Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1893, Do You Want to Try


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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Having such a productive and pleasant conversation with Chi Yue was an unexpected joy for Yang Kai.


Sometime later, Yang Kai informed Chi Yue of the timeframe he had set and then left her palace. Chi Yue also promised to do her best to break through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm before the appointed time as well as organize everyone on Monster Emperor Star so she could join him to explore a broader, higher world.


The next day, Ba He came to Yang Kai’s room, handed him a Space Ring, and said, “These are the supplies Lady Tribal Lord has promised you. The three Origin King Grade Monster Cores are also inside. This level of Monster Core is scarce even on Monster Emperor Star and are considered rare treasures in the outside world. As for the other materials, you can check whether there are enough, if there are not, I will find what you need.”


Yang Kai took the ring, swept it with his Divine Sense, smiled, and nodded, “Thank Lady Tribal Lord for me, the materials are more than enough.”


“En, okay, but…” Ba He looked at Yang Kai with a slightly dazed expression and asked seriously, “Can you really arrange such an ultra-long-distance Space Array?”


After discussing all the details of his upcoming plan with Chi Yue yesterday, Yang Kai decided to arrange a Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array on Monster Emperor Star to connect it with Shadowed Star. This way, once Shan Qing Luo successfully broke through in the future, she could immediately go to Shadowed Star.


Chi Yue was also shocked when Yang Kai informed her of his intentions, and although she found it difficult to believe Yang Kai had such skill, she also had no reason to doubt him, so she quickly ordered Ba He to prepare the necessary materials.


“It’s nothing special!” Yang Kai grinned.


Ba He hurriedly said, “This old master must have a look then. En, come with me.”


For some reason, the news that Yang Kai wanted to arrange a Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array was even known to Shen Tu and the others.


When Yang Kai arrived under the guidance of Ba He at a huge open space inside Half-Moon Mountain, Yu Xiong, Shen Tu, Li Nuo, Hua You Meng, Aunt Chun, and various others were all waiting for him.


After seeing Yang Kai, Shen Tu greeted him with excitement, and asked, “Yang Kai, can you really arrange such a magical Space Array that can even cross between Cultivation Stars?”


Everyone else present also looked at him eagerly.


“En,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


Shen Tu’s jaw dropped before his expression became incredibly excited.


“Don’t make such a big fuss, it’s just a Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array,” Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter.


“Just?” Ba He exclaimed in a weird voice from the side, “You underestimate the significance of this kind of thing far too much. All the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays in existence in the Star Field today are ancient relics, most of which are completely broken and useless, unable to be restored. You look down on just how significant a chance this can bring to the Star Field.”


“Indeed!” Shen Tu calmed himself somehow and nodded firmly, “Without mentioning anyone else, just my Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce has established businesses across the entire Star Field, but voyages between various Stars take anywhere from three months to five years, wasting a massive amount of time in the process. If there was a network of Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays to connect even just our major Cultivation Stars, our transportation costs would decrease to nearly nothing! The benefits that would bring to the chamber of commerce would be astronomical! Within just a few years, the savings alone would add up to a terrifying amount of wealth!”


“It’s more than just that!” Ba He slowly shook his head as he chimed in, “If Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays could be used, cultivators would be able to more conveniently and safely travel between different Stars. If there was really such a convenient thing, who would risk their life boarding a Starship? At that time, you would only need to charge a fee for using the array and it would still make a lot of money. Yang Kai, don’t underestimate this ability of yours, if this Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array can really be arranged, it would definitely cause earth-shaking changes to the entire Star Field, making you nothing less than a hero to the world!”


Yang Kai took all this in and just nodded lightly.


It was not that he had never thought about this kind of thing, but because it was his own ability, one he had used frequently before, he didn’t think too much of it anymore.




“What are you all so excited for?” Yang Kai looked at Ba He, Shen Tu and others in amazement.


Ba He was taken aback for a moment, but soon smiled and said, “It is this old master’s honour to witness such a momentous occasion, so naturally this old master is excited. It is like seeing a true Dragon suddenly appear in the present. Isn’t it only normal to be excited?”


Yang Kai thought for a while before agreeing with the sentiment.


“Yang Kai, can you help me arrange a few such Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays for Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce? Rest assured, the materials and supplies required will be provided by our chamber of commerce and we can give you satisfactory reward,” Shen Tu sincerely asked Yang Kai.


Yang Kai was about to simply nod and agree, when suddenly he thought of something, grinned, and said, “That’s naturally not a problem, but…”


“But what?”


“But I want to talk to President Ai Ou personally about this. I actually have something I want to ask him for, so this just happens to suit as a reasonable price for exchange,” Yang Kai smiled and said authentically.


From what Shen Tu said just now, Yang Kai also understood that these Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays he could arrange would have a huge effect on Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. Perhaps arranging them could be used as a chip with President Ai Ou to exchange for the Star Emperor Token.


Although the Star Emperor Token was a relic left behind by the Great Emperor, it simply became a useless trophy after it was used. Yang Kai believed President Ai Ou should know how to choose.


What’s more, Yang Kai still had the Star Refining Art Ai Ou desperately wanted!


Thinking of this, Yang Kai felt confident that the Star Emperor Token in Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s possession would soon be surnamed Yang.


Even the Star Emperor Token Sword Union had could be exchanged in this way.


Although Sword Union was not as big as Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, it still controlled many Cultivation Stars, and if Yang Kai offered to connect them via Cross-Cultivation Star Space Arrays, he believed that Sword Union’s leadership would definitely agree to his request.


“That’s not a problem, but my father is not someone easy to negotiate with, be careful not to get butchered by him,” Shen Tu chuckled.


“I’ll be careful.”


“Such matters can be discussed later. Right now, this old master wants to witness the creation of a new Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array!” Ba He urged from the side.


Yang Kai nodded and no longer delayed, asking everyone to step back. Next, he began to take out the various necessary materials from his Space Ring and proceed to arrange the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array.


This was a process Yang Kai had done more than once or twice, so he was already quite familiar with it.


Various precious materials were taken out, smelted in Yang Kai’s hands, and then formed into different components before being assembled in order. Two days later, a huge platform had been forged, one that everyone present could feel a mysterious and magical aura pulsing from. Faint ripples began to appear around Yang Kai next as he seemed to be engraving something into the platform with his Divine Sense.


The entire process was quite uneventful to watch because no one present was proficient in Spirit Arrays.


Moreover, even if a real Array Master was present, they may not have been able to understand what was happening.


After all, Yang Kai was using his Space Force to construct the Spirit Array, something which was nigh impossible for others to comprehend just by observing.


However, because they were witnessing the birth of something so extraordinary, no one showed a look of impatience and all just stood quietly to the side, waiting.


Pieces of Space Spirit Crystal flew up next under an invisible power and burst into dust before merging together with the platform.


Ba He was observing silently from start to finish and a quick calculation he made in his head put the value of the materials Yang Kai had consumed in the past few days at 100 million Saint Crystals!


Even considering the entirety of the Star Field, this was a massive expenditure.


However, thinking about the function and purpose of this array, Ba He quickly felt relieved.


By the fifth day, when everything had taken shape, Yang Kai observed silently for a moment with some slight dissatisfaction. Soon after, he took out some Space Spirit Crystals he obtained in the Severed World from his Space Ring.


These Space Spirit Crystals were the ones that were naturally formed in the Void and were completely pure, hundreds if not thousands of times more so than the ones given to him by Ba He.


These pieces of Space Spirit Crystal were also shattered by Yang Kai and turned into a powder that was merged with the Space Array, instantly causing some noticeable changes. From a distance, it looked like the space around the platform was now warping and sinking into the Void.


Yang Kai quickly began the finishing touches.


After another day, everything was complete!


Everyone had been waiting six days now, and after seeing Yang Kai’s finish, they all could not help stepping forward.


“Does this thing… really work?” Yu Xiong asked as he tapped the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array with his finger, “How far away can it teleport someone?”


“This one is directly connected with Shadowed Star where my Sect is located,” Yang Kai smiled lightly. “As for how far that is, I can’t say for sure, but if you were to try to fly there on your own, it would probably take four or five years.”




Yu Xiong drew a sharp breath.


Ba He and the others were equally shocked.


Four or five years was enough time for any cultivator to enter secluded retreat and comprehend a profound Secret Art, cultivate a special Secret Technique, or refine a precious artifact, but with this magical array, all that time could be saved! It was nothing less than shocking.


“Do you want to try?” Yang Kai asked with a smile.


“Of course I have to try it!” Yu Xiong quickly stood in the centre of the platform, an eager and fearless look on his face.


“This old master also wants to go,” Ba He walked up without any hesitation.


“Take me as well,” Shen Tu also sprang out.


“Second Young Master!” Li Nuo was shocked and was about to stop him when Shen Tu simply motioned to her to stop.


“Rest assured, there’s nothing to worry about. Even if something really goes wrong during the transmission, I can bring them back safely from the Void,” Yang Kai smiled confidently before taking out a few materials and beginning to refine something.


After a short while, a set of small tokens appeared in his hand.


“What are those?” Ba He asked thoughtfully as he observed the tokens in Yang Kai’s hand.


“Transmission Tokens!” Yang Kai explained, “Anyone who wants to use a Space Array arranged by me must be holding one of these Transmission Tokens, otherwise they will be exiled to the Void.”


Ba He’s eyes flashed as he quickly understood and said in admiration, “You’ve considered this carefully!”


A Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array did not just bring convenience to one’s own people, it also did so to one’s enemies. If an enemy were to use such an array to launch an invasion, the situation would be dire.


However, with the existence of these Transmission Tokens, this hidden danger could be completely eliminated.


Unless the enemy could collect a large number of such Transmission Tokens.


“Prepare yourselves,” Yang Kai called out before waving his hand and inserting a hundred or so Saint Crystals into the grooves at the base of the Space Array. The next moment, the entire platform began drawing power from these Saint Crystals and activated.



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