Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1839, Bullying


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Purple Heaven Star, one of the three great forces of Star Field’s, Purple Star’s Home Star.


Together with Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s Water Moon Star and Sword Union’s Sword Star, they made up the top three Cultivation Stars in the entire Star Field. These three Cultivation Stars not only possessed rich World Energy but also a wealth of materials, causing the average strength of all cultivators who lived on them to far exceed that of other Cultivation Stars.


If Cultivation Stars had a strict classification hierarchy, Tong Xuan Realm would undoubtedly belong to the lowest class, Shadowed Star would be ranked in the middle, and these Cultivation Stars would rank at the peak.


Purple Star City occupied a large swath of land and had many magnificent buildings in it. Spacious streets were crisscrossing each other, lined with prosperous shops selling a dazzling array of wares as rivers of cultivators flowed through.


This was the headquarters of Purple Star.


For any Purple Star cultivator, this city symbolized honour and glory.


Purple Star City was located atop a top-level Earth Vein, so the aura in the city was no worse than that of any spirit mountain or cultivation paradise. The inner city’s aura was the richest and most important location on ​​Purple Star. Not just any member of Purple Star would be granted entry to this holy ground.


On this day, a stream of light shot forward at a rapid pace and only came to a halt about a thousand metres away from Purple Star City. When the light dissipated, the figure of a young man appeared.


It was none other than Yang Kai.


Starting from High Heaven Sect, even though he had managed to save a great deal of time by using two Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays, it still took Yang Kai half a year to fly through the Star Field to Purple Heaven Star.


The purpose of his trip here was simple, to obtain the Star Emperor Token inside Purple Star’s Treasure Vault.


Of course, if he had other gains, it would be for the best; after all, the place where the Star Emperor Token was hidden was where Purple Star kept all its most valuable treasures as well.


Releasing his Divine Sense for a bit, Yang Kai was also secretly surprised by the grandeur and scale of Purple Star City. A city of this size could only be built and maintained by a super force.


Just the city walls alone were three hundred metres high and radiated a purple light. Yang Kai could not identify what material had been used to build this wall and only knew that it gave off the aura of a powerful barrier.


It was conceivable that if a foreign enemy invaded, Purple Star City could simply activate this Sect Defending Array to resist.


However… Yang Kai felt it unlikely there was anyone who would dare come here to find trouble.


“This is Purple Star City?” Yang Kai seemed to be muttering to himself as he narrowed his eyes and looked ahead.


The next moment, however, a faint voice reached his ear, “Replying to Young Master Yang, this is indeed my Purple Star’s headquarters, Purple Star City. Young Master Yang acts decisively, I haven’t felt much time pass but we have already arrived here.”


The voice was extremely faint, and as a Divine Sense Message, only Yang Kai was able to hear it.


Naturally, this voice belonged to Zi Dong, who was still hiding in the Soul Sustaining Bowl.


Yang Kai daring to rush into Purple Star’s headquarters single-handedly was not because he was a hot-tempered fool, but because he had access to a source of inside information like Zi Dong. With this Purple Star Young Master as his guide, as long as he acted carefully, Yang Kai felt he shouldn’t have any trouble entering Purple Star’s Vault.


Of course, the premise was that this boy was not plotting something.


After associating with him for a while, Yang Kai determined that although this boy’s talent was on par with that of Xue Yue and Gu Jian Xin, he was far behind in terms of Martial Heart. At this moment, Zi Dong no longer had any of his former spirit and had degenerated into a dog who could only beg for his life. He was respectful of Yang Kai in every way and did not dare show any disobedience.


“I see. Do all of the Starships in this sky belong to Purple Star?” Yang Kai raised his head and looked up to see some twenty or thirty Starship floating in the distance. Because they were so far away, Yang Kai was unable to perceive what grade these Starships were, but since they were floating atop Purple Star City, they were surely of high quality.


“Most of them,” Zi Dong replied proudly. “What Young Master Yang sees here is just the tip of the iceberg. My Purple Star’s influence extends across the entire Star Field and many other great forces send Starships here for various purposes like trade.”


“En,” Yang Kai nodded lightly, “Conceal your aura, I am going in.”


“Yes!” Zi Dong replied obediently before quickly hiding inside the Soul Sustaining Bowl.


Yang Kai flew down and landed before walking towards the towering city gate. The gate was like the maw of a giant beast, as tall as the city wall and just as daunting. The cultivators who came to Purple Star City for the first time would definitely be affected by this, feeling so shocked and humbled by the imposing pressure of the city gates that they would not dare act presumptuously in Purple Star City.


There was a long line outside the gates with many cultivators waiting to enter the city.


Yang Kai didn’t want to be too conspicuous, so he obediently lined up at the back.


As time passed, people at the head of the line would pay a certain amount of Saint Crystals, receive a special permit, and walk into the city.


Suddenly, a dissatisfied cry came from the front, “Sir, why did you only charge the man who just entered a hundred High-Rank Saint Crystals but now you’re charging me a thousand? Isn’t this a flaunting of the rules?”


“Rules?” A sneer replied, “Father here is the city’s gate guard, my words are the rules! Now either hand over the Saint Crystals or scram!”


“You…” The person who spoke before became angry. “Do all Purple Star cultivators bully people like this? I refuse to accept!”


Most of the cultivators who were waiting in line to enter also showed a disgruntled look, but in the end, this was not their domain so even if they were displeased, no one raised a fuss.


 Yang Kai raised his eyes and looked over to find that the one arguing with the city gate guard was a middle-aged man who seemed to be about thirty years old. This man was dressed plainly, and after sweeping him with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai determined he was just a Second-Order Saint King. It was really a wonder why such a man was stirring up trouble for just a thousand High-Rank Saint Crystals.


Yang Kai shook his head secretly, feeling that this person’s situation was worrisome.


“Bully others?” Suddenly, an elderly voice sounded. Everyone turned to see that the source of the sound was an old man who had been sitting to the side. This old man had a very wrinkled face and snickered as he stood up and walked over, the ground trembling beneath his feet as he rolled up his sleeves, seemingly getting ready for a fight, his eyes filled with cold indifference causing others to gulp unconsciously.


[Third-Order Origin Realm!] Yang Kai’s brow rose slightly as he felt Purple Star’s reputation was not undeserved. Even the gate to enter the city was guarded by a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator!


The old man walked a few steps forward while staring at the troublemaker coldly and speaking loudly, “Well said, this old master will let you know today what the meaning of bullying is!”


As soon as his voice fell, the old man’s figure suddenly flickered and appeared directly in front of the middle-aged man and under the latter’s horrified gaze stretched out his hand towards his head.


The middle-aged man was only a Second-Order Saint King, so how could he resist the sudden attack of a Third-Order Origin Realm master?


Immediately, the middle-aged man cried out and tried to retreat.


But the old man’s hand seemed to exude an irresistible suction force that held him firmly on the spot, and with a scream, a stream of energy visible to the naked eye was sucked out of the middle-aged man’s head and flowed into the dry old man’s hand.


Outside the city gate, everyone took a few steps back in shock as they stared at this scene in horror.


“Mercy! Senior! I’ll pay the Saint Crystals!” The middle-aged man yelled.


“Regretting now? Why didn’t you regret it sooner?” The old man remained unmoved and instead pushed his Saint Qi even more violently.


In just three breaths, the middle-aged man was drained until he became old and withered before collapsing to the ground. There was no aura of vitality coming from him anymore and instead the old man’s complexion had become a bit rosier, like he had become a dozen years younger.


There was silence outside the city gate as every cultivator felt a deep chill run up their backs.


After the old man finished all this, he walked back to where he was sitting before as if nothing had happened and continued to meditate with his eyes closed.


“Many thanks, Deacon Min,” The gate guard bowed to the old man with a flattering smile on his face before turning around and putting on an imposing air as he shouted. “This man was a spy sent by an enemy force to infiltrate my Purple Star City but he was seen through by Deacon Min and killed on the spot to serve as a warning. Take this filth and throw him into a pit somewhere outside the city.”


With those words, two Purple Star cultivators came out and quickly carried away the withered corpse.


Everyone knew that this guy was sleep-talking with his eyes wide open, but none dared to refute him.


“It will be getting dark soon and there are still many who haven’t entered the city yet, but when the gates close at sunset, no one will be allowed in. Heh, as for what will happen outside at night, I’m afraid you all know…” After the gate guard finished speaking, he stopped paying attention to the crowd.


However, the cultivators waiting in line had their complexions pale slightly and they hurried forward to pay the required Saint Crystals to enter the city, as if some huge danger was lurking outside just waiting for nightfall.


Although the murder of the middle-aged man made some of the people present feel a sense of pity in their hearts, who had the bigger fist and who was causing trouble was obvious. Just to save a trivial thousand Saint Crystals, that man dared to act insolently here, which was nothing short of courting death.


The city guards did not seem to have any criteria for collecting Saint Crystals and just named prices arbitrarily. Oftentimes, when a beautiful woman walked up, they would simply flirt a little then let them pass by for free.


Sometimes there would be a man who the guards felt was unpleasant to the eye and would thus be charged a large amount of Saint Crystals.


However, no one dared to complain.


Soon, it was Yang Kai’s turn.


The city guard looked up at Yang Kai and coldly snorted, “Five thousand!”


Yang Kai frowned as this number was the highest he had heard so far. He didn’t know what it was about him this guard didn’t like, but despite being disgruntled, he didn’t want to raise a fuss here, so he simply wiped his Space Ring and dumped the required Saint Crystals in front of the guard.


The guard shot Yang Kai a look of surprise, as if he did not expect the other party to be so cooperative.


Fiddling with the pass in his hand, the guard grinned meaningfully, “Friend, five thousand was just the cost of this pass, but if you want to remain in the city for a long time, you’ll have to pay another ten thousand Saint Crystals.”


“Heh…” Yang Kai could not help but laugh, wondering if this guard thought he was some kind of fool.

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