Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1897, Why Don’t I Have A Look


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“My father has been quite sad and distressed recently, so hopefully this news will bring a smile to him. I have to inform him immediately…” Xue Yue said with excitement.


Yang Kai looked at her in surprise hearing this and asked curiously, “If I remember correctly, don’t you hate President Ai Ou? Why are you so considerate to him now?”


Xue Yue smiled brightly as she replied, “That’s all in the past. I did hate him for forcing me to maintain this image all the time, never able to show people my true face, unable to live according to my own ideas, but things are different now. In this world… There is someone who knows my real identity and sees me for who I really am. That’s enough for me. What’s more, Father did everything he did to protect me, I don’t have a real reason to hate him.”


As she spoke these words, Xue Yue smiled sweetly, seemingly having broken free of all the misfortune and sadness she had to endure thanks to Yang Kai’s appearance.


Yang Kai also recalled that Xue Yue had told him in the Severed World that, as long as there was one person in this world who could treat her as an ordinary woman, she would be satisfied.


Yang Kai could not help feeling somewhat moved when he realized the powerful, stunning beauty, disguised as a man in front of him, actually had such a simple wish.


“What happened to President Ai Ou?” Yang Kai asked.


Xue Yue’s expression immediately darkened as she whispered, “It’s about Little Mother…”


“Little Mother…” Yang Kai was confused for a moment but quickly realized that Xue Yue must mean President Ai Ou’s current wife.


Xue Yue’s mother had passed away long ago, so it was understandable she would call Ai Ou’s current wife by such a name.


Xue Yue smiled bitterly, “Although my father has always been a man who stands above and rules over others, he has also always attached great importance to matters of sentiment. This is especially true of Little Mother, whom he cares deeply about and always tries to protect. A year ago, Little Mother entered retreat to break through to the Origin King Realm, but something went wrong at the time, leading to a dissonance in her cultivation. Her meridians were torn apart and she almost died on the spot. Father used everything at his disposal to somehow suppress the crisis at the time, and while he managed to preserve her life somehow, since then, Little Mother has been unconscious, and her life is in constant danger. For the past year, my father has tried every means to wake up Little Mother, but nothing has worked so far.”


“Something went wrong during her breakthrough to the Origin King Realm…” Yang Kai was shocked and instantly understood the seriousness of the problem.


If something went wrong at such a time, no matter how strong a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator they were, death was almost certain. The only reason why Xue Yue’s Little Mother did not die on the spot was because of Ai Ou’s great strength and resources.


Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President was a veteran Second-Order Origin King master.


“At that time, Little Mother’s body was mortally damaged, but father used some Heaven-defying method to rescue her from the gates of death and maintain her vitality. Then, six months ago, he took out an extremely precious treasure to heal Little Mother’s physical wounds.”


Xue Yue gave Yang Kai a meaningful look when she said this, and although she did not say exactly what precious treasure Ai Ou had used, Yang Kai knew that there were only a few treasures in this world that could bring someone back from the brink of death.


Such as the Immortal Source Liquid!


Back in the Severed World, a total of three drops of Immortal Source Liquid had formed on the Immortal Tree. The three Second-Order Origin Kings who were present negotiated to divide these three drops evenly. One went to Ni Guang, one to Zi Long, and the last to Gui Zu.


But Yang Kai managed to take away the entire Immortal Tree in the end, and was also given that drop of Immortal Source Liquid belonging to Gui Zu.


The drop owned by Zi Long had also been obtained by Yang Kai.


The precious treasure used by President Ai Ou half a year ago was definitely Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s drop of Immortal Source Liquid.


Immortal Source Liquid was the ultimate healing elixir, one which could restore life and vitality to someone already halfway into the grave, a treasure even Third-Order Origin King would covet.


Carrying a drop of Immortal Source Liquid on you was like carrying a second life, so Ai Ou being able to take it out and give it to Xue Yue’s Little Mother without hesitation showed just how deep his affection for her was.


“Although Little Mother’s life was saved, she still shows no signs of waking up. During this time, my father has frantically sought out many Alchemy Grandmasters to diagnose her condition, and after much careful investigation, it was concluded that Little Mother’s Soul suffered a severe wound and she will never wake up again unless she can obtain a powerful Origin King Grade Spirit Pill used to heal one’s Soul. And… even if such a Spirit Pill is successfully refined and taken by her, it is still unlikely Little Mother will wake up. My father has spent almost all his time and effort trying to help Little Mother this past year, and even I… feel quite distressed about it.”


Yang Kai listened quietly to slowly understand the whole story before asking in a serious tone, “Did those Alchemy Grandmasters say which Spirit Pill is required?”


“The Soul Source Restoration Pill!” Xue Yue said in a deep voice.


After consulting his memories for a moment, Yang Kai understood what kind of materials were needed to refine this Spirit Pill and what effect it could play. Fortunately, the pill recipe for the Soul Source Restoration Pill was recorded in the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture, but because that was the case, Yang Kai could not help commenting, “Your Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce is really filled with talented people, you even know about such an ancient lost Spirit Pill.”


If he had not accidentally obtained the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture in the Emperor Garden, he wouldn’t know so many ancient Spirit Pill recipes.


However, someone at Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce knew of it as well, worthy of one of the three super forces of the Star Field, its heritage was not shallow.


“You also know of it?” Xue Yue looked at Yang Kai in surprise, her beautiful eyes lighting up in the next moment as she said, “That’s right, you’re also an Alchemist!”


When she had been poisoned by the Profound Yin Sunflower Water, rendering her unconscious, it was Yang Kai who refined a pill with Pill Clouds that had saved her. Although she had been constantly thinking of Yang Kai all these years, and been inextricably entangled with him numerous times, she had completely forgotten he had such an identity as well.


Only now did she remember.


But soon, the light in Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes dimmed again as her voice sank, “The Soul Source Restoration Pill is supposedly an Origin King Grade Mid-Rank Spirit Pill, only an Origin King Grade Alchemist could possibly refine it. Although you are an Alchemist too, I’m afraid…”


Xue Yue did not finish what she was saying. It was not that she didn’t believe in Yang Kai’s abilities, it’s just that Origin King Grade Alchemists were far too rare. If one searched the entire Star Field, such Grandmasters were likely even rarer than Third-Order Origin Kings.


Yang Kai had reached the Second-Order Origin King at such a young age and had such incredible prowess in the Martial Dao, so how could his attainments in the Alchemic Dao also be so shocking?


Yang Kai did not try to explain and instead simply asked, “How does your Little Mother treat you normally?”


“Little Mother treats me exceptionally well. After my mother passed away, I grew up by Little Mother’s side… She taught me how to act and behave appropriately and also knows about all my secrets. When Father wasn’t around, she also secretly helped me dress up as a girl…” Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes showed a look of remembrance, a warm smile on her face as if he was thinking about something sweet, “But every time I dressed up like that, I would have to change back quickly. Father always became agitated whenever I appeared in my natural form!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, and from Xue Yue’s description, he could also imagine that this ‘Little Mother’ was a good wife and a loving mother.


“Why don’t I have a look?” Yang Kai suggested.


“Do you want to go?” Xue Yue looked at him in a pleasant surprise, “En, you’re also an Alchemist, perhaps you can communicate with the other Alchemists and see if there is some way to relieve Little Mother’s symptoms. Our chamber of commerce also a Foreign Elder Origin King Grade Grandmaster that my father sent someone to invite half a year ago.”


“He sent someone to invite them half a year ago, but they still have yet to come?” Yang Kai looked astonished.


“You greatly underestimate the arrogance of those Origin King Grade Alchemists. I said that the Grandmaster of our chamber of commerce was simply a Foreign Elder. You also have a Sect, so you should understand what the title of Foreign Elder means.”


“En, I understand,” Yang Kai nodded slightly.


The status of Foreign Elder was almost equal to the Supreme Elder but didn’t come with any of the responsibilities a Supreme Elder would have.


Foreign Elders usually just loaned their name or identity to a Sect in exchange for generous rewards but weren’t actually attached to that Sect and did not need to contribute anything in return. Even if the Sect encountered a disaster, a Foreign Elder could simply stand by and do nothing, and no one would criticize them.


On the other hand, a Supreme Elder was vastly different. Although their authority was so high that no one in the Sect would dare disobey their command, a Supreme Elder also had to live and die together with the Sect. If the Sect encountered disaster, a Supreme Elder could not stand idly by.


In a sense, the status of Foreign Elder was even higher than that of the Supreme Elder, because Foreign Elders could obtain benefits without taking any risks.


It could also be described as a Supreme Elder being part of the family, while a Foreign Elder was someone hired from the outside.


With the huge strength of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, coupled with Ai Ou’s face, he had sent someone half a year ago to invite this Grandmaster, but even now that Grandmaster had yet to appear. From this alone, it was clear just how arrogant this Origin King Grade Alchemist was.


Even so, Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce didn’t dare to complain, and Ai Ou could only politely urge the matter, lest he upset the Grandmaster.


However, although this Grandmaster had still yet to appear, apparently, he would arrive on Water Moon Star in the next few days.


Ai Ou was now waiting anxiously and in no mood to meet with Shen Tu. This was also why Shen Tu spent a few days in Water Sky City waiting before coming back.


During that time, he didn’t even get to meet with Ai Ou, so there was naturally no opportunity for him to bring up Yang Kai’s request.


“In any case, let’s go take a look first,” Yang Kai suggested.


“Yeah, I’ll take you there. I believe that if Little Mother knew about you, she would definitely be happy for me,” Xue Yue said as she gently rubbed the half-fallen tears at the corner of her eye.


It seemed her Little Mother occupied an extremely important position in her heart, even more important than her biological father.


“Don’t cry, if we go out and Shen Tu sees you looking like this, I don’t know what he would think happened between us here,” Yang Kai stepped forward and helped her dry her eyes.


His gentle movements and deep voice made Xue Yue’s cheeks flush…


Soon, the door to the hall opened and Yang Kai and Xue Yue walked out one after another.


Shen Tu’s trio, who had been eavesdropping in front of the door, hurriedly jumped back, and stood to the side, casting suspicious looks at Yang Kai and Xue Yue in front of them.


In that moment, Shen Tu’s heart sank…


He discovered that his third brother’s eyes were slightly red, as if he had just cried, and there was a faint blush on his handsome cheeks that even a woman would be jealous of…



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