Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1890, Bargaining


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As soon as Chi Yue said this, not only was Yang Kai stunned, but even Xue Jiao and Qian Yan were shocked and could not help turning to stare dumbly at Half-Moon Mountain.


None of them thought that Chi Yue would say such a thing.


After a long time, Yang Kai frowned and asked, “Senior, what are your intentions here?”


“I’m asking you to let them go,” Chi Yue’s voice spoke with extreme indifference, revealing no resentment or anger, as if she were speaking about some triviality, “Xue Jiao and Qian Yan have indeed offended me, but they are both Monster Race Tribal Lords in the end. If they die here, the strength of my Monster Race will drop sharply, which will be bad for my Monster Emperor Star.”


Hearing her say these words, Xue Jiao and Qian Yan could not help feeling somewhat excited and ashamed at the same time.


Compared with Chi Yue’s broad-mindedness, her concern for the Monster Race and Monster Emperor Star as a whole, their actions today felt a bit too petty.


“Beat the snake to death to avoid future calamity, let the tiger return to the mountain to court future disaster. Senior, have you thought this through clearly?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice.


Xue Jiao and Qian Yan immediately glared at Yang Kai, thinking that Chi Yue was already willing to let them go so why was a foreign human still making trouble!


Chi Yue snorted, “Does this Queen need you to teach her this truth? However, after receiving this lesson today, they will both need to enter retreat for at least ten years before they can recover. As for ten years from now… hehe, if I tell them to face east, would they dare face west?”


Xue Jiao and Qian Yan glanced at each other and both saw the extremely ugly look on their faces.


Although they were extremely unwilling, they knew that what Chi Yue said was true. Although Chi Yue only made a single move just now, the two Monster Race Tribal Lords vaguely felt that Chi Yue was close to breaking through, so as long as she was given just a bit more time, she would become the sole Monster King on Monster Emperor Star.


Once that happened, Xue Jiao and Qian Yan really would not dare to resist and could only submit to her.


The Monster Race always respected the strong, there was no greater truth!


At this point, Xue Jiao and Qian Yan both felt completely deflated and lost all fighting spirit. Cupping their fists, they weakly called out, “If we can escape this tribulation today, we will only obey Lady Monster King in the future, not uttering a single complaint!”


They even changed how they addressed Chi Yue.


“Your attitude changed quite quickly,” Yang Kai looked at them in astonishment.


Xue Jiao and Qian Yan blushed slightly before glaring towards Yang Kai.


“Since you’ve come to this understanding, this Queen will spare your lives today!” Chi Yue coldly snorted.


“Many thanks, Your Majesty!” Xue Jiao and Qian Yan looked overjoyed as they offered their thanks.


Yang Kai grinned at that moment though and called out, “Don’t be so happy yet, Senior Chi Yue said she would let you go, but I didn’t. Your lives are still in my hands.”


“Boy, what do you want?” Qian Yan looked up and asked angrily.


Xue Jiao also had a sullen face, but with his Monster Core still being held by Yang Kai, even if he was upset, he did not dare to say anything.


“I want… to cut out the weeds and pull-out its roots!” Yang Kai smiled evilly.


Qian Yan and Xue Jiao both involuntarily took a step back as they stared at Yang Kai warily.


“Ha…” Chi Yue sighed. “Boy, don’t scare them. Speak, what conditions do you need to let them go? If you wanted to end things once and for all, you wouldn’t bother with so much nonsense.”


“Senior seems to be misunderstanding me, I really do want to cut down the weeds and pull out its roots. Leaving them alive has no benefit to me after all. Don’t forget, their sons died at my hand, and such enmity is not easily resolved.”


“They both have so many heirs it doesn’t matter if one or two die!” Chi Yue sneered.


Although Qian Yan and Xue Jiao wore ugly expressions, they still nodded sharply.


“Then…” Yang Kai touched his chin and thought for a while, “If they swear, they won’t seek revenge against me in the future, I can let them go.”


Qian Yan and Xue Jiao both exchanged a glance and immediately nodded before swearing an oath on their ancestors that they would never find trouble with Yang Kai in the future.


Chi Yue said, “Although my Monster Race is cruel and warlike, they place great importance on their ancestral heritage. No Monster Race would dare to violate such an oath, otherwise they will be ostracized by the entire Monster Race!”


“Alright then, they can go,” Yang Kai grinned and waved at Xue Jiao and Qian Yan.


Xue Jiao however continued to stare at Yang Kai eagerly and shout, “My Monster Core!”


“I’ll be keeping this Monster Core,” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully.


“Just kill me then,” Xue Jiao snapped angrily.


Chi Yue sighed once more, “Boy, stop making trouble, give him back his Monster Core.”


Yang Kai wore a speechless look as he objected, “Senior, after exerting so much effort, I can’t leave without gaining any benefits, right? The price I paid just now wasn’t small.”


“Little bastard! You were just waiting for this Queen to mention this all along!” Chi Yue suddenly cursed as she understood Yang Kai’s intentions.


“What does Senior mean? I don’t understand at all?” Yang Kai said with an innocent expression on his face.


“Just tell me what you want!”


“I only want this Monster Core!” Yang Kai said with a firm expression.


“Lady Monster King, please enforce justice for me,” Xue Jiao turned to Half-Moon Mountain and called out pitifully, almost shedding tears.


He had spent thousands of years cultivating to reach his current achievements, but if his Monster Core was taken away by Yang Kai now, not only would his cultivation fall to below the Origin Realm, but he would also most likely never be able to take another step forward again in the future.


To Xue Jiao, this kind of fate was worse than death.


As such, he could only ask Chi Yue for help.


“Enough!” Chi Yue shouted, clearly quite annoyed, “Boy, return his Monster Core to him and I’ll give you three First-Order Origin King Monster Cores.”


“How about five?” Yang Kai bargained.


“It seems that you don’t want to see Qing Luo ever again…” Chi Yue said lightly, but from her tone, anyone could tell she was grinding her teeth at this moment.


“En… Since Senior has spoken, so be it,” Yang Kai said in an upright tone before tossing the Monster Core in his hand towards Xue Jiao.


Xue Jiao caught it in a hurry, checked it carefully, and then swallowed it down after confirming that it was not in any danger, only then feeling relieved.


“You two scram, and remember: If you ever try something like this again, this Queen won’t be so forgiving!” Chi Yue declared firmly.


Qian Yan and Xue Jiao had already suffered greatly here so they did not dare to object, simply cupping their fists before withdrawing.


After they left, Chi Yue snorted, “Little Bastard, you dare to blackmail this Queen? Just you wait for me!”


Yang Kai grinned happily.


“Come inside first.”


As Chi Yue’s voice fell, a hole in the barrier around Half-Moon Mountain immediately opened, leading to the inside.


From the clouds above, two Starships also sailed down.


A short time later, Yang Kai and the two Starships entered Half-Moon Mountain together and landed in the square.


Ba He, Yu Xiong, Shen Tu, and all the others disembarked one after another and stared at Yang Kai like he was some kind of monster.


Yu Xiong even gave Yang Kai a big thumbs up with a look of admiration.


Just now, all of them had clearly watched the battle between Yang Kai and the two Tribal Lords.


Facing two opponents who were also at the Second-Order Origin King Realm, not only had Yang Kai not fallen into a disadvantage, but he held absolute superiority and gained control over the enemy’s life or death in the end. It was an unthinkable outcome.


Even if it had been a Third-Order Origin King, they probably could not have done any better.


Yang Kai was a Second-Order Origin King, but just a few years ago he was nothing more than an Origin Realm cultivator. In other words, it had not taken him long to reach his current realm and achieve such shocking strength. After his realm fully stabilized, wouldn’t he be comparable to a Third-Order Origin King?


Shen Tu and the others were also shocked. Although Yang Kai had faced off against a master like Kuang Shi Zong back on Purple Star City, the two of them hadn’t really fought at the time as Yang Kai mainly used his helpers to threaten to destroy Purple Star City, forcing Kuang Shi Zong to compromise.


It was completely different from this head-on competition.


“Lady Tribal Lord has passed orders. It is not convenient for her to see you today, so she asks you to wait a few days. Once her condition stabilizes, she will call for you,” Ba He stepped forward and said to Yang Kai.


“No problem,” Yang Kai nodded.


He also knew that Chi Yue’s retreat would have been disturbed by today’s matters, and although the effects on her would not be great, she still needed some time to fully settle.


As such, he did not care too much.


Then, under the arrangements of Ba He and the others, the people from Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and Yang Kai were assigned living spaces inside Half-Moon Mountain.


There was no special treatment given to them, but also no particular restrictions either.


Yang Kai soon found that he was assigned lodging not far from Shan Qing Luo’s residence and understood that this was specially arranged by Chi Yue.


At night, when everything had quieted down, Yang Kai sat cross-legged in his room and used his Divine Sense to observe Shan Qing Luo’s palace cautiously.


Today’s battle had been quite dynamic, but it still did not have any effect on Shan Qing Luo. It was conceivable that she was at a critical juncture of her retreat at this moment and had blocked out all disturbances from the outside world.


Outside the palace where Shan Qing Luo lived, there were several powerful barriers activated.


However, in front of Yang Kai’s Divine Sense, these barriers were as useful as air, so he easily broke past them.


On the second floor of the palace, Yang Kai saw Shan Qing Luo.


This seductive queen was even more elegant than before. When he had first met her, she was also able to fascinate anyone who laid eyes upon her, and with the improvement of her cultivation and the further integration of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider Source into her being, this enchantress’ charms were so strong it almost created a tangible aura around her body.


Even a man as stalwart as Yang Kai could not help becoming slightly lost as he gazed upon her.


It was like she was a great vortex that could suck in the gaze and even Divine Sense of any man, making them unable to extricate themselves.


At this moment, Shan Qing Luo sat cross-legged in a sleeveless robe, gently forming a series of seals with her jade white hands.


Yang Kai’s attention involuntarily lingered on those supple and bright arms for a while…


There was a profound Spirit Array depicted below Shan Qing Luo’s body, which was clearly activated as well as several Domain Stones lingering around her, their energy slowly being drawn into her body.


Around Shan Qing Luo, there was already an embryonic form of Domain that pulsed and fluctuated.


For an Origin Realm cultivator to break through to the Origin King Realm, the most difficult hurdle was not the accumulation of Saint Qi, but the comprehension of Domain.


Only by comprehending the mysteries of Domain could a cultivator break through their shackles and reached a new height.


In order to achieve this, an Origin Realm cultivator needed to condense their Shi to the grand accomplishment stage before slowly transforming it into a Domain.


After observing for a while, Yang Kai’s expression became warm.


Shan Qing Luo’s performance was truly worthy of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider Source she had absorbed. Her aptitude had undergone a terrifying improvement as a result, and her Shi was now beginning its transformation to Domain. As long as she had enough time, she would break through to the Origin King Realm as soon as the opportunity arrived!


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