Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1895, Angry Xue Yue


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On Water Moon Star, there was a huge square in front of Shen Tu’s palace where the Origin Grade High-Rank Starship slowly descended and landed.


There were already many cultivators who had gotten word in advance and were assembled in a greeting party.


After the hatch opened and Shen Tu appeared, everyone shouted, “Welcome, Second Young Master! Second Young Master has worked hard!”


Shen Tu smiled and responded slightly.


The cultivators who greeted him below were his personal confidants and subordinates, so there was no need for politeness. Among them were many Origin Realm masters, but no Origin Kings.


These cultivators present all showed joy when they saw Li Nuo and Aunt Chun. Obviously, they had known each other a long time ago, but after seeing Yang Kai, they were a little surprised. They did not know where Yang Kai came from or who he was that he was actually able to accompany Shen Tu on his personal Starship.


Several people vaguely felt that Yang Kai was a little familiar, like a young man they had once met several decades ago, but after sensing Yang Kai’s powerful cultivation, they quickly dismissed such notions and began secretly speculating.


Shen Tu did not explain anything to them and simply ordered his people to arrange residences for Li Nuo, Aunt Chun, and everyone from Five Paths Chamber of Commerce. After that, he personally led Yang Kai to the room he had stayed in all those years ago.


“Brother Yang, you can rest here for a few days. Let me first go back and report what has happened to my Lord Father during this trip, as well as arrange a meeting for you.”


“Go ahead, I’ll be fine here,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


Shen Tu nodded and left.


Over the next few days, Yang Kai stayed in Shen Tu’s palace awaiting news from him.


He came to Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce this time first and foremost to ask for the Star Emperor Token in their possession, bringing his collection to eight. Secondly, he wanted to recruit President Ai Ou into his upcoming endeavour.


President Ai Ou had already broken through to the Second-Order Origin King Realm many years ago and was a peak-level figure in it, not far from the Third-Order Origin King Realm!


Yang Kai believed that Ai Ou should be able to break through within ten years.


If President Ai Ou agreed to assist him in opening the channel to the Star Boundary, the number of people Yang Kai would need to find would decrease by one.


As for Shen Tu’s report, Yang Kai believed it would only increase President Ai Ou’s interest in him.


After all, he had raised such a ruckus on Purple Star, it would be strange if Ai Ou weren’t celebrating. Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, Purple Star, and Sword Union were the top three super forces in the Star Field, and although there was some cooperation between them, there were also numerous points of contention. If there was a chance to hit Purple Star while it was down, Ai Ou would naturally not let it slip by.


So, Yang Kai was certain that Ai Ou would see him, and if he placed enough importance on him, Ai Ou might even come to visit him.


When the time came, he could have a good chat with Ai Ou.


He had the Star Refining Art in his hand and had close relationships with Xue Yue and Shen Tu, so Yang Kai believed it should not be difficult to exchange for the Star Emperor Token. As for whether he would agree to open the path to the Star Boundary with him, Yang Kai couldn’t tell, but everything depended on his own effort, so he had to try.


If Yang Kai was successful here, the chances of his ten-year plan succeeding would go up significantly.


Yang Kai felt that things would soon fall into place.


But to his surprise, he stayed in Shen Tu’s palace for eight days and still there was no contact.


This stunned Yang Kai and he began wondering if something unexpected had happened. During these eight days, even Shen Tu had disappeared, and when he asked some of the cultivators in the palace, all of them told him that Shen Tu had not returned after leaving for Water Sky City.


Water Sky City was the largest city on Water Moon Star and its status and function were essentially the same as Purple Star City on Purple Star.


This was where all the high-level masters of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce gathered and was the nexus of the entire Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.


According to the rumours, Water Sky City was the location of the strongest ambient World Energy in the entire Star Field and cultivating there would be faster than in any other cultivation paradise occupied by any other great force or Sect.


Finally, on the eighth day, Shen Tu appeared in Yang Kai’s room with a sullen face.


Seeing his sullen expression, Yang Kai’s heart suddenly sank, and he asked quickly, “Brother Shen Tu, what happened? How come you look so despondent?”


“Ha… it’s a long story.” Shen Tu sat at the table, poured himself a glass of water, drank it down in one go, then turned to Yang Kai with a guilty expression, “Brother Yang, I know you came to Water Moon Star this time to discuss some important matter with my father, but… I am afraid you’ve come at a bad time.”


It was not a surprise Shen Tu knew this as, back on Monster Emperor Star, Yang Kai had already mentioned he wanted to discuss an exchange with President Ai Ou. Shen Tu didn’t ask anything at the time, but he guessed that Yang Kai accompanying him all the way to Water Moon Star was because of something important.


Otherwise, Yang Kai, a Second-Order Origin King, would not have spent so much time to simply reminisce with him.


“Oh?” Yang Kai was surprised, “Has something happened that is… occupying all of President Ai Ou’s attention?”


“En,” Shen Tu solemnly nodded, “Something really has occurred on my father’s side. When I went to see him, I did not even have a chance to meet with him. If you are not in a hurry, you can wait a little longer here, and once this situation has been resolved, I can arrange a meeting for you.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly and helplessly said, “If that’s the case, then there is nothing else to do. Don’t worry about it, it’s just waiting for a while.”


Shen Tu grinned, “I knew that Brother Yang would not make things difficult for me… but Brother Yang…”


Before Shen Tu could finish what he was trying to say though, he heard an angry shout from outside the palace, “Shen Tu!”


Hearing this voice, Shen Tu could not help turning pale as he began to tremble uncontrollable, as if he had just heard the reaper of death call out to him.


Yang Kai was also taken aback when he heard this voice and quickly released his Divine Sense with a weird expression on his face, one that soon gave way to a smile though.


Shen Tu immediately began to panic and smacked his forehead as he muttered, “This is bad, very bad, I was so absorbed explaining to you what happened I actually forgot that my third brother was still waiting outside. Speaking of which, do you know my third brother, Brother Yang? When he heard that you were with me, he dragged me back here to find you. He even beat me several times on the way over, blaming me for not telling him sooner! That damn boy simply doesn’t have any respect for his elders, just look at my eyes…”


Shen Tu leaned forward and pointed to the bruises around his eye sockets so Yang Kai could see them better.


“Haha…” Yang Kai’s mouth twitched.


“If you don’t come out now, don’t blame this Young Master for tearing down your palace!” Xue Yue’s voice called again, echoing throughout the palace, causing many to jump in fright.


In Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, who did not know Xue Yue’s name? It was all but certain she was the next successor to the President’s position.


When she was angered, no one would not be scared.


Shen Tu all but wept in depression as she said, “Brother Yang, please come with me quickly. I do not know what possessed that boy. From birth till now, he has only ever visited my palace three times, but for some reason, he insisted on coming today. Rest assured though, no matter what grievances there are between you and him, I will mediate them for you, and if he dares try to embarrass you, I’ll… I’ll… I’ll lead you away…”


Shen Tu seemed to want to say a few ruthless words, but in the end, he did not have the courage.


Yang Kai failed to stifle his laughter as he realized just how frightened Shen Tu was. He must have been bullied by Xue Yue so much that all thoughts of resistance had long been beaten out of him.


“Don’t worry, Xue Yue… Third Young Master and I know each other, but there are no grudges between us. He won’t be tearing down your palace today,” Yang Kai lightly coughed.


“That’s good, that’s good!” Shen Tu finally breathed a sigh of relief.


Having said so, the two of them got up and walked one towards a certain hall.


Inside that hall, Xue Yue was bristling with anger, her handsome male face practically frozen over with gloom as her Saint Qi fluctuated somewhat chaotically, like it was on the verge of erupting.


She was truly enraged right now.


Not only was she angry that Shen Tu did not tell her earlier that Yang Kai had come to Water Moon Star, but she was even angrier that Yang Kai had come here and not immediately come to see her.


Didn’t that bastard know just now anxious she had been these days?


Last time, she had waited outside the floating continent for half a year, but Yang Kai never appeared. Finally, she was forced to leave with Ni Guang first, so she had constantly been worrying about his safety since then.


Although Ni Guang had guaranteed her that Yang Kai couldn’t die with that old ghost Gui Zu around, Yue Xue had never truly been able to relax.


After returning to Water Moon Star, she had constantly been inquiring about the situation, but had never been able to learn anything.


However, today, she had casually overheard that Shen Tu had brought a friend named Yang Kai to Water Moon Star…


Xue Yue immediately questioned him and determined that this Yang Kai was exactly the one she had constantly been thinking about.


It was like a punch to the gut…


There really were no good men out there, he simply did not consider her worries at all. When she saw him this time, she vowed she would beat him senseless to release the pent-up stress she felt! Xue Yue had decided ruthlessly in her heart.


To the side, Li Nuo and Aunt Chun were doing their best to placate and persuade Xue Yue in the beginning, but both quickly ceased their attempts as both women found that this famous Xue Yue Third Young Master currently had a very complicated expression on her face.


It was a look filled with conflicting love and hate, like he was about to shed tears of blood and weep from joy at the same time. Excitement, anger, and even anxiety were all mixed in…


This look… was obviously one of a woman who was trapped in a whirlpool of sentiments and emotions and couldn’t extricate herself, but at this moment it happened to appear on Xue Yue’s face.


He looked like a lovestruck young girl who was about to see her negligent boyfriend…


Both Li Nuo and Aunt Chun found this incredibly strange and did not know how or why Xue Yue would have such an expression.


Suddenly, the two of them remembered a terrible rumour and were unable to stop themselves from shivering. Looking at the incredibly handsome young man in front of them, whose face seemed to have been carved from the finest of jade, the two women suddenly felt a deep sense of regret and grievance.


For the first time, the two women felt a little dissatisfied and angry with Yang Kai!


“Old Third, have you gone crazy?” With Yang Kai following, Shen Tu seemed to have gained a lot of confidence and upon entering the hall, he shouted out preemptively.


Xue Yue’s eyes flashed an ice-cold light as they swept over Shen Tu, causing his neck to shrink involuntarily and his tone to dampen significantly, “Um… This is not your territory, nor your palace, don’t raise such a fuss. If someone overheard, they might mistakenly think Second Brother was bullying you, haha.”


Xue Yue seemed to not hear Shen Tu at all as her eyes were currently focused entirely on Yang Kai behind him, her cold eyes suddenly becoming somewhat warm and anxious…


Li Nuo and Aunt Chun looked at Xue Yue, then at Yang Kai, and were immediately able to affirm their previous conjectures, both letting out a sigh as they pined about how unjust the Heavens were…



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