Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1880, Escape Into The Void


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Kuang Shi Zong had witnessed Yang Kai use Space Force before and had an idea about what he was capable of, but he had never imagined that not only was Yang Kai capable of teleporting himself without a trace, he could even move an entire Origin Grade High-Rank Starship with him as well.


This was no longer something within the realm of human ability, it was simply a miracle!


It was for this reason that the devastating Crystal Cannon volley did not have any effect.


As Kuang Shi Zong was lost in a daze, Yang Kai’s deep voice suddenly called out, “Since Senior insists on being stubborn, he must pay the price!”


“Not good!” Kuang Shi Zong exclaimed. Although he didn’t know what kind of method Yang Kai was about to use, he instinctually felt that things were about to take a turn for the worse, as if whatever Yang Kai was about to show him would be something he was completely incapable of resisting.


“Quick, activate all defences at maximum strength!” Kuang Shi Zong roared.


The cultivators responsible for controlling the Origin King Grade Starship did not dare to hesitate and quickly operated the Spirit Arrays in front of them to erect a powerful barrier around the ship. This barrier was powerful enough that even if a Third-Order Origin King used their full strength to attack it, it would not break.


But even so, Kuang Shi Zong was still uneasy, his hairs standing on end as he felt a lingering palpitation in his heart.


From the front, a faint purple light suddenly flickered.


This purple light was not dazzling in any sense, as different from the brilliant light of the dozens of Crystal Cannons from before as a firefly was to a full moon.


But when this purple light appeared, Kuang Shi Zong felt his heart clench. Staring wide-eyed at this purple light, he felt like he had been thrown into a winter blizzard and could not stop himself from shivering.


From where the purple light originated, he felt a majestic aura which made him instinctually want to kneel and surrender, even destroying the idea of trying to resist.


“Emperor Pressure!” Kuang Shi Zong was a Third-Order Origin King with vast life experience, so he immediately understood what this domineering force was.


Whatever the source of the purple light was, it was able to emit Emperor Pressure!


[Wouldn’t that mean… he possesses an Emperor Artifact? Impossible!]


Emperor Artifacts were things of legend that were rumoured to be the personal artifacts of the Starry Sky Great Emperor, treasures far beyond Origin King Grade!


If it really was an Emperor Artifact, this Origin King Grade Starship would not be able to stop it.


Realizing this, Kuang Shi Zong shouted hurriedly, “If you don’t want to die, run!”


As he spoke, he rushed directly to where the Starship’s hatch was located and punched it open before the cultivator controlling it even had a chance to respond, making a big hole in the sturdy hull before fleeing through it into the Starry Sky.


Kuang Shi Zong was the supreme existence of Purple Star, so seeing him so terrified, how could anyone else dare to remain? Everyone hurriedly followed Kuang Shi Zong to escape from the hole in the hatch.


Far away, Yang Kai held the Annihilation Thunder Bead in his hand and stared solemnly towards the Origin King Grade Starship chasing them, his Saint Qi flooding out of his body at an astonishing rate.


On the Annihilation Thunder Bead’s surface, a faint streak of purple lighting flickered back and forth as Yang Kai’s Saint Qi continued to pour in.




At a certain moment, when the amount of Saint Qi poured in reached a critical point, a lightning arc suddenly burst out of the Annihilation Thunder Bead and shot out like a comet under the direction of Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, piercing the Starry Sky. This purple bolt flew like an arrow from a bow straight towards the Purple Star Origin King Grade Starship.


Silently, this purple bolt of lightning impacted the barrier outside the Origin King Grade Starship, and despite the barrier being sturdy enough to resist the full-powered attack of a Third-Order Origin King undamaged, this small purple lightning bolt blew a giant hole in it.


Immediately afterwards, the hull was penetrated, and a massive hole was pierced straight through it all the way to the other side of the Starship before the purple arc continued through the barrier on the other side as well…


The purple lightning bolt remained undiminished in intensity as it swiftly flew towards one of the nine Starships that was following behind.




With a loud bang, the Origin Grade High-Rank Starship did not even have time to evade before the purple lightning bolt struck, instantly vaporizing it.


Only then did a loud cracking sound echo from the leading Origin King Grade Starship.


The barrier arranged outside it shattered like a broken mirror as the massive hull was all but split in two.


Fortunately, the materials this Origin King Grade Starship were refined from were all extremely precious so despite being so damaged, it did not explode on the spot; however, it was clear this Origin King Grade Starship had basically been scrapped. In order to repair it, it would require almost as much money and manpower as simply building another from scratch.


In the Starry Sky, Kuang Shi Zong, who was the first to escape, stared at the scene in a daze, his blood running cold as his face turned pale and he muttered almost unconsciously, “It’s really an Emperor Artifact, a real Emperor Artifact!”


He could not understand no matter how he thought about it. Yang Kai himself was a supreme talent, had a large number of extremely powerful subordinates, was proficient in the Dao of Space, and possessed an Emperor Artifact!


Any cultivator that had any one of these advantages could run rampant through the Star Field, but Yang Kai actually had all of them!


Was there anyone in this world who could be his opponent? Even if Kuang Shi Zong’s cultivation realm was higher than Yang Kai’s, standing at the pinnacle of the Star Field’s Martial Dao, at this moment, facing the Heaven-defying methods that Yang Kai had shown him one by one, he could not help feeling a strong sense of powerlessness deep in his heart.


Just being proficient in the Dao of Space made Yang Kai invincible. In this entire Star Field, there was likely no one who could kill him. With such methods at his disposal, it would be a blessing for him to not find trouble with others. Who would dare take the initiative to annoy him?


For a moment, Kuang Shi Zong felt panic in his heart, a feeling he had not felt for many years and had nearly forgotten entirely.


He wanted to retreat!


Since he could not kill Yang Kai and was unable to face his Emperor Artifact’s attack, chasing him down now was just asking for trouble.


However, when Kuang Shi Zong raised his eyes and looked in the direction of Yang Kai, he immediately became overjoyed and hurriedly shouted, “Fire! Don’t let him get away!”


He surprisingly discovered that Yang Kai’s complexion had become pale after using the Emperor Artifact.


Kuang Shi Zong immediately understood that while this Emperor Artifact was extremely powerful, the price to use it was definitely not small. With Yang Kai’s current strength, he might not even be able to unleash a second attack.


Kuang Shi Zong’s guess was right.


Yang Kai really could not use the Annihilation Thunder Bead again.


He had used the Annihilation Thunder Bead several times before, and each time he did, his strength had improved greatly from the previous time, but despite that, it still completely exhausted his Saint Qi and Spiritual Energy!


Although as his strength improved, the Annihilation Thunder Bead was able to display more and more power, being so completely drained all at once was a truly uncomfortable feeling.


Perhaps only a character on Yang Yan’s level could truly use the full power of the Annihilation Thunder Bead without any side-effects.


After displaying the Annihilation Thunder Bead, Yang Kai immediately crushed the Spirit Pill he had been holding in his mouth.


A flow of sweet, clear medicinal liquid slid down his throat and into his stomach, turning into a refreshing heat that quickly dispersed to his limbs, allowing him to restore a certain amount of Saint Qi and Spiritual Energy in a very short time.


It was at that moment that Kuang Shi Zong issued the order to press the attack!


There were eight remaining intact Origin Grade High-Rank Starships, all of which swiftly pointed their Crystal Cannons towards where Yang Kai stood atop the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship.


Brilliant lights shone as a Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering amount of power condensed from the eight Starships.


Yang Kai stared at this scene indifferently as he stood atop the ship, stared towards Kuang Shi Zong from afar, and said coldly, “Senior, this trip to Purple Star has made me very unhappy. If there is an opportunity in the future, I will come to greet you again to seek compensation. I pray you live a long life and don’t die before then.”


These words burned into Kuang Shi Zong’s heart like a soldering iron, causing him to tremble as he thought about Yang Kai’s various astonishing means. If he was able to escape today, then Purple Star’s future would no doubt be miserable.


Under his uneasy gaze, Yang Kai turned around and thrust his hands forward.


Something shocking happened next.


Yang Kai’s hands were directly inserted into the void, as if there was an invisible wall in front of him.


Immediately afterwards, Yang Kai vigorously pulled his hands to the sides.




Like Yang Kai was tearing about a thin curtain, a massive Void Crack appeared from where his hands spread, the entire process seemingly occurring freely and easily.


This Void Crack was like a giant beast opening its mouth to reveal a world filled with chaotic nothingness.


The Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship then slowly sailed into this blackness.


Kuang Shi Zong’s expression was incredibly ugly as he stared at the Starship diving into the Void, his Saint Qi surging several times, but he chose not to make a move in the end.


He knew that even if he attacked personally, he would not be able to stop Yang Kai from escaping and might even be dragged into The Void by him instead.


Yang Kai was proficient in the Dao of Space, so he did not need to worry about getting lost in The Void, but Kuang Shi Zong was different. Even if he was a Third-Order Origin King, once he fell into The Void, he would very likely become lost forever, unable to ever escape.


Only a deep unwillingness and fear lingered in Kuang Shi Zong’s heart.


The unwillingness was because not only did he fail to recover the treasures Yang Kai stole from Purple Star’s Vault, he had allowed the latter to have an opportunity to destroy an Origin Grade High-Rank Starship and an Origin King Grade Starship.


As for the fear, that was because of the last words Yang Kai left. Purple Star making such an enemy was an incredibly worrying prospect!


The Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship quickly disappeared into The Void, after which the Void Crack rapidly sealed itself.


Only then did the eight Crystal Cannon barrages from the Purple Star Starships fly over.


The hundreds of Crystal Cannon blasts were a far more dazzling display than the previous volley from the Origin King Grade Starship alone.


But all these beams of white, destructive light hit nothing but empty space and flew off into the distant Starry Sky!


The Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship and Yang Kai were long gone.


Kuang Shi Zong stood on the spot as if in despair, seemingly ageing several hundred years in an instant…


The remaining eight Starships also stopped, not knowing what to do.


After a while, many masters flew out of the Starship and gathered in front of Kuang Shi Zong, all of them looking at him with anxious expressions.


“Ha…” Kuang Shi Zong sighed deeply and laughed in a self-deprecating manner, “As I had always known, the talents from the next generation will supplant those from the old generation sooner or later. It is impossible to overcome old age.”


“Martial Ancestor…” Everyone was shocked, knowing that Kuang Shi Zong had suffered a complete defeat at Yang Kai’s hands this time, wanting to comfort him but not knowing what to say.



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