Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1867, Vault


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Time flew by, and half a month later, it was the day Purple Star paid tribute to its ancestors.


On this day each year, Purple Star’s high-level officials would gather to pay their respects to their ancestors under the leadership of Purple Star’s Sect Master, to comfort their ancestors in the afterlife.


There was a huge ancestral hall set up in Purple Star Palace where tablets for all the Elder level figures from Purple Star were set up. Not just those from the Zi Family, but all who had made great contributions to Purple Star were memorialized here.


This was a major event for Purple Star, and no one dared to treat it carelessly.


Purple Star’s senior management spent great effort every year to prepare for this ceremony, considering all aspects.


As such, all of Purple Star’s executives would arrive at Purple Star Palace on time and gather in the direction of the ancestral hall.


Almost all eyes were focused on the ancestral hall at this time, so the protection of other places was largely ignored.


Yang Kai also came to Purple Star Palace at this time.


After showing his Venerable Token to the guards at the palace gate, he was welcomed inside respectfully.


After a short walk, a figure suddenly appeared and said to the guard, “Withdraw, this old master will take charge from here.”


“Yes.” The guard bowed and retreated quickly.


Yang Kai looked at the man and cupped his fists lightly, “Elder Ji!”


This person was none other than Ji Jun who had always been following Zi Wu Ji.


Ji Jun smiled and replied politely, “Ji Jun greets Venerable Yang. Venerable, please come with me. Second Young Master has already arranged everything.”


“En, lead the way!” Yang Kai nodded lightly before following Ji Jun inside.


Ji Jun was undoubtedly familiar with Purple Star Palace and led Yang Kai through a series of paths for half an hour before arriving at a well-secured palace at its centre. This palace was built from some unknown material that appeared extremely solid and had many defensive barriers erected around it.


However, no cultivators were guarding this place at the moment, obviously all having been transferred away.


Standing in front of this palace, Ji Jun wore a nearly frantic look that could not be concealed. Taking a deep breath to calm his rampaging mood, he quickly said, “Venerable Yang, this is Purple Star’s Vault. Second Young Master has said that all that is necessary to open it is the unique key and a drop of Blood Essence from a direct descendant of the Zi Family.”


Yang Kai’s eyes narrowed hearing this, “I still need a drop of Blood Essence from the Zi Family’s direct line? How come I haven’t heard about this until now?”


Whether it was Zi Dong or Zi Wu Ji, neither had told him this secret. Zi Wu Ji concealing something from him, Yang Kai could understand, after all, the two weren’t close and although they had reached an agreement with one another, this was a relationship built on benefits, not trust.


However, Zi Dong not saying anything about this, annoyed Yang Kai greatly.


Ji Jun chuckled, “Please calm yourself, Venerable, this is only a minor matter. Young Master Wu Ji has already prepared a drop of his Blood Essence for Venerable.”


Saying so, he wiped his Space Ring and took out a transparent bottle. This bottle had a drop of red blood in it that gave off a faint purple brilliance. It seemed that there was some mysterious power contained in this drop of blood.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand and before Ji Jun realized what had happened, Yang Kai had already seized the drop of Blood Essence, causing the latter’s face to change drastically.


He was a First-Order Origin King, but before he noticed Yang Kai had been able to snatch something from his hand. It was obvious from this alone how great the gap in their strength was.


“Venerable, this…” Ji Jun looked at the drop of Blood Essence anxiously and stammered.


“How do I use this thing? Tell me,” Yang Kai spoke lightly, but his tone was filled with a commanding presence that allowed no resistance.


Ji Jun’s face was ugly, but he did not dare to disobey and replied, “Just apply this drop of Blood Essence to the key.”


Yang Kai nodded, stretched out his hand, and opened the bottle cap. With a surge of Saint Qi, Yang Kai made the drop of Blood Essence fly out of the jade bottle and directly splash onto the key he had taken out at some point.


The golden key seemed to come alive at that moment and quickly swallowed Zi Wu Ji’s Blood Essence. There was even a faint sucking sound. The next moment, the golden key turned into a tiny dragon with two horns and a faint purple halo. Circling the air a few times, it then plunged into the front door of the Vault.


The heavy door which seemed to be impregnable suddenly flickered as a series of ripples appeared on its surface.


“Elder Ji should wait here for a moment, I’ll be right back,” Yang Kai spoke before his figure flashed and flew into the Vault.


“Wait!” Ji Jun had received Zi Wu Ji’s instructions to not let Yang Kai out of his sight, so how could he allow him to enter the Vault all alone? However, before Ji Jun could follow, the Vault door returned to its normal state, barring him from entering.


Everything happened so fast that Ji Jun nearly smacked into the door.


“This is bad!” Ji Jun jumped anxiously as he cursed Yang Kai mercilessly in his heart.


This was Purple Star’s Vault, which had stored its most precious treasures for countless years. Although there were not many things inside, each item was a key part of Purple Star’s heritage and foundation. Now that Yang Kai had entered all alone, only the Heavens knew what he would do. Would he really keep his promise to only take a single item?


Because of this concern, Zi Wu Ji had told Ji Jun to follow Yang Kai closely, firstly to prevent Yang Kai from becoming greedy, and second because he wanted to know what Yang Kai wanted to take away.


No one expected Yang Kai’s movements to be so fast though, to the point where even a First-Order Origin King like Ji Jun was caught completely off guard.


Wiping the cold sweat from his forehead, Ji Jun’s face was as ugly as if his father had just died thinking about how he would explain this to Zi Wu Ji later. All Ji Jun could do now was pray that Yang Kai would not be too greedy and only take what he had been promised.


Inside the Vault, Yang Kai looked around and soon found that this place did not occupy a very large area and there weren’t many things inside. However, everything he saw made his eyes shine brightly.


Even with the current height of his vision, the content of Purple Star’s Vault amazed him.


There were no Saint Crystals here, but there were many big and small jade bottles, all kinds of artifacts, various Secret Arts and Secret Techniques…


Even without investigating them carefully, Yang Kai could tell that everything here was a rare treasure.


Yang Kai stood on the spot, grinned meaningfully, then immediately stretched out his hand and summoned the Soul Sustaining Bowl into his palm. His gaze becoming sharp, Yang Kai sent a pulse of his Divine Sense into the bowl.


The next moment, a miserable scream came from the bowl and Zi Dong’s Soul Avatar appeared in a flicker, crying out in pain and fear, “Sir, what happened?”


Yang Kai looked at him mockingly and revealed a vicious grin as he spoke, “Zi Dong, come take a look, do you recognize this place?”


Zi Dong turned his head and looked around and his face suddenly changed, muttering under his breath, “Purple Star’s Vault? How could you…”


Before he finished speaking though, he suddenly realized something and hurriedly put on a flattering smile, “Congratulations Sir, this is my Purple Star’s Vault, hehe…”


“Don’t feign stupidity in front of this King!” Yang Kai coldly snorted, “To enter this Vault, one needs a drop of Blood Essence from your Zi Family’s direct line, why didn’t you tell me about this before?”


“Please calm yourself, Sir! This Dong simply wanted to wait until Sir was fully prepared before explaining this matter; however, there was simply no chance to do so. This Dong never intended to conceal anything!”


“Trying to act clever now?” Yang Kai sneered, “Do you think I don’t know what you were plotting? Did you want to borrow my hand to get rid of your second brother Zi Wu Ji?”


Zi Dong’s face paled as he went speechless.


Obviously, Yang Kai was right.


“Zi Dong, you may have thought you were acting smart, but you only harmed yourself in the end,” Yang Kai snickered.


“Mercy! Mercy Sir! This Dong won’t dare repeat this mistake!” Zi Dong’s Soul kowtowed directly in the Soul Sustaining Bowl.


“Now you want mercy? Why didn’t you think about your position earlier?” Yang Kai coldly snorted, and while talking, he pointed his finger towards Zi Dong’s Soul Avatar.


As soon as he pointed his finger, Zi Dong’s Soul Avatar was struck hard, and like a cloud hit by a burst of wind, it began to scatter. A terrified scream rang out, but even that quickly weakened, eventually disappearing altogether.


Yang Kai had no remorse in killing Zi Dong. This boy had made trouble for him again and again in the Severed World and even forced Xu Wei to try to kill him. If Zi Dong did not have some use still, Yang Kai would not have kept him in the Soul Sustaining Bowl.


At this moment, knowing that this boy was still trying to use him, how could Yang Kai let him survive?


With Zi Dong’s Soul being destroyed, Yang Kai simply stored the Soul Sustaining Bowl away. This was a very strange artifact, and it may have some role to play in the future.


Only now did Yang Kai begin to investigate the Vault’s contents.


Opening a nearby jade bottle, Yang Kai immediately became excited.


There were not many pills placed in this Vault, only eight different types in fifty-two different bottles, but each and every bottle held a Spirit Pill of Origin King Grade! These Spirit Pills would have a huge effect on the cultivation of any Origin King and were preserved here by Purple Star for many years.


Yang Kai was naturally not polite and swept all of them into his Space Ring.


The various artifacts were also not overlooked.


Five of the artifacts placed here were Origin King Grade, with the highest quality being Origin King Grade Mid-Rank, while the other four were Origin King Grade Low-Rank.


In addition, the rest were Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts.


These Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts were also different from ordinary Origin Grade High-Rank artifacts. Each of these artifacts had great power and even if they had not quite reached Origin King Grade, the difference wasn’t great.


There were also the Secret Arts and Secret Techniques that Purple Star had collected over the years. Yang Kai did not let these go either. Now that High Heaven Sect had thousands of disciples and was on its way to becoming a massive hegemon, if Yang Kai could bring back these Secret Arts and Secret Techniques, it would provide the disciples more choices to enhance their strength.


How could any Secret Art or Secret Technique placed in this Vault be bad? Cultivating these techniques would ensure that High Heaven Sect’s disciples had an advantage over average cultivators from the start. This would allow the disciples of High Heaven Sect to surpass their peers by a wide margin in the future.


In addition to these things, there were many rare and precious Alchemy and Artifact Refining materials.


Yang Kai stuffed everything he came across into his pockets.


All at once, he had made a massive profit.


Yang Kai did not have the slightest guilt about this. Although he had told Zi Wu Ji that he only wanted to take one thing, how much he took was beyond Zi Wu Ji’s control after entering this Vault.


Yang Kai never had a good impression of Purple Star, so acting ruthlessly towards them was no burden to him.



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