Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1912, Grand Alchemic Dao Tone


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


“You are distorting the truth!” Zhan Yuan shouted in anger, “How can the Yuan Restoring Pill be compared with the Soul Source Restoration Pill!”


“Exactly! One is a Saint Grade pill and the other is an Origin King Grade pill. There is no comparison between the two,” an Alchemist stated.


“Just as you said, Grandmaster Zuo De is an Origin Returning Realm master, while this King is in Origin King Realm. We are worlds apart,” Yang Kai responded with a smile hanging on his lips.


“Smarty-pants!” Some Alchemists sighed, shaking their head as if it was an insult to argue with someone like Yang Kai. Alchemists relied on their abilities to feed themselves, not their mouths.


Zuo De said with a smile, “Words alone are no proof. Seeing is believing. No matter what you say, it’s useless. If you want to win people’s trust, it’s better to show all your means. I think everyone will believe it after they see it.”


“You want to see?” Yang Kai tilted his head as a scheming smile appeared on his lips.


“You are just afraid of being found out!” Zhan Yun sneered.


Yang Kai ignored him altogether and said, looking at President Ai Ou, “President, do you remember everyone who wanted to leave the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce just now? When they leave, do give them their severance pay, lest they criticized you in the future, saying that your Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce is stingy!”


Ai Ou’s face turned as black as pot. [Can’t you take the cue!?]


Yang Kai broke into laughter as he stood up and shouted, “Since you question the Alchemy level of this King, then this King will let you see what is called Alchemy!”


As he spoke, he turned serious all of a sudden. He formed a mysterious seal with his hand before stretching out that hand a bit. Immediately, an image of a complex Spirit Array appeared in the air before flying into the Purple Origin Furnace.


In the next moment, another image of Spirit Array appeared and flew toward the Purple Origin Furnace again.


A third, a forth…


More and more images of Spirit Arrays appeared in the air as Yang Kai’s movements changed, dancing like butterflies as they flew into the pill furnace.




“Pill Condensing Technique!”


“Impossible!? I didn’t see him refine. Then why can he use the Pill Condensing Technique!? Has he already finished refining!?”


“Impossible! Even if his pill furnace is completely sealed, medicinal fragrance should be wafting out of his pill furnace. If there is no pill fragrance, it means that the medicinal liquid has not fused. How can he condense the pill then!?”


“But this is obviously a Pill Condensing Technique.”


“Has anyone seen this technique before?”


Everyone was dazzled by the sight before them. At first, they kept discussing with each other, trying to figure out the origins of this set of Pill Condensing Technique. But finally, they concluded that no one had seen this set of Pill Condensing Technique. This technique was completely different from the several sets of techniques circulating in the entire Star Field.


Including the Red Lotus Divine Hands Methods created by Zuo De!


Be that as it may, all the Alchemists present here were individuals with insight. Naturally, they could tell that this set of techniques were extremely mysterious. Each and every seal and the image of Spirit Array gave off an ancient and desolate aura. It seemed as if this technique didn’t belong to this era but should have existed in the ancient era.


All Alchemists seemed to be immersed in their thoughts, staring at the scene before their eyes. They no longer said anything.


Even Zhan Yuan, who had been opposing Yang Kai at every step and corner, was fascinated by it. After having observed and emulated it for a while, he was actually struck with enlightenment.


He couldn’t help but be shocked. After all, he hadn’t had this effect when he was observing the Red Lotus Divine Hands used by Zuo De. A sliver of shame appeared on his face when he returned to his senses.


[This bastard’s technique actually gave me enlightenment. If I let anyone know this, it would be a disgrace.]


He might be thinking as such, but he couldn’t move his eyes away from Yang Kai, lest he miss some seal or didn’t see the image of Spirit Array clearly. He was feeling extremely conflicted.


But there were just too many images of the Spirit Arrays. At first, they were flying one after another but in the end, Yang Kai’s hands started dancing like butterflies, leaving after images. Everyone couldn’t see them clearly. The flying Spirit Arrays were also connected to each other, filling the air.


Zong Ao was shocked, Zuo De too was shocked, and so were the many Alchemists!


Even the laymen Xue Yue and Ai Ou were bedazzled by this sight. They didn’t wish to close their eyes.


But strangely, there was still not any pill fragrance.


In the huge open space, Yang Kai stood with a serious look on his face. He might seem calm and relaxed but he was already pouring out all his skills.


Everything he had learned from the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture had been brought into full play at this moment.


In his eyes, there was only the Alchemy furnace and everything inside it. Everything else had been cast aside, nothing occupied his vision or thoughts.


“Ang…” Suddenly, a strange ring reverberated from the Purple Origin Furnace. At the same time, the Purple Origin Furnace started glowing with purple radiance.


This ring wasn’t that loud but it rang in everyone’s ears like the resonating chimes of a clock tower, shocking the hell out of everyone. Someone seemed to be whispering in the depths of their ears, sharing the mystery and the wisdom of the Alchemic Dao of this world. Everyone tried to listen carefully but they couldn’t hear it properly. Only one or two people had a sudden change in their expression. A tight-knit frown appeared on the brow as they sat cross-legged in their place right away.


All the Alchemists were shocked.


“This is…”


“The Grand Alchemic Dao Tone!”


“It’s actually the legendary Grand Alchemic Dao Tone!”


All those Alchemists who failed to grasp the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone looked at their counterparts sitting cross-legged with envy and jealousy because they had caught a glimpse of the mystery of the Alchemic Dao from the ring just now.




Another ring reverberated in everyone’s ears.


The expression of the shocked Alchemists became even more complicated. Because after this Grand Alchemic Dao Tone, several other Alchemists had sat down cross-legged and closed their eyes.


The entire ninth floor of the Alchemist Pavilion was seething with excitement. Every Alchemist’s blood was boiling and everyone was extremely excited. Their eyes were filled with desire and eagerness, staring at Yang Kai’s movements.


They all hoped to hear the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone again, hoping to get a glimpse of the secrets of Alchemic Dao just like a few of their colleagues.


No one wanted to miss this heaven-sent opportunity.


Zuo De, on the other hand, was completely dumbfounded by this.


When he heard the bizarre ring echoing in his ears, he was still a little sceptical about it, but after seeing Alchemists sit cross-legged, one after another, he was indeed sure that it was the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone!


[The Alchemic Dao Tone is the dream of every Alchemist.]


[How is this possible!? How can it appear here!? I am an Origin King Grade Alchemist! I have been studying the Alchemic Dao for my entire life. I have devoted my everything to Alchemy!]


[So far, I have rarely refined pills with Pill Veins, not to mention give rise to the legendary Grand Alchemic Dao Tone.]


[Yet this young man, a Second-Order Origin King cultivator, has caused such an event even when he is refining in such a lackadaisical manner.]


These melodious chimes ringing in his ears sounded even more unbearable to Zuo De. His face distorted and he could not wait to drive these rings out of his ears.


“Father, what’s going on?” Xue Yue was completely confused by this scene.


She too was hearing the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone, but she found it a little weird because someone seemed to be whispering in her ears. And when she tried to listen to it closely, she couldn’t hear anything.


Yet when she saw the fanatical look on those Alchemists’ faces and heard their cries of surprise, she knew that something big must have happened.


“Grand Alchemic Dao Tone!” Ai Ou looked shocked as well, “It’s actually the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone.”


“What is Grand Alchemic Dao Tone?” asked Xue Yue.


“It’s one of the many voices of the Heavenly Ways!” Ai Ou took a deep breath, trying to calm himself before explaining in a low voice, “Martial Dao, Alchemic Dao, Dao of Artifact Refining, Dao of Array… there are many branches of Heavenly way. A cultivator uses the martial arts to enter the Dao, similarly, an Alchemist enters the Dao using pills, an Artifact Refiner enters the Dao using artifacts, and so on. Everyone is pursuing the supreme Heavenly Way but the path they choose is different. Grand Alchemic Dao Tone is the voice of Heavenly Way. Rumour had it that an Alchemist with some luck and sufficient comprehension could trigger this kind of Heavenly Manifestation in Alchemy. This voice is useless to you and me, but if they could just hear even a little, they would reap endless benefits.”


While speaking, Ai Ou lowered his head and glanced at Zong Ao who was sitting next to him.


Zong Ao was the first one to sit. In other words, he had the highest understanding of the Alchemic Dao among all the people here, except Yang Kai.


“No one has triggered the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone in tens of thousands of years. It has nothing to do with the level of the Alchemist. It’s imperceptible and preordained. This Heavenly Way voice contains the mystery of the Alchemic Dao. The end of Alchemic Dao is the mysteries bred by Heaven and Earth itself!”


Xue Yue paled ever so slightly. She immediately realized how important was this Grand Alchemic Dao Tone for the Alchemists


Ai Ou suddenly pursed his lips into a grin. “The Heavens have blessed my Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce. God knows how many Alchemy apprentices will be born in my Water Sky City after today!”


“Father, you mean…” Xue Yue seemed to be absorbed in her thoughts.


“You still don’t understand!? This Grand Alchemic Dao Tone is not only useful to the Alchemists here but also to the people with some aptitude in Alchemy. It could provide rudimentary knowledge to beginners. This ring is spreading throughout Water Sky City. It would make our Water Sky City give birth to tens of thousands of Alchemists. Moreover, their future prospects would be absolutely limitless. A few dozen Origin King Grade Alchemists might even appear!”


Xue Yue looked overjoyed when she heard this.


There were only three to four Origin King Grade Alchemists in the entire Star Field, and Heng Luo Chamber of Chamber only had Zuo De, as a Foreign Elder at that.


If a few or several dozen Origin King Grade Alchemists really appeared in the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce someday, no one could stop the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce from rising. No one dared to underestimate the power and means of an Origin King Grade Alchemist.


“Xue Yue, go out and pass my order. Ask everyone in the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce to start looking for people with aptitude for Alchemy. Offer them generous terms to make them join the Chamber of Commerce, especially the children under ten. We must draw them to our Chamber of Commerce at all costs!” Ai Ou suddenly shouted in a deep voice.


“But what about here…” Xue Yue looked at Yang Kai. She was a bit reluctant to leave.


“Don’t worry, aren’t I here?” Ai Ou waved his hand.


“Yes!” Xue Yue had no choice but to leave quickly to relay Ai Ou’s orders.


After Xue Yue left, Ai Ou couldn’t help but murmur in dissatisfaction, “Sigh, why isn’t it the Martial Dao Heavenly Tone!”


If it was the Martial Dao Heavenly Tone, he might have gotten a chance to break through to the Third-Order Origin King Realm.


He couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated.



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