Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1894, Water Moon Star Again


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


A dazzling light bloomed, and everyone who stayed nearby couldn’t help squinting.


When the light dissipated, everyone looked around and saw that there was no one in the centre of the array. Yang Kai and the others were nowhere to be seen.


Shadowed Star, High Heaven Sect’s main square.


The Space Array flickered, and four figures appeared at the same time.


Yang Kai stood quietly in the centre, smiling at Ba He and the others.


This kind of super long-distance teleportation always brought some physical discomfort to the traveller, and the lower one’s cultivation was, the more obvious the effects were.


Besides Yang Kai, Ba He with his First-Order Origin King cultivation was the strongest, so he was the first to recover, taking about five breaths of time before his eyes cleared up.


After ten more breaths, Shen Tu and Yu Xiong gradually regained their balance.


No matter who it was among the three though, all of them had a look of lingering fear on their faces.


The sensation of ultra-long-distance teleportation was best described as feeling like one was falling into an endless abyss, powerless to resist. Anyone who tried it once would most likely never want to try it again.


“This is the Shadowed Star you mentioned?” Ba He looked around as he released his Divine Sense, looking quite surprised because he discovered that this place turned out to be a true paradise, filled with beautiful mountains and rivers and rich World Energy.


“En, this is High Heaven Sect!” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


Suddenly, a Divine Sense belonging to an Origin King Realm master swept forth from one of the mountain peaks. This Divine Sense was so strong that it could only belong to a Second-Order Origin King.


The expressions on Ba He and the others could not help changing slightly.


Things had not ended, yet, as another powerful Divine Sense soon swept across them, and although this second Divine Sense wasn’t as tyrannical as the first, it still belonged to a First-Order Origin King.


The first Divine Sense quickly withdrew.


Yang Kai knew that Gui Zu had sensed the movement here, so he released his Divine Sense to investigate, but after discovering that it was Yang Kai, Gui Zu naturally didn’t concern himself any further.


After all, he was in the middle of a retreat at this moment, so he had no time to spare for anything that was not an emergency.


As for the second Divine Sense, which naturally belonged to Ye Xi Yun, it too quickly withdrew.


“Aside from you, your High Heaven Sect actually has another Second-Order Origin King and a First-Order Origin King?” Ba He asked in shock.


“En,” Yang Kai nodded, glancing over to see Ye Xi Yun rapidly approaching.


Ba He let out a light gasp after confirming the truth.


He completely had not expected that this High Heaven Sect he had never heard of before actually had such powerful heritage!


Two Second-Order Origin Kings, plus a First-Order Origin King. Although the total number wasn’t very high, Origin Kings were still the highest combat power in the entire Star Field and it was rare to have even a single one in a Sect.


Not only that, there were many Origin Realm masters here, and they also occupied an exquisite cultivation paradise. In time, this High Heaven Sect would likely rise to the same height as the three great forces of the Star Field.


Ba He glanced over at Yang Kai in awe, as if seeing the infinite possibilities of his future.


A beautiful figure flickered and soon landed, taking a quick look at Ba He and the other unknown faces before turning and nodding to Yang Kai, “Sect Master, you’re back!”


“Great Elder, you seem to be well!” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


Ye Xi Yun nodded, “Many thanks for Sect Master’s concern, this Queen has been quite well. The Sect has also been calm and safe. These three are…”


“This is Senior Ba He and Yu Xiong from Red Moon Territory on Monster Emperor Star, and this is Second Young Master Shen Tu of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. They’re all my friends,” Yang Kai introduced them briefly to Ye Xi Yun.


The two sides then exchanged polite greetings.


Ye Xi Yun then asked, “How long will Sect Master be staying this time?”


“I’ll be departing right away, I just brought them here to test a new Space Array.”


Ye Xi Yun nodded gently, “Sect Master is busy it seems. Don’t forget to take care of your body when you are out.”


“I will, you can return to your own affairs.”


Ye Xi Yun nodded before flying off again.


While Ba He and the others were observing their surroundings, Yang Kai released his Divine Sense to check on the current state of his relatives. After a short moment, a cheerful smile appeared on his face as he said, “The test was a success, so let’s head back.”


“Leave now?” Shen Tu’s face changed drastically, “Yang Kai, this can be considered our first visit to your home, so shouldn’t you provide some hospitality? Why don’t we spend a few days here before we leave?”


Yu Xiong nodded frantically to the side.


Even Ba He directed an imploring look towards Yang Kai.


The three of them had not yet recovered completely from the ultra long-distance teleportation yet.


“There’ll be a chance for that in the future,” Yang Kai grinned before immediately activating the Cross-Cultivation Star Space Array beneath their feet. A white light flashed as Space Force surged upwards and the four figures disappeared.


The cries of Yu Xiong and Shen Tu were abruptly cut off…


By the time they recovered, they had returned to Half-Moon Mountain.


Li Nuo, Aunt Chun and the others all saw how pale Shen Tu was when he reappeared and quickly flocked to him with concern, their attitudes warm and caring, as if it had been dozens of years since they last met.


Ba He shook his head and smiled bitterly, “Your Space Array is indeed wondrous… but the side-effects of this teleportation are really…”


“Haha, for such convenience, there’s always a price to pay,” Yang Kai laughed.


This was not something that could be avoided unless one cultivated the Dao of Space like Yang Kai. Every teleportation via Space Array would cause discomfort when used, but there was not any permanent harm done.


“It’s as you say,” Ba He thought for a while and agreed with Yang Kai’s statement.


“Since my work here is done, it’s time for me to set off again. En, Senior Ba He, please pass this Space Ring to Bi Luo on my behalf. There are some pills and other things that I refined for her and Qing Luo inside.”


Ba He took it and swept the contents with his Divine Sense, his face immediately filling with shock once more, “You… so much!”


He was a First-Order Origin King and had extremely high status in Red Moon Territory, so the treatment Ba He enjoyed was absolutely one of the best, but he was still dazzled by the array of pills in this ring.


In particular, there were several Origin King Grade Spirit Pills that even he couldn’t help drooling over.


“Senior jests, it’s just a few pills.”


“Aren’t you afraid that this old master would pocket this for himself?” Ba He asked seriously.


Yang Kai just smiled and said, “If I didn’t believe in Senior, I wouldn’t have entrusted them to you.”


Ba He nodded and said with a solemn expression, “You may rest assured, I will safely transfer the contents to that girl, Bi Luo.”


Yang Kai thanked him again before walking towards the port where the Starship was waiting with Shen Tu and the others.


Ba He and Yu Xiong came to see them off.


Soon after, a hum came from the Starship and it slowly rose into the sky. After reaching a certain height, it began to rapidly accelerate and soon broke through into the clouds.




It took at least half a year to travel from Monster Emperor Star to the Home Star of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, and if there were any delays on the road, that time would only grow longer.


So, after the Starship set sail, Yang Kai entered retreat.


In the previous battle with the two Monster Race Tribal Lords, he had not used any of his helpers or outside boosts, only relying on his own strength and methods. He had not even used his Space Force, yet was still able to decisively defeat his opponents in a one versus two situation.


After that great battle, Yang Kai clearly understood where his bottom line was.


Although he was currently only a Second-Order Origin King, no one in the Second-Order was his opponent anymore, and if he used all his methods, he wouldn’t even need to worry about facing two or three enemies at once.


When facing a Third-Order Origin King, he would need to be more careful, but with his Space Force, he was confident he could escape even if he could not win.


In the battle with the two Monster Race Tribal Lords, Yang Kai had summoned the Dragon Scale he previously refined to block Xue Jiao’s mortal blow, even managing to damage his Monster Core in return. This was a testament to the strength and sturdiness of that Dragon Scale.


However, that was only Yang Kai summoning that scale, not really using it, and a far cry from controlling the innate Divine Abilities of a True Dragon hidden within it.


The Dragon Scale itself was essentially indestructible, and his Soul could only be damaged by someone with Soul cultivation on par with his own, so if Yang Kai could fully comprehend and utilize the Divine Ability contained in that Dragon Scale, he would have unbreakable defences. When facing enemies then, he could simply ignore defence and focus entirely on offence.


So, during the following time, Yang Kai constantly warmed the Dragon Scale in his body with his own Golden Blood and Spiritual Energy, hoping to unearth its true power while at the same time doing the same for the Dragon Bone Sword in anticipation of refining the Dragon Bone and Dragon Bead it was made from in the future.


Staying inside the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai secluded himself from the outside world and devoted himself to meditating, causing time to simply fly by.


Luck favoured them the rest of the journey and no major incidents occurred, only some small Starry Sky Storms and stray asteroids barred their way.


The Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce Starship was Origin Grade High-Rank. It could easily resist Starry Sky Storms and avoid asteroids, so everything went smoothly for the entire trip.


One day, Yang Kai suddenly noticed a knock at his door.


Leaving the Sealed World Bead, Yang Kai put away this Emperor Artifact and opened the door.


Outside, Hua You Meng stood quietly. After seeing Yang Kai appear, she took a step back and respectfully said, “Sir, Young Master Shen Tu asked me to inform you that we will soon reach Water Moon Star.”


“That quick!?” Yang Kai was stunned, feeling he had just entered retreat and then suddenly arrived at his destination.


Hua You Meng smiled and informed him, “Seven months have passed since Sir entered retreat…”


Yang Kai nodded, smiled, and said, “If that’s the case, let’s go to the bridge together.”


“Yes!” Hua You Meng nodded meekly before following after Yang Kai.


After walking for a while, Yang Kai suddenly turned around and asked, “By the way, Shen Tu said he would let your Five Paths Chamber of Commerce move into his territory and give you a position as a Head Manager in his place last time. Has there been any developments in this matter?”


Hearing this, Hua You Meng’s heart felt warm and gratefully replied, “Young Master Shen Tu said that once we arrive, he will immediately arrange a place for Five Paths Chamber of Commerce.”


“Have you agreed?”


“Yes, this is our chamber of commerce’s greatest opportunity.”


“Then I will have to congratulate President Hua. This Yang wishes President Hua and your chamber of commerce great fortunes in the future.”


“Many thanks for Sir’s kind words,” Hua You Meng thanked him in a low voice, but a somewhat lonely light flashed across her beautiful eyes.


A year ago, Hua You Meng would have been overjoyed at such good fortune befalling her, but after all her recent experiences, she didn’t know why there was a sense of loss amidst all the happiness when she thought about the future.


Looking at the broad back of the man in front of her, Hua You Meng knew that he would only be walking further and further ahead, and their paths would no longer intersect in the future.


Sniffling slightly, she was barely able to hold back her tears.



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