Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1917, Are You Satisfied?


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The person waiting for Yang Kai outside the Alchemist Pavilion was none other than Shen Tu.


Shen Tu hurriedly replied to Yang Kai’s question, “My father asked me to wait for you here.”


“What does President Ai Ou want to ask me?” Yang Kai asked.


“Nothing. It’s just that… Little Mother is awake. I just came to thank you personally after finding out that you refined the pill for her. Brother Yang, if you are free, can you come with me?” Shen Tu asked earnestly.


“Sure.” Yang Kai nodded his agreement.


The duo started walking side by side the next moment.


Gu Bi Hu’s awakening didn’t come as a surprise to Yang Kai. After all, Ai Ou had given a drop of Immortal Source Liquid to Gu Bi Hu before, healing all her physical wounds. The reason why she was in a coma was that her Soul was injured.


And a Soul Source Restoration Pill was the perfect remedy for this.


What’s more, the Soul Source Restoration Pill refined by Yang Kai had Pill Veins. Its medicinal efficacy was several times stronger than a normal Soul Source Restoration Pill. After having her Soul nourished by this pill, it would be strange if Gu Bi Hu didn’t wake up. Her Soul might even gain some extra benefits with the help of that pill.


All along the way, Shen Tu kept peeking glances at Yang Kai from time to time. There was a strange look on his face, like he had something to say.


Yang Kai smiled and asked, “Brother Shen Tu, is something the matter? If you want to ask something, just ask. You and I aren’t outsiders.”


The corners of Shen Tu’s mouth twitched. He immediately asked, looking serious, “I just want to know, are you really an Origin King Grade Alchemist? Did you really refine that pill?”


He had known Yang Kai for a long time. They might not have had much interaction with each other, but he had never thought that Yang Kai would make great progress in Martial Dao while also taking such incredible strides in Alchemic Dao.


[Compared to him, my Origin Returning Realm cultivation is simply nothing!]


He used to boast about his talents, but now, Shen Tu was completely ripped to pieces.


“I am indeed an Origin King Grade Alchemist and that pill was also refined by me.” Yang Kai nodded his acknowledgement.


Shen Tu slapped his thigh in annoyance and said, “So it’s true that you competed with Grandmaster Zuo De in Alchemy?”


“Well, has word already gotten around?” Yang Kai asked in surprise.


“It has already become the talk of the entire city. There is no one in Water Sky City who doesn’t know about this, everyone has heard of it.” Shen Tu continued with a saddened look, “Had I known, I would have come to Water Sky City with you. I really missed a good show. This Young Master has been unhappy with Zuo De for a long time. His face when he was beaten would have been an incredible sight. I would have surely enjoyed it.”


Yang Kai smiled but didn’t say anything.


“But Brother Yang, do you know my Little Mother?”


“No. Why?”


“If you hadn’t met her, why were you willing to use two thousand years of your freedom to compete with Zuo De in Alchemy? When my Little Mother came to know of this, she scolded my father for not stopping you.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Because I knew that I wouldn’t lose. So it didn’t matter how big the ante was.”


Shen Tu couldn’t help but raise his thumb up to Yang Kai when he heard this. He immediately said, “Anyway, you have left a good impression on my Little Mother. You will know when you meet her.”


While talking, the two soon arrived before a manor.


They were still inside Water Sky City but the surrounding environment here was extremely beautiful and quiet. Obviously, this was the place where Gu Bi Hu was recuperating. The entire manor was surrounded by all sorts of powerful Spirit Arrays, and when Yang Kai scanned with his Divine Sense, he was secretly shocked by how strong these barriers were.


When they entered the manor, a small bridge over a stream entered their sights while melodious chimes of musical instruments rang in their ears, which made them feel relaxed and happy.


Shen Tu brought Yang Kai all the way inside and no one stopped them.


A short while later, they arrived at the deepest part of the manor, a simple-looking house within a purple bamboo forest.


Yang Kai could sense three people inside the bamboo house. One was President Ai Ou, another was Xue Yue, and the last was unfamiliar to him. Obviously, it was Gu Bi Hu.


Shen Tu stood still outside the bamboo house and reported aloud, “Father, I have brought Brother Yang.”


“Come in!” Ai Ou’s voice immediately came from inside the house.


Shen Tu smiled at Yang Kai, inviting him in. “Brother Yang, please.”


Yang Kai nodded and walked straight in.


Just as he entered the bamboo house, Yang Kai immediately felt three pairs of eyes gazing at him.


Before Yang Kai could look around the room, President Ai Ou rushed over and patted Yang Kai’s shoulder hard, laughing. “Brother Yang, this Ai can’t thank you enough. If it weren’t for you, it would be impossible for my wife to wake up this easily.”


He patted very hard, maybe even using Saint Qi as when the thick and robust palm fell on his shoulders, a resounding clap was heard inside the house.


Xue Yue stood gawking with a strange look on her face.


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. He immediately cupped his fest and said, “President Ai Ou, you are too polite. Xue Yue and I are friends. It’s nothing worth mentioning.”


“It might be nothing to you, but it was a life-saving grace for my wife and me. This Ai can never forget it.” Ai Ou’s face turned solemn.


Yang Kai smiled but didn’t say anything, rather, he gazed to the other side.


Ever since he had entered the room, a pair of bright eyes had been constantly looking at him with scrutiny.


The owner of these eyes was naturally Gu Bi Hu.


When Yang Kai looked back at her, Gu Bi Hu just smiled at Yang Kai.


She didn’t seem to be very old, appearing to be in her twenties or thirties while her Martial Dao cultivation had reached the peak of the Origin Returning Realm. Perhaps because she had just woken up, her face was a little pale, but this gave her the appearance of a sick beauty.


Sure enough, she was a woman that could topple a nation with her beauty. Yang Kai had guessed it already, otherwise, Ai Ou would not have attached such great importance to her.


“Are you Grandmaster Yang? You are truly a dragon among men, really extraordinary,” Gu Bi Hu’s gentle voice resounded in the house as her lips parted. Her voice might be very light but it sounded very clear.


Yang Kai’s expression changed. He subconsciously felt that there was something wrong when he heard Gu Bi Hu praised him like this, because she was just an Origin Returning Realm master and he was a Second-Order Origin King. She was speaking to him like an elder treating her junior, which was a bit rude, emotionally and reasonably.


However, Yang Kai didn’t give it that much thought. He cupped his fists and greeted, “Greetings, Mrs. Gu!”


Gu Bi Hu coughed a few times before replying with a smile, “Grandmaster Yang, you are too polite. You have saved my life, and I should have been the one to come to you and thank you personally. It’s just that I’m not in a state to walk around, so I can only ask Shen Tu to invite you over. I hope Grandmaster Yang won’t blame me?”


“How could I dare! Mrs. Gu is Xue Yue’s elder, and Xue Yue and I are friends. I should be the one to come and visit.”


Gu Bi Hu nodded gently as if she was satisfied with Yang Kai’s attitude, which confused the nearby Ai Ou.


He hurriedly said, “My wife and I were still discussing how to thank you. But I still can’t think of a good way to thank you. Let’s do it like this: Brother Yang, how about you tell us what you want? As long as this Ai can do it, I’ll definitely fulfil it.”


Yang Kai’s eyes immediately lit up. He couldn’t help but look at Xue Yue.


Xue Yue immediately averted her eye feeling his gaze. She was pretending to be calm.


A smile suddenly bloomed over Gu Bi Hu’s face, who was silently watching all this. She then said in a gentle voice, “I have an idea.”


“Oh? Dear, if you have thought of something, you might as well tell them.” Ai Ou was overjoyed, hurriedly looking at her.


Gu Bi Hu smiled but didn’t say anything. She just beckoned Xue Yue and Yang Kai to come over.


The couple glanced at each other. They had no idea what Gu Bi Hu wanted to do. But they had no choice but to approach her bedside.


Gu Bi Hu reached out and grabbed Xue Yue and Yang Kai’s hands with each hand before joining them in the middle. She then looked at Yang Kai with a smile before asking, “Grandmaster Yang, what do you think? Are you satisfied with this gift?”


Yang Kai was in a daze momentarily. But very soon, he broke into laughter and replied with admiration, “Mrs. Gu sure is beautiful and intelligent. This Yang is very satisfied with this gift.”


Xue Yue too was dumbstruck for a while. After she came to understand what Gu Bi Hu actually meant, her pretty face flushed red all over. She stomped her feet in shame and said, “Little Mother…”


Ai Ou’s eyes widened as he kept watching from the sidelines for a while. Suddenly, he felt something was wrong. He asked in astonishment, “Dear, what’s the meaning of this?”


“Don’t you understand?” Gu Bi Hu shot a glance at Ai Ou as she explained in a leisure manner, “Grandmaster Yang has been aware of Xue Yue’s secret all the while. The two might even be in love too!”


“What!?” Ai Ou was quite taken aback by this revelation and his previous amiable attitude could not be found anywhere. Rather, he was glaring at Yang Kai with hostility.


Yang Kai paid no heed to his hostility and smiled slightly. “Mrs. Gu is indeed right. I already knew that Xue Yue was a woman a long time ago. But… How did Mrs. Gu know? I don’t think I have revealed anything to make it that obvious! And I believe Xue Yue won’t have told you about it.”


Gu Bi Hu smiled gently as she explained, “It’s very simple. You and I don’t know each other, but you still staked two thousand years of your freedom to bet with Grandmaster Zuo De for me. Why? Since I don’t have anything to make you do that, and neither does my husband, there can only be one reason, and that’s Xue Yue. A man will only pay such a price for his woman.”


Yang Kai looked stunned. “So to say, Mrs. Gu guessed it after waking up?”


“Mhmm, but it was just a guess, I wasn’t sure. That’s why I asked you to come over. And through my observations… I was sure.”


“Mrs. Gu is truly brilliant!” Yang Kai exclaimed in wonder. If she could conclude that Xue Yue and he are deeply in love with such little information, she was not an ordinary woman by any means.


Apparently, Gu Bi Hu was a beauty with brains.


“Xue Yue, is this true?” Ai Ou’s old face was almost covered in a layer of frost as he asked this.


Xue Yue nibbled her red lips before nodding her head slightly.


“You… you are really driving me mad!” Ai Ou looked angered and disappointed as if Xue Yue hadn’t lived up to his expectation. He had been training Xue Yue as the successor of the Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce, but how could he have expected that Xue Yue would be in love with someone.


And when he recalled how he addressed Yang Kai as Brother Yang many times, Ai Ou couldn’t wait to look for a hole to crawl into. [No wonder this kid had such a strange expression at that time. So this was the reason!]


Considering all this, Ai Ou suddenly felt that he had suffered a big loss.


“Xue Yue is no longer young and you have raised her as a boy since her birth. Are you going to make her pretend to be a man forever?” Gu Bi Hu glared at Ai Ou and asked seriously, “Every woman has the right to pursue her own happiness, and Grandmaster Yang is the best choice. Be it by his character or appearance, he is worthy of Xue Yue. What’s more, both have feelings for each other, so just leave them alone.”



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