Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1881, Spirit Qi Wisp


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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“It’s fine, let’s return. My Purple Star has experienced major changes. Zi Long is dead, and since Dong’er was with him, he has probably also met with disaster. Purple Star is currently a dragon without a head. In the future, Purple Star will…” Saying until here, his eyes scanned the surrounding crowd.


Gong Sun Liang straightened his chest quickly.


“You will be commanded by Wu Ji. Everyone will do their utmost to assist him and follow his orders,” Kuang Shi Zong turned to Gong Sun Liang and said. “You have suffered serious damage to your foundation this time, so you must enter retreat to recuperate.”


“Yes!” Although Gong Sun Liang was unwilling, he did not dare to object and could only nod in agreement; after all, what Kuang Shi Zong said was correct. The battle with Yang Kai had damaged his foundation, and if he did not attend to it carefully, it would likely lead to serious consequences, possibly even realm regression.


Compared to the position of Purple Star Sect Master, his own strength was more important.


“Disciple thanks Martial Ancestor! Disciple will do his best to lead Purple Star to glory!” Zi Wu Ji declared, his swollen nose and pale face unable to hide his exhilaration.


No matter how winding the process was and how many twists and turns there were along the way, he had managed to achieve his goal, in the end.




Inside the Void Crack, the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship sailed forward slowly, surrounded by spatial turbulence. Yang Kai remained standing on the deck, using his Space Force to surround the entire Starship so it did not get pulled into the chaotic currents around it.


Space Force inside the Void Crack was completely unpredictable and unstable, so unless a cultivator like Yang Kai was present to guide its flow, it would quickly try to crush any foreign matter. The chaotic Space Force was powerful enough to tear a Third-Order Origin King to pieces given enough time.


After experiencing some initial panic, everyone aboard the Starship gradually calmed down and no longer showed any fear; instead, many began to enthusiastically explore their surrounding environment.


After all, not everyone had the opportunity to enter the Void, much less in an absolutely carefree and safe manner.


Unfortunately for them, there was truly nothing in this space, leading to some slight disappointment.


The novelty of the situation soon wore off, and as everyone’s curiosity abated, they went back to attending to their own duties.


Some time later, a buzzing sound echoed throughout the Starship and bright light penetrated in from the outside as the stars reappeared before everyone’s eyes.


The Starship had transitioned back to the Star Field.


Yang Kai’s figure flickered and appeared in the middle of the crowd, his face pale and his footing a bit unstable.


“Brother Yang!” Shen Tu’s eyes bulged as he hurriedly moved to support Yang Kai.


“I’m fine!” Yang Kai stretched out his hand and motioned Shen Tu to relax, “It’s just that my strength is overdrawn. I’ll be fine after a few days of rest.”


He had never tried to traverse the Void Crack with something as large as an entire Starship before, and although his current control of Space Force had reached a very high level, doing so had put a great load on Yang Kai, especially after just using the Annihilation Thunder Bead.


However, by doing this, Yang Kai also learned what the current limits of his Space Force were, which was a small gain.


“Then you should hurry up and rest, leave everything else to me,” Shen Tu quickly urged.


Hua You Meng and the others also looked at him with concern.


Yang Kai simply nodded, “It should be safe now, you can just sail on carefully. If anything happens, I will appear.”


“Rest easy, Brother Yang. Li Nuo, quickly arrange a room for Brother Yang,” Shen Tu turned to Li Nuo and ordered.


“Sir, please follow me,” Li Nuo hurriedly led the way.


Although Origin Grade High-Rank Starships were not uncommon among great forces in the Star Field, this particular Origin Grade High-Rank Starship was exclusively refined for Shen Tu and represented the best Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce had to offer, so the interior decoration was extremely luxurious. Li Nuo led Yang Kai to the best room available before bowing and drawing back.


Yang Kai walked to the bed, sat down cross-legged, looked around for a moment, and soon found that the ambient energy in the air was extremely strong, probably a result of some kind of powerful Spirit Array.


The finest incense was also lit inside this room, filling it with a light fragrance that had a calming effect on one’s mind and spirit once inhaled.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand and took out a Spirit Pill from his Space Ring before popping it into his mouth and swallowing it down. A moment later, the medicinal efficacies began to spread out and Yang Kai began to adjust his breathing.


Time flew by.


About six days later, Yang Kai managed to restore himself to his original state.


Inside the Void, Yang Kai had pushed himself to the limit, resulting in him gaining some insights into the use of Space Force, insights he planned on exploring after he has recovered.


After a few more days, Yang Kai showed a thoughtful look before a smile appeared on his face.


Releasing his Divine Sense, Yang Kai confirmed the Starship was still sailing steadily in the Starry Sky and that everyone in the ship was performing their respective duties. Everything was calm and peaceful.


The final destination of this Starship was the Home Star of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Water Moon Star, which was also one of the destinations of Yang Kai’s trip, so he simply sat back and relaxed.


He even had time to wonder what kind of expression Xue Yue would have when they met on Water Moon Star again.


When he thought of Xue Yue, Yang Kai could not help but also think about Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang, and then Shan Qing Luo…


With a long sigh, Yang Kai’s heart filled with guilt…


Quickly shaking his head to dispel these negative emotions, Yang Kai put up a barrier around his room before immediately taking out the Sealed World Bead and entering it.


In fact, he could have used the Sealed World Bead to take away Shen Tu and the others back on Purple Star. This was the most convenient and fastest way to escape that situation.


But Yang Kai had intentionally chosen not to do so; after all, the existence of the Sealed World Bead was too Heaven-defying, it was literally a complete world one could carry on them, so the fewer that knew about it, the better.


Although he had now become strong enough to not fear anyone in the Star Field, Yang Kai still had to be careful. If someone troublesome were to take an interest in him because of the existence of the Sealed World Bead, the gains would not be worth the loss.


Inside the Sealed World Bead, it was incredibly peaceful.


Xiao Xiao was still devouring Sun’s True Fire when Yang Kai arrived in front of him and took out all the precious ores he obtained from Purple Star’s Vault.


When Xiao Xiao saw these ores, his two small eyes suddenly rounded and shined with a strong light. Rushing out, he grabbed at the ores and began stuffing them into his mouth.


There were no chewing motions as all of these ores were quickly thrown into his small stomach, not causing his belly to swell at all, as if they had disappeared into some bottomless pit.


Shortly after, all the ores had disappeared.


Xiao Xiao then turned to Yang Kai eagerly, a somewhat unsatisfied look from being half-full filling his face.


Yang Kai could only laugh wryly and say, “There’s no more, go refine those first!”


Although the number was somewhat small, all these ores had been placed inside Purple Star’s Vault, so each one was no doubt extremely valuable. Now that they had all been swallowed by Xiao Xiao, it would undoubtedly be helpful to his growth.


Xiao Xiao was quite easy-going, so after scratching his head slightly, he showed a silly smile to Yang Kai before running off to refine the ores with peace of mind.


Yang Kai cast him a light gaze before moving on.


At his next stop, Yang Kai came across a large Origin King Grade Artifact Refining Furnace that was standing quietly on the ground. It was naturally Liu Yan’s artifact.


Inside the Artifact Refining Furnace, there were some occasional Firebird cries and every once in a while a burst of flames would erupt from the open furnace’s mouth. These bursts of flame not only contained the power of the Sun’s True Fire that Liu Yan had swallowed, but also the Heavenly Thunder Fire and Blue Ice Flame power as well.


Liu Yan was clearly working hard to digest the Blue Ice Flame.


Seemingly aware of the arrival of Yang Kai, a Firebird head poked out from the Artifact Refining Furnace, took a faint glance at Yang Kai, then dived back in again, and continued with her work…


“Seems like everything is fine!” Yang Kai nodded lightly. Liu Yan had a casual look to her, so obviously she was not having any difficulties.


Yang Kai’s figure flickered next and he soon arrived at a secluded place.


This was where he had planted countless spirit grasses and spirit medicines, the medicine garden which had laid out before. All the precious herbs that Yang Kai had brought out from the Severed World, many of which had gone extinct elsewhere in the Star Field, were planted in this medicine garden, making for a thriving, vibrant scene.


There was a strong medicinal fragrance wafting about, one that smelt almost enlightening.


Yang Kai sat down cross-legged next to the garden and began taking out a few things from his Space Ring before placing them in front of himself one by one.


The first of these items was a round, transparent crystal.


Earth Vein Crystal!


This was one of the three most valuable treasures that Yang Kai took out from Purple Star’s Vault. After observing the Earth Vein beads for a while, he did not hesitate to throw it into the centre of the Medicine Garden.


As soon as the Earth Vein Crystal touched the ground, it sank downwards like the earth was nothing but water.


The next moment, an eruption of World Energy occurred and with the Medicine Garden as the centre, a thousand-meter radius saw its ambient aura intensity jump over a hundredfold.


From the ground, a series of gossamer-like threads began to fly out and linger about in the air, instantly flooding the surrounding region.


“Spirit Qi Wisps!” Yang Kai’s eyes lit up when he saw this, his expression filled with excitement.


World Energy was ordinarily invisible and intangible, and only when its concentration reached a certain critical limit did it become visible to the naked eye.


The layers of mist above the famous mountains and rivers were often actually the physical manifestation of concentrated World Energy and was a resource of great benefit to cultivators who cultivated there.


But this mist was still incomparable to Spirit Qi Wisps.


Spirit Qi Wisps were a higher level of World Energy, both denser and more refined than simple fog.


These wisps were the purest and most concentrated form of World Energy. Yang Kai reached out and grabbed a wisp as he circulated his Secret Art slightly. With little effort, this wisp disappeared into the palm of his hand, formed a stream of heat inside his meridians, and quickly flowed into his dantian where it was rapidly assimilated into his own strength.


The countless Spirit Qi Wisps which were floating around now made this region look like a fairyland, indescribably beautiful.


Several wisps soon began landing on the exotic flowers and plants planted in the medicine garden, causing them to sway slightly, as if exuding their joy.


Yang Kai did not expect that placing the Earth Vein Crystal here would lead to such a result. His original intention was simply to use the Earth Vein Crystal to provide the herbs in the medicine garden with a constant supply of World Energy, as well as create a good cultivation environment for him.


This result far exceeded his expectations.


This Earth Vein Crystal really lived up to its reputation. That a tiny Earth Vein Crystal was able to provide such a massive amount of World Energy was simply shocking.


Yang Kai observed for a while before noting that only the surrounding thousand meters radius had been affected; however, the small circular region had now become a cultivation paradise far greater than any spiritual ground in existence.



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