Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1840, Is this enough explanation?


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Something funny?” The gate guard also looked at Yang Kai with a smile on his face.


“You were telling a joke just now, weren’t you?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he found that the other party was still looking at him without fear.


Five thousand, ten thousand, this number of Saint Crystals really meant nothing to Yang Kai. With High Heaven Sect at his back and all the masters he had killed and robbed, the number of Saint Crystals in his Space Ring totalled at least a hundred million.


But the other party reaching out for a yard after taking an inch displeased Yang Kai greatly.


“Do you think I’m telling you a joke? Boy, are you also a spy sent by enemy great forces to infiltrate my Purple Star City?” The city guard snorted coldly as he played with the pass in his hand and casually threatened Yang Kai.


As soon as this statement came out, the faces of the cultivators waiting in line to enter the city changed drastically.


They had witnessed what end the middle-aged man who had caused trouble before suffered with their own eyes, and that was just half a cup of tea’s time ago. Was this well-dressed young man planning to follow in that man’s footsteps?


Suddenly, everyone’s eyes filled with pity as they looked at Yang Kai.


“There’s no lack of pretext to falsely incriminate a man!” Just as Yang Kai’s annoyance reached a boiling point, someone suddenly appeared behind him and gently pushed him to the side before hurriedly smiling and addressing the guard, “This Sir must be joking. He isn’t a spy, he’s with our Five Paths Chamber of Commerce and was just with us handling some matters outside the city.”


As soon as this statement came out, the city gate guard was taken aback, and even Yang Kai was surprised.


Furrowing his brow, Yang Kai glanced over at the person standing in front of him and found that it was a woman, but because her back was to him, he couldn’t see her face clearly. However, her long black hair was done up in a neat bun and revealed a slender white neck while her long dress outlined her slender waist and shapely bottom.


At this time, someone was willing to stand up for him?


Yang Kai was quite surprised but that did not stop him from having a good impression of this woman.


“President!” A few exclamations sounded from behind, ones mixed with fluster and anxiety as someone even rushed forward and shouted, “He’s…”


“Shut up!” The woman turned her head and glared at the speaker.


The woman seemed to hold high prestige among this group of people as with just a few words the man immediately fell silent; however, he still glared at Yang Kai while the women’s other companions also gave him an ugly look.


“Sir must know that our Five Paths Chamber of Commerce often travels outside Purple Star City to trade goods, so how could one of our members possibly be a spy? This child is a bit hot-tempered and inadvertently offended Sir. You Meng hopes this little gift will be enough to settle this unfortunate affair.” Saying so, she took out a bag from her Space Ring and placed it in the guard’s hand.


[Child…] Yang Kai could not help touching his nose hearing this.


The guard weighed the bag in his hand lightly and his eyes lit up, grinning happily, “Five Paths Chamber of Commerce? I have also heard of you. If I am not mistaken, the President of your chamber of commerce is called Hua You Meng? Yes?”


The woman smiled lightly and said, “I had not expected my trivial name had reached Sir’s ears. This Mistress is truly honoured.”


“Why would it not have?” The guard looked at Hua You Meng with bright eyes as an obscene expression crept onto his face, “Since President Hua has come forward to testify and paid enough Saint Crystals, this Sir won’t be unreasonable.”


“Many thanks, Sir!” Hua You Meng was overjoyed.


“But…” The guard’s tone suddenly dropped as he cast a cold look towards Yang Kai, “If President Hua can promise me two conditions, I will let this matter end here, otherwise…hmph!”


Hua You Meng smiled stiffly and softly asked, “Please name them, Sir.”


“I don’t like the look in this little brat’s eyes. Before, he dared talk back to me, so he must apologize,” The guard looked at Yang Kai coldly before turning his gaze to Hua You Meng and smirking. “Secondly, President Hua must have just returned from afar. After Haishi, this King happens to be free and would like President Hua to accompany him to dinner. I wonder if President Hua is willing to accept this invitation? The eastern city’s Free Wind Restaurant would be nice.”


He phrased his words as a question, but his tone indicated he would not tolerate Hua You Meng’s rejection.


Hua You Meng’s face changed slightly as she forced herself to keep smiling, “This… would it be fine to discuss this another day? I’ll let this boy apologize to Sir first.”


As she said so, she turned her head and signalled imploringly to Yang Kai.


Only now did Yang Kai catch a glimpse of her true face.


Yang Kai’s eyes couldn’t help brightening slightly as he saw that, although this Hua You Meng wasn’t a Heaven-Defying beauty; she was still very pretty and had a mature charm about her. Her whole body exuded an aura of calm and confidence, probably from running around all-year to maintain her Five Paths Chamber of Commerce and her body itself gave off a light fragrance.


This was not some exotic fragrance, but a natural one that was both fascinating and enchanting.


It was understandable why this city guard could not keep his eyes off of her. 


At this moment, not only was Hua You Meng secretly winking at him, but the others from this Five Paths Chamber of Commerce were also glaring at Yang Kai, silently telling him to follow along or else.


Yang Kai smiled helplessly.


He had not expected that just entering the city would cause such a scene.


But he did not blame Hua You Meng for this; after all, she had stepped forward out of good intentions to help him…


After pondering for a moment, Yang Kai cupped his fists to Hua You Meng and said, “This one is grateful for President Hua’s kindness.”


Hua You Meng frowned slightly as she suddenly had a bad premonition in her heart.


Sure enough, Yang Kai continued, “But this all happened because of me and has nothing to do with you, so I must ask President Hua to stand back.”


After speaking, despite Hua You Meng’s astonishment, Yang Kai smiled at the gate guard and sneered, “You want me to apologize to you?”


“President Hua, what’s the meaning of this? Why does it sound like this little brat is not part of your Five Paths Chamber of Commerce? Was President Hua trying to deceive me? Do you know what the consequences of such a crime are?” He did not put Yang Kai in his eyes and instead shouted at Hua You Meng.


Hua You Meng did not expect that her good intentions would be rejected like this, or that this young man would be so unyielding, causing cold sweat to drip from her forehead as she waved her hands quickly, “Sir, let me explain to you, this boy, he…”


“There is nothing to explain! President Hua, you are in great trouble this time. If you can’t give a reasonable explanation for this matter, don’t even think about escaping punishment!” The city gate guard roared, without giving Hua You Meng any face, causing her to turn pale.


“There really is nothing to explain,” Yang Kai sneered as he took a step forward and swept his hand towards the guard.




With a loud clap, the city guard was sent tumbling through the air before falling several dozen metres away with half his teeth missing from his bloody mouth.


“Is this enough explanation?” Yang Kai looked ahead coldly.


“Huh?” Hua You Meng was stunned, her instincts telling her that she had really found herself in deep trouble this time and for a moment unable to think of what to do next.


“You… you dare to hit me?” The city gate guard staggered up from the ground, covered his cheek with his hands, and cried out hoarsely, a vicious look flashing across his eyes, “I am a Purple Star City guard! How dare you hit…”


Before he could say anything more though, Yang Kai swatted the air again.


The guard screamed as the remaining half of his teeth were sent flying.


“Bold!” Deacon Min, who had been keeping his eyes closed and meditating, finally moved, his figure leaping up and flying towards Yang Kai like an eagle striking from the heavens. The Shi of a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master burst forth and shrouded a ten-metre radius around Yang Kai as Deacon Min thrust his palm out.


Hua You Meng and the several Five Paths Chamber of Commerce cultivators all gasped involuntarily as under this huge pressure their knees bent and their Saint Qi circulation was disrupted. The two with the lowest strength fared even worse, coughing up blood on the spot.


“Daring to strike my people in Purple Star City, do you not put this old master in your eyes?” Deacon Min yelled as he radiated murderous intent towards Yang Kai.


“What the hell do you count for? Do I need to put you in my eyes?” Yang Kai sneered, “I didn’t want to cause trouble for no reason, but you are insisting on seeking death.”


Saying so, Yang Kai sent out a casual palm of his own.




When the two palms touched, a huge shockwave was sent out and Deacon Min’s original anger and menacing murderous intent abruptly gave way to a look of horror as he was blown away like an old sack.




The sound of bones breaking rang out as Deacon Min flew through the air, spraying blood from multiple wounds all over his body.




Outside the city gate, an uproar sounded.


The conflict between Yang Kai and the city guard, as well as Hua You Meng’s intervention, was seen by everyone. All of them had thought Yang Kai was courting disaster, but it was actually the city guard, and even Deacon Min, who had been the ones to suffer in the end.


With just a palm, Deacon Min had been sent flying, his life or death undetermined.


Everyone looked at Yang Kai like he was some kind of monster.


Although Deacon Min’s status in Purple Star was not high, he was still a Deacon identity. Being able to hold such a position in a behemoth like Purple Star proved he was at least a Third-Order Origin Realm master.


A Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator had been wasted with just a single palm though, so how strong was this young man? Could it be that he was an Origin King?


When this thought emerged, everyone was shocked and could no longer calm down.


After all, Origin Kings were the strongest cultivators in the entire Star Field, and even a power as strong as Purple Star wouldn’t provoke an Origin King for no reason.


Everything happened so fast that no one’s thoughts were able to keep up. President Hua You Meng of Five Paths Chamber of Commerce felt her jaw drop as she stared in shock at the scene before her eyes.


At the gate of the city, there were originally a dozen guards that were going to join Deacon Min in capturing Yang Kai and the members of Five Paths Chamber of Commerce, but after seeing the half-dead Deacon Min, how could they dare step forward? All of them froze in place as they exchanged extremely nervous looks, worried Yang Kai would suddenly strike out and slaughter them.


Yang Kai, however, just stretched out his hand and summoned back all the Saint Crystals he had paid before as well as the bag Hua You Meng had handed over before coldly snorting, “Seems you don’t want my five thousand Saint Crystals, so I’ll be taking them back. President Hua, I believe these are yours.”


Saying so, he tossed the bag towards Hua You Meng.


The latter caught the bag on reflex but felt that it was slightly hot in her hand.


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