Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1866, Did You Reach An Agreement?


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Yang Kai looked at him and smiled lightly, “And why do you want to know that?”


Zi Wu Ji quickly said, “The Severed World is so dangerous that even a master like my honoured father fell inside, so my eldest brother should not be safe. Perhaps, it was thanks to Venerable that he was able to survive, so the only one who would know my eldest brother’s whereabouts would be Venerable.”


“So?” Yang Kai’s brow rose, “What’s wrong? Does Young Master Wu Ji want this King to hand over your eldest brother to you to ‘deal’ with?”


Zi Wu Ji waved his hand in trepidation, “Wu Ji wouldn’t dare! Wu Ji never had such intentions! Eldest brother and Wu Ji are both the same now. With Father having already fallen, how could Wu Ji possibly have any ill intent towards his brother? It’s just that Wu Ji would like to ask if Venerable coming to Purple Star at this time was because he was entrusted to by eldest brother?”


“Nonsense, what kind of identity does this King have? Even if he is Purple Star’s Young Master, has no right to command this King,” Yang Kai sneered.


Zi Wu Ji was overjoyed hearing this and nodded, “Then everything is simpler. Venerable had a fated friendship with my honoured father, so Venerable definitely cannot bear to watch Purple Star fall into the hands of outsiders. If that truly happened, how would my father ever rest in peace? Venerable, please help Wu Ji to prevent that from happening!”


Yang Kai remained silent, seeming in deep thought.


Zi Wu Ji, however, decided to strike while the iron was hot and said, “Venerable has already met my eldest brother and certainly knows what his character is. From Venerable’s point of view, who would be more appropriate to sit in the position of Purple Star’s Sect Master between us?”


When he said this, Zi Wu Ji didn’t bother concealing his ambition anymore, his eyes flashing a brilliant light.


Yang Kai said lightly, “Although Zi Dong has a good aptitude and steady temperament, he is inferior to Young Master Wu Ji in terms of strategy. He may become a powerhouse, but he will never become a ruler.”


“Many thanks for your praise, Venerable!” Zi Wu Ji accepted this evaluation without hesitation before quickly saying, “Venerable, father and eldest brother have been missing for nearly two years now so their reputations still carry great prestige, but Great Elder has not stopped manoeuvring behind the scenes, and if things continue this way, Purple Star’s situation will soon become worrying. Venerable has accepted the Venerable Token from my honoured father, so Wu Ji considers him to be of similar faith. If Venerable were to lend his assistance now, Wu Ji is assured of success.”


“You have such confidence?” Yang Kai frowned.


Zi Wu Ji smiled confidently, “My Zi Family is supreme on Purple Star! Wu Ji has been keeping a low profile for many years, but now that I dare to jump out and fight with that old fart, I have prepared well. All that is missing is someone who can compete with that old fart head-to-head! Venerable’s arrival gives Wu Ji great hope!”


Yang Kai looked at Zi Wu Ji in surprise as he realized he had been slightly underestimating him. From Zi Wu Ji’s tone, it was apparent he already managed to win over many powerful cultivators to work for him.


Yang Kai did not care about the power struggles inside Purple Star one bit; after all, his purpose here was only the Star Emperor Token, but the last time he went to Purple Star Palace, he had alerted the enemy, making a stealthily approach far more difficult. As such, Yang Kai now felt that using Zi Wu Ji to get his hands on what he wanted was a good alternative.


At this point, Yang Kai pretended to think.


Zi Wu Ji did not dare to bother him rashly and could only stand in unease and wait.


After a long time, just when Zi Wu Ji’s anxiety was about to boil over, Yang Kai suddenly said, “Young Master Wu Ji being so open and honest pleases this King greatly. I believe that if Zi Long knew all the effort Young Master Wu Ji was putting forth, he would laugh heartily from his place of eternal rest.”


“Does Venerable mean…” Zi Wu Ji looked at Yang Kai in surprise and joy.


“It is not impossible for me to help you. As a Venerable, I should contribute to Purple Star’s prosperity, and this King is not so cold-blooded he can just stand by and watch as Purple Star’s foundation falls into the hands of others, but…”


“What are Venerable’s requirements? Please just speak them and if Wu Ji can handle it, he will definitely not refuse!” Zi Wu Ji was very eager for success and didn’t even wait for Yang Kai to finish speaking.


“Very well,” Yang Kai nodded with satisfaction, “This King only has two requirements. The first is that this King wants to enter your Purple Star’s Vault to take something from it. This was an agreement your father made with me when I became a Venerable!”


“The Vault!” Zi Wu Ji looked surprised before immediately revealing a bitter smile, “Venerable may not know, but Purple Star’s Vault is the most heavily guarded location in Purple Star Palace. Although Wu Ji can approach it, he cannot open it as he does not possess the key. Wu Ji has never actually entered the Vault before. Only my honoured father and eldest brother have the right to do so.”


“I have the key,” Yang Kai said, “Second Young Master need not concern himself about this point.”


“Father’s key is in Venerable’s hands?” Zi Wu Ji was shocked.


“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded.


Zi Wu Ji’s face changed slightly, seemingly thinking of something, but he quickly composed himself and nodded, “If that’s the case, then it shouldn’t be a difficult matter to handle. As the Second Young Master, Wu Ji naturally has the right to approach the Vault.”


“Very good,” Yang Kai nodded in satisfaction, “The second thing is to release the people of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce that are being held captive.”


Zi Wu Ji heard this and immediately wore a look of distress as he helplessly said, “Venerable may not be aware, however, those people were not imprisoned by Wu Ji, but rather by Great Elder. The ones guarding them all belong to Great Elder.”


“Of course I know he is responsible,” Yang Kai said coldly snorted. “Second Young Master is too busy just taking care of himself now, how could he have time to meddle with Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce? However, this King is very curious: Why would Great Elder do this?”


Zi Wu Ji’s face turned gloomy as he explained, “If Wu Ji has not guessed wrong, it was probably that old dog’s method to suppress me.”


“Oh? Do explain!” Yang Kai frowned.


“Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce is a behemoth that, while not stronger than my Purple Star, is also not weaker,” Zi Wu Ji said in a low voice, “The one who came to Purple Star this time and was detained by Great Elder seems to be the son of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President. If Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce learns about this, they will take action. This matter could be made bigger or smaller quite easily. At worst though, it could lead to a war between our two forces. However, this matter could also be solved with some simple compensation. If Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce really gets news of this incident, as long as no one of importance has died, Great Elder just needs to hand over a scapegoat to settle the matter, making big things small and small things nothing. If that happens, I believe that Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce will not try to escalate matters further, as they would not want a war with Purple Star either. Of course, the scapegoat that is delivered must be of a certain status or this plan will not work. No ordinary cat or dog would be enough to quell the anger of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce!”


“And that scapegoat is you?” Yang Kai suddenly understood.


“Apart from me, who else in Purple Star can take on this role?” Zi Wu Ji sneered, “If Wu Ji is handed over, then Purple Star will have to change its surname.”


“So that’s how it is,” Yang Kai finally figured out why Purple Star would suddenly detain Shen Tu. It was a method Great Elder was planning to use to deal with Zi Wu Ji. It could only be said that Shen Tu had bad luck when he set out on this mission, entering into this undercurrent without any knowledge.


“So, if Venerable wants to save those people, that old fart needs to be dealt with first!”


“I understand,” Yang Kai nodded.


“Venerable, are you… familiar with those Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce people?” Zi Wu Ji couldn’t restrain his curiosity and asked.


Yang Kai just glanced at him lightly.


Zi Wu Ji immediately smirked and said, “Wu Ji has said too much.”


“Enough, this King now wants to know how Second Young Master plans to deal with Great Elder. Don’t tell me you don’t have a complete plan?”


“Naturally not!” Zi Wu Ji’s face showed a confident look, “Wu Ji has been preparing a long time for this day to come. With Venerable’s help, this matter may finally succeed. Wu Ji’s plan is like this…”


Zi Wu Ji then began to detail his thoughts and ideas.


Yang Kai listened calmly while secretly feeling surprised in his heart. He didn’t expect that, with Zi Wu Ji’s means and abilities, he was actually able to endure until today before revealing his true face. Moreover, the number of masters on Purple Star he had won over was considerable.


This boy really knew how to bide his time and wait for his opportunity.


After listening, Yang Kai silently summed the matter up and felt that it had a high chance of success, immediately causing him to raise his evaluation of Zi Wu Ji and comment, “If the Purple Star can be controlled by Second Young Master, its future will definitely be more brilliant.”


“Venerable surely jests,” Zi Wu Ji smiled humbly.


“Alright then, it’s getting late. This matter will end here for today. When the day arrives, this King will go to find Second Young Master.”


“Wu Ji respectfully sees off Venerable!” Zi Wu Ji got up and bowed.


Outside the room, Yang Kai greeted Li Nuo before taking Hua You Meng back to Five Paths Chamber of Commerce.


Inside the room, Zi Wu Ji could not hide the joy on his face as he smiled silently.


When Ji Jun came in and saw him like this, he was pleasantly surprised and asked, “Young Lord, did you reach an agreement with that Sir?”


Zi Wu Ji nodded.


Ji Jun palmed his right fist with his left and exclaimed, “Excellent, after so many days, we can finally breathe easy. However, Young Lord, is that Sir credible?”


Hearing Ji Jun’s question, the joy on Zi Wu Ji’s face reduced as he said, “It should be possible. That Sir does not have a strong sense of belonging to my Purple Star, so he will not be loyal to any side. As long as I can meet his requirements, he can be used by me. But having said that, we should still take precautions… Old Ji, follow me back to Purple Star Palace to see my mother.”


Ji Jun looked stern as he asked, “Young Lord is going to ask that Sir to intervene?”


Zi Wu Ji nodded, “Yes. My Purple Star has more than one Venerable.”




After returning to Five Paths Chamber of Commerce with Hua You Meng, Yang Kai entered retreat while also asking the people from Five Paths Chamber of Commerce to not go out for the time being.


In fact, there was no need for him to even ask this, as when Hua You Meng returned with more than 200 million Saint Crystals, Xia Jing Wu and others were completely shocked.


None of them had even dreamed they would see such a huge number of Saint Crystals in their lifetime, yet now this massive wealth was right in front of them.


None of them could believe it at first.


After half a day, everyone gradually accepted this reality, and under the instructions of Hua You Meng, they allocated 20 million Saint Crystals to buy precious cultivation resources.


Over the next few days, everyone from Five Paths Chamber of Commerce only wanted to enter secluded cultivation; how could they even think of going out?



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