Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1891, I’ll Remember Your Favour Forever


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Among the women Yang Kai knew in his early years, Little Senior Sister Xia Ning Chang undoubtedly had the best aptitude.


After all, she had a Special Constitution, the Sacred Spirit Medicine Body, that gave her an extraordinary advantage over ordinary people, as well as a limitless future.


Second place would have to go to the seductive queen Shan Qing Luo. This enchantress also possessed a Special Constitution, but her physique was slightly flawed and not as useful as Xia Ning Chang’s.


High Heaven Pavilion’s Eldest Senior Sister Su Yan would be ranked third.


This was simply an innate disadvantage though, not because Su Yan’s aptitude was poor in any way.


However, it now seemed like there was already no difference in terms of cultivation aptitude between these three women.


Needless to say, Xia Ning Chang had refined Tong Xuan Realm’s Star Source and, coupled with her Sacred Spirit Medicine Body, was now a Star Master. Her life was closely tied to Tong Xuan Realm, the two sharing both honour and disgrace.


The future of any Star Master was extraordinarily bright.


As for Shan Qing Luo, she had absorbed the Source of an Ancient Divine Spirit Variant, Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, not only making up for the flaws in her Special Constitution but also dramatically improving her own talent. The Heavenly Moon Demon Spider was no ordinary existence, it had the power to fight on par with Divine Spirits. In ancient times, it was also a hegemon that could not be underestimated.


As for Su Yan, with her Ice Phoenix Source and the Ice Heart Secret Art she cultivated in Ice Heart Valley, she had acquired an Ice Crystal Jade Body Special Constitution, and after entering the Heavenly Blessing’s Frozen Pond, she had obtained Ice Heart Valley’s Ancestral Founder, Bing Yun’s, Profound Frost Divine Sword. In terms of capability and potential, she was no worse than the former two now.


The best proof of this was that the cultivations of these three women were now all equal at the peak of the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm!


Shan Qing Luo was already preparing to break through to the Origin King Realm on Monster Emperor Star, and Yang Kai was confident that Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang were definitely not idling away in High Heaven Sect.


Now that Shadowed Star’s World Principles had been perfected, as long as they were sufficiently prepared, these two women would surely break through to the Origin King Realm smoothly.


Thinking so, Yang Kai showed a smile.


He suddenly found that the several women he was closest to had similar strength and aptitude, even including Xue Yue…


He even wondered who would come out on top if they were to fight…


Immediately after having such thoughts though, Yang Kai shivered and put such a terrifying scenario out of his mind. If these four were to really fight, Yang Kai imagined he would have no choice but to run away as far as he could.


Since Shan Qing Luo was at a critical moment in her breakthrough to the Origin King Realm, Yang Kai did not disturb her. After silently observing her for a moment and confirming that she was well, he quietly withdrew his Divine Sense.


Just as Yang Kai was about to adjust his breathing and calm his mind though, he suddenly raised a brow and looked towards the entrance to his room, flashing a light smile.


There seemed to be some movement outside, like someone was leaning against his door.


Yang Kai waved his hand and the door opened.


A soft cry came out as a figure stumbled into the room.




The door closed again right after.


This visitor seemed to be a little wary and looked around hastily, but after seeing Yang Kai staring at her with a smile on his face, she could not help grumbling in annoyance.


“Since you wanted to come in, you should have just come in. Why wander around stealthily outside?” Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter as he stood up and beckoned to the woman, pouring her a cup of tea before setting it down on a nearby table.


The visitor was surprisingly Bi Luo, who had been following Shan Qing Luo as her maidservant.


Bi Luo had been together with Shan Qing Luo since she lived in Fragrance City in the Ash-Grey Cloud Evil Land. After that, the two had passed through the altar in the Spider Mother’s Den and travelled to Monster Emperor Star. Now, Bi Luo still accompanied Shan Qing Luo and had even followed her to enter the Emperor Garden some years ago.


Yang Kai had a profound impression of this woman who disliked men and was only attracted to women…


“Who are you accusing of acting stealthily?” Bi Luo snorted as she stared at Yang Kai with her sharp eyes, seemingly about to attack him as she snapped, “If you were aware I was here, why didn’t you call out to me or something instead of suddenly opening the door? Were you trying to scare me?”


“Yes, yes, it’s all my fault. Anyways, sit down and have some tea.” Yang Kai naturally was not stupid enough to quarrel with her over such trivial matters and instead just gestured to the seat in front of him.


Bi Luo took the seat in a huff, picked up the tea and drank it, then sat there without saying a word.


Yang Kai waited for a while, not knowing what Bi Luo was here for. Just as he was about to ask, though, Bi Luo suddenly raised her head and her beautiful eyes flashed with a kind of brilliance as she stared at him and asked excitedly, “I heard from Big Bear that you’re already a Second-Order Origin King. Is that true?”


“Big Bear…” Yang Kai had a strange look on his face, but suddenly that cheap elder brother-in-law of his, Yu Xiong, appeared in his mind as he smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

(Silavin: Xiong is bear in Chinese)


“No wonder you seem so much stronger than before,” Bi Luo stretched out her jade white hand carelessly and patted Yang Kai’s shoulder, a cheerful expression on her face. “Mistress’ vision is indeed exceptionally good, you’re a promising young man.”


Her expression and demeanour were completely natural at this moment, as if she was his elder and was paying him a comment for doing well.


Yang Kai just smiled warmly at this sight.


With his current identity and cultivation, except for a few old monsters who had not yet died of old age, only Bi Luo would dare talk to him like this.


But Yang Kai was not annoyed at this; instead, he was rather happy. After all, they had all come from the same tiny world, so there was a sense of comradery between them that was difficult to explain.


“You need to keep working hard to get stronger, otherwise, how will you protect Mistress in the future?”


“Yes, yes,” Yang Kai nodded nonchalantly, revealing a studious appearance.


Bi Luo squinted at him as her eyes flashed, seeming very satisfied with his performance.


However, Yang Kai keenly discovered that under Bi Luo’s seemingly happy face, there was some well-concealed sadness.


After a little thought, Yang Kai understood why Bi Luo was like this. Realizing this, he smiled and said, “You’re not bad either, you’ve already reached the First-Order Origin Returning Realm.”


Bi Luo’s innate aptitude was actually not very good. Putting aside the Great Han Dynasty, where her talent was top-notch, her aptitude was at best mediocre when considering the standards of the Star Field.


However, after following Shan Qing Luo to Monster Emperor Star through the altar and encountering the remains of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, when Shan Qing Luo had absorbed its Source, Bi Luo had reaped some benefits as well. Supplemented with the wealth of Red Moon Territory, she was able to reach the Origin Returning Realm without too much difficulty.


If she had not had such an opportunity and environment, she might still be a First or Second-Order Saint King.


“So what if I’m First-Order Origin Returning Realm?” Bi Luo laughed at herself, “Mistress is about to break through to the Origin King Realm… I don’t know how much longer I will be able to follow her.”


[So that’s it!]


Listening to the frustration in her tone, Yang Kai immediately knew that his guess was right. Bi Luo was obviously worried about the gap between her and Shan Qing Luo getting wider and wider, which was why she had such a mirthless aura about her.


Although her friendship with Shan Qing Luo was not ordinary. If there was too much difference in their strength, she would only become a burden to Shan Qing Luo if she continued to follow her.


Just like the Blood Prison Trial, Bi Luo was unable to accompany Shan Qing Luo because she was too weak.


With how much she cared about Shan Qing Luo, how could Bi Luo be willing to let Shan Qing Luo worry about her? When the gap between Shan Qing Luo and her got big enough, perhaps Bi Luo would just silently disappear.


Understanding this, Yang Kai only thought about it for a moment before smiling slightly and asking, “Are there no suitable Secret Arts or Secret Techniques for you here on Monster Emperor Star?”


Bi Luo nodded and replied, “Exactly. This is Monster Emperor Star, so with Mistress bearing the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider Source, she can be considered a Half-Monster Race and the Supreme Secret Arts and Secret Techniques here meant for the Monster Race suit her perfectly, but I cannot find one that is suitable for me. Although there are some human Secret Arts and Secret Techniques in Chi Yue’s palace, they are not high grade. I’m already using the best one available, but its effects aren’t ideal.”


Bi Luo looked quite upset.


“I have some here,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


Bi Luo immediately raised her head to look at him, her beautiful eyes bursting with amazing light as she immediately reached out her hand with no trace of politeness, “Give it to me quickly, I’ll remember your favour for a lifetime.”


Black lines filled Yang Kai’s forehead when he heard her say these words, thinking they sounded a bit wrong.


Bi Luo also seemed to have noticed she was being a bit abrupt and apologized by spitting out her tongue playfully and saying, “If it’s convenient, could you teach them to me? I’ll treasure this favour and will no longer speak ill of you in front of Mistress.”


“You still speak ill of me in front of Qing Luo?!” Yang Kai was furious.


Bi Luo curled his lips and said, “Mistress is completely set on you, so she just treats anything I say as a joke…”


“And what exactly have you told her?” Yang Kai asked with some trepidation.


“Everything. There are no secrets between Mistress and me,” Bi Luo looked at Yang Kai innocently, with a naive expression on her face.


“Including that time in the…”


“Don’t mention that again! That is the single greatest shame of my life!” Bi Luo glared at Yang Kai in annoyance, her face flushing as she spoke as she subconsciously licked the corner of her lips, as if there was something there…


“Ha… to be young and frivolous again!” Yang Kai sighed heavily.


Bi Luo suddenly became uncomfortable. If not for her desperate desire for Yang Kai to give her a Secret Art suitable for Humans, she likely would have flown out the door already. Whenever she thought back on that day, she could not help wanting to find a hole to crawl into and never come out again.


Although several dozen years had already passed, she could still clearly recall that unique flavour…


“Enough, enough, let’s stop mentioning this matter and just pretend it never happened,” Yang Kai waved his hand.


Bi Luo shrank back into her chair and nodded fiercely, even the tips of her ears now burning a deep crimson red.


“Let me see which of the Five Elements your body aligns with!” Yang Kai said as he stretched out his hand and placed two fingers on Bi Luo’s wrist.


Bi Luo remained motionless, allowing Yang Kai to investigate.


Soon after, Yang Kai opened his mouth and said, “En… of the Five Elements your constitution is most suited to fire as I expected.”


Bi Luo has always been somewhat irritable and impatient, which matched with the Fire Attribute.


“I cultivated a Fire Attribute Secret Art before and felt that I could do so much faster than with any other element,” Bi Luo said.


“That’s natural. Everyone’s body is different and has its own affinity with the five elements. If you are aligned towards the Fire Attribute, you should naturally cultivate a Fire Attribute Secret Art. Let me see if there is anything suitable for you to use.”


After saying so, Yang Kai began rummaging through his Space Ring.


Bi Luo waited expectantly, not daring to interrupt.



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