Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1860, Fraudulent Bid


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


At that moment, in Room A2, Zi Wu Ji gloomily stared in Gong Sun Liang’s direction, his fists clenched tightly around bits of broken wood from what was once his chair’s armrest.


Ji Jun, who was standing next to him, also had an ugly face.


“Second Young Master, this old fart is absolutely doing this intentionally!” Ji Jun exclaimed angrily.


“This Young Lord is not a fool. How can I not know this?” Zi Wu Ji ground his teeth, “I was wondering why he suddenly appeared today at Clear Sky Auction House. It turns out he came here deliberately to cause trouble for this Young Lord. That old dog really has too much free time.”


Ji Jun said with a cold face, “This old fart is definitely afraid that you, will gain more strength, Young Lord. That is why he is so insidiously trying to hinder you.”


“One day, this Young Lord will make him pay the price!” Zi Wu Ji swore sternly.


The sky-high price of 500 million had exceeded his expectations, and although he was Purple Star’s Second Young Master, because he had been concealing his ambitions for so long, he had no force of his own and thus lacked deep financial resources. All the resources from Purple Star were put towards his big brother, Zi Dong.


If it hadn’t been for Zi Long and Zi Dong going missing for the past two years, Zi Wu Ji would have chosen to keep lying low.


But if he wanted to fight with Gong Sun Liang now, he needed great strength and prestige, so this Origin King Pill was particularly important to him. If he could use this pill to help him quickly break through to the Origin King Realm, it would be a great boost to his current position.


An Origin King Pill was something even he could not obtain easily!


After pondering for a moment, Zi Wu Ji did not shrink back but gritted his teeth and shouted, “600 million!”


600 million Saint Crystals was already his bottom line! It was also the largest amount he could bring out right now. If Gong Sun Liang increased the price again, he could only give up.


Unsurprisingly, Gong Sun Liang did not give him any face and quickly said, “1 billion!”


The way he called out, it was as if it was just 100 thousand, or 100 million, not 1 billion.


As soon as this bid was made, everyone’s complexion changed. Even Li Nuo, who was standing on the auction stage with a smile on her face, could not help wrinkling her brow slightly as she had a bad premonition in her heart.


“1… 1 billion!?” One of the cultivators down below exclaimed, “Am I hearing things? Did Great Elder just bid a billion Saint Crystals?”


“I must be hearing things also; how could such a high price be called?”


“En, an Origin King Pill is, of course, expensive, but one can’t sell for a billion Saint Crystals. The last time the Glorious Source Auction House sold an Origin King Pill, it only went for 580 million.”


“As expected of Great Elder, he is simply too wealthy, a billion is like nothing to him!”


Various opinions appeared, but some with shaper minds noticed a deeper meaning behind this bid.


Gong Sun Liang’s unrestrained increase in price was obviously because he had some kind of disagreement with the people in Room A2, but even if that was the case, wasn’t taking out a billion Saint Crystals a bit too much?


“Gong Sun Liang, are you deliberately making trouble?” From Room A2, Ji Jun couldn’t bear it any longer and shouted accusatorily.




The hall erupted again as everyone stared towards Room A2 in shock, wondering who was so bold to dare call Great Elder directly by his name.


An originally unremarkable auction, because of these successive changes, had suddenly become treacherous, and a dangerous aura now permeated the entire auction floor.


On the stage, Li Nuo’s palms had also begun to sweat as a faint uneasy look flashed across her beautiful eyes.


Yet, contrary to everyone’s expectations, Gong Sun Liang didn’t get angry and warmly smiled instead, “Ji Jun, what do you mean by this? This Elder has taken a fancy to this Origin King Pill, what’s wrong with him bidding for it?”


“What’s wrong, you know it in your heart!” Ji Jun coldly snorted and said, “Even if you are Purple Star’s Great Elder, one billion Saint Crystals can’t be taken out casually. Fine! Now that you have already bid, I want to see how you plan to pay for it! Lady Li Nuo, this old master suspects Gong Sun Liang is fraudulently bidding and is simply not capable of paying a billion Saint Crystals here and now! I ask that you confirm the authenticity of his bid.”


“Well…” Li Nuo showed hesitation. Asking Gong Sun Liang to prove he could pay a billion Saint Crystals, wasn’t the same as courting death?


Gong Sun Liang had already made his bid, and whether he could pay it or not, this Spirit Pill was already his. Even if Clear Sky Auction House suffered a loss here, they could only choke it down.


“Nonsense! Questioning the credibility of Great Elder, are you seeking death, Ji Jun?!” From Room A1, another voice rang out before Gong Sun Liang could respond.


Yang Kai’s expression changed when he heard this voice as he recognized it as Eighth Elder Jiang Chang Feng who had visited Five Paths Chamber of Commerce before.


“I am only seeking to enforce justice! If Great Elder can really pay the billion Saint Crystals, this Ji will have nothing to say,” Ji Jun did not back down.


“Ji Jun, you dare!” Jiang Chang Feng yelled, a strong Saint Qi fluctuation bursting from Room A1, as if a fight was about to break out.


In the hall, all the cultivators panicked, their faces filled with fright.


If these two parties really fought, they were the ones who would suffer. The fallout from a battle between Origin Kings was not something they could withstand.


“Why bother stooping to his level, Eighth Elder?” Gong Sun Liang chuckled, “Since he wants to verify if this old master’s words are credible, then let him. Lady Li Nuo, please bring that Spirit Pill here.”


“Yes,” Li Nuo heard this and stepped towards Room A1.


A moment later, she entered the room with a smile on her face, placed the jade bottle in her hands in front of Gong Sun Liang, and said, “Great Elder, this is the Spirit Pill you won.”


“En.” Gong Sun Liang nodded lightly, not even glancing at Li Nuo directly.


To the side, Jiang Chang Feng coldly took out a ring and gave it to Li Nuo before saying loudly, “Lady Li Nuo, please confirm whether there are a billion Saint Crystals inside.”


Li Nuo took the ring solemnly and used her Divine Sense to sweep its content, her complexion changing slightly as she did as a smile soon reached her lips, “The quantity is confirmed, this transaction is thus complete. Great Elder is a man of integrity and did not make a fraudulent bid.”


“With the transaction taking place in your room, who knows if it is real or not?” Ji Jun sneered again.


Jiang Chang Feng snorted gloomily, “Ji Jun, Lady Li Nuo has personally verified the amount, how could this transaction be fake? As the owner of this auction house, she would never compromise when it comes to business.”


“Lady Li Nuo is nothing but a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, how could she dare say otherwise under your despotic power?”


“Enough, Old Ji. There’s no need to say anymore,” In Room A2, Zi Wu Ji said lightly.


Ji Jun’s face remained irritated, but he obediently stopped speaking.


Zi Wu Ji chuckled, turned to Room A1, and said, “Congratulations Great Elder for winning this Spirit Pill.”


Gong Sun Liang replied in kind, “Second Young Master is too polite, winning an auction is just a matter of wealth. However, this Spirit Pill has no use for this old master. On the contrary, it would be of some small use to you, Second Young Master. If Second Young Master wants it, this old master can give it to you, what do you say?”


In Room A2, Zi Wu Ji frowned deeply before relaxing and smiling, “Great Elder must be joking, how could this Wu Ji bear to accept such a precious gift?”


The words the two spoke now were said in a normal, almost cordial tone, as if the whole dispute just now never even happened.


Only now did everyone in the hall learn that Room A2 was occupied by Purple Star’s Second Young Master, Zi Wu Ji.


Thinking about the competing bids between the two parties and the various rumours which had been swirling around recently, everyone immediately understood that the discord between the Second Young Master and Great Elder was real. After understanding this, many people felt a sense of anxiety.


For most cultivators, who was in charge of Purple Star didn’t matter to them; however, they had no choice but to care about being involved in the confrontation between these two sides.


The auction of the Origin King Pill came to an end, with no one knowing whether Li Nuo had truly received the billion Saint Crystals.


The next item to be auctioned was the land deeds that Hua You Meng handed over to Clear Sky Auction House.


Only merchants from big firms were interested in these land deeds, so none of the masters from the A block participated. On the other hand, many from the B Block competed fiercely over these.


If all the shops on Soaring Dragon Street could be owned and operated by a single firm, that chamber of commerce would be able to make a massive profit, so how could any merchant miss this opportunity?


As such, the competition quickly became fierce.


The starting price of 100 million Saint Crystals rose steadily and finally stopped at 260 million.


In Room A5, Hua You Meng nearly fainted from happiness.


Although Li Nuo had explained to her before, Hua You Meng had still never expected that these land deeds would really sell for such a high price.


A million Saint Crystals was already a huge number to Five Paths Chamber of Commerce, let alone hundreds of millions.


With 260 million, the development of Five Paths Chamber of Commerce was no longer just a dream. On top of that, it would allow all of them to boldly purchase cultivation resources to enhance their own strength.


With greater strength, the development of the chamber of commerce would also become smoother, creating a kind of snowball effect.


And all of this was brought to her by the man sitting beside her.


Hua You Meng looked at Yang Kai in a daze, with a look filled with gratitude on her face.


“Sir, would you taking ninety percent of these Saint Crystals and leaving us with ten percent be acceptable?” Hua You Meng looked at Yang Kai timidly. Even if it was just ten percent, that was still more than 20 million.


Yang Kai glanced at her and chuckled, “These Saint Crystals are from selling your land deeds, why should I take ninety percent?”


“Even if that is technically true, how could this Mistress have acquired those land deeds without Sir?”


Yang Kai just waved his hand lightly, “Saint Crystals are meaningless to me. The things I need cannot be bought with Saint Crystals.”




“There’s nothing more to discuss,” Yang Kai interrupted her with a smile.


“Sir…” Hua You Meng whispered, almost sobbing from her speechlessness as she felt so touched. If at this moment, Yang Kai asked her to give herself to him, she likely would not even hesitate…


“The next item to be auctioned will be the final one,” On the stage, Li Nuo said loudly, “However, please forgive this Mistress and the appraisers of Clear Sky Auction House for their limited vision. What this item is exactly is not known.”


“Huh? You dare to put out an item to auction you can’t identify? Isn’t your Clear Sky Auction House being a bit unreasonable?”


“Yes, don’t think that ordinary cultivators like us are so easy to deceive! Our Saint Crystals aren’t so light they can be carried off by the wind.”


“Why make such a fuss? Since this item is the last one to appear, it must be of great value, perhaps even more precious than that Origin King Pill. Let us take a look at it first.”


The cultivators in the hall immediately began to argue.



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