Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1872, Reaching Out For A Yard After Taking An Inch


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


*Xiu xiu xiu…*


The sound of air being cut apart rang out as the countless Gong Sun Liangs rapidly gathered and revealed his true body again. Standing in place, he stared at Yang Kai coldly without saying a word.


Not far from him, Li Mao Ming’s figure also appeared.


The two of them flanked Yang Kai from left and right.


Yang Kai just flashed a playful smile though as he stretched out his hand and summoned back his Golden Blood Threads.


Only now did everyone else breathe a sigh of relief. In a short thirty breaths of time, the total number of cultivators who died to these two Second-Order Origin Kings had exceeded sixty.


These sixty individuals were all Origin Realm Second or Third-Order masters, pillars of Purple Star!


Fortunately, the crisis seemed to be over now, leaving many with feelings of lingering fear as well as deep sadness.


As if everyone had come to some kind of silent agreement, the fighting ceased everywhere. The remaining Origin Realm masters knew that victory or defeat had nothing to do with them and would ultimately be decided by the three masters up above.


There was simply no meaning in them fighting anymore, so they did not bother trying to spill any more blood.


In an instant, the noisy battlefield calmed down and all eyes turned to stare at Yang Kai, Gong Sun Liang, and Li Mao Ming, everyone’s expression extremely solemn.


All the cultivators belonging to the Second Young Master’s side looked depressed, as if their parents had just died. They were not blind after all and understood that their chances of victory were slim. If Yang Kai lost this confrontation, they would become the losers, and the fate of the defeated was never good.


“What’s wrong? Do you want to team up to suppress me?” Yang Kai smiled as he looked around, not showing any kind of panic.


Gong Sun Liang coldly snorted and remained silent, as if he was extremely angry with Yang Kai. On the other hand, Li Mao Ming pondered for a moment and politely said, “Your Excellency, since your surname is Yang, this Li will call you Brother Yang. Brother Yang, since you have received the Venerable Token, you are my Purple Star’s Venerable, my Purple Star’s person. Today’s situation, I imagine you do not want to see either.”


Yang Kai chuckled, and said casually, “Naturally.”


Li Mao Ming gave a hearty laugh, “It’s good that Brother Yang thinks so. Since Brother Yang has Purple Star in his heart, why not hear this Li’s proposal?”


“Brother Li, please!” Yang Kai looked at him with a smile.


“Today’s matter should end here, otherwise, if we continue, it will damage Purple Star’s very foundation, which helps no one. There are no enemies here, so should we not be able to stop and talk things out?” Li Mao Ming sincerely asked Yang Kai.


Not far away, Zi Wu Ji was extremely nervous, his face filled with anxiety lest Yang Kai nod his head. If that were to happen, his defeat would be complete.


He could not help praying secretly in his heart that Yang Kai would vow to fight to the end, if he did, he would still have a chance.


What he did not expect though was that Yang Kai would nod without hesitation after listening to Li Mao Ming’s words, “What Brother Li said is correct, this Yang had similar thoughts and originally planned to stop here; after all, there are two of you, so I can’t win anyway, right?”


Zi Wu Ji’s face became stiff hearing this and coughed up a mouthful of blood.


At this moment, he understood that he really had no chance of winning. He had never expected that a Second-Order Origin King master like Yang Kai would be so spineless! Compared with him, Li Mao Ming was much more reliable.


Yang Kai agreeing so readily stunned Li Mao Ming for a moment. There was now no need for all the bitter-sounding persuasive remarks he had originally prepared, so he couldn’t help smiling and saying, “Brother Yang is truly righteous, this Li admires. Great Elder, what do you think?”


He turned his head to look at Gong Sun Liang.


Gong Sun Liang squinted at Yang Kai and quickly said, “Stopping here and making peace is permissible!”


Li Mao Ming was overjoyed, but before he could say anything, Gong Sun Liang continued, “But this Venerable Yang killed so many masters today that this matter cannot simply be dropped.”


Li Mao Ming frowned as a look of displeasure appeared on his face, wondering why Gong Sun Liang was acting so uncompromising.


“Then what do you suggest?” Yang Kai raised his brow as his eyes collided with Gong Sun Liang.


“Not putting the lives of Purple Star’s disciples in your eyes at all, what right do you have to occupy the position of Venerable? A position that is worshipped by all of Purple Star’s citizens?” Gong Sun Liang coldly snorted and said, “Your Excellency should return the Venerable Token to Purple Star. My Purple Star does not need a Venerable like you!”


As soon as he said this, Li Mao Ming’s face could not help changing slightly. Glancing over at Gong Sun Liang with complicated eyes, he seemed to want to say something, but ultimately, he just sighed and held his tongue.


With his intelligence, he naturally saw through Gong Sun Liang’s true intentions.


Today, even though these two had agreed to stop and make peace, an enmity had been formed between them, and Yang Kai was still technically supporting Zi Wu Ji’s side. If Gong Sun Liang wanted to completely control Purple Star, Yang Kai’s presence would be an obstacle, therefore it would be best to eliminate him here.


Otherwise, Gong Sun Liang would not be able to stabilize his position in the future.


For this reason, Gong Sun Liang made such a proposal.


However, this proposal was obviously very insulting, and Li Mao Ming did not know if this Venerable Yang would be willing to accept it. If he became angry and lashed out, the situation would be difficult to handle.


Li Mao Ming was incredibly anxious as he carefully observed the changes in Yang Kai’s attitude, preparing to intervene if anything went wrong to try to re-start negotiations.


Unexpectedly though, Yang Kai did not show the slightest signs of anger and instead just smiled casually, “So that’s what you’re after. Very well, this King also didn’t want to be a Venerable from the start. Since Great Elder wants this Venerable Token back, he can have it!”


Saying so, he summoned a token into his hand and tossed it towards Gong Sun Liang.


Gong Sun Liang swiftly caught the token which flew towards him and after taking a quick look, he saw it was indeed the Venerable Token, causing him to freeze in place.


He also did not expect that the other party really didn’t put the Venerable Token in his eyes and would simply give it back after he asked, causing some slight disbelief. Gong Sun Liang didn’t really want to deprive Yang Kai of his Venerable identity, he just wanted to create a situation where he could retreat in order to advance, making another less offensive request.


Yang Kai’s cooperation suddenly disrupted his plan.


Gong Sun Liang did not know what to say.


“Haha… Brother Yang is truly a free and easy person; this Li is extremely impressed!” Li Mao Ming looked at Yang Kai like he was some kind of freak before turning to Gong Sun Liang and saying, “Great Elder, Brother Yang has already returned the Venerable Token, so today’s matter…”


“This is not over yet!” Gong Sun Liang waved his hand, interrupting Li Mao Ming’s words as he stared at Yang Kai aggressively, “Although the Venerable Token has been returned, the fact that Your Excellency has killed so many people can’t just be left alone.”


“You have something more to say?” Yang Kai could not help but sneer. He truly did not care about being a Purple Star Venerable as this time he had only come to Purple Star to take the Star Emperor Token. Now that he had succeeded, he never planned to come here again, so the Venerable Token was useless to him. Since Gong Sun Liang wanted it, Yang Kai had no qualms about handing it over.


However, watching the other party still so reluctant to let things go annoyed Yang Kai greatly.


Gong Sun Liang continued, “For the crime of killing others, one should pay with their life! But Your Excellency is too strong for this old master to take your life, so why does Your Excellency not pay some compensation instead as an explanation to the people below!”


“Haha!” Yang Kai couldn’t help but grin as he stared at Gong Sun Liang with interest, “Compensation? Fine, what kind of compensation do you want?”


Gong Sun Liang looked at Yang Kai with a solemn expression as his lips moved.


Li Mao Ming did his best to eavesdrop on what was being said but was unable to tell what Gong Sun Liang had asked for, making him feel quite helpless.


In his opinion, it would be best if today’s affairs had ended here and now. He not only repaid Gong Sun Liang’s favour, but he did also so without having to fight Yang Kai. Now though, it seemed Gong Sun Liang had taken some awful medicine, which made his greed run wild.


Li Mao Ming believed that whatever Gong Sun Liang wanted Yang Kai to hand over was extremely valuable, and if they failed to reach an agreement, it would surely reignite the conflict.


Quite disgruntled with these developments, Li Mao Ming still raised his vigilance to prepare for any fallout.


Sure enough, after Gong Sun Liang’s secret message was sent, Yang Kai nodded, “So you want that thing, I understand.”


What Gong Sun Liang wanted was the Origin Essence Crystal he obtained in the auction half a month ago! This old man must have noticed it was something extraordinary back at the auction but wasn’t sure what it was at the time. However, it seemed that after these past few days, he had managed to determine the true identity of that object.


“Hand over that thing and this old master will let you leave!” Gong Sun Liang quickly said.


“And if I refuse?” Yang Kai squinted at him.


Gong Sun Liang said arrogantly, “Your Excellency best consider his situation carefully before speaking. Although your strength is good, if I join forces with Brother Li, defeating you will not be a problem. Are you really going to stand against this old master?”


“Laughable!” Yang Kai mocked, “It’s you who is reaching out for a yard after taking an inch! You want my things? Alright, take it yourself if you have the skill!”


As soon as Li Mao Ming saw this, he knew that these two had fallen out and he could not help wearing a gloomy expression.


“In that case, it’s useless to say more. Brother Li, accompany this old master!” Gong Sun Liang roared as his Saint Qi burst from his body and he summoned a short sword artifact into his hand. Grabbing this sword, he charged out.


Gong Sun Liang was an established Second-Order Origin King with great strength. Summoning his artifact only increased his combat capacity while at the same time he pushed his Domain towards Yang Kai in an attempt to suppress him.


In an instant, the space around Yang Kai became extremely viscous, with even the flow of World Energy seeming to freeze.


With a single step, he suddenly appeared over Yang Kai’s head and slashed down with his sword.


A dazzling brilliance and shocking energy fluctuation erupted from his sword as a wave that seemed capable of cutting the world apart flew out.


Yang Kai simply stood in place, staring at his opponent coldly. Just when the attack entered range though, Yang Kai suddenly stretched out his hand and summoned the bladeless Dragon Bone Sword into it to block the incoming sword.




With a thunderous bang, a Heaven-destroying, Earth-shattering shockwave visible to the naked eye exploded outwards from where the two swords clashed.


The attacking Gong Sun Liang’s face changed drastically as his eyes almost bulged out of their sockets, staring at Yang Kai who was so close at hand in amazement with a look of disbelief on his face.



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