Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1841, Great Financial Strength


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“Let’s go, what are you still gawking at,” Yang Kai grinned at Hua You Meng before leading the way forward.


“Eh, ah,” Hua You Meng seemed unable to even think for herself at the moment, so after hearing Yang Kai’s call, she simply followed him into Purple Star City while the other cultivators of Five Paths Chamber of Commerce all did the same.


The gate guards didn’t dare to stop them, all looking at Yang Kai as if he was some kind of scourge to be evaded at all costs. The cultivators who lined up outside to enter the city also took this as a chance and swarmed forward.


The city gate descended into chaos for a moment as the dozen guards were unable and even unwilling to stop these people. Only after some time did one of them come back to his senses and call out, “Quickly, check Deacon Min’s condition!”


With this shout, the other guards seemed to wake from their daze and several of them rushed over to Deacon Min’s side to investigate with concern.


“Inform… Sir Lu Tian Feng!” Deacon Min forced out a few words before coughing up blood and collapsing to the ground, passing out again.


The guard who spoke first hurriedly took out his communication artifact, poured his Divine Sense into it, and ground his teeth fiercely, “Boy, you’re dead! Daring to beat my Purple Star City’s people, even if it’s the King of Heaven, he won’t be able to save you now.”


The other guards all wore angry expressions as well as they glared at Yang Kai’s disappearing back.


After Yang Kai raised such a disturbance, one they were unable to prevent, they would certainly be punished harshly, so how could they not resent him?


For so many years, no one had dared act presumptuous in Purple Star City, but such a big fuss occurred at the city’s main gate today. If this matter wasn’t handled properly and examples weren’t made, Purple Star would become a laughing stock. Clearly, these guards wouldn’t be able to bear the consequences of such a loss in face.


Five Paths Chamber of Commerce’s headquarters, inside a small meeting room.


Hua You Meng and the others sat there blankly, each with a look of panic on their faces.


Yang Kai was also sitting here, observing the room, looking calm and relaxed, not showing the slightest awareness of the trouble he had caused, even seeming to be having fun.


“Little brat, why did you follow us here?” After a long silence, a burly bald-headed man suddenly snapped as he turned his head and glared at Yang Kai, his eyes full of hostility.


“That’s right, why are you here?” Another male cultivator finally recovered and looked at Yang Kai curiously.


“Oh… This is my first time in this city and I’m not familiar with it yet. Just now, President Hua was kind enough to invite me over, and since I had no reason to refuse, I humbly accepted,” Yang Kai smiled lightly and explained.


“Me?” Hua You Meng looked at Yang Kai blankly and thought for a moment before gently nodding, “Yes, yes… that’s right.”


On the way here from the city gate, this group of people from Five Paths Chamber of Commerce had behaved like soulless drones, completely lost and acting on instinct. This wasn’t surprising though, as Five Paths Chamber of Commerce was just a small organization. It had survived in the cracks left behind by the various giants which ruled the Star Field and had always acted discreetly and cautiously in Purple Star City so as not to create trouble, but this time, they had gotten involved in an incident where Deacon Min was beaten badly enough to cough up blood at the city’s main gate, his life or death uncertain.


For Five Paths Chamber of Commerce, this was no different from the sky collapsing on their heads.


No one even noticed that Yang Kai had come together with them to Five Paths Chamber of Commerce. Hua You Meng only managed to regain her senses now, take a deep breath, and fix her beautiful eyes towards Yang Kai as she muttered quietly, “Sister Hong, please arrange a guest house for him so he can rest.”


Hearing this, a beautiful woman in a glamorous red dress responded and waved to Yang Kai, “Follow me.”


“I’ll be troubling you then,” Yang Kai nodded lightly before he got up to follow.


“President…” The burly bald-headed man called out anxiously when he saw Yang Kai get up to leave.


Hua You Meng just shot him a glare and he fell silent, not daring to speak any further, only able to glare angrily at Yang Kai’s back while gritting his teeth.


Yang Kai followed the beautiful woman named Sister Hong forward as he observed his surroundings, only after a while chuckling lightly, “Madam, it seems your Chamber of Commerce has some good heritage.”


“Why do you say that?” The beautiful woman looked back at Yang Kai, her expression cold.


“Although this is the first time I have come to Purple Star City, since it is Purple Star’s headquarters, every inch of ground must be worth its weight in gold. If your chamber of commerce can occupy such a large space, it’s finances must be strong.”


A vigilant look appeared in the beautiful woman’s eyes as she snapped lightly, “This is all the result of President’s and everyone’s hard efforts for more than twenty years. Many of our brothers and sisters died out in the Star Field to make this little space in Purple Star City our own, so what great financial strength could we have? “What’s more… we’ve been caught up in such big trouble this time that the future of our Five Paths Chamber of Commerce is now in question.”


Yang Kai smiled apologetically, “Sorry, I seem to have caused trouble for your Chamber of Commerce.”


“As long as you understand,” The beautiful woman’s expression brightened slightly as she stopped talking and continued to lead Yang Kai.


After a short while, she came to a guest pavilion and opened the door, “It’s a bit crude, but you can stay here for the time being.”


“Many thanks,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


The beautiful woman then turned around and left, only to pause after a few steps and turn back.


“What advice does Madam have?” Yang Kai looked at her suspiciously.


The beautiful woman lightly opened her vermilion lips, “Our President is compassionate and does not like seeing others bullied. Many of our brothers and sisters are here today supporting her because they have received kindness from her, myself included. If not for the President’s assistance, I would have died ten years ago. As such, I won’t blame her for now standing up to help you, but… if Purple Star City wants to hold someone accountable, I hope you can take the initiative to stand up and settle this matter, not allowing any harm to befall President. She is a good person, so I don’t care how strong you are: If anything happens to her because of you, even if I have to do so as a ghost I won’t let you off.”


Yang Kai’s facial expression became serious as he nodded, “I understand.”


“I hope so.” After the beautiful woman finished what she had to say, she turned and left.


In the previous room, the burly bald-headed man paced back and forth anxiously like an ant on a hot wok.


“Uncle Yao, can you calm down? My eyes are going blurry just watching you,” To the right, a woman who appeared to be in her twenties looked helplessly towards the burly bald-headed man.


“With everything that’s happened, how am I supposed to calm down?” The burly bald-headed man yelled angrily, “You saw what happened just now, this time I’m afraid it’s all over for us.”


At the head of the room, Hua You Meng gently rubbed her forehead with her hand and smiled bitterly. She hadn’t expected that she would get into such trouble today. She just didn’t want to see the tragic end previously exemplified by the middle-aged man befall Yang Kai as well. How could she have known that Yang Kai would be so resolute and unyielding that he even dared to hit the city guards and Deacon Min right outside Purple Star City?


“Yao Qing, sit down. Now that things have gotten to this point, there’s no point in getting agitated,” Hua You Meng was also getting a bit dizzy watching Yao Qing pace back and forth, so she had him settle down.


As soon as she spoke, Yao Qing stomped his feet before walking back to his chair and sitting down; however, as if his cushion was made from thousands of needles, he simply couldn’t sit still, his expression constantly twitching as he shifted back and forth, a stiff and ugly look plastered over his face.


Hua You Meng cast her gaze towards the elderly man sitting nearby, who had kept his eyes closed since they returned, making his thoughts impossible to read.


Pausing for a moment, Hua You Meng finally asked, “Uncle Xia, you are the most experienced and knowledgeable in the Chamber of Commerce. I wonder if Uncle Xia has any way to resolve our current predicament?”


Xia Jing Wu slowly opened his eyes and frowned for a moment before letting out a sigh, “This is a difficult situation.”


“Even Uncle Xia doesn’t have a way?” Hua You Meng’s heart sank to the bottom when she heard this.


Xia Jing Wu smiled bitterly, “Although this old master has always claimed to be the strategist of the Chamber of Commerce, this old master is nothing but a Third-Order Saint King. With such low strength, there aren’t many methods that he can use. President, you understand just who we have offended this time…”


Hua You Meng’s beautiful eyes darkened and her expression turned extremely bitter. The Chamber of Commerce had experienced many catastrophes in the past, but they had weathered all of them thanks to Xia Jing Wu’s meticulous arrangements and advice, but this time, even Xia Jing Wu was helpless.


“President, you were too reckless this time,” Xia Jing Wu shook his head slowly.


“Uncle Xia, don’t say that about the President. President was simply acting on her conscience, she didn’t seek trouble intentionally,” The woman in her twenties whispered softly, seemingly unable to bear the sight of Hua You Meng being reprimanded.


“This old master doesn’t mean to accuse the President of anything. Which one of us sitting here has not received kindness from her? If the President didn’t have such an upright moral code, there wouldn’t be a Five Paths Chamber of Commerce today. In fact, it’s likely that none of us would even be sitting here,” Xia Jing Wu said slowly.


Everyone nodded gently and deeply agreed. It was because of Hua You Meng’s kindness that they had survived to this day.


“It’s just, this time… haa…” Xia Jing Wu sighed heavily. After a while, he looked up at Hua You Meng and said, “President, there are only two options now.”


Hua You Meng’s beautiful eyes lit up and she smiled, “I knew that Uncle Xia would have a way. Please elaborate.”


Yao Qing and the woman in her twenties also hurriedly looked at Xia Jing Wu with great expectation.


“President thinks too highly of this old man. En, the two plans this old man has may not resolve the Chamber of Commerce’s crisis, but… we have to try something,” Xia Jing Wu reached out and stroked his beard before quickly saying. “The first option we have is… to capture that boy and hand him over to Purple Star City!”


Hua You Meng immediately frowned.


“This problem was caused by that boy, so it should be resolved by him as well. As long as we hand that boy over, we might be able to avoid Five Paths Chamber of Commerce taking on the full responsibility. Of course, some punishment will likely still be meted out, but the future is still far, and as long as the President is here, our Five Paths Chamber of Commerce can rise again.”


“Yes, it’s just as Uncle Xia says. I’ll go catch that boy now and hand him over to Purple Star City,” Yao Qing didn’t wait for Hua You Meng to get a word in before quickly jumping to his feet.


Hua You Meng just shot him a glare and firmly shouted, “Sit down!”


Yao Qing’s neck shrank immediately before he quickly sat down obediently. It could be seen that Hua You Meng’s words held great authority to him.


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    1. My thoughts exactly…seems everyone suddenly has eyes but fails to see. Apparently breaking through to the Origin king realm means you appear as a mortal.

  1. This reminds me of :

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      1. Some horseshit if I’ve ever seen any…there are far less similarities than they’re differences. Aside from the woman in need with only the backing of a small force there’s literally been no similarities so far. And the woman from the alchemy association didnt even need anything so aside from wu yi this situation is the first of its kind and your claims are baseless bud

      2. And your second point..😪 bro these fillers are what ties the story together and heck, you’ll get over another one in only 12hrs🤷🏽‍♂️ Without said fillers you’d be moaning “ this story has zero context. Just kill, loot, find treasure, repeat. This is very frustrating”

      3. Sir Gaba, this young King has never had any feeling that any chapters here are fillers, there is always something new to look forward to.

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    1. I think they assume he is somewhere in Origin king realm.But Purple star also has a few Origin Kings.They probably don’t know he is 2nd order Origin king so they don’t think he is strong enough to handle a Origin King from Purple Star.Purple Star is one of the three great forces and They are at their home Star if I remember correctly so there would probably be Atleast a few origins kings there.Sorry for the long explanation

  2. Thanks for the Chapter!!

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    After his next destination is either Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce or Sword Union as the remaining tokens are their.

    As for the masters who will help him that might include the secters of this two sects I mentioned as for the others I’m not quite sure about but that hidden 3rd OK master will be part of it.

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  4. I wonder why is it in most muxia/xianxia story, there’s a blinder to most people’s eyes with regards to mc’s strength….even when it’s apparent. I mean, yeah they can’t feel how strong mc is, but he slapped away a 3rd Origin master just like that, so his strength should be apparent, no? But… in most cases it’s like the knowledge hide itself…mostly so that the bad guys, or people with bad inclination/ judgement got more rope to hang themselves with. lol

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