Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1899, Don’t Take It To Heart, Friend


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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In the main hall, a violent wind blew up and besides Xue Yue, who was being protected by Yang Kai, everyone else staggered and complained.


“President Ai Ou, what’s the meaning of this?” Yang Kai squinted at the bearded man in front of him and asked indifferently.


Ai Ou wore a look of surprise, his eyes narrowed slightly like a tiger ready to pounce, giving him an even more intimidating presence than normal, but soon, he burst into laughter and said, “As I suspected, a true young hero straight out of ancient times. Boy, Ni Guang told me much about you, but I did not believe half of it. However, it seems Ni Guang was actually underestimating you greatly. Your aptitude is even higher than Yue’er’s.”


“Senior is too polite, Junior simply had some opportunities,” Yang Kai replied flatly, his expression was neither humble nor overbearing.


Ai Ou nodded before suddenly stretching out his hand and declaring, “Hand it over.”


Xue Yue stood to the side with a pale face, not understanding why her father had attacked Yang Kai as soon as he entered, but upon hearing this, she suddenly understood.


Yang Kai frowned slightly but also quickly realized what all this was about and smiled, “What exactly is it that Senior wants to ask from me?”


“You know it in your heart!” Ai Ou said slightly impatiently.


Yang Kai shook his head, “If Senior wants that drop from me, I can tell Senior now, even if I gave it to you, it will be of no use. Madam Gu’s Soul is what is damaged now, and that thing can only be used to repair physical injuries. Senior should also know this in his heart. “


Xue Yue’s Little Mother was named Gu Bi Hu, a fact that she informed Yang Kai about on the way over, so Yang Kai addressed her as Madame Gu.


“Naturally, I know,” Ai Ou quickly said.


“Then does Senior want that thing?” Yang Kai raised his brows and said with a smile, “Please forgive this Junior for not being able to agree.”


Inside the hall, the crowd of Origin Grade Alchemists listened to this vague and nonspecific conversation with looks of curiosity on their faces, none of them knowing what this ‘drop’ Yang Kai was referring to was.


However, whether it was Yang Kai, Ai Ou, or Xue Yue, they all understood clearly what this was about.


The Immortal Source Liquid and the Immortal Tree!


Ai Ou attacking Yang Kai as soon as he came in was because he wanted to snatch the Immortal Tree to use to heal Gu Bi Hu. Immortal Source Liquid could not restore Gu Bi Hu’s damaged Soul, but the Immortal Tree was different. Refining the Immortal Tree could grant one an immortal and indestructible body, so repairing a damaged Soul would be a breeze.


“Don’t tell me you already refined it?” Ai Ou’s eyes flashed a terrifying light as he glared at Yang Kai in a near predatory manner.


Yang Kai simply laughed and said nothing.


Ai Ou’s heart suddenly sank as he felt this was a real possibility.


After all, according to Ni Guang, Yang Kai was still just a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator like Xue Yue when they entered the Severed World, but what about now, only a few years later? This little brat had become a Second-Order Origin King!


Even if a cultivator had incredible opportunities, it was highly unlikely for their strength to increase so dramatically in such a short period of time.


The only explanation was that the opportunity he had was truly extraordinary!


Refining the Immortal Tree would obviously count as such an opportunity.


Ai Ou was not willing to give up and quickly pushed his Divine Sense, scanning Yang Kai’s body thoroughly only to be shocked at how monstrous the vitality contained within it was. The surging life aura coming from Yang Kai was potent enough to even frighten a master like him.


“You really merged with it!” Ai Ou exclaimed, as his face turned grey, the hope that remained in his eyes suddenly disappearing.


He was not depressed because he no longer had a chance to obtain a supreme treasure like the Immortal Tree, but rather because he couldn’t use the Immortal Tree to treat Gu Bi Hu.


Yang Kai did not explain anything though and simply let Ai Ou misunderstand.


After falling silent for a while though, Ai Ou suddenly muttered in a low voice, “Even if you have fused with it, it doesn’t matter, it’s precious energy should still flow through your blood. I just need to obtain your blood and she can be saved!”


Right now, he was like a man at his wit’s end, seeking any solution no matter how impractical or implausible.


Hearing what he said, Xue Yue’s face changed drastically, and she rushed out hurriedly to stand in front of Yang Kai and called out, “Father, you can’t be…”


“Stand aside, there’s no place for you to speak here!” Ai Ou roared.


“The dignified Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce President, an overlord of the Star Field, turns out to be nothing more than this. Just as the saying goes, one cannot judge a man by his reputation alone!” Yang Kai coldly snorted.


“Boy, what did you just say? You should take care of how you speak!” Ai Ou narrowed his eyes and snapped.


Yang Kai sneered, “If it weren’t for Xue Yue’s face, would I even be standing here talking to you still? Just you acting against me just now was more than enough for me to raze your Water Sky City to the ground. If not for the fact that I can see your mind is unsteady because you are seeking treatment for your woman, today your Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce would be ground to dust and lost to the ages!”


Xue Yue’s face turned pale suddenly as she hurriedly tugged at Yang Kai’s clothes and whispered, “Have some discretion!”


Yang Kai smiled faintly and declared, “I will speak with discretion when your father calms down.”


Ai Ou also suddenly recovered, realizing that the one who stood in front of him was not some soft persimmon he could knead at will, but a Second-Order Origin King who could stand on equal footing with him and had almost the same strength!


If such a master really became enraged, then the situation could really deteriorate beyond redemption today. At the very least, the destruction of Water Sky City was almost assured.


“You’re certainly crazy enough, boy,” Although he had calmed down a lot, Ai Ou was still concerned about losing face and snapped back.


“I just came from Purple Star,” Yang Kai smiled slightly, only saying so much, but he believed that Ai Ou should understand his meaning.


Ai Ou was immediately stunned and stared at Yang Kai in amazement, as if he really understood something and whispered, “So, it was you.”


Although Xue Yue had not been aware of the great upheaval Purple Star experienced, Ai Ou, as Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s President, had eyes and ears all over the Star Field. How could he not know about such a huge event?


After Yang Kai said this sentence, Ai Ou immediately understood that the instigator of the incident on Purple Star half a year ago was actually standing right in front of him.


Even a peak level powerhouse like Kuang Shi Zong took action personally but failed to stop him! Even if Ai Ou were to fight here personally, he couldn’t guarantee that he would be any more successful.


After understanding all of this, Ai Ou took a deep breath and nodded, “It was this King who was rude just now, please don’t take it to heart, Friend!”


Friend… Xue Yue’s face twitched when she heard this word, wondering how her father had suddenly become something like a peer to Yang Kai. Wasn’t this just causing chaos in the generations? Quickly glancing at Yang Kai, she shot him a rueful look.


Yang Kai also chuckled awkwardly as he said, “Senior is too serious, Senior is desperate to save his wife, it is only natural for him to act somewhat impulsive. Junior can understand.”


“If so, that is good. This friend is indeed a generous person. I have heard a lot about you and even Ni Guang had much praise for you. Since you’ve come to Water Sky City today, please feel free to relax here for a few days. When I have finished dealing with the matter at hand, I will speak with you again.”


Yang Kai listened to the tone of his words, and immediately understood that Ni Guang had not told Ai Ou about his and Xue Yue’s ‘relationship’. Otherwise, Ai Ou would definitely not be speaking to him like this.


“Father, Yang Kai is also an Alchemist!” Xue Yue saw her father calling Yang Kai ‘friend’ over and over again and felt incredibly uncomfortable, so she quickly changed the subject.


“Oh?” Ai Ou looked at Yang Kai in surprise, “Friend’s cultivation is so deep, but you are also proficient in the Alchemic Dao?”


“I’ve dabbled in it slightly!” Yang Kai said modestly.


“Isn’t it a bit more than that? Brat don’t act so humble,” A voice suddenly came from the side.


Ai Ou frowned as a hint of displeasure appeared on his face. There were not many people in this world who would dare to interrupt him when he was talking, but when he saw who it was who spoke, his expression could not help relaxing again. It seemed the one who spoke had some weight in his heart and Ai Ou was not willing to blame him.


Yang Kai also turned his head and looked but shock soon filled his whole facial expression.


Over there, where the crowd of Origin Grade Alchemists had gathered, a familiar face was smiling towards him.


“Grandmaster Zong Ao!” Yang Kai beamed happily and hurriedly stepped forward, cupping his fists.


The one who spoke was shockingly the Origin Grade High-Rank Alchemist Zong Ao! When Yang Kai and Xue Yue went to Rainfall Star together, they had lived in Zong Ao’s house for quite some time.


At that time, Yang Kai’s strength was quite low and his accomplishments in the Alchemic Dao were also not high, while Zong Ao, on the other hand, was already an Origin Grade High-Rank Alchemist.


Yang Kai and Zong Ao had had several exchanges about Alchemy and both had reaped many benefits. The pill which was necessary to rescue Xue Yue was elucidated by Zong Ao, and then refined by Yang Kai.


Yang Kai did not expect to meet Zong Ao here.


However, when he thought about it carefully, it made sense because although Zong Ao had not formally joined Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, he had been living on Rainfall Star for over a century and could be considered at least an honoured guest of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce.


Now that there was a problem with President Ai Ou’s wife, Zong Ao would naturally be invited over.


“Brat, don’t flatter me,” Zong Ao snickered wryly, “It’s only been a few dozen years yet you’re already a Second-Order Origin King while this old master is still lingering about in the Origin Grade High-Rank. It’s nothing less than a tragedy!”


“Grandmaster is too humble, back then your attainments and knowledge of the Alchemic Dao were already profound, and now they can only have advanced further. Clearly, you’re not far from reaching the Origin King Grade.”


Zong Ao smiled slightly with a hint of pride appearing on his face.


“Do you know each other?” Ai Ou asked in surprise.


Zong Ao grinned, “En, I had a few exchanges with him about the Alchemic Dao several dozen years ago. I also had a number of my Alchemy Furnaces snatched by him!”


Yang Kai laughed fondly and said, “Those Alchemy furnaces are no longer useful to me. If Grandmaster wants them back, I can return them to you.”


“No need, they’re useless to me as well,” Zong Ao waved his hand, “Just keep them as a memento.”


A light flashed across Yang Kai’s eyes when he heard this and he speculated out loud, “It seems that Grandmaster really is about to reach the Origin King Grade. It also must have been you who provided the pill recipe for the Soul Source Restoration Pill.”


“En,” Zong Ao’s expression suddenly became solemn, “Madam Gu’s condition is easy to diagnose, but there are very few ways to cure it. Refining the Soul Source Restoration Pill is the easiest and most reliable method.”


“Have the materials been gathered?”


“Most have. All of the materials are precious and difficult to find, but with the financial resources of Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, collecting most of them isn’t difficult. Unfortunately, the Monster Core of a Seven Coloured Elk is another story…”


“The Monster Core has already been found and was delivered to this King ten days ago!” Ai Ou interjected.



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