Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1887, Heaven Breaking Moon Pupil


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Hearing this, Xue Jiao nodded and was about to fly down to finish the human off when Yang Kai suddenly leapt up from the crater below, dusted himself off, and said with an approving tone, “Blood Flood Dragon Tribal Lord’s reputation is well-deserved. In this world, I’m afraid that few can beat you with just physical strength.”


Qian Yan’s silver eyes shrank as he stared at Yang Kai in amazement; using his Divine Sense, he immediately discovered something that filled him with shock. Although Yang Kai seemed to be dishevelled and was covered in dust, he was completely uninjured.


[How could that be?] Qian Yan rubbed his eyes a few times before looking back at Yang Kai, wondering if he had seen wrong.


The attack Xue Jiao had used just now was not something so easily resisted. If it had been Qian Yan who had taken that barrage head-on, even if he did not lose his life, he would still be seriously wounded. But this human was also just a Second-Order Origin King, so how could he be unscathed?


Qian Yan didn’t detect any Artifact Armour on Yang Kai, and when he was fighting Xue Jiao just now, he had not used any kind of defensive artifacts…


In other words, this human had resisted all of Xue Jiao’s attacks with just his body and came out unhurt! Could it be that even after Xue Jiao used his Flood Dragon Transformation, this human’s physical body was still more powerful?


When such a thought crossed his mind, Qian Yan found it difficult to remain calm as fright flashed across his eyes.


On the other side, Xue Jiao could not stop his jaw from dropping as he stared at Yang Kai stupidly, completely losing the ability to think and no longer showing any of his former arrogance.


“However, if that’s all you have, it’s not enough!” Yang Kai looked up at Xue Jiao and said faintly.


Xue Jiao’s mouth moved, as if he wanted to say something, but found that no matter what he said at this moment, it would only further add to his humiliation.


Being so despised by a mere human, in the field he was most proud, Xue Jiao could not stop his heart from twisting in knots. Now, only blood could wash away this shame!


“Blood Flood Dragon Tribal Lord, you probably haven’t used your full strength yet, right? It is rare to encounter someone with such a powerful physique, so… I hope you can play with me for a bit longer!”


As soon as these last words were spoken, Yang Kai’s body shot into the sky like a lightning bolt.


As Yang Kai arrived in front of Xue Jiao, a brilliant golden light suddenly appeared on his body. This pale golden colour did not come from his Golden Blood though, but rather from his Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art’s Metal Sword Qi.


Covered in his Metal Sword Qi, Yang Kai’s figure appeared akin to a peerless unsheathed sword that could cut through the Heavens as it stabbed straight towards Xue Jiao.


Before this attack even arrived, Xue Jiao felt his pores shrink involuntarily. Under this terrifying thrust, how could he dare show any disdain? Immediately roaring, Xue Jiao pushed his vitality wildly, his whole body turning a brilliant crimson colour as he punched out at Yang Kai.




A loud crashing sound rang out.


The glowing golden Yang Kai paused slightly before he was forced back a few steps, but this time, Xue Jiao was also forced to stagger backward. The expression on the latter’s face was no longer as easy as before because he was no longer able to completely suppress Yang Kai.


*Dida dida…*


A few very rhythmic sounds could be heard as blood dripped from Xue Jiao’s fist.


In this brief confrontation, Xue Jiao had actually been injured!


The Metal Attribute’s primary quality was sharpness, sharpness that could cut through anything. Although Yang Kai had not cultivated the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art to its highest level yet, he had still reached the minor accomplishment stage, so as soon as he pushed his Metal Sword Qi, he was instantly able to seize back the initiative.


“Mediocre!” Although Xue Jiao was shocked by Yang Kai’s methods, he could not keep losing face and simply sneered while flicking the blood from his hand.


“Really?” Yang Kai grinned, “Then I’ll have to ask Blood Flood Dragon Tribal Lord to wait and see what comes next.”


As soon as these words fell, the halo of light around him changed, going from pure gold to gold and brown.


Earth Sword Qi!


The Earth Attribute’s primary quality was resilience, so this Earth Sword Qi was able to form the strongest protection. Moreover, among the five elements, Metal was born from Earth, so when the Earth Sword Qi came out, it instantly resonated with the Metal Sword Qi, enhancing it further instead of making it duller.


As the two-coloured light halo swirled around Yang Kai’s body, he shot towards Xue Jiao again, staring at him indifferently as he raised his hand and slashed towards him.


Xue Jiao’s eyes narrowed as he quickly crossed his arms.


Yang Kai’s knife-hand slashed out and blood splashed as Xue Jiao roared and was sent flying backwards. On his arms, there was a long gash, out of which blood sprayed like a fountain, instantly staining his clothes red.


This wound was bone-deep and caused the surrounding flesh to squirm, making for quite a terrifying sight.


The pain and shame made Xue Jiao’s blood rush to his head and he roared, “Boy, don’t get too cocky!”


Monster Race cultivators had a certain innate drawback; once they became angered, they would lose their ability to remain rational and would begin acting on instinct. Even if Xue Jiao was already a powerful Tribal Lord-level existence, this characteristic was something which was deeply rooted in his bones and could not be completely eliminated. He was only slightly better at controlling it than other Monster Race cultivators.


At this moment though, having been pushed back by Yang Kai while using his Flood Dragon Transformation, Xue Jiao could not help becoming angry out of shame.


His body transformed again at that moment, releasing a dazzling red light as his figure inflated to more than a hundred metres in size, with blood-red scales and two giant crimson eyes. Glaring at Yang Kai, Xue Jiao opened his giant maw and shot out a beam of blood-coloured light towards him.


“Blood Flood Dragon Manifestation!” Up in the clouds, Ba He’s eyes shrank suddenly. He never expected that Yang Kai would be able to force the Xue Jiao to such an extent after seemingly being at a huge disadvantage.


The Flood Dragon Transformation was a method for Xue Jiao to draw out strength from his ancestral bloodline to enhance his strength, but the Blood Flood Dragon Manifestation was a complete simulation of those bloodlines, allowing him to fully assume the form of his glorious ancestors.


Xue Jiao showing this form was a sign he was really going all out.


The blood-coloured beam of light flew forward with an unstoppable might towards Yang Kai, and if he were to be struck by it, he would not get off lightly as he was.


What’s more, an overwhelming corrosive aura pulsed from this blood-coloured beam, one that would pose a deadly threat even to a Second-Order Origin King.


Yang Kai still did not dodge, instead just shouting out loud, “Water!”


When this word came out, a blue light emerged from his body and enveloped him.


This blue light was as deep as the sea, and while it did not seem to enhance Yang Kai’s strength significantly, it gave off a sturdy and reliable feel, like an ocean surrounding him that could block out any violent storm from the outside, keeping him safe.


The blood-coloured beam arrived in the next moment and completely engulfed Yang Kai.


Xue Jiao’s eyes flashed fiercely as he stared forward, searching for any signs of Yang Kai’s life aura.


Suddenly, he seemed to notice something shocking, and his eyes bulged as he shouted, “Not good!”


In his Blood Flood Dragon form, this shout rang out like booming thunder, causing the surrounding world to shake.


As soon as his words were spoken, a figure shot out from the blood-coloured beam of light, moving against its flow as if it were just a gentle breeze, and sent a fierce punch towards Xue Jiao’s giant head!


Who else but Yang Kai could it be?


However, at this moment, Yang Kai’s body was not just covered in three-coloured light, but four-coloured light.


In addition to the initial golden, brown, and blue colours, there was also a bright red mixed in, one that raged like a burning flame.


At the same time, Yang Kai’s momentum seemed to have risen ten times from where it had been originally!


It seemed that every time he released a new colour from his body, his power would increase again, seemingly without end.




The fist hit Xue Jiao’s head and a scream resounded through the sky. The huge body of Xue Jiao was sent flying by this punch as he howled out continuously.


After tumbling through the air for more than a dozen kilometres, Xue Jiao finally managed to stabilize himself, but a giant scorched fist mark now adorned his head. Around this fist mark, there were still burning flames, and no matter how Xue Jiao urged his vitality, he could not seem to extinguish them.


“What kind of fire is this!” Xue Jiao exclaimed in shock.


“Sun’s True Fire!” Yang Kai grinned.


Hearing this, Xue Jiao’s face changed drastically.


Sun’s True Fire was formed from the core of a Sun Star, and like the Nirvana Flames possessed by the Ancient Divine Spirit Phoenix, was considered one of the greatest flames in existence, able to burn down anything it touched. Unless one had a Water Attribute treasure of equal rank, or they were somehow able to refine it into their own body, it was all but impossible to extinguish Sun’s True Fire.


Xue Jiao’s giant eyes flashed with despair as the Sun’s True Fire that had contaminated his head suddenly became violent and began engulfing his giant body.


Screaming out, Xue Jiao seemed to be suffering unimaginable pain.


Yang Kai’s expression darkened though, not showing any joy at having defeated a master at the same level, instead just focusing on Xue Jiao’s giant form being burned down by the Sun’s True Fire with a weird expression. After a while, he suddenly grinned and muttered, “So that’s how it is!”


“It looks like you noticed,” Qian Yan’s voice suddenly rang in his ears, and the moment it did, the Xue Jiao which was being burned by Sun’s True Fire transformed into a million points of silver light and dissipated from the world.


Yang Kai turned his head and looked towards the source of the sound, only to find that not far away, Xue Jiao was floating there unharmed. However, his eyes were still filled with shock and, beside him, Thousand Eyes Tribal Lord stared towards Yang Kai solemnly.


“When did you act? I didn’t even notice,” Yang Kai looked at Qian Yan with interest.


Not long ago, he thought that he had managed to defeat Xue Jiao, but the moment Yang Kai used his Sun’s True Fire on Xue Jiao, he suddenly understood the truth.


What he hit was not Xue Jiao’s real body, but some kind of illusion.


Being able to silently cause him to fall into an illusion was something only Thousand Eyes Tribal Lord could achieve!


“Do you think I’d tell you?” Qian Yan snickered.


Yang Kai just sneered, “It must have been when I was caught in that blood-coloured beam of light. The Heaven Breaking Moon Pupil really lives up to its reputation, this Yang is impressed.”



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      1. I hope the author merges YK’s old power to his new ones and not just forget about them. I don’t like the Pokemon format: YK learned a new move, pick one skill to forget.

        1. Well, technically the Pokemon format is valid to some extent. Some techniques just can’t keep up with YK’s growth. However, the Demonic Flame is YK’s most significant self-created technique, so it wouldn’t be smart to just axe it completely

          1. didnt the grand elder tell him he has only ever seen one person to combine two elements in his whole life? (the second being yang kai shortly after). i feel like that sort of achievement should always be powerful, regardless of cultivation level

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    1. It’s more that the author is playing up the power of Yang Kai’s use of Space Force, as well as his Golden Dragon inheritance. Those are easily his strongest abilities.

  2. Hahaha, these two monster race tribal lords will not be much of a challenge for the current Yang Kai… they will be no more than punching bags for Yang Kai to practice and train on. Back in purple star, Yang Kai already came out unscathed when he faced with eight 1st order, two 2nd order, and one 3rd order Origin Kings… this monster star will surely belong to his mother-in-law’s…

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