Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1886, Mediocre


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Qian Yan looked at Yang Kai gloomily and sneered, “It is said that the Humans are inherently arrogant. This Tribal Lord had some doubts before, but now it seems those rumours aren’t exaggerated…”


“The Human Race being rampant isn’t anything new,” Xue Jiao coldly snorted as he stared at Yang Kai fiercely, “But boy, this is my Monster Emperor Star. You’d best scram with your tail between your legs if you want to keep it.”


Yang Kai just smiled without saying a word, staring at the two Tribal Lords quietly, not even trying to make a rebuttal.


Qian Yan turned his silver eyes and said, “Boy, this King doesn’t know what your relationship is with Chi Yue, but if you continue to stand in our way, don’t blame us for being impolite. If you understand, quickly make way. This is my Monster Race’s business; it has nothing to do with you.”


“En, even if all of us are Second-Order Origin Kings, two versus one, do you think you stand any chance?” Xue Jiao shouted lowly.


“Whether I can win or not, you’ll know after we fight,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, not backing down.


Qian Yan’s face sank, “Do you insist on sticking your nose where it doesn’t belong?”


“Nothing of the sort,” Yang Kai shook his head. “According to seniority, I have to address Chi Yue as Mother-In-Law, so how could mother-in-law’s affairs not be my business?”


Qian Yan and Xue Jiao suddenly showed strange expressions, but soon, Qian Yan seemed to think of something and shouted, “So it’s about that Half-Monster girl!”


The Half-Monster he referred to was naturally Shan Qing Luo. Shan Qing Luo was born human but possessed the Poison Widow Special Constitution and had absorbed a Heavenly Moon Demon Spider’s Source. Now, Shan Qing Luo could be considered half-human, half-monster. She was a rising star on Monster Emperor Star and was quite eye-catching, so it was only normal for all of Monster Emperor Star to know who she was.


Inside Half-Moon Mountain, Chi Yue’s voice suddenly sounded, “Smelly Brat, don’t act so familiar! This Queen hasn’t given you her permission yet!”


Yang Kai turned his head to look over there while saying with a chuckle, “It doesn’t matter if Senior agrees or disagrees, Qing Luo agrees.”


Chi Yue was suddenly speechless.


“Enough!” Qian Yan shouted angrily, his silver eyes glaring at Yang Kai coldly as he said, “Since you court death yourself, we will oblige! Xue Jiao, you play with him while I break this barrier!”


“En, leave him to me,” Xue Jiao said with a savage grin. Licking his lips, he stared at Yang Kai as if the latter were some kind of delicious meal. “The body of an Origin King is a real delicacy; I’ve not eaten something so good in a long time.”


“Stop wasting time and finish him off!” Qian Yan urged impatiently.


As soon as his voice fell, Xue Jiao rushed out at a shocking speed. Soaring through the air, he arrived right in front of Yang Kai in the blink of an eye before swinging down his thick, iron arm.


This blow seemed to be nothing out of the ordinary but supplemented by the powerful physical prowess of Xue Jiao and his shocking cultivation, it could easily shatter a huge mountain.


“Be careful!” Chi Yue’s voice rang out, accompanied by a hint of tension.


As a Monster Race Tribal Lord herself, she knew Xue Jiao’s strength intimately. Even she herself did not dare engage in close-quarter combat with Xue Jiao as his physical strength was beyond what an ordinary cultivator could handle.


Yang Kai stood still on the spot, however, and simply raised his arms to block in front of himself.


Seeing this, the Xue Jiao was stunned, but immediately he became overjoyed as he grinned and shouted, “Arrogant boy, just watch how this Tribal Lord smashes you to paste!”


As these words fell, his thick arm landed on Yang Kai’s arms.




Like metal meeting metal, a huge, deafening clang rang out and spread throughout Half-Moon Mountain before spreading even further afield.


Xue Jiao’s confident expression immediately went stiff and was quickly replaced with a look of disbelief.


Qian Yan, who was preparing to attack the barrier, could not help freezing in place as he stared in a daze while Chi Yue’s gasp also echoed from inside Half-Moon Mountain.


At this moment, the three Monster Race Tribal Lords had been thoroughly shocked and could not help wondering if they were all dreaming.


Yang Kai slowly raised his eyes at that moment to meet Xue Jiao’s indifferently before he grinned, “Friend… you seem quite confident in your body.”


“You…” Xue Jiao’s complexion suddenly changed as his eyes shrank. He could not believe that his full-powered blow was so easily blocked by his opponent, and that his opponent showed no signs of backing away.


What’s more, he was attacking while the other side simply defended, meaning his blow was unable to cause any harm!


“Your body…” Xue Jiao suddenly seemed to understand something, and his eyes filled with surprise.


Yang Kai just smiled and said, “Sorry, my body also isn’t bad.”


Xue Jiao’s eyes narrowed as he realized his conjecture was right, but soon he became angry at being despised like this and his Monster Qi violently burst forth as he roared, “Trivial Human, you want to compete with my Blood Flood Dragon clan? Today, this King will let you know what the meaning of strength really is!”


Saying so, his fists slammed toward Yang Kai like raindrops, every punch causing the surrounding World Energy aura to fluctuate from sheer power.


However, something shocking happened next.


Yang Kai did not try to dodge or avoid this barrage of fists and instead let out a hearty laugh as he sent out his own flurry of punches.


Fist collided with fist as violent explosions rang out. It was as if two giant mountains were smashing against one another at high speed, each contact causing the vitality of all nearby to roil.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


In just a short thirty breaths of time, Yang Kai and Xue Jiao had exchanged an astonishing number of attacks.


But what was strange was that neither of these two masters retreated a single step back, both standing firmly mid-air, using the subtle movements of their bodies to disperse each other’s strength.


Such a simple and brutal battle was actually quite breathtaking, but Qian Yan nearby couldn’t help flashing a look of worry. This could not be helped though as Humans did not primarily rely on their physical strength fight. It was their array of Secret Techniques and artifacts that gave them their biggest advantage in combat.


Yang Kai had given up such advantages, though, to compete with Xue Jiao purely in terms of physical power, which only showed he had not yet used his full strength.


In this confrontation, Yang Kai was simply probing Xue Jiao!


If Yang Kai were to use his Secret Techniques or artifacts, his strength would undoubtedly rise dramatically.


Realizing this, Qian Yan hurriedly shouted, “Xue Jiao, stop playing around and finish him off quickly!”


Xue Jiao heard this and let out a great shout with a sullen expression, “Flood Dragon Transformation!”


After these words fell, Xue Jiao’s body suddenly released a shocking wave of vitality that was several times more violent than before. At the same time, his body swelled up and blood-red scales began appearing on his skin. Two horns protruded from his forehead as a long, dragon tail stretched out from his back.


Xue Jiao had inherited the blood of a descendant of the true Dragons, the Blood Flood Dragon.


The technique he just used allowed him to stimulate the power of his bloodline, raising his strength and vitality greatly for a short time. With his powerful body, enhanced by the ancient Blood Flood Dragon’s aura, Xue Jiao was able to crush all opponents who stood before him.


As soon as this Flood Dragon Transformation came out, unimaginable power burst forth and smashed against Yang Kai’s whole body, sending him flying.


Xue Lian roared, “Human, this King does not know how you’ve cultivated such a body, but in front of this King’s Blood Flood Dragon ancestors, you are far from enough!”


As he shouted, he chased after Yang Kai and using both his fists and feet he launched a storm of attacks towards Yang Kai’s vital points, each punch and kick he sent out causing the surrounding space to tremble under his might.


Yang Kai did not dare to neglect and hurriedly adjusted his strength to counterattack.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


The two figures flitted across the sky as constant explosions rang out from the meeting of their blows.


Yang Kai was instantly put at a disadvantage and seemed to only be able to parry, not fight back.


Qian Yan saw this and sneered, “Foolish. Trying to compete with Xue Jiao in pure strength, this human’s head must be rotten.”


High up in the clouds, two Starships remained hidden, one of them belonging to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, the other to Red Moon Territory.


Yu Xiong, Ba He, Shen Tu and all the others were looking down nervously and naturally saw how Yang Kai was being suppressed.


“Brother-In-Law bit off more than he can chew,” Yu Xiong shook his head sadly. “Xue Jiao’s physical strength is the highest amongst the entire Monster Race, Brother-In-Law trying to confront him head-on like this is the worst choice he could make. If this goes on, little sister is going to be a widow.”


“Shut your damn mouth,” Ba He snorted coldly from the side.


Although Yu Xiong was Chi Yue’s adopted son and had a high status, Ba He’s status wasn’t any lower. He was Chi Yue’s most trusted general two hundred years ago, and now, after breaking through to the Origin King Realm, he was her first subordinate, entrusted with great responsibilities.


Yu Xiong did not dare act presumptuously in front of him.


Hearing Ba He’s scolding, Yu Xiong simply chuckled, “I was just commenting casually… Perhaps Brother-In-Law has some tricks up his sleeve still. In any case, he doesn’t look like the type to die young.”


Ba He shook his head, “He really is biting more than he can chew, but his cultivation isn’t any weaker than Xue Jiao’s, so this won’t be enough to kill him. However, some suffering is probably inevitable.”


As soon as Ba He spoke, a winner in the contest down below was decided.


With a loud bang, a figure blasted towards the ground like a ragged sack, leaving another figure proudly standing in the void.


All eyes turned to the figure who was still standing and found that a surge of Blood Qi surrounded him, with two long horns sticking out his head and a dragon tail extended out his back. It was Xue Jiao!


Xue Jiao was safe and sound, so Yang Kai was definitely the one who was sent flying.


This discovery made many people’s hearts sink and they all quickly looked down.


Down there, a huge crater had appeared and from its centre, a series of spider-like cracks radiated outwards. As for Yang Kai, he had disappeared, apparently having been buried underground.


“Hahahaha!” Xue Jiao laughed riotously up in the sky as he flashed a look of disdain, “A Human Origin King, mediocre!”


He was qualified to act so rampant though; after all, no matter how unpleasant Yang Kai was to his eyes, he was still a Second-Order Origin King. So easily suppressing an opponent of the same level, Xue Jiao was naturally in high spirits.


Seeing this situation, Qian Yan, who had been on the edge the whole time, could not help but breathe a sigh of relief before reminding in a deep voice, “Xue Jiao, any delay leads to more problems!”



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  1. Come on bro… He used to destroy in physical power people 2 small realms higher than him and was just slightly weaker than people 1 full realm higher than him… How can he lose against someone in the “same” level as him? He now has to use his dragon transformation to be stronger physically than someone in the same level? … Author nerfed him pretty damn hard lol

    1. The author made it pretty clear that the monster race naturally has very strong physical bodies, this is not a nerf at all. Plus, YK was winning when both were using only physical strength

    2. You’ve got one thing wrong. Yang Kai was able to beat people two minor realms higher than himself due to the Five Elements Sword Body Qi. He hasn’t even used that yet, never mind Dragon Transformation!

  2. Will YK expose his dragon transformation infront these monsters? if this old king isnt mistaken in earlier ch’s he refrained from exposing much in that area

    1. Since there was no mention of YK’s five coloured lights, it means yk was only using purely his own physical strength only without any enhancement while xj had to use his monster transformation technique.

      So it goes to show that YK is still vastly superior.

  3. Is it because of how much these guys suppress the humans on Monster Emperor Star that they look down on them so much? I mean there is know way they do not know that pretty much the entire rest of the region is ruled by human cultivators and has multiple 3rd level Origin Kings

  4. Please just use one of your billion trump cards already! I like these chapters, but I really want the plot to progress at some point. We already know Yang Kai is undefeatable witin the starry sky, an actual 3rd order Origin King couldn’t force half of his trump cards, let alone his star source force…

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