Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1918, We Are All One Family


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“No!” Ai Ou denied flatly with a sullen face. “I can agree to everything else but not this!”


Xue Yue’s face immediately darkened.


“Dear, you should also think about Xue Yue. She has such high standards. How many people do you think can make her fancy them? Would you like to see her live alone for the rest of her life?” Gu Bi Hu persuaded with a gentle tone.


“In the heart of a cultivator, the Martial Dao takes precedence over everything. When she has reached the grand accomplishment stage in Martial Dao, it won’t be too late for her to focus on love!” Ai Ou kept a straight face; he didn’t budge the slightest.


But suddenly, a smile appeared on Gu Bi Hu’s face as she said, “It looks like… I won’t get through you with words alone.”


Hearing this, Ai Ou’s face changed. He cried in shock, “Hey, Dear, what do you want to do!”


“Nothing.” Gu Bi Hu coldly smiled, “President Ai Ou is an outstanding hero, he only has the Chamber of Commerce power and Martial Dao in his heart. I’m afraid there is no place for this little girl… you are now just a step away from the grand accomplishment stage of Martial Dao. Since you said that it won’t be too late to focus on love after reaching the grand accomplishment stage, this little girl can only leave you. I don’t want to hinder your Martial Dao…”


While speaking, Gu Bi Hu looked like she would break into tears at any moment. She looked frustrated and wanted to leave. Coupled with her sickly pale face, it really made everyone feel sorry for her.


Ai Ou really panicked. He hurriedly approached, pushing Yang Kai and Xue Yue away, and grabbed Gu Bi Hu’s hands as he justified himself anxiously, “Dear, I didn’t mean that. I was just teaching Xue Yue. I didn’t mean…”


“I understand what you mean,” Gu Bi Hu wiped the crystal-clear tear from the corner of her eyes. “Sir President, don’t worry, this little girl will only stay here for a few days. I will leave when I can get out of bed and definitely will not hinder your Martial Dao. When you have reached the peak of the Martial Dao, this little girl will come back and accompany you again. I will then remain by your side forever.”


She bit her thin lips, tilted her head as if she was heartbroken. Tears kept rolling down as she spoke.


“Dear…” Ai Ou was completely confused. He didn’t know what to say. He was so anxious that he felt like a cat was scratching his heart. He couldn’t wait to kowtow to apologize to Gu Bi Hu, but when he thought of Yang Kai and Xue Yue still watching from the sidelines, how could he throw his face?


He immediately looked back, shooting a glare at Yang Kai and Xue Yue.


“Um, Father, your daughter will take her leave then.” Xue Yue understood that the next scene was not suitable for children and quickly dragged Yang Kai away.


Yang Kai hurriedly cupped his fist before following Xue Yue out.


Before leaving, Yang Kai noticed Gu Bi Hu wink, assuring him.


A grin immediately appeared on Yang Kai’s face. He realized that Ai Ou might look big and tall but he was a big softy; he paid great importance to love and justice. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have regarded Gu Bi Hu with so much importance.


[But then again, if Su Yan, or Xia Ning Chang, or Shan Qing Luo used the same trick on me, I’m afraid even I couldn’t resist.]


The warmth of a beauty is the downfall of a hero. It’s the eternal truth.


When the couple came outside the bamboo house, Shen Tu was nowhere to be found, God knows where he went. The barriers of the bamboo house were instantly activated; no sound could be heard coming from the inside. Even when Yang Kai released his Divine Sense to check it out, he was unable to probe.


He could only give up in the light of this.


“Mrs. Gu…” Yang Kai thought for a while; he had no idea what would be the appropriate way to address her. After all, Gu Bi Hu was now his elder. Eventually, he gave up and could only continue, “Seems to value you very much.”


“Mhmm, Little Mother is very nice and friendly to us. That’s why all of us respect her,” Xue Yue smiled. “Only she can control Father. Don’t just judge my father by his obedience before Little Mother, he is different in front of others.”


“I can imagine,” Yang Kai nodded. After all, he had been managing the Chamber of Commerce for so long. How could he do so without a bit of majesty and prestige?


Xue Yue suddenly poked Yang Kai and bluntly asked, “When are you going to marry me?”


“Hmm!?” Yang Kai looked at Xue Yue in amazement. He asked with a shadow of a smile lingering on his face, “Are you so sure that Mrs. Gu will handle President Ai Ou?”


“Since Little Mother has taken the matter herself, how can my father not compromise? Besides, even without Little Mother, my father will have to give it thought due to your identity and cultivation, so there is no other possibility.”


“I guess you can’t wait to marry me?” Yang Kai stared into Xue Yue’s beautiful eyes.


Xue Yue’s face immediately flushed red. She stamped her foot and rebuked, “So what!? If I don’t take the initiative, how can I establish my position in the heart of someone as good as you?”


Yang Kai was stunned speechless.


Xue Yue let out a cold snort before approaching Yang Kai. She reached out and poked Yang Kai’s heart as she asked, grinding her teeth, “So, how many girls do you have apart from the enchantress Shan Qing Luo I saw in the Emperor Garden? What are their names?”


When poking Yang Kai, Xue Yue secretly fired a burst of Saint Qi with her slender jade fingers.


After Xue Yue had poked a few dozen times, Yang Kai couldn’t help but cough a few times. He replied with some guilt, “Just a few.”


“A few, how many exactly?” Xue Yue squinted her eyes.


Yang Kai raised his two fingers.


“Who are they? Are they worthy of you?”


“They are my two Senior Sisters,” Yang Kai forced a chuckle.


“Childhood sweethearts,” Xue Yue was surprised. She immediately asked, a little annoyed, “I have no hope in this big house. The second and third bedroom are already occupied. I can only take the fourth bedroom!”


She suddenly became unhappy. She nibbled her lips and asked, “How many more are you going to find in the future?”


“There won’t be any!” Yang Kai replied, looking earnest.


Xue Yue broke into giggling. She said with a foxy smile, “Is it really okay to say this? Be careful not to be caught by me in the future. At that time, I will inform the three Elder Sisters. Will you be able to take it?”


“There really won’t be any!” Yang Kai pledged in all sincerity and seriousness, like taking an oath. He then sincerely looked at Xue Yue with clear and frank eyes and took Xue Yue’s soft hand as he said in a warm voice, “All of you are enough for me.”


Xue Yue’s face flushed red all over, feeling butterflies in her stomach. She lowered her head and said, “How corny!”




Yang Kai couldn’t help but wipe the cold sweat off his forehead!


While the two were talking to each other, the door of the bamboo house suddenly opened as the big and tall Ai Ou walked out.


Xue Yue suddenly pulled her hand out of Yang Kai’s grasp and stepped back like a frightened rabbit.


Ai Ou immediately shot a glare at their location; obviously, nothing was hidden from him. However, he didn’t say anything. He just let out a cold snort and beckoned to Yang Kai, maintaining a straight face. At the same time, he ordered Yang Kai with no trace of politeness, “Kid, follow this King.”


After having said this, he just started walking in a certain direction slowly.


From Brother Yang, to Grandmaster Yang, and then to kid… It was quite evident that President Ai Ou’s impression of Yang Kai had already changed.


Yang Kai slightly smiled. He then turned to Xue Yue and said, “I will go and have a talk with Senior. You go back, I will come and find you later.”


Xue Yue opened her mouth, wanting to join them. However, she also knew that it would be really inappropriate if she disturbs the talk between men. All she could say was, “Be careful! If my father makes things difficult for you, please bear with it. When you return, I… will make up for it.”


Having said this, she quickly fled with a flushed face like there was wind blowing under her feet.


A dreamy look immediately appeared on Yang Kai’s face.


“Kid, are you still not coming!?” A dissatisfied Ai Ou, who was standing not too far away, urged Yang Kai.


“I’m coming! I’m coming!” Yang Kai knew that he had fallen into an absolute disadvantage in the confrontation with Ai Ou, who just so happened to be in a bad mood. Therefore, Yang Kai didn’t care at all.


Yang Kai trotted his way to Ai Ou, smiled and greeted, cupping his fists, “Yang Kai greets future… Father-in-law!”


“Kid, what did you call me?” Ai Ou jumped back in fright like a cat whose tail had been stepped on.


“Haha,” Yang Kai forced a laugh.


“You can eat rice indiscriminately but you can’t wag your tongue indiscriminately. Let me tell you, Kid. You can forget about marrying my daughter, Xue Yue. That’s not up for discussion!” Ai Ou glared at Yang Kai. He looked quite unhappy.


“No discussion!?” Yang Kai was stunned.


“No means no!” Au Ou squinted his eyes. He looked as if he would rather be struck by lightning than agree.


“In that case…” Yang Kai pondered a little. “I guess, there is nothing left to discuss between Senior and this junior. Let’s do it like this, I will leave Water Sky City tomorrow.”


“Hmm!?” Now, it was Ai Ou’s turn to be terrified. He hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would be so easy to talk to. He thought that Yang Kai would hang on without any sense of shame, but he really hadn’t expected Yang Kai to retreat in the face of difficulties.


He was immediately wild with joy. In this case, he now had an explanation that he could give to Gu Bi Hu. [Anyway, I’m not forcing him to leave, he is leaving on his own. It has nothing to do with this King.]


Just as he was about to say something, he heard Yang Kai heave a heavy sigh. “Sigh, but if I leave. I’m afraid those five hundred or so Alchemists will also leave with me.”


“What do you mean?” Ai Ou suddenly became nervous.


“Hehe, I forgot to tell President Ai Ou. After you left, I preached Alchemy for a few days. I can now be considered as a half-teacher to those Alchemists. Originally, they wanted to stay by my side to learn Alchemy. But I thought that since we’re all one family, there wasn’t any difference between staying by my side and staying in the Alchemist Pavilion, so I didn’t agree. Since I don’t have any fate with Xue Yue, then I won’t force it, but if I leave, I’m afraid they would want to follow me.”


“Half-teacher!?” Ai Ou was shocked. He immediately lashed at Yang Kai, “Kid, are you threatening me!?”


He knew that Yang Kai was definitely not kidding. Alchemists attached great importance to heritage. It was quite clear from how Zhan Yuan left with Zuo De. And now, Yang Kai was a half-teacher to five hundred or so Alchemists. He had the grace of enlightening them, so as long as he raised his arm and called for action, nothing would be left in the Alchemist Pavilion. Not the grass, or the tile, or anyone for him.


That was the elite force of the entire Heng Luo Chamber of Commerce!


Ai Ou’s heart was gripped with a chill. He realized that he had underestimated Yang Kai’s ability.


“How could I dare?” Yang Kai looked at Ai Ou, smiling.


“You sure have guts!” Ai Ou said, grinding his teeth.


Yang Kai, ignoring him, suddenly took a stone tablet-like thing from the Space Ring. He then heaved a sigh and said, “Originally, this junior was planning on gifting this to Senior. Alas… forget it! I can keep it for myself!”


“What’s that!” Ai Ou asked curiously.


“A Secret Art!” Yang Kai smiled brightly.



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