Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1888, Going All Out


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Hearing Yang Kai utter the name of his greatest Divine Ability, Qian Yan’s expression changed slightly, but when he thought about the human’s relationship with Chi Yue, he quickly relaxed.


He obtained his title of Thousand Eyes Tribal Lord because of the existence of his Heaven Breaking Moon Pupil. This was an innate Divine Ability of the Thousand Eye Clan and no one else could learn or use it. This was also the skill he most relied on.


The existence of the Heaven Breaking Moon Pupil was a closely guarded secret, but since Yang Kai was so familiar with Chi Yue, it was only natural for him to have heard about it from her.


Looking at the four-colour halo around Yang Kai with a solemn expression, Qian Yan asked, “Your Excellency’s Secret Technique makes use of the Five Elements, right? Right now, you are only displaying four; why not show all five? Xue Jiao may not be your opponent, but if this King joins hands with him, if you don’t use all your strength, I’m afraid you won’t stand a chance.”


Yang Kai simply grinned and said, “As you wish!”


As soon as these words came out, the final green luminescence appeared.


Yang Kai’s already tyrannical momentum rapidly increased once more.


Qian Yan and Xue Jiao both saw this and could not help frowning.


The different Five Elements Sword Qi which currently lingered around Yang Kai’s body mutually promoted each other’s might, not only making for a dazzling display but also giving off a strong sense of oppression.


A hint of fear flashed across Xue Jiao’s eyes at this moment. If Qian Yan had not helped him secretly just now, he would definitely have been seriously injured. Only now did Xue Jiao understand just how difficult an opponent Yang Kai was. Both were Second-Order Origin Kings, but it was clear neither was Yang Kai’s opponent at all.


“This is your all?” Qian Yan looked solemn; however, he still sneered and shot back at Yang Kai confidently, “If this is all you have to worry, you’d best retreat now or you might get hurt.”


“Why bother with so much nonsense? What if I told you that your son died at my hands? Would you still let me retreat then?” Yang Kai looked over with cold eyes.


“What?” Qian Yan’s eyes instantly flashed with anger, “What did you just say?”


Xue Jiao suddenly thought of something and shouted, “So it’s you! I was wondering why you looked so familiar, it turns out you’re that little brat!”


“Xue Jiao, speak clearly!” Qian Yan’s silver eyes were filled with murderous intent as he turned to demand answers from Xue Jiao.


“You haven’t figured it out yet? He’s that human boy who came to Monster Emperor Star a few years ago and then went to the Blood Prison Trial with Xue Lian and Mi Tian!” Xue Jiao grit his teeth and roared.


“Impossible!” Qian Yan’s face changed drastically, “The Blood Prison Trial only allows Origin Realm cultivators to enter! How many years ago was that? How could someone who participated possibly have reached the Second-Order Origin King Realm already?”


“I also thought it was impossible!” Xue Jiao nodded lightly, “But the facts are right in front of us, so I have no choice but to believe!”


Qian Yan was stunned for a moment before he turned back to stare at Yang Kai again, nodding after a moment of silence, “Excellent, this King was never able to find his son, Mi Tian’s, murderer, but since you’ve decided to appear before this King today, don’t think you can escape alive!”


“Great!” Yang Kai laughed loudly.


“Xue Jiao, either he dies or we do!” Qian Yan was completely furious and did not wait before charging straight out towards Yang Kai, his figure mysteriously disappearing half-way there.


No one knew where he had gone.


However, Xue Jiao seemed to have long ago become accustomed to this scene and was not disturbed by Qian Yan’s disappearance, instead rushing towards Yang Kai even more fiercely than before.


The huge flood dragon body swam through the air, approaching close before shooting a beam of blood-coloured light.


Yang Kai saw this and sneered, “This trick is useless against me.”


“It doesn’t need to be useful!” Xue Jiao coldly snorted, his body flickering as the blood-red light shot forward, his tail sweeping out towards Yang Kai.


The scales on his tail jutted out like a series of extremely sharp spikes. If Yang Kai was struck by these, it would definitely draw blood.


Yang Kai avoided this tail sweep easily, but before he could adjust his stance, his brow suddenly wrinkled, and he hurriedly expanded his Domain in a hundred-metre radius all around himself.


Behind him, a figure mysteriously appeared. It was Qian Yan who had just vanished a moment ago.


At this moment, Qian Yan’s hand was stabbing forward like a blade towards the back of Yang Kai’s head.


However, encountering Yang Kai’s Domain, Qian Yan’s attack could not help stagnating for an instant. Not backing down though, Qian Yan released his own Domain to offset Yang Kai’s and pressed his attack.


Yang Kai waved his hand and summoned his Dragon Bone Sword before leisurely sweeping it backwards.


Qian Yan frowned when he saw this and was forced to give up his attack and retreat quickly.


He did not want to be swept by the Dragon Bone Sword. Although the Dragon Bone Sword had no blade or edge, anyone could see it was an Origin King Grade artifact. Being hit by such an artifact was definitely not a good idea.


“You want to leave? Aren’t you a bit naive?” Yang Kai snapped coldly as he suddenly increased the power of his Domain.




The world trembled as the hundred-metre region around Yang Kai was solidified by him and innumerable tiny pitch-black fissures began to appear and disappear within this range a moment later.


“This is…” Qian Yan was shocked. He never expected Yang Kai’s Domain to have such terrifying might. Not only was it more condensed and powerful than his own Domain, it even incorporated some kind of profound and mysterious force.


This power was even able to make the surrounding space fracture, forming an uncountable number of tiny Void Cracks.


“Don’t panic!” At the critical moment, Xue Jiao’s roar sounded as he pushed his Domain, merging it with Qian Yan’s in order to counteract Yang Kai’s Space Force laced Domain.




Space only became more and more unstable though, and seemed to be on the verge of collapsing.


Xue Jiao’s giant claw stretched out at that moment, ignoring the multitude of lacerations he suffered from the randomly floating Void Cracks, grabbed Qian Yan, and yanked him back.


A crisp, cracking sound rang out in the next instant.


The place where the three Second-Order Origin Kings’ Domains were superimposed, space shattered like a mirror, exposing a large rift to the Void. There was nothing in this rift, only chaotic darkness that caused anyone who gazed upon it to shudder.


Thankfully, this Void Crack did not last long. Under the power of Monster Emperor Star’s World Principles, it quickly repaired itself and everything was restored to normal a moment later.


The two Monster Race Tribal Lords who had just retreated together though still felt their hearts pounding as they wore aghast looks on their faces.


Even two against one, they had found themselves at a disadvantage. This was a scenario they had never dreamed of before, but today it was happening right before their eyes.


[Were Human Race Origin Kings all so powerful?] Qian Yan and Xue Jiao asked this horrifying question in their hearts.


If that was really the case, was there any place for the Monster Race in the Star Field? As long as a few Second-Order Origin King humans came here today, Monster Emperor Star would be razed to the ground and their Monster Race would be driven out of their last paradise.


“We need to go all out, Xue Jiao!” Qian Yan quickly said. He knew that it would be impossible to beat Yang Kai if he did not lay everything on the line now.


When Yang Kai first appeared, he had said to Chi Yue that he would not have a problem keeping himself safe. At that time, Qian Yan had thought he was being arrogant, but now he understood the other party was not being rampant at all. Rather, he was actually being extremely humble.


Forget about protecting himself, he had an absolute advantage the entire time.


“Of course!” Xue Jiao growled lowly before opening his mouth and spitting out a fist-sized round bead.


“Monster Core!” Yang Kai’s eyes flashed as he realized that Xue Jiao was really going all out.


Every Monster Race cultivator had a Monster Core, but none would ever use it easily, because to a Monster Race cultivator, their Monster Core was the crystalized essence of their life, as well as the source of their combat power.


If their Monster Core was damaged or destroyed, while it may not cause them to die outright, they would definitely experience a dramatic drop in strength, one they could never recover from.


As such, no Monster Race would use their Monster Core in battle unless they had no other choice.


Xue Jiao spitting out his Monster Core proved he had been backed into a corner, and that he could only resort to his most powerful method now.


Xue Jiao was a Second-Order Origin King, so his Monster Core itself was a rare treasure. If this Monster Core could be used as a pill spirit, it could definitely refine the highest quality Origin King Grade Spirit Pill.


Xue Jiao’s body could also be refined into an extraordinary Blood Beast!


A Blood Beast at the Second-Order Origin King Realm that bore the blood of an Ancient Variant Divine Spirit would no doubt possess astonishing strength.


Yang Kai was already making plans about how to best use Xue Jiao.


Unlike Xue Jiao, Qian Yan did not spit out his Monster Core but instead released a great roar before his body suddenly inflated, turning his originally feminine-looking figure into a bloated sphere.


His clothes bursting apart, Qian Yan’s upper body was fully revealed.


Seeing this new appearance, Yang Kai could not help his skin from crawling slightly.


Because he found that Qian Yan’s upper body had many eyes on it, each of them emitting a silver light as they stared towards him with unkind intentions.


Counting those eyes carefully, there were somewhere between seventy and eighty, each one exuding a mysterious energy fluctuation.


“Forcing this King to reveal this form to you, you should be proud of yourself!” Qian Yan shouted coldly before forming a series of seals with his hands, his expression becoming solemn.


In the next moment, all the eyes on his body, as well as the two which existed on his face from the beginning, burst out with blinding silver light as an illusory moon suddenly rose behind Qian Yan.


After the silver light poured into this full moon, it flickered slightly and took on a silver hue, as if coming to life.


A bad premonition struck Yang Kai’s body at that moment and before he knew it, he found himself in an empty void with only the giant silver moon hanging above him, staring down at him like a huge eye; cold and majestic.


The silver moon’s brilliance flashed and penetrated straight into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, slowing his thoughts and causing his strength to slowly dissipate.


The brilliance of this silver moon not only affected his mind but even his physical body.


Yang Kai was startled and realized that no matter who it was, he couldn’t underestimate any Origin King. Not daring to neglect, Yang Kai took a deep breath, stretched out his hand to bite his fingertip, and wiped the drop of blood he drew over his left eye.


The next moment, a dazzling golden light burst out from his left eye and it transformed into a majestic pupil. This golden eye was long and narrow and carried with it an aura of absolute destruction.


Demon Eye of Annihilation!


Yang Kai poured his Spiritual Energy into his left eye madly to stimulate the power of his Demon Eye of Annihilation as he stared at the silver moon hanging high in the sky.


No matter what kind of magical technique conjured up this silver moon, it was still being displayed by Qian Yan, so as long as Yang Kai could overpower Qian Yan, the silver moon would break!



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  1. When Yang Kai first appeared, he had said to Chi Yue that he would not have a problem keeping himself safe. At that time, Qian Yan had thought he was being arrogant, but now he understood the other party was not being rampant at all. Rather, he was actually being extremely humble

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