheless, she has already achieved such astonishing strength.] Yang Kai could almost imagine that she would become the most famous master of the Star Field in the future.


Hearing Yang Kai’s question, Lin Yun’er promptly replied, “Martial Aunt Yang Yan said that if Yun’er can clean up Uncle Sect Master, she will take me to a good place to make me stronger.”


“Haha…” Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he glanced over towards Yang Yan who was sipping tea lightly in front of her Hundred Flower Pavilion.


After awakening, Yang Yan gave off a vastly different feeling from before, and when Yang Kai looked at her, he could not help feeling this difference, causing him to frown slightly.


“I thought you would stay in First Heavenly Palace forever and never come see me,” Yang Yan put down the teacup in her hand and smiled at Yang Kai meaningfully. “Were these past few days enjoyable?”


“It was alright,” Yang Kai’s face was not thin, but even he couldn’t help going slightly red at this moment. Glancing over to the side and seeing Gui Zu standing next to Yang Yan, he could not help asking in surprise, “Oh, Supreme Elder is also here, what a coincidence.”


“Haha…” Now it was Gui Zu’s turn to have his face twitch.


Actually, Yang Kai had noticed him the moment he arrived, but looking at Gui Zu’s appearance, it seemed that he had suffered a big loss at Yang Yan’s hands. At this moment, he stood behind Yang Yan respectfully like a servant, not daring to reveal the slightest bit of his evil aura, instead even shrinking his neck as if trying to make himself seem smaller.


“This is your newly recruited Supreme Elder, right?” Yang Yan pointed to Gui Zu and asked Yang Kai.


“En, Senior Gui Zu has a Second-Order Origin King cultivation. which is sufficient for a position of Supreme Elder of the Sect,” Yang Kai said as he walked up to the Hundred Flower Pavilion and sat opposite Yang Yan.


Lin Yun’er followed obediently and poured Yang Kai a glass of water with a smile.


She seemed very relaxed in front of Yang Yan, without the slightest pressure, a stark contrast to Gui Zu, who was like a mouse being stared at by a cat…


“His cultivation is so-so, but… he doesn’t seem to know the immensity of Heaven and Earth,” Yang Yan snorted softly.


Yang Kai clearly saw Gui Zu shiver when he heard these words come out.


As Yang Kai has guessed, he had suffered a big loss at Yang Yan’s hands! But what had Gui Zu done? Yang Kai also became curious and could not help looking at him.


Gui Zu squeezed out an ugly smile and said, “Senior, this is the first time this old man has held the post of Supreme Elder so he couldn’t help acting a bit insolent and having eyes but failing to see, causing him to accidentally offend Senior. I hope Senior can be forgiving and not lower herself to this old man’s level.


“Lower herself to your level, this Queen?” Yang Yan looked at him with a grin, “Just yesterday you said you would answer this Queen’s questions about cultivation. This Queen has not even thanked you for your offer yet. In fact, I have some things I wish to ask you today. I wonder if Supreme Elder has the time?”


“Senior must be joking…” Gui Zu almost cried, “This old man really didn’t know Senior’s identity and thought you were just an ordinary disciple, as such…”


“Supreme Elder, you didn’t take the initiative to try to teach her, did you?” Yang Kai’s jaw dropped.


Gui Zu nodded slightly with a distraught look on his face.


Yang Kai picked up the teacup and took a light sip as he tried very hard not to smile, his shoulders shaking noticeably from the effort.


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  1. finally! i missed Yang Yan personality. Another character that should return is Qiu Yi Meng… she was the perfect pair for Yang Kai in the inheritance arc

  2. Not gonna lie a part of me wants to go back through the series and fix all the mathematical problems and obvious inconsistencies in the story. The girl should be closer to 25 by now minimum 20, I did the math a couple weeks ago just can’t remember where I put it.

    1. Yeah, I get ya on that about the age issues. Thats what happens when you toss numbers around in writing. It becomes hard to justify it as you keep reading more and more chapters. The little girl with the tyrant body I kinda just chock up the idea that her body ages differently. But, there are other issues with the storyline as well. For example, yangkais abilities. His knowledge sea should have been able to packman that soul whisp. For example he used that left demon eye to beam that recent soul whisp. But it did not harm him enough. But he did not use those soul eating bugs. I mean would you forget to use them is they are camped out on your lotus? I doubt it. Second issue, he has not ate the soul of any one since the point in the story where he obtained the demon blood thread art. Which means he literally has not increased his soul power since origin realm through that method. If you have a way to infinitely level up your soul off enemies and learn their abilities through a devouring method…. would you as a person avoid doing so? The answer is no you would not. More over, his sealed world bead. It was upgraded by him multiple times via his studies of space concepts. yet, since transporting his tribes of followers with it. He has not once upgraded it since then. Instead he planted a immortals tree. Now its a magic garden on the go. Which fine thats cool. But, still you have the power to make your sealed world bead bigger. Yet you dont do it…. Its like these story hooks just get lost and are not worthy of his time. Mind you, yang yan just woke up. So, lets look at it from this new perspective. You have a master at artifact arrays chilling in your sect. Shes more powerful than you are. You have a sealed world bead that is now a medicine garden. Yet you dont even ask her to put up a spirit herb garden array…. Bet that wont happen. But hey if it did it speed up herb production for the sect. Instead he will ask how to absorb immortal sap. And that will be that. It will all get glossed over from then on. Oh and you got this tyrant body on this girl that will make her implode. Yet you wont use that sap to give her an immortal body as well. so she wont go poof.??? seems a bit to stupid to not think about as far as story line hooks go… Its like doing dishes and forgetting the soap. But hey thats what we get for reading chinese light novels.

      1. I mean you bring up a point that can be looked over, him absorbing others souls is a constant automatic thing, however there are two instances he cant absorb the soul, he has burned someone’s soul with his saint qi infused with his combo power. it happened for the first time i believe when he got to shadowed star or after he refined the yin dew while in the fifth ring when he promoted to the 2nd order saint king.
        The other time was i believe when he banished not just the body but someone’s soul with space force, i don’t think he has done it intentionally but he may do it at some point.

        I believe this like other situations can be given some leeway, because the story has said that the demon eye absorbs the souls into his knowledge see without him reacting even though he can will it to do so fervently. But i actually think that they don’t bother saying it because no ones soul would do him any justice to absorb at this point besides a 3rd order origin king, and soon that might not be enough to mention it. The last time he absorbed an important soul was the former 3rd order origin king while in the blood prison,

        However the eye has a secondary purpose, to enhance his understanding, at this point unless someone has something profound about them, i don’t think the author will bother putting in the paragraph explaining him taking in the soul cleaning it and absorbing it. They’d rather explain something they haven’t explained in a while or at the very least reminding the reader of something to pay attention to.

        I feel you on the bead though, after his battle with the sect master of purple star he should have taken a moment to evaluate his understanding of space principles. however i believe they are saving that very soon.

        I don’t think yang kai will asking anything of yang yan as he would know better than to do so, but i do think she might gift some things to him or refine something for him or possible gui zu, she after all is the vice sect master of high heaven sect even though she is the starry sky great emperor.

        The thing about the girl though is she has to make her body stronger, they didn’t say what her cultivation was but they said that with pure strength she can stand her ground against an origin returning master with her cultivation added in she can fight any normal origin master with ease. also just found my math, she was about 7 when she was brought back by yang kai to the sect when he was about 43ish, by now depending on when yang kai promotes to 2nd order origin king, not long (he is already at the peak 1st order) he should be under 60, but clearly older than 50,
        (Gu Jian xin was stated to be about 60 or just under 60 and there was speculation that he would become an origin king in a matter of a few years , the story specifically says that this is an record breaking unimaginable feat, while at the same time yang kai is still younger than him and mentally thinks he could have advanced after becoming the star master of shadowed star but waited to do so)
        this puts him at lets say a rough55, 55-43 is 12+7 is 19. even if we move the number to its max of 50 which is unlikely, that makes her 15, but however we know more than 14 years have passed since the empower garden as time is notably labeled as passing, which is why i say 55 at the lowest, so she is 19 right now maxing out at 24.
        sorry long post,

        1. The idea of time is also very stretched. I mean take yang yan for instance. She looks 15 because it was her soul cloned body that she merged with. But then there’s issues with space time. is the lower worlds on the same time table as the upper star systems? Are each star system on the same time table? Are sealed worlds on the the same time table? I honestly think the authors of these light novels want to keep the main character at a teen to young adult age. The reason for that is target audience of their readers. But, the reality is that yang kai will perpetually look around 25 to 26 years old when hes 8000 years old. With that aside, i believe the projected future arc of the story is going to go about like this…. Yang kai gets the method to make his body immortal. Then chooses to head to pick up the other emperor tokens. Finds out from yang yan she sealed some sort of opportunity with those tokens. Yang kai gets all but one token. That token probably ends up in the hands of his newest rival. Just my thoughts on it. Oh and he gets proposed to by hang lou chamber of commerce young miss. just my thoughts on it.

          1. respectable ideas, anther side note would be that any time age is discussed it is purely the aura of someone not there actual age, specifically the young girl could perpetually just look to be a teenager because of her monstrous cultivating, i think she was in the saint realm when yang kai saved her outside one of clear sky sects cities after coming back with chan and yan

          2. Holy Moly and I thought I was the guy who wrote the long comments 😂. Kinda strange that the author doesn’t get his math right. If I remember correctly somebody already pointed out that it was already wrong when Yang Kai spend almost a year in that sealed world bead to refine it. From my feelings something like 20 years should have passed since then but no math here.

            I would try to ignore it or correct it for yourself everytime it comes up. I remember that the author started to get the order of monster beasts wrong at some point. He would call Origin King level Monster Beasts 10th Order but it is actually 11. Immortal Ascension – 6, Transcendent – 7, Saint – 8, Saint King – 9, Origin Returing – 10, Origin King – 11. Good thing he always said what realm they were comparable to so it wasn’t difficult. If it helps just thing of Lin Yun’er as a young woman.

            The thing about absorbing souls is strange, on the one hand the author almost annoys you with repetitions of stuff you know already but other stuff he never mentions anymore or just very rarely. I feel like he is trying to keep the story interesting and not too convoluted so he selects a few aspects he wants to focus on and throws the rest overboard. That feels really bad if they were dear to you but if we are being honest if Yang Kai kept using every power he ever obtained and tried using them to their full potential he would be beyond broken and it would take way too long to focus on all of them. Maybe in a 1000 chapters we will never hear about space force again 😅.

      2. 🤔Golden Eye is almost definitely much stronger than those “soul eating bugs”, last they were mentioned, iirc, they were barely comparable to Origin Returning Realm cultivators; really don’t see what use they would have had in that fight. And again with that “learn their abilities through a devouring method”?🤦‍♂️ No, devouring souls does not give out Martial abilities.

        Regarding sealed world bead expansion, either Yang Kai is doing it in the background and there hasn’t been any interesting development to get an explicit mention in the story, or he has been busy with other things. There is nothing to indicate that Yang Kai should expand the Sealed World Bead as quickly as possible, what’s the rush?

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    Thanks for chapter 🙂

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    Nonetheless Keep up the stellar work.

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