Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1892, Private Talk


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The Secret Arts and Secret Techniques Yang Kai possessed were all collected from Purple Star’s Vault.


How could the things placed in Purple Star’s Vault possibly be bad? It could be said that every Secret Art and set of Secret Techniques was a part of Purple Star’s core inheritance.


Yang Kai originally planned to bring these things back to High Heaven Sect to broaden the number of choices High Heaven Sect’s disciples had, but since Bi Luo needed one, Yang Kai was not going to be stingy.


Not long after, an ancient book appeared in Yang Kai’s hand and he tossed it over to Bi Luo while saying, “This Fire Crow Heaven Piercing Record should be suitable for you. Take a look.”


Bi Luo smiled happily, quickly grabbed it, and began flipping through it.


Yang Kai supplemented on the side, “This Secret Art has three parts to it and is exceptional. The first section alone is enough to support you reaching the Third-Order Origin Returning Realm and forming pure Fire Attribute Saint Qi in your body. The second part will allow you to reach the Second-Order Origin King Realm. If you can find a Fire Crow Monster Core or Source, after refining it into your body, you’ll be able to improve your compatibility with this Secret Art further and reach the Third-Order Origin King realm. As for the third section of the art, it contains several associated Divine Abilities and Secret Techniques. You can cultivate it at your discretion.”


When he was looking for a Secret Art just now, Yang Kai also glanced through this one and had a rough idea of its contents. Feeling it was quite suitable for Bi Luo, he had brought it out.


The strength of this Fire Crow Heaven Piercing Record could only be fully realized if one could find a Fire Crow Monster Core or Source to increase its power.


The Fire Crow was a kind of Ancient Divine Spirit Variant, and although it wasn’t as famous as the Dragon or Phoenix, and was even weaker than the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, it was still on the same level as the Xie Zhi. Rumour had it that this ancient Monster Beast could trace its lineage to the Fire Phoenix, but whether that was true or not was impossible to tell.


With the help of a Fire Crow’s Monster Core or Source, the power of this Secret Art would increase by at least ten percent.


This was a massive improvement for such a high-grade Secret Art.


When Yang Kai’s words reached her ears, Bi Luo was overjoyed and began happily flipping through the ancient book, as if she could not wait to start cultivating.


A Fire Crow’s Monster Core or Source may be difficult to find elsewhere, but this was Monster Emperor Star, a paradise for the Monster Race, so there was a decent chance a Fire Crow or one of its bloodlines could be found here.


It was for this reason that Yang Kai specially chose this Secret Art for Bi Luo.


Bi Luo finished browsing through the Secret Art very quickly before solemnly placing the Fire Crow Heaven Piercing Record into her Space Ring, turning her beautiful eyes to Yang Kai, and gently saying, “Thank you!”


“There’s no need for that,” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “You have been accompanying Qing Luo this whole time, never leaving her side. It’s what I should do to thank you.”


“It’s only natural for me to be with Mistress. I will not forget this favour. In the future, when I have the opportunity, I will thank you properly.”


Yang Kai did not say anything more.


Bi Luo obviously could not wait any longer and quickly got up while saying, “Then you have a good rest, I’m going to start comprehending this Secret Art.”


“En, go,” Yang Kai waved his hand.


After Bi Luo left, Yang Kai thought for a while before taking out his Purple Origin Furnace as well as a lot of precious herbs and began performing Alchemy.


Time flew by and soon a few days had passed.


On this day, Yang Kai was still in the middle of Alchemy when he suddenly heard Chi Yue’s voice in his ear, “Boy, come to my room!”


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed before he raised his head quickly, smiled, and called out, “I’ll be there in a moment, Senior.”


And so, after finishing the pill he was refining, Yang Kai packed up his things and headed towards Chi Yue’s bedroom.


He had visited Chi Yue’s residence once before so, naturally, he knew the way and did not need anyone to lead the way.


However, after he entered the central palace, Yang Kai found that the innermost room was blocked by a powerful barrier and a mysterious energy fluctuation radiated out from inside of it. Through this barrier, Yang Kai could vaguely see Chi Yue’s outline.


He knew immediately that Chi Yue was still in retreat and had simply split some of her attention to meet with him.


“I heard Yu Xiong say you came to Monster Emperor Star for a specific purpose? What did you want to see me about?” Chi Yue’s voice came from the front.


Yang Kai put on a serious look and said, “This isn’t something that can be made clear with a few words, but if Senior reads this, it should be sufficient for her to understand.”


Saying so, Yang Kai took out a jade slip from his Space Ring and used his Divine Sense to engrave some information into it before tossing it out.


The barrier in front of him opened slightly to allow the slip to pass through before it closed again.


Silence followed as Yang Kai knew that Chi Yue was investigating the jade slip, but he did not urge her and instead just stood by quietly.


After some time, the energy fluctuations from the room suddenly surged, becoming a bit unstable. It seemed that Chi Yue had been greatly stimulated by what she had just read, causing her Saint Qi to become slightly disordered, but she was a master who was on the brink of becoming a Monster King, so she only needed to focus for a moment to suppress these undulations.


A trembling voice soon came from the wing, one filled with shock and disbelief, “Have you seen the Starry Sky Great Emperor with your own eyes? And you lived with her for more than ten years?”


“I have seen the Great Emperor, but the one I lived with was her Embodiment, not her true body.”


“Although this Queen believes you would not deceive her, this is all too difficult to just believe. It’s not that this Queen suspects you, but… what evidence do you have?”


Yang Kai nodded slightly, “It’s only natural for Senior to be suspicious. As for evidence though… Is this enough?”


Saying so, Yang Kai took out seven Star Emperor Tokens as well as the Annihilation Thunder Bead!


As the Emperor Pressure spread out, Yang Kai tried his best to use his Domain to suppress it, lest it interfere with Chi Yue.


That did nothing to dampen Chi Yue’s shock though as she gasped, “You’ve collected so many Star Emperor Tokens already? And what is that bead which is giving off such terrifying Thunder Attribute aura?”


“An Emperor Artifact! The Annihilation Thunder Bead,” Yang Kai faintly explained, “It was one of the Great Emperor’s personal artifacts, but she gave it to me.”


“It’s actually an Emperor Artifact!” Chi Yue exclaimed. If it were not for her being at a critical moment of her retreat, she would have rushed out to get a closer look. Even so, her voice clearly portrayed her shock.


“Senior seems to have heard of Emperor Artifacts.”


“This Queen is many times your age, why wouldn’t she have heard of them?” Chi Yue coldly snorted, but soon, a voice filled with envy called out, “You actually possess one of the Great Emperor’s artifacts. It seems what you wrote down on this jade slip is true.”


“Junior naturally wouldn’t joke with Senior about this kind of matter,” Yang Kai said sincerely.


“En, so like you’ve said, there are many other Star Fields like our own but because there is a powerful barrier separating them, we cannot cross over to them or even detect them?”


“I haven’t confirmed this, but the Great Emperor told me about it herself.”


“Since the Great Emperor said so, it must be right. Above the Star Field, there is the Star Boundary? And above the Origin King Realm, there is a higher realm?”




“Haha…” Chi Yue laughed suddenly as she quickly said, “This Queen really did not guess wrong. There is no end to the Martial Dao, who can truly stand at its peak? There are still greater heights to reach after the Origin King Realm!”


Her tone was filled with enthusiasm and excitement, seemingly quite happy to be able to verify one of her long-held conjectures.


Yang Kai understood how she felt at this moment. Any cultivator who yearned for strength would suffer a devastating blow if they learned that the Martial Dao really had an end to it. Knowing there were still greater heights to strive for though, any cultivator who yearned to improve themselves would feel great stimulation in their heart.


“Boy, you came to Monster Emperor Star to find this Queen because you lack the manpower to open the road to the Star Boundary?” Chi Yue suddenly asked softly.


“Yes,” Yang Kai nodded and replied, “According to what the Great Emperor said, if you want to open the way to the Star Boundary, first you need to gather all nine Star Emperor Tokens; that shouldn’t be a big problem though as I already have seven.”


“What about the remaining two?”


“One is owned by Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and the other is in Sword Union!”


“Do you have any way to obtain them? You should know that those tokens are relics of the Great Emperor and neither of those two forces will let go of the one they possess easily.”


“Everything depends on one’s own efforts,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


“Yes. You should try to collect them first. If you fail, after this Queen breaks through to the Monster King Realm, she can go to those two force’s Home Stars and ask them for the Star Emperor Token. I’d like to see if they dare refuse,” Chi Yue said proudly.


Yang Kai’s face quickly turned black, “Just leave this to me, there’s no need for Senior to trouble herself.”


“What about the second requirement for six Third-Order Origin Kings? How many have you found so far?”


“En… I was going to ask Senior, but from your attitude, it seems Junior won’t have to make any attempts at persuasion.”


Yang Kai came to Monster Emperor Star because he wanted Chi Yue’s help. He knew that Chi Yue was already a master at the Second-Order Origin King Realm, and after obtaining the Origin Essence Crystal of Mad Crocodile Monster King, Yang Kai knew Chi Yue would soon be able to break through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm. There was also still a long time to go before the ten-year period he agreed with Gui Zu on arrived, so one of Yang Kai’s original intention was to visit Monster Emperor Star and talk to Chi Yue.


He had prepared various arguments to try to persuade Chi Yue to help.


But from the meaning of Chi Yue’s words, Yang Kai understood that she was already extremely interested in this matter and there was no need for him to even try to convince her.


“En, you need not say anything more! The Origin King Realm is not the end of this Queen’s Martial Dao. The Great Emperor is the ultimate goal of this Queen. With such a good opportunity before her, how could this Queen possibly pass it up, but… even if you search the entire Star Field, you may not be able to gather six Third-Order Origin Kings. This is a bit difficult.”


Chi Yue understood that gathering six Third-Order Origin Kings was actually more difficult than trying to collect all nine Star Emperor Tokens.


Because no one knew where most Third-Order Origin Kings were hiding, making it all but impossible to find them.


Purple Star had Kuang Shi Zong, but judging from the grievances between Yang Kai and Purple Star, Kuang Shi Zong would definitely not agree to this matter, and even if he did, Yang Kai wouldn’t be able to trust him.


“Things aren’t as bleak as they seem,” Yang Kai smiled slightly, “Senior is one, and Junior can probably fill another spot. In addition, at my Sect, there is another person who is trying to impact the Third-Order Origin King Realm. If he succeeds, there will be three people.”


“Three… that’s still only half!”


Yang Kai smiled lightly, “I believe that if the news in this jade slip was released, someone will definitely come to seek me out on their own. Senior should also understand that, in the Star Field, those old monsters who had secluded themselves from the world spent all their time searching for a higher Martial Dao, right? Now that I can show them the way, they will definitely be interested.”


“Seems you’ve been planning this for a while.”


“Of course. But this is only a last resort, I will only do this if I can’t gather enough on my own.”



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    1. I believe it has been said that Xue Yue’s father is still a 2nd order origin king, so maybe just like in purple star, the 3rd order origin king will be their supreme elder and not the father.
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