Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1898, You’re That Yang Kai?


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


[Heavens! How could this have happened!]


What exactly happened inside between these two? That Third Brother of his, the most demonic existence in this world, was putting on such an expression now, one that even Shen Tu could tell was mixed with both joy, relief, confusion, and charm!


Shen Tu wailed inwardly as the way he looked at Yang Kai also changed significantly.


To the side, Li Nuo and Aunt Chun were also dumbfounded, not knowing what to say.


Xue Yue clearly understood that these three were misunderstanding something, only causing the shyness in her expression to become more apparent and her eyes to dart about, a clear sign of a guilty conscience.


“Brother Shen Tu, I’ll be taking a trip to Water Sky City with Xue Yue.”


“Eh… ah… en…” Shen Tu responded purely on instinct, not even hearing what Yang Kai was talking about.


“Then I’ll take my leave,” Yang Kai smiled slightly, cupped his fists and said, “I’ll have to trouble Brother Shen Tu to look after Five Paths Chamber of Commerce.”


Saying so, he winked at Xue Yue and the two immediately summoned their respective Star Shuttles and flew off.


Only a long time after the pair had disappeared did Shen Tu and the two women finally recover.


Shen Tu gripped his head with both hands and cried out, “It’s over, it’s all over. How could Third Brother have so little propriety? How could it be like this…? And Brother Yang, he…. ha…”


He had to sigh, for both of them.


Aunt Chun and Li Nuo also wore similar expressions.


“It’s over for me now too,” Shen Tu collapsed to the floor and distress, clearly whelmed by the situation.


“Second Young Master, how is any of this related to you?” Li Nuo looked at him curiously.


“I was the one who brought Brother Yang here in the first place. If I had known he and Third Brother had such… preferences, I would have sooner died than brought him to Water Moon Star. It is all my fault… My father has always wanted me and my Third Brother to quickly get married so that we can have children and continue the family line, but with Third Brother like this now, how could he possibly have children? Doesn’t that mean this heavy burden falls completely on my shoulders now?” Shen Tu complained, clearly feeling immense pressure.


Li Nuo pursed her lips and said with a smile, “Extending the family line is a matter that will come naturally in the future. Second Young Master does not need to be worried about this.”


Shen Tu You suddenly raised his head and looked at Li Nuo seriously before saying, “Then why don’t we have a child!?”


Li Nuo blushed bright red before angrily glaring at Shen Tu before running off in embarrassment.


As she ran, she could hear Shen Tu’s shouts from behind, “Are you refusing or agreeing? Say something at least, don’t just run off! What am I supposed to think?!”


Aunt Chun watched the whole scene while shaking her head, a look of pure helplessness covering her face!




Water Sky City was the most prosperous city on Water Moon Star and it also had the strongest ambient World Energy. Any cultivator who wanted to enter had to pay a large amount of Saint Crystals as a toll, and if one wanted to stay in the city, they needed to pay an even larger amount.


Inside the numerous small residences had been opened up for rent to local and foreign cultivators.


Water Sky City itself was simply a money-making machine, earning innumerable Saint Crystals every day by simply existing.


Xue Yue brought Yang Kai into Water Sky City without even stopping to show his identification at the gates. The cultivators who were on guard duty also did not raise a single issue and let him pass, simply taking a glance towards Yang Kai curiously, wondering who he was that he could actually walk side by side with the Xue Yue Third Young Master.


Once they entered the city, wherever Xue Yue went, there were constant screams from women who would stop whatever it was they were doing to stare at him. Some pointed in joy, others showed looks of intoxication, still others who were bold enough sent winks and posed to emphasize their various assets. The most common reaction among these women, though, was simply adoration towards Xue Yue.


There were even some men who gazed at her obsessively.


The number of heads that would turn to look at Xue Yue as she passed through was at least ninety percent.


Xue Yue seemed to be used to this kind of scene, and after signalling to Yang Kai with her eyes, she immediately flew up into the air and soared towards the centre of Water Sky City.


Yang Kai smiled wryly before following behind her.


When the two of them left, a man rushed out into the middle of the street with some scrolls in his hands and shouted, “Selling portraits of Third Young Master made by a famous artist! They are life-sized and indistinguishable from the real thing! With them, one can gaze upon Third Young Master’s divine likeness all day and night! It will be as if Third Young Master is accompanying you wherever you go! One thousand Saint Crystals! Buy now while supplies last!”


As he shouted, he opened one of the picture scrolls in his hand.


On the scroll, there was a lifelike painting of a handsome man with a crown of jade upon his hand and a folding fan in his hand. Dressed in pure white robes and with long, jet black hair, it was a spitting likeness of Xue Yue. The corners of this Xue Yue’s mouth were slightly raised, as if smiling at those who were looking at the painting.


In an instant, countless women swarmed up and surrounded the painting seller. Some men also dove into the fray.


“Give me one!”


“I want two!”


“Quickly, here’s a thousand Saint Crystals, hand it over!”


“Wu wu, give me one please, my wife said that if I can’t buy one this time, she won’t even let me into the house! Wuwu, how I loathe you, Third Young Master!”


“Hey, who touched this Mistress’s chest just now! Show yourselves if you have the guts!”


“Cease your unsightly quarrelling! These portraits now all belong to Father here!” A tall middle-aged man with a thick beard dove into the crowd and pushed his Saint Qi, forcing everyone else back before he grabbed all the portraits the man was selling and stuffed them into his Space Ring. Sweeping his eyes over the crowd, this man snorted before declaring in a cold and domineering voice, “How could you vulgar plebeians possibly match Third Young Master? Only a hero like Father is a match for the glorious Third Young Master!”




Up in the sky, Xue Yue staggered and almost fell.


Although they had already flown quite far, with her cultivation, she was able to hear all the voices down below and could not help shivering in both fright and disgust.


Yang Kai simply looked at her curiously and asked, “Is it like this every time you show up?”


“Almost…” Xue Yue said helplessly, “So under normal circumstances, I try not to appear at all.”


Saying so, she shot a faint glance towards Yang Kai and asked flatly, “You think it’s funny?”


“I didn’t laugh!” Yang Kai replied solemnly.


“Hmph! If you dare to laugh out loud, I’ll make you pay dearly!”


“I really didn’t laugh… BAHAHAHA!”


*Gabeng gabeng…*


Xue Yue ground her teeth so hard the grinding noise was audible.


In the central district of Water Sky City, the World Energy aura was so thick it was tangible, only one step away from forming Spirit Qi Wisps.


And at the heart of the central district, there was a majestic palace ground which was home to the headquarters of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. This was not only a centre of power, but one of wealth.


In the northwest corner of the complex, atop a certain palace, a burly, lion-like man stood with a deep frown on his face, pacing back and forth, from time to time looking outside expectantly, as if he was waiting for someone.


This man’s anxiety was written all over his brow which was furrowed so strongly it looked as if it would never relax again.


There were other people in the hall behind this man, and judging from how they were dressed, it was clear they were a group of Origin Grade Alchemists, one of the noblest existences in the entire Star Field.


However, none of these Alchemists dared to speak, lest they upset the burly pacing man.


This was understandable though, as this man was the leader of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, President Ai Ou!


Although Origin Grade Alchemists held a noble status, they were still far below the President of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. What’s more, all of them had been helpless in their attempts to treat President Ai Ou’s wife, leaving them quite a bit embarrassed. How could they possibly take the initiative to draw fire to themselves now?


Ai Ou had a naturally tough and sturdy build, and with his grand stature, he put an imposing pressure on any who stood in his presence. At this moment, he was also quite irritable, and his Second-Order Origin King Saint Qi would fluctuate from time to time, causing many Alchemists in the hall to complain in their hearts, but none of them dared utter anything out loud.


Suddenly, Ai Ou stopped, and his eyes burst with astonishing light as he turned towards the hall’s entrance.


The next moment, he beamed with joy and hurriedly called out with an anxiety-filled voice, “Is Grandmaster Zuo De here?”


In front of the main hall, two streams of light landed and dispersed to reveal two figures. One was Xue Yue, and the other was Yang Kai.


Hearing Ai Ou’s words, Yang Kai glanced back subconsciously but found that there was no one behind him. Xue Yue seemed to realize what was happening and quickly explained, “Lord Father, it’s not Grandmaster Zuo De who has arrived.”


“It’s not Grandmaster Zuo De!” Ai Ou’s face darkened, and he glanced coldly at Yang Kai before turning back and yelling at Xue Yue, “Since it’s not Grandmaster Zuo De or his entourage, why did you bring him here? Do you think you can bring just anyone here at such a time?”


After being scolded by Ai Ou, Xue Yue did not dare to refute, but instead just bowed her head to apologize, “Forgive me, Lord Father, but my friend is also an Alchemist, so…”


“An Alchemist!?” Ai Ou’s expression immediately cleared up upon hearing this and turned to look at Yang Kai again, only now noticing the other party’s cultivation and calling out in shock, “Second-Order Origin King!?”


He had not realized until this moment that Yang Kai’s cultivation was actually on par with his own.


Somewhat unable to believe his eyes, Ai Ou examined Yang Kai again more carefully, but confirming his initial reading wasn’t wrong, he could not help asking suspiciously, “Yue’er, since when did you have such a friend?”


Yang Kai didn’t look familiar at all, and although Xue Yue’s aptitude was incredible, she was still just a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator now, it should be impossible for her to have a friend who is a Second-Order Origin King, making Ai Ou quite curious.


“He is the one I told you about… Yang Kai!” Xue Yue replied in a low voice as she stole a quick glance at Ai Ou’s expression to see what his response would be.


“Junior Yang Kai greets President Ai Ou!” Yang Kai cupped his fists and greeted him flatly.


Although he was a little unhappy that Xue Yue was reprimanded just now for no reason, it was Xue Yue and Shen Tu’s father who stood in front of him, so Yang Kai could not simply ignore courtesy.


“Yang Kai?” Ai Ou frowned for a moment, but suddenly seemed to think of something and asked, “You’re that Yang Kai?”


“It seems President Ai Ou knows something about me,” Yang Kai frowned slightly as the expression on Ai Ou’s face currently gave him a slightly uncomfortable feeling.


“Of course I do!” Ai Ou responded in a deep voice before suddenly pushing his Saint Qi madly and grabbing towards Yang Kai.


From his actions and posture, it was obvious he wanted to capture Yang Kai!


“Father!” Xue Yue’s face changed drastically as she could not understand why her father would suddenly just attack Yang Kai the moment he arrived.


As for Yang Kai, his face became cold as he stretched out his hand to push Xue Yue aside while at the same time condensing his own Saint Qi and sending out a powerful palm of his own towards the approaching claw.




A thunderous bang resounded in the hall as the two Origin King’s clashed, sending out a violent burst of wind that made a mess of the surrounding.


Soon after, when the dust settled, Yang Kai had been forced back three steps while Ai Ou had only retreated two.


In this match, Ai Ou had come out slightly ahead.



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  1. Ik this is old, but isn’t it abt time Yang Kai stopped getting pushed back by ppl with similar cultivation as him when we all know how absurd his body is after the fact ? I mean he did smash that whatever palace master’s skull like a watermelon back when they wanted to take over his sect. And he did that with no Saint qi so this Ai Ou must be a god

    1. Ikr! Sometimes inconsistencies makes you displeased and question the importance of previous events where YK was powering up maxing out his foundations.

    2. You know this wasn’t a clash of bodily strength right. It was merely a Saint Qi clash, wherein Ai Ou naturally had the upper hand, not only because his “barebones” Qi is stronger, being a peak 2nd Order Origin King and all, but also because he had somewhat caught Yang Kai off guard— having to move Xue Yue out of the way cost him some momentum. I know this is very technical, but 🤷

    3. Yeah, i don’t like this as well…and it’s total sh*t to me, that he has to “activate” that 5 element body tempering technique, isn’t the point of body tempering that you don’t have to activate no shitty skill???

    1. Actually, if you remember, when he clashed with Kuang Shi Dao— That’s his name, right?— he was sent flying, though he suffered no substantial damage.

    1. Imagina depois que ele refinar toda a arte dos 5 elementos. E ele ainda tem a árvore imortal, que supostamente lhe dá um corpo realmente imortal.

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