Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1882, Fusing with The Dragon Scale


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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Sitting amidst the ocean of Spirit Qi Wisps, Yang Kai felt that he was able to absorb the ambient energy without even consciously trying to.


In such an environment, a cultivator could definitely grow at a speed a hundred to a thousand times faster than ordinary.


Quickly collecting himself, Yang Kai picked up the second item.


It was the seventh Star Emperor Token he obtained from the Purple Star Vault.


This one was no different from the previous six pieces. All of them were made from some unknown material and had a domineering ‘Emperor’ character engraved on its face. There was also a faint Emperor Pressure that still lingered about it.


After observing it for a while, Yang Kai took out the other six tokens.


When the seven Star Emperor Tokens were gathered, a sudden change occurred.


The seven tokens shot out from Yang Kai’s hands uncontrollably and flew up into the air in front of him, arranging themselves into a pattern in the blink of an eye.


It looked like a circle, but it was missing a few links.


Yang Kai immediately knew that it was because he was lacking two Star Emperor Tokens and that the pattern still wasn’t complete.


After the seven Star Emperor Tokens were suspended mid-air for a while, they suddenly fell downwards. Yang Kai reached out and swept them up into his palm before placing them back into his Space Ring.


He then cast his eyes towards the last two items.


One of them was a scale the size of a palm. It almost looked like a gigantic fish scale but was covered with mysterious patterns and gave off an imposing and ancient aura.


Dragon Scale! The scale of an authentic Dragon.


The Dragon Scale in front of him and the Dragon Bone Sword in Yang Kai’s body seemed to sense each other and began resonating, forcing him to suppress them.


Such a big piece of Dragon Scale, in terms of value, was not inferior to the previous Earth Vein Crystal. It was obviously happened upon by an ancestor of Purple Star, but unfortunately, no one from Purple Star had been able to truly make use of it after so many years. Kuang Shi Zong had also attempted to refine this Dragon Scale many years ago but was unsuccessful. In the end, he had to reluctantly give up and store it inside the Vault.


If a Grandmaster Artifact Refiner took this Dragon Scale as a primary material and used it to create an artifact, it would produce at least an Origin King Grade High-Rank artifact; whether it was used to make an offensive artifact or defensive artifact, it would no doubt stand at the peak of the Star Field in terms of quality.


Of course, since a Dragon Scale was extraordinarily strong, using it to make a defensive artifact was the best choice, especially something like a shield.


Unfortunately, even an Origin King Grade Artifact Refiner may not be able to properly refine this Dragon Scale unless they possessed some kind of special divine flame.


Yang Kai was not an Artifact Refiner, so he could not smelt this piece of Dragon Scale, but he possessed a different advantage that no one else did.


He had the Golden Divine Dragon Source!


Amongst True Dragons, the Golden Divine Dragon was a supreme emperor, the ruler of all Ancient Divine Spirits! With the power of the Golden Divine Dragon Source and the Monster Transformation Secret Technique Chi Yue had given him, Yang Kai was confident he could completely refine this Dragon Scale into his body, integrating it into his own strength to gain part of a True Dragon’s Divine Ability.


The Dragon Scale was a True Dragon relic, and so was Yang Kai’s Dragon Bone Sword.


The Dragon Bone Sword was composed of a piece of Dragon Bone and a Dragon Bead. Yang Kai did not have the time or ability to refine this artifact and had definitely not brought it to its full potential. At the time, Yang Yan had simply passed him a special refining method that bypassed all the customary steps and allowed Yang Kai to use Liu Yan’s natal Artifact Refining Furnace to fuse the Dragon Bone and Dragon Bead into an artifact.


This approach guaranteed the best use of the Dragon Bone and Dragon Bead.


In other words, Yang Kai now had three Dragon relics in his hands: A Dragon Scale, a Dragon Bone, and a Dragon Bead!


If these three True Dragon artifacts could be completely integrated into his body, his strength would undoubtedly soar.


It would be impossible for others to do this, but Yang Kai, who possessed the Golden Divine Dragon Source, could.


But, he was not in a hurry to do so; he turned his attention to the last item.


It was a hexagonal shaped crystal that looked similar to the Earth Vein Crystal, but also completely different. The Earth Vein Crystal completely restrained its internal energy and appeared ordinary from the outside. Only when one’s Divine Sense penetrated into the crystal would the massive quantity of energy inside become apparent.


But this six-sided prismatic crystal released a potent energy fluctuation that caused even someone as strong as Yang Kai to feel some slight pressure.


This crystal was the Origin Essence Crystal that Yang Kai had won at the auction. Only a Third-Order Origin King could condense the essence of their perceptions in the Martial Dao into an Origin Essence Crystal.


An Origin Essence Crystal had a fatal temptation to any Origin King Realm cultivator, far more so than Domain Stones.


Refining a Domain Stone could only allow an Origin King to sense the power of Domain and more easily form their own, but an Origin Essence Crystal could allow an Origin King to go a step further in their cultivation!


This was something Yang Kai needed urgently!


The Phoenix Star Silver wrapped around this Origin Essence Crystal had already been divided up by Xiao Xiao and Liu Yan, so as long as he could absorb the energy in this Origin Essence Crystal, Yang Kai believed that even if he could not immediately break through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm, reaching the peak of the Star Field, he would make the road ahead far smoother!


After looking back and forth between the Origin Essence Crystal and the Dragon Scale several times, Yang Kai finally made a decision. He would put the Origin Essence Crystal away for now!


He decided to refine the Dragon Scale first.


Refining and absorbing an Origin Essence Crystal was a very time-consuming process, and with many things still waiting to get done, Yang Kai felt like now was not the time to attempt to break through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm.


As for the three True Dragon relics, the Dragon Bone Sword itself contained both a piece of Dragon Bone and a Dragon Bead, which could still play some role in its current form, so the natural choice was to refine the Dragon Scale.


Considering all this, Yang Kai did not hesitate anymore, picked up the Dragon Scale, closed his eyes, and began to review the second half of the Monster Transformation Secret Technique.


The Monster Transformation was the Monster Race’s supreme Secret Technique and allowed a Monster Race cultivator to exert a trace of the power of its ancestral bloodline. All Monster Race cultivators could trace their lineage to the ancient Monster Beasts and had vast hidden potential in their blood. The problem was finding a way to awaken and utilise it.


This was the focus of the first half of the Monster Transformation Secret Technique.


As for the second half, it described the process needed to refine parts of ancient Monster Beasts into one’s own body.


The authentic Dragons, strictly speaking, were still Monster Beasts, the only difference was that they were born emperors of their kind. As such, Dragon relics were suited for the Monster Transformation Secret Technique.


Yang Kai spent ten full days studying the Monster Transformation’s second half before he decided to put it into action.


Opening his eyes and exhaling lightly, a look of determination filled Yang Kai’s eyes as he pointed his finger like a knife, lifted his other arm, and slashed at his wrist.


In the next moment a cut was opened and golden blood began oozing out from it. The powerful healing ability of Yang Kai’s golden blood immediately took effect, and the wound began to close at a speed visible to the naked eye, looking as if it would be healed in the next moment.


Yang Kai quickly picked up the Dragon Scale and stuck it onto the wound while circulating the Monster Transformation Secret Technique and pouring the power of his Golden Divine Dragon Source into the Dragon Scale at the same time.




A faint hum rang out as a huge phantom dragon head suddenly appeared from the Dragon Scale. This phantom dragon head was more majestic and terrifying than any dragon head Yang Kai had previously encountered and, before it, he could not help feeling as small and insignificant as an ant.


The dragon head stared at Yang Kai without emotion, releasing a supreme Dragon Pressure towards his heart.




A dragon roar that resounded like thunder exploded in Yang Kai’s ears, its voice radiating an unquestionable might that caused Yang Kai’s pulse to unconsciously accelerate.


Dragon Pressure filled the air!


Yang Kai stared back at the dragon head coldly, without flinching.


After a short moment, the phantom dragon head shook slightly before suddenly transforming into a golden light and retreating back into the Dragon Scale.


At the same time, this piece of Dragon Scale, which has been detached from a true Dragon for tens of thousands of years, possibly even longer, seemed to come to life and began drinking Yang Kai’s blood at an astonishing rate.


*Gudong, gudong…*


A clear sound echoed from the Dragon Scale as Yang Kai’s blood flowed into it, dying it in a rich golden light.


A feeling of dizziness and discomfort rose from Yang Kai’s heart, causing a look of shock to appear on his face. Not daring to neglect, Yang Kai quickly exploded a drop of pure Golden Blood in his body to replenish his rapidly disappearing blood.


Another high-pitched dragon roar sounded from the Dragon Scale, as if it was extremely happy, and it began swallowing Yang Kai’s blood even more unscrupulously.


Contained in Yang Kai’s blood was an unimaginable amount of vitality, especially his pure Golden Blood, which was condensed from Life Revitalizing Jade Cream. Any drop of Golden Blood was a tonic that could bring someone on the brink of death back to life.


This massive amount of vitality was indispensable for refining this True Dragon relic.


As time passed, Yang Kai was forced to explode ten drops of pure Golden Blood, but the Dragon Scale still seemed unsatisfied as it continued to swallow all it was fed uncontrollably.


The entire Dragon Scale was now a pure golden colour, and the Dragon Pressure it radiated was even more powerful than before.


After a while, Yang Kai suddenly felt that the flow of his blood stopped and he immediately became ecstatic, knowing that he had finally satiated this Dragon Scale. Turning his eyes towards it, Yang Kai discovered that the originally nigh indestructible Dragon Scale had now transformed into a halo of golden light that flowed like running water around the wound on his arm.


Yang Kai took a deep breath and prepared himself. With a single thought, a suction force appeared from his wound and drew this golden light into his body.


The next moment, Yang Kai’s eyes bulged as he grabbed the wound with his free hand, his whole body shuddering as his face went completely pale and beads of sweat began oozing from his forehead, soaking his clothes in an instant.


Unimaginable pain radiated from the wound and was seemingly magnified ten thousand times over as it strongly stimulated Yang Kai’s physique and nerves.


Yang Kai was no stranger to pain and had an incredibly firm will, but in the end, he was unable to hold back and released an unimaginable scream that resounded throughout the Small Sealed World.


The pain was simply unbearable, and Yang Kai could feel it countless times clearer than usual. He could clearly feel that the Dragon Scale, which was sucked into his body, was slowly creeping along his arm like flowing lava, burning down everything in its path as it slowly climbed higher.


Every moment brought an almost soul crushing agony.


Yang Kai’s pain filled screams rang out continuously.


In any case, he was the only living person in the Small Sealed World, so there was no need for him to feel embarrassed by this display.


However, Xiao Xiao who was refining ore and Liu Yan who was refining the Blue Ice Flame heard these screams and could not help looking over, both of their faces showing worried expressions as they feared that Yang Kai had encountered some kind of accident.



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