Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1913, You Won’t Shed a Tear Unless You See Your Coffin


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Today, the entire Water Sky City was seething. The Grand Alchemic Dao Tone was ringing throughout the city. After hearing this sound, countless playing children stood still in their place. A thoughtful look appeared on their immature faces. They perked their ears, trying to listen to the whispers clearly. Even when their parents were dragging them, they remained still as if a powerful spell had been cast on them.


Many were confused. They couldn’t understand why there was a voice ringing in their ears. They thought that there was something wrong with their ears. Even when they covered their ears, it didn’t help.


Only when many cultivators of the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce and the guards of Water Sky City were dispatched together, the residents of Water Sky City finally realized that something big must have happened.


Third Young Master Xue Yue had announced that all those who had listened to the Heavenly Tone could join the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce regardless of age or sex, enjoying extremely generous treatment, especially the children under ten years. Many Origin Returning Realm masters grew envious when they heard the terms.


Five hundred thousand Saint Crystals every year. An entire palace for themselves. Twenty servants to serve them. And most important of all, they would have the same status as the Chamber of Commerce’s Deacon…


By now, everyone knew that the mysterious voice whispering in their ears was a heaven-sent opportunity.


These sudden benefits immediately made those childrens’ parents dizzy. With Third Young Master Xue Yue’s character and Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce’s credibility, countless men and women could be seen dragging their children to the centre of Water Sky City.


No one wanted to give up the benefits sent right to their doorsteps.


The Grand Alchemic Dao Tone rang again and again, ringing a total of nine times!


This lasted for an entire day.


After a day, over a hundred Alchemists could be found sitting cross-legged on the ninth-level of the Alchemist Pavilion with Yang Kai at the centre, like the stars surrounding the moon.


Many of the standing Alchemists also had a pondering look on their faces. Their expressions kept on changing, sometimes they seemed to be worrying about gains and losses, sometimes they seemed anxious, and sometimes they started laughing ecstatically.


Obviously, all of them had reaped some benefits!


After nine rings, there were no more movements inside the Purple Origin Furnace. The wandering purple mist had also dissipated.


Yang Kai had stopped condensing the pill. About half a day ago, he sat back in a cross-legged position and closed his eyes, letting the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone spread out from the Purple Origin Furnace.


He had gained more than any Alchemist present here. After all, the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone was triggered by him. The sound that was vague and ethereal to others sounded very clear to Yang Kai.


Some ancient and desolate voice was whispering in his ears, telling him the profundities of Alchemic Dao. The voice wasn’t that loud but its words were very clear.


Every sentence and word was etched in Yang Kai’s mind like a brand, so that he could master it without thinking.


He had gained more than he would have even after studying the True Alchemy Enlightenment Scripture tens of thousands of times.


The Alchemy knowledge poured into his mind was the ultimate mystery bred by Heaven and Earth itself. One could only glimpse at it when the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone was triggered.


Of the five hundred or so Alchemists, over a hundred were sitting cross-legged, while another half was immersed in thoughts. The rest could only sigh indignantly. They weren’t lucky enough and their aptitude was insufficient. As such, they couldn’t hear anything from these nine Alchemic rings.


Be that as it may, their expression and attitude towards Yang Kai had changed. They were no longer looking at him with dissatisfaction and disdain as before, but with dignity and respect instead.


How could someone who could trigger the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone nine consecutive times not be an Alchemist? No one would believe that!


Yang Kai might not have opened the furnace and taken out the pill yet, but they were sure that a Soul Source Restoration pill was lying in the pill furnace.


[This guy is not just a Second-Order Origin King cultivator but a veritable Alchemy Grandmaster as well!] When everyone recalled how short-sighted they were before, many Alchemists felt extremely ashamed.


“Why not me!?” An untimely voice suddenly reverberated on the ninth floor. All those Alchemists who were still awake couldn’t help but frown as they looked at the source. They found that the speaker was none other than Zhan Yuan, who had been opposing Yang Kai at every step.


At this moment, Zhan Yuan appeared to have lost his wits. He kept muttering, constantly looking at the Alchemists sitting cross-legged, “Why not me? I heard it too but why can’t I hear it clearly!? I, Zhan Yuan, am an Alchemy prodigy born once in ten thousand years. No one taught me since I was a child. Everything I’ve learned, I learned it myself. Where is my share of Alchemic Dao mystery?”


Many Alchemists looked disgusted when they heard him boast so shamelessly.


Whether one could hear the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone depended on one’s luck and aptitude. It could not be forced at all. This was the choice of Heavenly Way. Men had no say in it. Naturally, Zhan Yuan’s crazy rants displeased everyone.


“I should have heard it!” Suddenly, Zhan Yuan’s face turned hideous as he shouted. He then turned to Yang Kai and said, grinding his teeth, “I understand, you must have done something. The Grand Alchemic Dao Tone was triggered by you, you must have blocked the Alchemic Tone. It must be your work!”


While speaking, he charged straight at Yang Kai.


There were over five hundred Alchemists here, of which over a hundred were sitting cross-legged and over a hundred seemed to be comprehending something. It was almost a fifty percent split, but Zhan Yuan wasn’t in it. He had fallen apart.


[Why can others have such a great opportunity, but not me?]


If he had gotten this opportunity, he might have become an Origin King Grade Alchemist someday.


So he couldn’t restrain his anger at all.


“Impudent!” A loud shout exploded in Zhan Yuan’s ears directly. Ai Ou stretched his hand at Zhan Yuan and waved his hand as Zhan Yuan flew out like a rag sack.


Because there were so many Alchemists immersed in their enlightenment, Ai Ou didn’t want to go overboard. He tried his best to suppress himself. Even when he shouted at Zhan Yuan, his shout was transmitted straight into Zhan Yuan’s ears.


Zhan Yuan flew a long way before he fell to the ground.


“If you dare to cause any more commotion and be rude again, I will take your life right then and there!” Ai Ou coldly glared at Zhan Yuan. He had no scruples for his identity as Grandmaster Zuo De’s disciple.


In his opinion, the Alchemists of the Alchemist Pavilion were all precious treasures. How could they be disturbed by Zhan Yuan?


More importantly, he wanted to disturb Yang Kai, the person who had triggered the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone. If it wasn’t the wrong place and wrong time, Ai Ou would have killed him; he was already brimming with murderous intent.


After this, Zhan Yuan had finally returned to his senses and a cold sweat trickled down his forehead. He couldn’t believe that he had done something like this. When he noticed the cold look in Ai Ou’s eyes, a chill ran down his spine. He knew that President Ai Ou no longer valued him due to his recent performance.


[But I’m now Honoured Teacher’s disciple, I don’t need to worry about President Ai Ou.]


Having thought of this, Zhan Yuan had calmed down a little. He then turned to look at Zuo De.


But the next moment, he was taken aback. He asked in a low voice, “Teacher, what happened to you?”


He noticed that Zuo De was unsteady and pale. He looked even more exhausted than when he had finished refining the Soul Source Restoration Pill as if all his energy was exhausted.


“Father, are you okay?” Zuo Ling finally noticed that something was wrong with Zuo De. She couldn’t help but be panic-stricken.


“Grandmaster…” Ai Ou came forward, looking at Zuo De in surprise. He had no idea what was wrong with Zuo De. After all, he was an Origin King Grade Alchemist and should have benefited from the nine Alchemic rings. Even if he didn’t, he wouldn’t look as if he had suffered an attack, but not only was he grimacing in pain, blood was also flowing out of his ears.


Zuo De didn’t move, nor did he say anything. Only the sound of his breathing proved that he was still alive.


“Grandmaster, I advise you not to question the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone. If you question it, you are questioning the Heavenly Way and the road you have travelled so far. By doing this, you are rejecting the Alchemic Dao. Its consequences will be very serious.” Yang Kai’s voice suddenly rang.


Just as Yang Kai finished speaking, Zuo De suddenly spat on the ground, spitting a mouthful of black blood. His face suddenly lost all colour. He looked at Yang Kai with an unwilling look.


“What’s wrong with Grandmaster?” Ai Ou asked, furrowing his brow.


“Still not convinced, are you?” Yang Kai smiled. “Grandmaster probably thinks that I’m not qualified to trigger the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone. He was a little unconvinced, but was taught a lesson by Grand Alchemic Dao Tone.”


“Taught a lesson…” Ai Ou was jaw slacked and his face turned pale. “Don’t tell me that the Alchemic Tone is alive.”


“The Heavenly Way is ever-changing. I can never say for sure.” Yang Kai grinned.


Ai Ou looked depressed.


“You dare to harm my Grandpa!?” Zuo Ling suddenly glared at Yang Kai. She appeared to be secretly circulating her Saint Qi.


Yang Kai’s face turned cold. “Little Girl, you can eat indiscriminately but you cannot stick labels indiscriminately on others. Grandmaster Zuo De wasn’t hurt by me.”


“Then why did Grandpa… spit blood!” Zuo Ling pestered Yang Kai for an answer.


“Hmph!” Yang Kai sneered. “You have to ask him. Grand Alchemic Dao Tone was ringing in your ears, and it didn’t matter if you didn’t try to comprehend it, but you still dare to question its authenticity. You are lucky to be alive. Do you still think I am responsible?”


Zuo Ling looked as if she had something to say but Zuo De stopped her, raising his hand. He looked at Yang Kai with a dim look in his eyes and said, “You are good!”


“Grandmaster, you flatter me!” Yang Kai smiled.


“But… you haven’t forgotten that there is still a bet between you and me? You might have inspired the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone but so what? Have you refined the Soul Source Restoration Pill?”


“Grandmaster, you still want to check?” Yang Kai looked at Zuo De, narrowing his eyes.


“Open the furnace!” Zuo De took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “The fact that you can trigger the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone only means that your aptitude for Alchemy is heaven-defying, it doesn’t mean that you can refine the Soul Source Restoration Pill, an Origin King Grade pill! There are countless geniuses in the world but how many can really grow up?”


“Grandmaster, so you won’t shed tears unless you see your coffin.” Yang Kai sneered.


“Grandmaster, how about we call it a day?” Some Alchemists tried to persuade.


Yang Kai was the one behind the Grand Alchemic Dao Tone. All of them owed him a favour, while Zuo De was a noble character with high prestige. He was a role model in the Alchemy world, so no matter who won or lost this bet, it was something they didn’t want to see. The best choice would be to stop here and try to make big things small and small things nothing.


Since one of them tried to persuade Zuo De, another one tried as well. After a while, many Alchemists joined the persuasion team.


Yang Kai looked indifferently and said, “I don’t have any problem. It depends on Grandmaster.”



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