Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1883, Flock of Monsters


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai’s pitiful screams refused to subside even as his voice grew hoarse.


Naturally, he was suffering from unimaginably painful torment.


Every time the Dragon Scale moved upwards; Yang Kai felt as if his arm was being slashed apart by a thousand swords. Wherever the Dragon Scale passed, his physique and meridians were shredded, and even with Yang Kai’s tyrannical physical strength, he was unable to resist the corrosive force of the potent Dragon Pressure.


Fortunately, his vitality was extremely tenacious, so the rate at which he could heal was somehow able to keep up with the rate of the damage.


After an entire day, the golden light from the Dragon Scale flowed into Yang Kai’s heart.


*Peng peng…*


Two strong heartbeats sounded and Yang Kai’s whole body froze. The next moment, his heart completely stopped beating and he collapsed to the ground with a burst of golden light.


Watching from a distance, the already worried Liu Yan and Xiao Xiao were shocked and rushed over immediately. Liu Yan helped Yang Kai up as she hurriedly checked for any signs of breathing or pulse while Xiao Xiao stood to the side, jumping up and down anxiously but powerless to help.


After realizing that not only had Yang Kai’s breathing ceased, but his heart had also stopped, Liu Yan’s eyes could not help but darken as she raised her eyes to Xiao Xiao and slowly shook her head.


Xiao Xiao made a ‘wu wu’ sound from his mouth as he hurriedly pointed his finger at Liu Yan, then at Yang Kai, gesturing frantically as if imploring her to think up a solution quickly.


Liu Yan could only reply with silence though.


Suddenly, Yang Kai, who seemed to already be dead, opened his eyes and took in a sharp breath. As if his soul had just returned to his body, he clutched his chest and gasped as his eyes trembled violently.


*Dong dong…*


A heartbeat stronger than ever before sounded from his chest and continued to sound like a deafening war drum.


With time, this abnormal heartbeat gradually became stable and finally returned to normal.


It was not until this time that Yang Kai completely recovered and slowly stood up straight, his eyes filled with lingering fear.


Liu Yan frowned as she looked at him, and only after confirming that he seemed to be fine did she exhale with relief. Xiao Xiao had a simpler reaction as he simply jumped about at Yang Kai’s feet, a cheerful expression on his face.


“I had a small accident and caused you to worry,” Yang Kai smiled lightly as he wiped the cold sweat from his brow.


He had not expected this either. Just fusing with a single Dragon Scale was so dangerous. Everything had gone smoothly at the beginning, and even taking the Dragon Scale into his body, while painful, was still within the realm of his control, but when the dragon scale entered his heart, Yang Kai suddenly felt as if he was about to die.


Fortunately, his body was far from ordinary. Only by relying on his powerful vitality was he able to survive, and if it had been someone else, they would likely be dead by now.


With his powerful Second-Order Origin King cultivation, the mere refinement of a single True Dragon Scale had almost cost his life, so it was not difficult to imagine how dangerous this process was.


This was also only the first True Dragon relic Yang Kai planned to refine. If he wanted to refine the second and third pieces, it would likely not be possible in the near future. Only if he could dramatically improve his strength would be able to even think about refining the Dragon Bone and Dragon Bead.


Seeing that he was fine, Liu Yan nodded slightly before her tender body flickered, transformed into her Firebird form, and rushed off to a certain place in the Small Sealed World to continue her retreat.


Xiao Xiao stood at Yang Kai’s feet, patted Yang Kai’s calf, and then patted his chest, trying to straighten up his rickety waist, as if telling Yang Kai that ‘next time you encounter danger, do not worry, just leave everything to me.’


He was the picture of reliability!


Yang Kai stretched out his hand and patted Xiao Xiao’s head with a cheerful expression on his face.


At that moment though, Yang Kai suddenly frowned and released his Divine Sense, his expression becoming a bit strange before he turned to Xiao Xiao and said, “You go back and cultivate, something happened outside. I’ll go check it out.”


Xiao Xiao seemed to understand and nodded, after which Yang Kai disappeared.


In the Starry Sky, the Starship, which was supposed to be sailing towards Water Moon Star, had come to a stop, and outside, a battle was raging.


Abroad this Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship, the overall level of the cultivators was not low. In addition to Yang Kai, there was another Origin King: Aunt Chun of Clear Sky Auction House. She was only at the First Order, but an Origin King was still a top-level powerhouse.


Below her, whether it was Li Nuo, Hua You Meng, or several other cultivators belonging to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, they were all masters in the Origin Returning Realm, with no lack of those at the Third Order.


Such combat power was not weak.


But even so, the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce side was being thoroughly suppressed.


Aunt Chun had been entangled by an enemy First-Order Origin King and had no energy to spare for anyone else while the several Third-Order Origin Returning Realms like Li Nuo and Hua You Meng had their own equally matched opponents.


As for Xia Jing Wu, Hai Tang, Yao Qing, and the others from Five Paths Chamber of Commerce, they were all pale at the moment, obviously lacking in strength.


On the contrary, numerous enemies were facing them, many of them scattered around the perimeter, just waiting and watching for suitable opportunities to strike.


It could be seen at a glance that this battle had been taking place for some time now. Even Aunt Chun and the other Origin King had fluctuations in the Saint Qi aura indicative of excessive consumption.


However, it was because their opponent was also an Origin King master that neither side dared to use extreme measures and was instead focused on fighting a battle of attrition.


Once an Origin King was forced into a desperate situation, both sides would surely suffer.


“Why hasn’t Brother Yang come out yet?” Shen Tu pushed back an enemy and asked Yao Qing, who was panting next to him, quietly.


Yao Qing could only reply with a depressed look, “How should I know? I went to that Sir’s door to ask him for assistance, but he never responded.”


“Perhaps he’s in the middle of some kind comprehension and is unable to extricate himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t simply ignore this situation,” Shen Tu muttered with a heavy heart. Although there was not any need to worry yet with Aunt Chun here, if some kind of accident occurred, there was a chance all of them would become prisoners again.


Shen Tu could not help cursing his luck!


Ordinarily, a Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship was able to walk sideways in the Star Field; after all, as long as one recognized Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s flag, almost everyone would take the initiative to give way. However, things were drastically different this time. First, he had gotten swept up in Purple Star’s internal power struggle, getting captured and detained. Afterwards, Shen Tu managed to escape with Yang Kai’s help, but on the way home, he had encountered this mess.


Looking around, Shen Tu could not stop his heart from sinking as he found that his men’s conditions were deteriorating rapidly. If Yang Kai did not appear soon, his side would surely begin suffering casualties or be captured.


Just as he was feeling full of anxiety, a familiar voice suddenly rang in his ears, “Everyone stop, we’re all friends!”


Everyone from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce was overjoyed when they heard this voice and immediately turned towards the source of this sound where they saw a familiar figure standing in the void. All of them were finally able to relax as their previous anxiety was swept away.


The appearance of Yang Kai seemed to give them infinite confidence.


This change surprised the group which was opposing Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.


First-Order Origin King who was battling with Aunt Chun frowned upon hearing these words and shouted, “Nonsense! Who are you calling ‘friend!’”


Yang Kai, however, just looked over and chuckled, “What’s wrong? After only a few years, has Senior already forgotten this Junior?”


“Do you know this old master?” From a distance away, the enemy Origin King was startled before quickly thinking of something and exclaiming, “This voice…”


As he spoke, he turned around to finally take a look at Yang Kai, and after seeing this familiar figure, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets as he pointed and stammered, “You…you…”


“Senior Ba He, I trust you’ve been well since we last met!” Yang Kai cupped his fists at him with a smile.


Ba He continued to stare at Yang Kai in a daze, only rubbing his eyes vigorously after a moment to make sure he wasn’t seeing things before calling out, “Yang Kai! It’s really you!”


“Hey, it’s Little Brother-In-Law!” A vigorous voice sounded from the side, seemingly addressing Yang Kai. The speaker was burly like an iron tower, with a shaggy beard on his face and a bear-like look that could intimidate anyone who stood before him.


“So Brother Yu Xiong is also here,” Yang Kai smiled as he addressed this man.


“Call me elder brother-in-law!” Yu Xiong insisted.


“Haha…” Yang Kai smiled without saying a word.


Yu Xiong could not help rolling his eyes.


With Yang Kai’s appearance, the fighting between the two sides abruptly came to an end as everyone looked at him with strange expressions; however, that did not mean anyone dropped their guard against their opponents.


“Brother Yang…” Shen Tu flew to Yang Kai’s side and asked softly, “Do you know this flock of Monsters?”


“En,” Yang Kai nodded, “We have some friendship.”


When he discovered that the cultivators fighting Shen Tu belonged to Monster Emperor Star’s Red Moon Territory, Yang Kai was quite puzzled, wondering how they had met in this vast Star Field.


Ba He already having broken through to the First-Order Origin King Realm was within his expectations.


When Yang Kai first met Ba He, the latter was already a master at the same level as Ye Xi Yun. Ye Xi Yun was able to easily break through to the Origin King Realm, so Ba He was as well, especially since he had also gone to experience the Blood Prison Trial and obtained many benefits from it.


On the other hand, Yu Xiong was still a Third-Order Origin Realm cultivator, though his aura had become noticeably more condensed.


“Do you know what their background is?” Shen Tu looked at Yang Kai in surprise, “As far as I know, they are Monsters from Red Moon Territory on Monster Emperor Star. Do you also know that?”


“En, I know,” Yang Kai laughed and asked. “How did you wind up fighting?”


Shen Tu immediately sneered, “This group is clearly nothing good, just like those thieves from Galaxy Ridge and Abandoned Lair, they wanted to snatch our Starship. Maybe they thought there was something good aboard it.”


Yang Kai frowned hearing this accusation.


Yu Xiong hurriedly objected though, “We’re nothing like your Human robbers! It’s you people who trespassed into my Monster Emperor Star’s territory, we are only protecting our borders!”


“Monster Emperor Star is nearby?” Yang Kai was shocked and swept his eyes around quickly, soon locating a familiar-looking star in the distance that was exuding a thick Monster Qi!


“Five million kilometres away!” Yu Xiong replied confidently.


“Five million kilometres? Don’t you think you Monsters are a bit too presumptuous?” Shen Tu snapped back with an unhappy expression on his face.


“Father here does not! Since I’ve said that this is my Monster Emperor Star’s territory, it is my Monster Emperor Star’s territory. You Humans have stepped into our land, so we need to teach you a lesson,” Yu Xiong said without the slightest hint of restraint.



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    1. Well yea, what mattered is the independent force; no one wants to mess with someone stronger than them just to get obliterate. But because they belong to different races, of course there will be prejudice. I mean people do it among themselves. Is this not true for anywhere though?

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