Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1885, Little Bastard, It’s You


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The two Monster Race Tribal Lords wasted no time after making their decision. Xue Jiao let out a fierce roar as his burly body suddenly expanded and his vitality flared up so violently it actually became a visible red halo that pulsed from his figure.


With a flicker, Xue Jiao’s figure shot out like a bolt of lightning towards Half-Moon Mountain’s barrier.


The Monster Race was known for its physical prowess, and Blood Flood Dragon Tribal Lord was undoubtedly the most gifted in terms of physique. Even just a simple charge from him contained unimaginable destructive power.


As he flew forward, the ground beneath him and even the space around him cracked under his might.




Xue Jiao smashed headlong into Half-Moon Mountain’s barrier, causing the entire mountain to tremble and the light curtain to flicker wildly, as if it was about to collapse.


Xue Jiao saw this and smiled happily, thinking that Half-Moon Mountain’s barrier was only worth this much, but just as he was about to add more force to his charge and completely break through, an extremely violent rebound force suddenly appeared, one that was even more intense than the one he had just used.


Having been caught off guard, Xue Jiao was too late to react and took the full brunt of this rebound force.


With a muffled grunt, his burly body was sent flying.


All the Monster Race masters looked at each other and saw the looks of horror on their faces.


Fortunately for Xue Jiao, Blood Flood Dragons have thick skin and a tough hide, so despite this rebounding force being quite strong, it was only able to embarrass him, not hurt him. To the side, Qian Yan said with a solemn expression, “It is rumoured that Half-Moon Mountain itself was formed from the remains of a giant ancient Monster King, so it has some unusual properties to it.”


Xue Jiao only glanced over at him, dissatisfied, though and snapped, “Stop commenting and help.”


Qian Yan nodded and began releasing a dazzling silver light from his eyes. This silver light quickly condensed into a physical substance and eventually took the shape of two sharp swords. With a flicker, these two swords shot off like arrows from the string and pierced towards the barrier like bolts of lightning.


Seeing this, Xue Jiao did not remain idle and quickly coordinated with Qian Yan’s Secret Technique, rushing forward again while throwing out his huge fist towards Half-Moon Mountain’s barrier.


The combined blows of two Monster Race Tribal Lords were enough to shatter the Heavens.


When the attacks arrived this time, the Half-Moon Mountain barrier flickered even more rapidly than before, but this time Xue Jiao was prepared and did not get flung back by the rebounding force.


After this one blow, the light from Half-Moon Mountain’s barrier seemed to dim slightly.


Seeing this, Qian Yan and Xue Jiao’s eyes flashed as the two of them exchanged a knowing glance. As Tribal Lords, naturally, they could see that as long as they joined forces and released a few more attacks of similar intensity, they could break down this troublesome barrier and dive into Chi Yue’s palace. No matter what, they had to stop Chi Yue from calmly absorbing the power of Mad Crocodile Monster King’s Origin Essence Crystal.


The two Monster Race masters who had violently been attacking the Half-Moon Mountain barrier up until now all stopped their movements. Both Blood Flood Dragon and Qian Yan have serious expressions, trying to dispel the discomfort in their hearts.


“Xue Jiao, Qian Yan, this Queen is a leader of the Monster Race just like you and does not want to make things difficult between us. If you leave now, this Queen can pretend nothing happened here, otherwise, you will have to pay the price for your actions today!”


“Chi Yue!” Xue Jiao and Qian Yan muttered at the same time.


They were all Monster Race Tribal Lords and had numerous dealings with each other before, so they could recognize Chi Yue’s voice. However, Chi Yue gave them a very different feeling from before. Her words were by no means fierce. Instead, they were quite measured, but just listening to them caused them a sense of dread, making them feel that if they continued their current actions they would really face unimaginable consequences.


The two Tribal Lords both felt their hearts shake as they exchanged an uncertain glance.


Qian Yan, however, grit his teeth soon and shouted, “Paltry tricks! If you had the ability, you would have lowered this barrier and invited us inside from the start!”


“Exactly!” Xue Jiao echoed from the side, “Chi Yue, you say we are all leaders of the Monster Race, but after I and Brother Qian Yan arrived here, you refused to even see us yet now you claim we should all show each other respect? If you believe that, open this barrier and let us in!”


“It’s useless to say more. Life or death, I leave the choice up to you, this Queen has already shown enough benevolence!” Chi Yue’s voice came from Half-Moon Mountain once more before falling silent again.


Both Xue Jiao and Qian Yan were oozing cold sweat from their foreheads as they both were faintly aware of something.


After a long time, Qian Yan turned his head to look at the Xue Jiao and asked, “Brother Xue Jiao, are you afraid?”


“I’ve never feared anyone before,” The Blood Flood Dragon snorted coldly.


“Very good,” Qian Yan nodded lightly before wearing a grin, “Since that’s the case, we should give it our all.”


Xue Jiao frowned, seemingly hesitant, but he steeled himself and nodded in the end, “Yes!”


As soon as his voice fell, the Monster Qi of the two Tribal Lords burst out again as they each used their own earth-shattering methods to attack Half-Moon Mountain’s barrier.


“Stubborn fools!” Chi Yue’s annoyed voice rang out as the World Energy in the surrounding region suddenly became turbulent. High up in the sky, a giant jade white palm rapidly condensed.


This palm fell from the sky and pressed towards Xue Jiao and Qian Yan.


The two Monster Race Tribal Lords both felt their knees begin to buckle under the approaching palm as they stared up at it in horror. Xue Jiao even exclaimed, “Commanding Heaven and Earth, has she already reached the Third-Order Origin King Realm?”


Qian Yan was also taken aback. The only reason why they dared to act presumptuously here was that they had the numerical advantage. As long as all of them were Second-Order Origin Kings, the side that had more was naturally held the advantage.


However, if Chi Yue had become a Monster King, a Third-Order Origin King Realm powerhouse, two of them would be no better than one.


At that moment, Qian Yan involuntarily began thinking of retreating, simply wanting to escape from Half-Moon Mountain, the farther away the better.


But soon, his silver eyes burst with brilliant light and he shouted, “No, it’s just a Secret Technique. Brother Xue Jiao, quickly!”


While he urged Xue Jiao, Qian Yan opened his mouth and let out a terrifying roar that created sound waves visible to the naked eye which shot towards the giant palm.


Xue Jiao had lost all fighting spirit and his face was ashen, but with Qian Yan’s shout, his survival instinct kicked in and he began releasing a violent power from his body as he sent a flurry of punches containing his full might into the sky.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


Fist shadows and sound waves collided with the palm print outside Half-Moon Mountain and a chaotic explosion of energy accompanied a blinding light that seemed to engulf the entire world.


Only after some time did the light fade and the dust settle.


Qian Yan and Xue Jiao both wore beaming smiles as they exchanged a glance, quickly regaining their confidence while no further movement came from Half-Moon Mountain.


“Chi Yue really hasn’t broken through yet,” Xue Jiao grinned and muttered lowly, all the panic disappearing from his expression.


“We don’t have long though,” Qian Yan on the contrary remained worried, “Brother Xue Jiao, if we delay much longer, she’ll certainly succeed, and then there really will be no place for us on Monster Emperor Star.”


“I know,” Blood Flood Dragon’s eyes shone fiercely as he nodded firmly.


“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s quickly break this damn barrier! No matter what, we cannot let her succeed,” Qian Yan yelled angrily.


Just as the two Monster Race Tribal Lords were about to attack again though, a figure mysteriously appeared in front of them, standing mid-air, looking down at them indifferently.


“Who!?” Xue Jiao shouted.


“A human?” Qian Yan saw through Yang Kai’s identity at a glance and couldn’t help knitting his brow. Releasing his Divine Sense towards Yang Kai in order to probe his depths, his expression soon filled with shock as he called out, “A Second-Order Origin King!”


On Monster Emperor Star, this was an absolutely impossibility. There were no human Origin Kings here, and even Origin Returning Realm cultivators were extremely rare. As such, the only explanation was that this unknown young man had come from another Cultivation Star.


Looking at Yang Kai’s stance though, it was clear he was here to block them, which greatly confused Qian Yan.


“This guy looks familiar,” Xue Jiao muttered in a low voice, his eyes narrowing as he stared at Yang Kai hard, not knowing when he had met such a person before.


Yang Kai simply grinned back at the two Monster Race Tribal Lords as he spoke to Chi Yue in Half-Moon Mountain, “Senior, you seem to be having some trouble!”


“Little Bastard, it’s you!” Chi Yue was also greatly shocked by Yang Kai’s sudden appearance outside Half-Moon Mountain at this time.


“Ah? You’ve actually reached the Second-Order Origin King Realm already? How is that possible?” A stronger sense of astonishment soon came from Half-Moon Mountain as even the surrounding World Energy became a bit unstable in response to the swing in Chi Yue’s mood.


Yang Kai smiled lightly as he said, “The world is vast, and there are many shocking things in it, so nothing is impossible; however, rather than focus on such things, Senior should concentrate on herself right now.”


Chi Yue angrily snapped, “You think this Queen needs you to remind her of such things?”


“En, Junior has said something unnecessary,” Yang Kai chuckled. “Good, this little trouble, does Senior want Junior to help you solve it?”


“You’re quite confident,” Chi Yue was surprised, “How long has it been since you reached the Origin King Realm?”


“Hehe, against two Tribal Lords, Junior can’t guarantee too much, but self-protection won’t be an issue.”


“Oh?” Chi Yue was amazed, wondering just where Yang Kai was getting all his confidence from, but after a moment, she acquiesced, “It’s not convenient for me to act right now, so if you are really capable, play with them for a bit. In any case, you’re not an outsider, so it’s only natural you help me!”


“Junior won’t disappoint!”


“Be careful. Although this Queen does not know what miraculous elixir you took to raise your strength to this level in such a short period of time… All Origin Kings need a long accumulation of time to truly bring out their strength. In any case, don’t you dare die. This Queen doesn’t want Qing Luo to blame her in the future.” Chi Yue obviously thought that Yang Kai being able to reach his current cultivation so quickly was thanks to some kind of pill or treasure, and not an ordinary one at that!


“Many thanks, Senior. I will try my best to survive,” Yang Kai nodded sincerely.


While the two talked, Xue Jiao and Qian Yan remained silent, but as time passed, the two Tribal Lords only grew angrier.


Yang Kai clearly did not put them in his eyes, making them extremely unhappy!


They were both famous Tribal Lords of Monster Emperor Star. Even considering the entire Star Field, they were top-level masters. When had they ever been so despised?




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