Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1889, Cracked Monster Core


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The Heaven Breaking Moon Pupil carried with it the power to shatter the moon while the Demon Eye of Annihilation exuded a pure aura of destruction. The two bizarre eye powers began clashing in this illusory space.


Spiritual Energy surged madly as a terrifying golden light radiated from Yang Kai’s left eye, condensing into a beam that was nearly tangible as it shot towards the silvery moon in the sky.


The silver moon trembled slightly and showed some signs of instability, but it returned to its original state in the next moment. From the silver moon, thousands of strands of silver brilliance scattered forth like willow branches to greet the golden light of destruction.


The gold and silver light met.


*Hong Hong Hong…*


Violent explosions rang out endlessly.


Yang Kai’s body shook wildly!


Although he could not see Qian Yan and did not know what his condition was, Yang Kai was confident that he would not be bested in this violent clash of Spiritual Energies.


This was not just a competition of eye powers, but also the strength of Soul cultivation.


In terms of pupil power, Yang Kai’s Demon Eye of Annihilation did not match up to Qian Yan’s Heaven Breaking Moon Pupil. This was not to say that the Demon Eye of Annihilation was inferior, but rather that Yang Kai’s Demon Eye of Annihilation was something he acquired from an inheritance and wasn’t something he was born with or cultivated himself.


On the other hand, Qian Yan’s Heaven Breaking Moon Pupil was an innate Divine Ability he was born with and had been tempering for thousands of years.


How could Yang Kai’s Demon Eye of Annihilation compare? Naturally, it fell short.


However, Yang Kai’s Soul itself was definitely stronger than Qian Yan’s; after all, the Soul Warming Lotus had been nurturing his Soul for so many years that now his Divine Sense was no less powerful than a Third-Order Origin King’s.


Each side had its own advantages and disadvantages, so their battle was quite even. All around, gold and silver light clashed, forming a kind of stalemate in the air. One side would retreat while the other advanced, only for the momentum to shift in the next instant in a continuous cycle…


Like some kind of damn had broken, Spiritual Energy flooded out in a raging torrent.


Blood soon began to leak from Yang Kai’s left eye, covering half his face in glowing golden light, a strange and hideous sight to behold.


Yang Kai quickly realized that his situation was worrying.


If he was only fighting Qian Yan, this kind of competition wouldn’t be too big a problem. Whoever could persist longer would ultimately win or at worst, both sides would wind up suffering some degree of loss.


However, at this moment, he was facing two enemies! In addition to Qian Yan, there is also a Xue Jiao.


Yang Kai did not believe Xue Jiao would let off such a good opportunity to attack him.


Realizing this, Yang Kai no longer hesitated. Taking a deep breath, while continuing to push his Spiritual Energy wantonly, Yang Kai split his Divine Sense and used it to activate his stronger Soul Secret Technique, “Blossoming Lotus!”


As soon as these words fell, a lotus bud suddenly appeared in his golden left eye.


This lotus bud disappeared in the next instant though.


On the silver moon hanging high in the sky, the previous lotus bud mysteriously appeared.


Suddenly, like a great vortex, this lotus bud began madly absorbing Qian Yan’s Spiritual Energy, blossoming as it did.


Looking up, the silver moon seemed to have become a lotus flower that was in the process of blooming, making a radiant and beautiful scene.


An unbelievably miserable howl rang out in the next moment as the silver moon in the sky began to warp; however, no matter how it struggled, it was incapable of getting rid of the blossoming lotus’ entanglement.


In just three breaths of time, the lotus flower had half blossomed and the power the silver moon was able to exert to counteract the golden light had greatly reduced. Yang Kai’s expression turned fierce as he pushed his Spiritual Energy even harder than before.




With a crisp sound, the huge silver moon high up in the sky shattered like a plate.


“Ah!” Qian Yan’s roar rang out at the same time.


The illusion surrounding Yang Kai suddenly cracked apart, returning him to the place he had originally been standing.


Before Yang Kai could recover though, he felt a deep chill overcome him and all his pores contracted involuntarily, as if death itself was approaching him.


“Boy, why aren’t you running!” Chi Yue’s soft voice rang out in his ears.


“Run? Where can you run?” Xue Jiao laughed wildly, “Chi Yue, you were able to stop me once, but let us see if you can stop me a second time! If you do not show yourself, this boy will die right now!”


As he shouted, a fist-sized blood-coloured bead that carried with it a Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering power shot towards Yang Kai’s chest.


The blood-coloured bead contained an unimaginable amount of raging vitality. It was Xue Jiao’s Monster Core he had spat out earlier.


He knew that Yang Kai’s physique was incredibly powerful and that ordinary techniques would all be rendered useless, so when Yang Kai was trapped by Qian Yan with the Heaven Breaking Moon Pupil, Xue Jiao had directly used his Monster Core to bombard Yang Kai.


The Monster Core of a Monster Race was stronger than any kind of artifact of the same level. This time, even if Yang Kai’s body was intrepid, he was certain to at least suffer severe injuries if not die directly.


This Monster Core was not very big, but it still felt like a giant mountain was hurtling towards Yang Kai at an incredibly fast speed.


By the time Yang Kai regained his senses, the Monster Core was already less than a metre away from him.


In order to end the battle with Qian Yan quickly, Yang Kai had consumed a great deal of his Spiritual Energy, so at this critical moment, he had a splitting headache and was unable to focus enough to use his Space Force to teleport away.


Seeing the Monster Core about to hit, Yang Kai grit his teeth and a thought flashed as he summoned a certain item.


A single scale the size of a palm suddenly appeared atop Yang Kai’s chest.


There were profound and mysterious patterns adorning this scale’s surface and it gave off an ancient and desolate feeling.


The Monster Core struck in the next moment.




Yang Kai was hit by a huge force and flew out. Xue Jiao saw this scene and could not help being overjoyed and was just about to check whether Yang Kai was alive or dead when suddenly he heard a very slight crack.


When he heard this sound, Xue Jiao felt as if he was struck by lightning and his entire complexion changed drastically. Involuntarily, he opened his mouth and sprayed out a cloud of blood as his aura rapidly diminished.


“My Core!” Xue Jiao cried out with a pale face as his eyes fixed onto it and shrank dramatically.


There was a crack in his Monster Core, and although this crack was small, a Monster Core was so important to a Monster Race cultivator that even such a small crack caused Xue Jiao to suffer severe damage.


As if he had been thrown into a frigid blizzard, Xue Jiao felt cold all over as he could not understand what method Yang Kai had used just now to cause such damage to his Monster Core.


He vaguely saw a little bit of the situation and thought he saw Yang Kai summon something that looked like a fish scale in the last moment, but he was not certain.


But regardless of how it happened, the most important thing right now was to take back his Monster Core. Xue Jiao’s thoughts flashed as he summoned his Monster Core back, but before he could achieve this, Yang Kai’s figure flickered and appeared in front of the Monster Core and snatched it with his hand.


Xue Jiao roared, “In your dreams!”


As he shouted, he desperately urged his strength to recall his Monster Core.


In an instant, the Monster Core of the Second-Order Origin King Realm master seemed to come alive and struggled fiercely to escape Yang Kai’s grasp.


The force it was able to exert was so great that Yang Kai almost lost control of it.


“Dragon Transformation!” Yang Kai suddenly growled and accompanied by a loud dragon roar, his arm suddenly inflated to twice its original size and his Saint Qi condensed into a layer of dragon scales. In an instant, his arm transformed into the appearance of a dragon claw.


Dragon Pressure billowed out.


Xue Jiao suddenly froze in place, not daring to move as he stared at Yang Kai blankly, his jaw hanging loosely, flapping as if he wanted to say something but was unable to form the words, pure shock filling his eyes.


His originally restless Monster Core also did not dare to move rashly once it was subjected to the thick Dragon Pressure. Instead, it was tremblingly as it was pinched in the palm of Yang Kai’s hand, seemingly instinctually feeling fear.


“Dragon Source! You actually have a true Dragon Source!” To the side, Qian Yan exclaimed and his nearly hundred eyes all bulged as they stared at Yang Kai in disbelief.


His confrontation with Yang Kai just now also left him seriously injured, especially after he suffered a blow from Yang Kai’s Blossoming Lotus Secret Technique. That one technique had nearly drained all his Spiritual Energy. Qian Yan had been expecting Xue Jiao to end things for him, but how could he have known that Yang Kai still had other cards to play, including a True Dragon Source, something all Monster Race masters coveted!


“You’re human though, how could you have a Dragon Source?” Qian Yan’s voice was almost frantic and was laced with both anger and jealousy, “What’s more, you can actually use its power!”


Qian Yan could not help feeling a strong sense of powerlessness in his heart at this moment. The more he fought with Yang Kai, the less he was able to see his opponent’s bottom line.


Even after using a true Dragon Source strength now, Qian Yan faintly felt this was not Yang Kai’s strongest card…


“What kind of Dragon Source do you have?” Qian Yan asked in a low voice.


“Do you think I’d tell you?” Yang Kai smiled mockingly as he played with the Monster Core in his hand. It was quite strange, this Monster Core was originally quite unruly, but after Yang Kai showed the power of his Golden Divine Dragon Source, it suddenly became like a well-behaved rabbit. Even if he tossed it casually like this, it did not dare to fly away.


Nearby, Xue Jiao could not stop shivering.


This could not be helped since his Flood Dragon clan was descended from authentic Dragons, so there was a trace of Dragon blood in his veins.


What Yang Kai was displaying now was not only a legitimate Dragon Source aura, but one that belonged to the most powerful among all Dragons: the Golden Divine Dragon.


This aura had a natural and almost absolute suppression on Xue Jiao.


As such, Xue Jiao’s performance was far worse than Qian Yan’s at the moment.


Yang Kai played with Xue Jiao’s Monster Core while looking at the two Tribal Lords with great interest. His eyes made the two Tribal Lords feel cold as they could not tell what he was plotting now.


In fact, what Yang Kai was debating was whether he should kill them directly and refine them into Blood Beasts or take their Monster Cores first before refining them into Blood Beasts.


The Monster Core of a Second-Order Origin King was extremely rare and valuable, but without it, the Blood Beasts he could refine would certainly be weaker. However, if he completely refined them into Blood Beasts, he would not be able to use these Monster Cores…


This made Yang Kai hesitate as he was having a difficult time choosing what to do.


Unfortunately, just as he was debating to himself, Chi Yue’s voice suddenly came from Half-Moon Mountain, “Boy, let them go.”



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